Update on Becky Holzinger

Update on Becky Holzinger: still not checking the criminal backgrounds of any of the people she is posting about. The note sure is touching, Becky Holzinger. Should we all pitch in and help pay off the costs and fines for this felony? Can I make my check out payable to "Becky Holzinger of Philadelpia"? Should we also provide transportation in case they need to avoid apprehension or prosecution?

Really, there are no words for how stupid this post is.


Updated - Will Who Get $1 Million Cash Bail?

Uh yeah, Marie Lavaud is twice the age and also happens to be the exact same race. Unequal treatment based on race, Becky Holzinger???

FALSE COMPARISON ALERT CONFIRMED! Incoming Becky Holzinger disinformation and false comparisons are imminent and have a 90%-95% chance of occurring with the next few days!

Of course Becky Holzinger will spin this story in just about any way she can and she will definitelly work the woman's issue angle. There is no doubt in my mind, at this point. After the completely embarassing incident with Karina being charged as a felon, (which Becky begrudgingly admitted as "being charged...click here", you would think she would learn! But I can almost guarantee you she won't. Of course, she will try to use this new "crisis" to divert from the sloppy mistake of welcoming a safe return of a person who was actually charged with a felony!

Of course! It's how she has been running this thing for ten years+ and we know how the propaganda machine Becky Holzinger operates!


Welcome Home? Karina Dejesus charged with felony

Why won't Becky Holzinger tell us the whole story? Is it because she has been caught yet again perpetuating another full blown lie?

Karina DeJesus has been criminally charged under Magisterial District court number 19-01-02 for hindering apprehension/prosecution and providing aid, a third degree felony. She also has a prior conviction for summary harassment in 2011.

"Please help! She could be in danger!" may be a cover story for criminal behavior!

The whole Holzinger narrative that Karina was abducted was just shot to hell! It is looking like she willingly left, turned up unharmed, and is now criminally charged. Was she ever in danger at all? Hindering apprehension can involve providing transportation.

There will be much more on this later.

Bring Karina Home!

Wow, Becky is absolutely obsessed with this story. Here's my question. What on earth does it have to do with Lancaster? The man and woman were both living in York.

And who is to say that Karina did not leave willingly? Perhaps she did leave. Maybe the pressure of it all was too much. Remember Brenda Heist? She was a missing person that left on her own and ended up several years later in Florida.

Sure, that guy is charged with many serious offenses, but was he convicted of any of them? Sure, it is sad that this woman is missing and that she MIGHT...emphasis on MIGHT...be in danger. She also might be perfectly fine. To create this full blown panic and to call for a "national manhunt" is an overreaction, to say the least.

And if you have information about this, you should call the York Police. You should call them at 717-846-1234. Becky Holzinger incorrectly stated that you should call 911. That number is only for emergencies, Becky Holzinger.


Updated Second Update Please Help!

Both of these people Becky is talking about list their residences in York. Karina Dejesus's Facebook page says she "Lives in York, PA".

What does this have to do with Lancaster?

What about Becky's absurd speculation about Richard Rivera Jr. being paralyzed? He was released from the hospital, but is Becky going to clarify whether or not he is paralyzed? She is the one that asked the question and made the implication. Is she going to follow up on this?

Is she going to admit that none of the windows at that McDonalds were shot out relating to that shooting incident?

Is she going to admit that the "Sonata" she "located" was really an Elantra that had nothing to do with the that incident?

Someone please help! Becky Holzinger's blogging is deluded and very dangerous!


No Suprises Here!

Uh oh! LNP "buried" another story in the second section on the second page! Oh boy! That is really tough to find, huh?

So they actually caught that second guy about five days later. The one who must have been driving the car where Becky was posting random pictures of Elantras claiming they were Sonatas and couldn't figure out why they were parked on the wrong street or had the wrong plates.

So they had him only five days later? So if they had him on July 16, that kind of makes Becky's post on July 17th look pretty stupid, doesn't it? Obviously, Becky had no idea what was really happening and had no business posing questions about something that was already handled.

And what is with this post about the guy from York? What does that have to do with Lancaster? Is this "Karina" from Lancaster? Why didn't Becky bother to tell us? Why won't Becky release information? I'm going into full Becky meltdown mode in reverse! Let's see if she can handle a taste of her own medicine!


Absolutely Unacceptable Becky Holzinger Blogwork

No, Becky. It did not take the police four days to find the person who ran their Dodge Caravan into the side of the East Side COMMUNITY Kitchens. Can you even get the name of the place correct, Becky Holzinger? It is the COMMUNITY Kitchens, not the Commercial Kitchens! The newspaper reported that the police Id'd the driver the following day! As I recall, you even posted a link to this story, Becky Holzinger, which states they were "ID'ed". That means "identified", Becky Holzinger.

They did not release the name for a few days during the course of their investigation! Becky Holzinger, you are a terrible liar and anyone who has read the story just like you have can plainly see you are not being honest about the facts of the story!

WGAL "pressure" had nothing to do with releasing the name, Becky Holzinger. It was released when police were done investigating. There will be much more tomorrow.

Becky Holzinger: Failing to Grasp Reality

Becky Holzinger posts a link about certain police departments that do not fingerprint. Even her own county does not fingerprint 100%, although the article does state they have the highest percentage at around 99%. So I presume that every single police department in every county has not fingerprinted 100% of the time. So? The article explains why. That costs are prohibitive and sometimes there are circumstances that won't allow it.

Becky then jumps from this story to the false conclusion that LCP does not make arrests or bring charges. Personally, we all know Becky Holzinger is having another delusional episode. Like the time she said the McDonalds windows were shot out. Or the time she posted an Elantra and called it a Sonata and bragged for days about finding a car no one was looking for. Or the time she posted the wrong picture of "an armed bank robber".

When is Becky Holzinger going to grow up? When is she going to stop sticking her nose into other people's business? When is she going to stop blaming the wrong people for criminal acts? When is Becky Holzinger going to hold herself accountable and stop posting blatantly false information presented as the truth? When is Becky Holzinger going to stop her delusional episodes and seek mental help? Soon, I hope!

Her online behaviors are dangerous and outright insane!


Exclusive! Becky is out of the mental hospital!

Ok, so this guy who the newspaper reported was in the hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the right buttocks is now out and in jail. Great. Is there anyone that had any doubts about where he was? Becky Holzinger will get the public "answers"? Answers to what? We all knew the answer the whole time, Becky Holzinger! Gunshot wounds can take several weeks of hospitalization to be properly treated, it's not a big secret! And here this woman is scouring databases for names and calling up Lancaster judge's offices? For what? "An exclusive" report about essentially nothing at all relevant?

Why is Becky Holzinger defending a drug guy who pulled a gun on cops? Can anyone think of any logical reason Becky Holzinger would be obsessed over this non-story for weeks on end? I sure can't.

And didn't she suggest that he is now paralyzed? So, is he paralyzed, Becky Holzinger? Breaking news, Becky made up crap again!

Becky Holzinger: Keep Waiting!

Becky Holzinger is back to jumping from story to story. Things weren't panning out with the McDonald's window lie or the Elantra/Sonata fabrication, so now she will complain that the name of the woman who crashed her van into the East Side Community Kitchen has not been released to the public, even though police know who she is.

The reason being given that the name is not being released to the public is that police are continuing to investigate. Personally, I have no problem not knowing immediately who did this. If the police thinks it will aid in their investigation, I fully support not releasing the name to the public. Becky seems to have mental difficulty with this and I tend to believe it stems from her total lack of respect for the police.

So, keep waiting Becky Holzinger! The name will be released when they are good and ready! Or maybe ace reporter Becky Holzinger will send in some felons to find out the name for us? Wow, that would be so tremendously helpful, Becky Holzinger! Thanks so much for sticking your nose where it does not belong!


Becky Holzinger lives in "Philadelpia"!

And she is still misrepresenting this board over the window as being related to the shooting that occurred there in July. It has been 19 days of this utter stupidity, because that window was obviously not broken due to that shooting!

The following week, she posted a picture of an Elantra and incorrectly referred to it as a "Sonata". She has still not retracted this obvious error or corrected any misperceptions she may be creating with her false story that a window was broken at McDonalds because of a shooting. In fact, the board was not only there prior to the shooting, I linked to their photos showing the board was already in place as police arrived!

Dr. Vogelson continues his conversation with Becky:

Becky, your blog has rapidly devolved into some serious delusions and you should seek immediate mental help.

But Dr. Vogelson, I like making up stories and printing them as truth on my press website!

Becky, you know that is sort of illegal, right?

Yes, but I am obsessed with the internet and getting people to believe my babbling idiocy! It's how I get my kicks!

Becky, you should definitely get yourself checked in right away and we can help you with this problem.

Problem? There is no problem, Dr. Vogelson! My mind is as sharp as a tack! Just ask anyone in Philadelpia!

Um, you should probably see if you can get an appointment ASAP, Becky.

Is Becky colorblind?

I don’t know if you are blind or what?? But I saw minorities AT LEAST 17 times in the video. You had better watch it again and take off your biased blinders.

This comment in from Robert. Yes, I count at least that many minorities in the video. Why is Becky lying and race baiting on her blog every week? It is deluded and crazy to say that this video is "racist"!

We all know who the biggest racists are, and they posted 18 comments yesterday, many of which were extraordinarily racist!

Becky once questioned whether or not Sadler was really black because, as Becky's colleague put it, he is " lightskinned"!


Updated! Becky Holzinger: Absolute Lawlessness!

Becky's Alliances are Obvious, Disgusting, and Highly Dangerous!!!

This story has devolved (if that is possible) from the Sonata nonsense about a druggie getting shot pulling a gun on police to absurd racist comments and rambling about imaginary conversations between people that never happened. This blog has really taken a nasty turn lately and I really think that the men in white coats need to come and get some of these people! I really wish some of them could try to act their age instead of their IQ!

It doesn't matter who shot Richard Rivera Jr. His medical condition is none of your business, Becky Holzinger. He will "be arraigned at a later date". An equipment violation is typically a broken tail or head light, although whatever was the equipment violation in this case is rather insignificant.

Police are investigating, Becky Holzinger. It's none of your business who owns that 2011 Hyundai Sonata and you can't even post a picture of the correct model of car, Becky Holzinger.

It has now been 10 days and Becky Holzinger is still obsessing over an equipment violation and a person who was shot because he drew a gun on the police because he had drugs. She also has not printed a retraction about the wrong model of car she incorrectly asserted was involved in this matter. Why is Becky Holzinger defending drug users and cop assaulters, any way?

This is beyond acceptable, Becky Holzinger! She has reached a new level of lawlessness that is absolutely boring!

Please check back later today.


Totally Inappropriate

This post is totally inappropriate and way out of line. Also, the image quality is pitiful and it is embarrassing that Becky has to apologize for its poor quality. This post is just beyond words. Oh, and of course, Becky Holzinger "ran out of time", again. In other words, she hit the bottle too hard again. This post is clearly the result of too much alcohol or not enough brain cells.

This isn't all Becky Holzinger has done that is totally inappropriate, according to my sources. You won't believe the crazy things I've heard! Please check back later today. Oops, I ran out of time. What a hoot!

Becky Holzinger Totally Misses the Point

There are so many incredibly serious errors with Becky's story that it is hard to know where to begin:

1. While officials were not specifically mentioned in the article, their names were all a matter of public record and Becky Holzinger has absolutely no problem looking up the names.

2. The article probably had constraints on space to fit in the print edition, so it's not an uncommon practice not to mention every single official in a courtroom.

3. Becky Holzinger is an insane woman from Philadelphia.

This is really just all unbelievable! And Holzinger's "reporting" is totally dreadful. Did she approach anyone about this story or just look up dockets, Facebook pages, and read about it in LNP?

Coming tomorrow - another totally outrageous story by Holzinger who yet again bashes the police for catching a serial convenience store robber after only two months while Becky demostrated total ineptitude insisting his face was captured on camera when it clearly was not.


Do not contact me, Geraldo Rivera!

Your last name is Rivera so I know you are involved in all of this! I traced your IP to Romania so I know it is you! I know you shot out those windows at the McDonalds, too! I'm on to you, Geraldo Rivera! Now get in your 2011 black Hyundai Elantra, er uh, Sonata - and get out of here!


Charges dropped, Becky whined for nothing

That's right. Some charges were dropped and that is good news, right? Nope! Becky will now have another episode over criminal charges being dropped!

Are the two Rivera's related? This reminds me. Becky never did establish that G Scott Davis was a close relative of Bryan Cutler. Do you think she might ever establish a family connection here?

In my post "Double Standards", I showed how Becky had one set of standards for Karpathios and the son of a police officer and one set for the Rivera's. Becky never before used that photo of Ryan Rivera. I recommend searching for that. And then reading over it.

Becky also never showed how DA Stedman was supposedly obstructing justice. What happened to all of your absurd claims, Becky Holzinger?


Full Blast Fizzle

So here is the latest. Becky is still demanding the name of the officer who shot Rivera. Why? The only reasonable conclusion I can make is that Becky Holzinger is mentally ill.

There is drugs involved and if you release his or her name, then his or her family could be at risk for retaliation from the drug dealers. Why on earth would they release a name they don't need to release? I don't need to know who it is and who cares? Was there ever some rule made that whenever some officer is involved in a shooting that his or her name must be published? I don't recall such a rule, do you?

Becky Holzinger has absolutely no business demanding the name of the officer that shot Rivera. None. She doesn't reside in Lancaster and she isn't associated in any way with Rivera. She has absolutely no business making demands about incidents that do not involve her within locations that are hours away from her home. So, butt out Becky Holzinger!

Next, Becky Holzinger told several full blown lies about this story right from the start. She posted a picture of an Elantra and took credit for finding the Sonata police were looking for! Then she posted a picture of an irrelevant tow truck simply because it was near the street! And then had the photographer take the photo very close to the ground to obscure the wheel block holding the tow truck in place! If that wasn't enough, now she is insisting that some database doesn't show that Rivera is in jail, even though we all know that he's either in the jail infirmary or in the hospital and is being treated for a gunshot wound!

On the bright side, she hasn't mentioned her delusions about all the windows at a local McDonalds being shot out. She finally gave up on that tall tale in order to push this new lie. It is absolutely absurd and ridiculous the things this woman puts into print on her blog as "news". And if she thinks she is going to get away with it, she has another thing coming! This blog will be here to debunk every single lie she puts out - with full color photos and supporting evidence provided!

Another Assinine Demand from Becky Holzinger

Why doesn't Becky Holzinger try doing some investigating instead of asking for answers to questions we already know? Where is Rivera? He's in the hospital! He was shot in the right buttocks, Becky Holzinger. It could take days or even weeks to fully recover from a gunshot wound, depending where the bullet hit. The WGAL story on this tells us explicitly that he is in the hospital and will be "arraigned at a later date".

Who shot him? A Lancaster police officer did, Becky Holzinger. That's all you need to know. No, the public does not need to know his name. Releasing this officer's name to the public could put him or his family's lives in danger, Becky Holzinger. If some drug dealer finds out who he is, he could seek retribution, Becky Holzinger. Jesus, does this woman ever think before she posts? She has to know that she could put the safety of this officer in jeopardy with her foolish, irresponsible "journalism". She simply has to know!

Does anyone have a "need" to know who the officer is who defended himself from a gun-wielding criminal who raised his gun on police? I certainly don't "need" to know, Becky Holzinger! Whoever it was, great job!

Please check back later today for Becky's "full blast!"


Absolute Cluelessness!

*There are not enough hours in a day! Becky is now going to come back "full blast" to this story from last Friday that she has been running her mouth about for almost a week. In the meantime, she has posted a meaningless photograph of a tow truck. Misidenified an unrelated Elantra as a "Sonata". And in a highly insulting manner to the Lancater police, attempted to unjustly take credit for the work that they accomplished no thanks to her own tremenously irresponsible "journalism". Is there really anything that Becky Holzinger needs to say about this story? Not really. There will be much more tomorrow.

Becky's stupidity has been going on for years and she thinks she can get away with intently and purposefully ignoring, condoning,and lying about the Lancaster police.

It began at the same time Becky started posting over a decade ago. Nothing has changed due to the lies and misinformation Becky shovels daily. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger takes credit for finding the car!?

It has now been over 72 hours of Becky Holzinger incorrectly referring to this Elantra as a Sonata.

In her latest low, Becky Holzinger and her posters appear to be taking credit for finding the 2011 black Sonata even though she posted a picture of an Elantra that she admits was halfway down another street and had the wrong license plate on! Wow! Are they really this deluded?

The police have done an excellent job finding this car and it was no thanks to the terrible journalism of Becky Holzinger who was posting photos of an Elantra falsely claiming it was a Sonata! This is why they think the police are doing a terrible job? This is their argument?

The car in Becky's picture had nothing at all to do with any of this! The tow truck picture also had nothing to do with this either! This is nuts! Someone send out the men in white coats, these people are off the deep end!


Holzinger Lies Again! Still nota Sonata!

Just went by this place about an hour ago and the tow truck is still there "permanently". From the looks of that block under the tire, it looks like it is there VERY permanently. It isn't actually on Betz Farm Road either. It's sitting down past the sidewalk of Betz Farm Road in what looks to be a small, private lot. This truck didn't have anything at all to do with the Sonata. See how the block was carefully hidden?

Original Lipnews photo of tow truck, wheel block concealed

Also, there was no sign of a Sonata or an Elantra on Betz Farm Road at the time I was there.

The car in Becky's picture is clearly an Elantra and is also not involved in any way with a 2011 black Sonata.

Black 2011 Elantra

Becky's photo

Black 2011 Sonata

Becky Holzinger exaggerates a story

It is just getting so ridiculous and absurd. It's like another dimension. Lancaster Newspapers prints the story but now Becky insists it is "buried" on page B-2? Is there a definition of buried that I am unaware of? This doesn't sound like it would be hard to find on page 2 of the second section. Wait a minute, is Becky Holzinger a subscriber to the print edition? Is she paying the evil Lancaster Newspapers for their paper? That would be hilarious!

This story really isn't that urgent, Becky Holzinger. The whole town is looking for the guy along with the entire police force. I'm pretty sure he's going to try and keep a low profile. I'm sure that the black Elantra on Betz Farm Road is not endangering the community in any way.

The story was printed and is widely available and just because it isn't on page A-1 doesn't mean it is "buried". Now if it was in Section D page 4, that might be a different story.

Will Becky Holzinger retract her major error in identifying that car as a Sonata? It is clearly and Elantra. No, of course not. It has now been up there for over 48 hours with no sign of reality setting in for Becky Holzinger. She just carries on with this as if it is a major news event that should be the focus of everyone's attention.


Updated: It's still nota Sonata!

This is an Elantra. The cops specifically said they are looking for a Sonata. Yes, they are similar types of cars, but they have distinctly different hoods and grills.

Should the cops still check it, Becky Holzinger? The police have no reason to investigate this car, there is no probable cause and it is clearly not the car in question. Becky Holzinger has had this up on her blog for over 24 hours, would she please issue a correction? Why does Becky Holzinger have a felon driving up and down Betz Farm Road snapping pictures of tow trucks and random black Hyundais? It is disturbing and bizarre behavior. And also kind of hilarious.

Becky Holzinger: Out of Control

Oh that poor man who pulled the gun on police! Becky Holzinger will now sympathize with this armed criminal who had to suffer by being shot in the right buttocks by the Lancaster Police. And all over merely pulling a handgun from his waistline and raising his weapon! Becky claims Lancaster is out of control! Out of control? Looks to me like the police have this very much in control and have the entire city looking for a car with a full description and even a license plate number!

Yes, it seems like this entire incident is entirely under control. So why would Becky's headline be "out of control"? Probably because whenever she feels inadequate about herself, she diverts those feelings onto someone else! It's Becky Holzinger who is out of control! She can't stop bashing the police over the crimes that they are handling. Nevermind those pesky criminals who are just minding their own business, right Becky Holzinger?

When will this idiocy end? Will someone shoot Becky Holzinger in the right buttocks and get her under control? That would be fantastic!


Free as a Bird

Yep, looks like nothing out of the ordinary, Becky Holzinger. Check out this link about DUI penalty guidelines.

Is Becky Holzinger in jail?

She probably should be for some of the stuff she has put into print. And yes, you can go to jail for printing or saying things like Becky does. While we do have a freedom of the press, it doesn't mean you can go willy-nilly printing anything you desire. There are limitations to what you can print and say. You can't go into a bank and yell "this is a robbery" and not expect some legal ramifications for it, Becky Holzinger.

I agree, Becky Holzinger is entitled to her opinion. And she has a right to voice that opinion. If she is concerned about a shooting at McDonalds, that's fine. I really don't understand why she would be since it is nowhere near where she lives. But that's fine, as crazy as it seems to me. If she thinks the Lancaster police don't do a good job, that's fine. It's her opinion and if she wants to write about legitimate problems she observes, more power to her in writing about it and exposing it to people.

But I do not agree with her posting information that is blatantly false and presenting it in a false light as "news". And I think most would agree with me that it is not appropriate and it is not good journalism.

Today's hit piece is some guy with 5 DUI's and she asks "Is He In Jail?". A good journalist would tell us whether or not he was, not just let us try and figure it out. So I don't know, "Is He in Jail?" Should I care? Should someone with 5 DUI's be in jail? Here are some other questions that Becky mysteriously left absent in figuring out the answer. "Is his license revoked?" "Is his car impounded?" Well, if they are - then probation and/or some steep fines should be perfectly acceptable, right? As long as the guy is off the road, jail isn't necessarily the only option to accomplish that.

How far apart were the 5 previous DUI's? Over 40 years? Over a few months? There is a lot of information missing from this "news story" that leads us to speculate. Sometimes Becky misleads or lies by omission. It's no better than creating her all-out lies, like a guy shooting through McDonald's windows. And once again, the "Independent Press" rides the coattails of the real news organization that wrote about this story first.

It's clear to most people that Becky Holzinger is not a reporter and her writing would make even some of the most seasoned National Enquirer writers blush.


Journalism 101 for Becky Holzinger

This window was not shot out in a recent shooting incident at a McDonalds restaurant in Lancaster and it has been proven with photographs from Becky's own photographer and convicted child sex offender Jerry Puryear aka Jerri Wright. Becky Holzinger has now been arguing online about this for a week! It's unbelievable! Can anyone really be that lonely and sad that they need to make up sensationalistic crap like this to get attention?

Becky Holzinger herself refers to this clause as "the Becky Clause". It is a respectful request and if Becky does not wish to follow respectful requests, she is not entitled to. In fact, she is quite disrespectful every day of her life. And posting that photo of the window boarded at McDonalds and suggesting that it involved that shooting is not only disrespectful, it is irresponsible and dishonest. There is not a single bullet that entered that McDonalds location and Becky Holzinger needs to immediately withdraw her statements on her "press website" or she will potentially face the legal repercussions for engaging in libel if the McDonalds chooses to file a lawsuit. I am no lawyer, but personally, I think they would have an excellent case and would win, unless Becky Holzinger pleads insanity.

Becky Holzinger, in defying that clause, is admitting that she is jeopardizing people's safety, particularly those involved in ongoing investigations. The fact that she seems so eager to ignore these requests seems exceptionally disturbing and sociopathic. Yes, you have a right to a free press. But other people also have a right to life and not having their safety being put in danger by Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism.

Now, Becky Holzinger, why don't you stop looking at pictures taken by a felon and making up stories about things that didn't happen and stay logged off when you say you will be?

The idiocy continues

Becky Holzinger is still posting pictures of this board over a window that has been at that McDonalds location for weeks before the shooting ever happened. She has written numerous false stories about "several windows" being shot out. She even has a story where someone shot through the window and customers and employees had to duck. No, Becky Holzinger. It did not happen. And there was no need for you to post this the first time of the half a dozen other times since.

The guy who was shot wasn't even from Lancaster city - he was a Mountville-area man, Becky Holzinger. And we don't know for sure who the shooter even was as police are investigating this active case. We have no idea if he is a Lancaster-area person or not. No one is in danger Becky Holzinger. Tell me who else was shot since this McDonalds shooting? After I read today's headline on Becky Holzinger's blog, I half expected to see a big article about another shooting in LNP - but of course it was another misleading headline and there was no article.

Why are you posting comments from almost a year ago, Becky Holzinger? Who posted those comments? Why should Lancaster Newspaper answer questions from anonymous posters, Becky Holzinger? Has this been their policy - ever? Did Lancaster Newspapers not report on this McDonalds shooting? As I recall, the story was online for days with a big photo and splashy headline. Hard to miss, Becky Holzinger.

The police are "doing nothing", Becky Holzinger? Funny, you pointed us to pictures of police crawling all over the scene. Were you there? I must have missed it. Or maybe you were sitting on your fat, old ass in Philadelphia thinking about how to spin this while the police were actually doing their jobs? Is that more accurate, Becky Holzinger?

Becky Holzinger's lies about the shooting at the Lancaster McDonalds need to stop and they need to stop NOW. Please check back later today for last week's news!


LIPNews has named the killers?

Really? Did Lipnews name the killers? I don't remember a trial or conviction for any of those people. Since Becky has published their name on her site, I am going to repeat them here. But remember, I only know these names because Becky Holzinger published them. I know nothing about their innocence or guilt in any of this. I am not making any accusations against these people. All I know is that they are current victims of Becky Holzinger's absurd targetting and I sympathize with them for that. I can also tell you that Becky hasn't presented any evidence to date that I am aware of that indicates that either of these people are "killers" - as she puts it.

So keep that in mind.

These poor souls facing these allegations are David Cedeno and Markeem Lamar Zink. Keep in mind, I know nothing about these men other than this. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And they aren't even charged with anything or facing a trial! If these are slam dunk cases, don't you think there would at least be some type of legal action? It's almost as ridiculous as saying someone was shooting into a McDonalds and breaking out windows! Or posting the wrong photo of an "armed bank robber". Or refusing to publish the name for months of a criminal that you shouted "show us his face" about for days and weeks? Or demanding that two kidnappers be caught that never existed at all?

Becky Holzinger, did you ever think for a moment, that you are not a detective or reporter? And if you name someone a killer, it might not be the killer? Do you realize there has not been a trial? No convictions? And stating things like this on your supposed "news" site might be legally actionable? Did you ever consider that possibility? If not, you really should. Because as I sit here and read your blog, I noticed that you are going downhill very fast lately.

You are making a lot of absurd claims that are going to do nothing but potentially get you into heaps of trouble. I really wish you the best, Becky Holzinger, and hope you seek the mental treatment you clearly need.