Sore Losers Becky Holzinger and Kevin Ressler

Oh look, another rare and sporadic post from Becky Holzinger. Looks like Kevin Ressler cannot run unless he is a write-in candidate and he is not pursuing it. Danene Sorace won the nomination nearly two weeks ago now. Is she really still on this? The fact that Becky Holzinger would support a man who wants to do lunch with the supreme leader of Iran, the Grand Ayatollah, is disturbing and bizarre! But perfectly fits her M.O. (modus operandi).

What is Becky Holzinger thinking? Please check back later today.


Investigate Becky Holzinger!

Blatant Stupidity!

Becky Holzinger lied. She hasn't lived in Lancaster for at least 15 years. And probably a lot longer than that.

White privelege? Really, Becky Holzinger? Please go back to Evergreen and get a thorough examination. For the sake of humanity.

Didn't you just say there were 35 charges, 4 of them felonies, bail is $100,000...oh yeah. Totally white privelge Becky Holzinger (rolls eyes). Plus Stedman said their could be additional charges because the investigation isn't over. Sounds like he really got off the hook, huh?

And why in the hell should the parents be charged for obstruction? What did they obstruct? Where is that coming from? Could Becky Holzinger please "report" and not just make shit up please. Please give Becky Holzinger two Xanax, stat!

Update: And - OMG - Becky is still talking about Kevin Ressler who lost the primary to Danene Sorace over a week ago? There will be more on this later.


Breaking News

So the owner of MAW Communications owed less than $2,000 in back taxes 16 years ago? This is "breaking news"?

Then Becky Holzinger proceeds to go down the list of lies. So much for sporadic and rare posting until May 30th.

First, she starts with her lies about Rosaura Torres, who threatened to run over her ex with a car and had a decapitated man's head in one of her posts. No, she never stated that Chief Sadler abused her. She wrote a book about a ficticious person named "Mark". And on the Marc Baxter show, she stated that her only abuse was "financial". She has accused a state trooper of abuse, but I think she was just drunk and fell out of the window on her own.

Then she starts on the G. Scott Davis lie. If Becky Holzinger has proof of preferential treatment for G. Scott Davis, I would love to see it. But so far, she hasn't produced even one shred of evidence. So this isn't a "secret", Becky Holzinger. It's an imaginary thought in your head. The incident didn't even occur in Cutler's legislative district!

Then she goes into the next lie about Katie West. She was convicted, so I don't know what "preferential treatment" she got, either.

And then the next lie about a "violent" home invasion which only involved Airsoft pellet guns. Oooo, so violent. Pew pew! She has refused to inform her readers of this fact despite me repeatedly calling her out on that lie.

So, keep on lying, Becky Holzinger! You are only making yourself look bad. Her hypocrisy and disregard for the public’s safety, equal justice and decency is shocking.

Please check back later for my sporadic and rare posting.

Look in the Mirror, Becky

Try not to break it

I thought posting would be "sporatic and rare" until May 30th? It begs the question. Is Kevin Ressler still leading in all the polls? Did Becky Holzinger respond to any of my questions? No?! Please check back later today.



Does Becky Holzinger realize how racist she is? It is deeply disturbing. Tell me if you remember this, Becky Holzinger.

You posted a guy's picture on your blog multiple times in 2015 and called him "scum". Then he was murdered July 1, 2016 and several family members apparently wrote to this blog expessing concern that he was murdered because of your articles. And in the meantime, you accused his family of faking his death. Did you, or did you not do this Becky Holzinger? And was Tremayne Sherard Jones a black man?

Didn't you repeatedly accuse the black police chief of beating his wife despite the lack of any physical evidence? And did you or did you not question whether or not he was even African American at all?

If I had to guess, you are a closet KKK member pretending to not be racist. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger's Statement is So Racist Maybe She Wears a Hood in Philadelphia?

So Becky Holzinger's argument is now that the Unity Rally totally failed to draw African Americans and Latinos. Not that it failed altogether - just that it failed to draw who she wanted it to. And how racist is that, really?

I suspect she is going off of LNP's cover photo of the Unity Rally. Actually, correct me if I am wrong, but I can clearly see at least 18 African Americans in that photo if I zoom in. Becky Holzinger's statement is so racist because the most recent population numbers for Lancaster say that about 13.3% of the population is African American. I take 18 and divide it by about 150 people in that particular photo, surprise, surprise! I get 12%!

So the photo is a fairly accurate representation of the racial divide in the total population of Lancaster city. But because Becky Holzinger didn't bother to zoom in and actually look, she just assumed that not many black people attended.

Wow, if this post sounds racist, I apologize. But I think it is appropriate to point out how racist Becky Holzinger's assumption was based on that photograph. It's deeply troubling and disturbing! And oh, so wrong! And of course she has to take cheap shots at the black police chief of Lancaster city. Disgusting!

Please check back later.

Updated: Breaking News: Two Men in Incident in Mount Joy Borough Have Criminal Records

Now Becky Holzinger attacks Stedman without any facts from the family! Wow! Just Wow! Does she listen to herself talk?

This is simply unbelievable. How can she justify accusing the DA of wrongdoing when she admits she doesn't even know the truth? I am just...my jaw is on the floor. This is simply unbelievable. Clearly she is not a journalist and this blog is a danger to herself and others. Maybe you should take things down, Becky Holzinger! Maybe you really should!

Criminal Records for Both Men in Video Never Mentioned!

Why am I not surprised anymore? Any time Becky Holzinger posts stuff like this, she never bothers to check. This is a long, long list of times she has done this.

Royal Marti is the man in the video who claimed to be from Lebanon and recorded the Mount Joy Borough police officer. He has a prior arrest from 2014 for resisting arrest, simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct. He plead guilty to two lesser charges and served time in County ARD program on the misdemeanor charges.

Christopher Eugene Hostetter is the man who owns the scooter in the video. He has a criminal record in both Lebanon and Lancaster counties. He was charged in 2014 with use/possession of drug paraphenalia. In 2013, he was charged with felony assault along with some misdemeanors. It appears the charge was lowered but he still pled guilty to some charges. In 2017, he was charged with forgery, tampering with records, access device fraud, and ID theft.

Wow, that scooter sure looks HOT, HOT, HOT!

So did the police officer have a reason to check out the scooter? I think so. All they had to do was cooperate with the officer and this could have easily been prevented. Did the officer go too far? Personally, I got a good laugh out of the guy running out of the back of the convenience store. I should send him a check for $500 for a job well done.

Yes, an article claims Christoper and Royal are a gay couple. Is that even an issue here? Were there any slurs directed towards gays? No, there were not. The criminal charges are a matter of public record and Becky Holzinger never once mentioned those criminal records!! It's a disturbing and dangerous pattern of behavior from Becky Holzinger. It's so simple to check! Why didn't she report it?

Please check back later today.

Well Maybe You Should! Breaking News: NAACP Trying to Remove Irresponsible Journalism

Becky Holzinger claims she removes stories if they are untrue? False! Even Frank Lee stated "I think you forgot the part where Jose Rodriguez shot at police." Even her own supporters called her out on this one.

She says she can't find a phone number to reach some of these people. Maybe there is a reason for that, Becky Holzinger. You simply cannot pull a gun on police, shoot at them, and not expect return fire. It's unfortunate that he made such a poor decision and ended up a statistic, but it was his decision to shoot at police. Now maybe Becky Holzinger could inform her readers of what really happened instead of skimming over parts of a story she doesn't like.

Is Becky Holzinger mentally ill? This is simply unbelievable.


Very Bad Behavior

Ok, so this "lynching" supposedly happened in '81. Twenty years later would be 2001. Over 15 years ago. So Becky Holzinger just admitted she hasn't lived in Lancaster for at least 15 years. So, can anyone tell me how a person that hasn't lived in Lancaster for over 15 years is a reporter for Lancaster?

And yes, Becky Holzinger is still trying to make this incident between a Mount Joy Borough police officer look like a Lancaster City police officer. Disturbing and there should be immediate action taken regarding this dangerous and dishonest "reporting".

Also, Kevin Ressler is doing well across the city while Danene Sorace is only doing well where she is from. She is about to lose that nomination any minute now... right, Becky Holzinger?

Please check back later today.

& the Mt Joy Borough Police

Ok, I know Becky Holzinger's layout is utter garbage, but it looks like she added a video with a title about the Lancaster City police. No, that is clearly the Mt Joy Borough police. And the man in the video states he is putting his video onto Lebanon See Thru Live. So likely, they were out of towners. Clearly, these two were agitating this officer and it was two on one. We can't see everything in the video. Did he stick his camera in the officer's face to distract him from a potential jump attack? Clearly, the two were not cooperative and very disrespectful of the officer. I, for one, laughed when his stupid ass got smacked and he ran like a little girl. I believe the officer had a right to defend himself but he might have taken it too far. Then again, you never get a second chance. The video only represents one angle. You can't see what the two are doing at the time.

Whether this was the appropriate police response or not, my real issue is that Becky Holzinger has attempted to make this look like the Lancaster City police. To blow it out of proportion and sow anger against police is not appropriate and needs to stop, Becky Holzinger. Especially when you are misrepresenting and lying.

Ressler lost. You live in Philadelphia. Now stay there and mind your own business.


The Wording is Clear

And it is none of Becky Holzinger's business. None of it. The truth is that there is no conflict of interest. This is just Becky Holzinger lying out of her ass again. Like when she said that Kessler, Ressler or whatever his name was was winning the primary race. She's is 100% full of shit and doesn't know what she's talking about. She never went to college but has this mental disorder where she thinks she knows better than everyone else. She thinks she can solve all the crimes. She thinks she knows how to be mayor. She thinks the black police chief is a racist that doesn't hire blacks. Becky Holzinger is a deluded nutcase and the wording is very clear.

Please check back later today.


Send Home the Clown

Looks like Becky Holzinger's usual divert and distract tactics. Kevin Ressler lost. By a lot. Lancaster has spoken and now the clown, Kevin Ressler, can go home to Virginia where he was born. Danene Sorace is an excellent choice but all of them on her blog are calling her stupid. That's real mature. I think that that is a very cruel way to talk to your mayor. Oh wait, what do you want to bet that almost none of the people on Becky's blog are even from Lancaster? So that isn't your mayor. Obviously they aren't, because it sounds like all of them are talking out of their ass simultaneously.

And Becky wants to act like "this was a primary and there is still an election". Yeah, but Ressler's name isn't going to be on the ballot, duh. It's going to be Sorace. Ressler lost. He isn't going to be Lancaster's mayor. It wasn't even close. You can go away now, Becky Holzinger, to your life in Philadelphia with the ex-Christian rappers.

Remember yesterday when I said Becky Holzinger was making shit up about Ressler being in the lead? She was.

Please check back later.


Throw Becky Holzinger Out

Becky Holzinger talks like she knows the results of the primary elections. I just checked the county website and none of the precincts have reported yet. So where is she getting her information for this "report"? All I can conclude is that she completely made it up.

And she does know that today is only to get the nomination, right? Whoever succeeds still has to actually win the real election!

And it's been 5 years and Becky Holzinger has not been able to solve the Erma Kaylor murder case. How can she fail the public like this? She printed who she claims it was years ago but there have been no charges filed. You see, you need this pesky thing called "evidence" and another thing called "a case". I think this is one of the reasons that Chief Keith Sadler referred to Becky Holzinger's blog as "irresponsible journalism". Am I mistaken?

Please check back later today.


Performer at Kevin Ressler Event "Ex-Christian", Shows Black Panther symbol in Youtube Video

P-dot REACH performed last night at the Mother's Day MusicFest held by for Kevin Ressler for Mayor. (Or P.REACH) On his Google Plus Profile, Stephen R Burton (aka P-dot REACH), claims he is an "Ex Christian Rapper" and he "Blasts Church, Christianity and Goes Mainstream!!!". This was claimed publicly back in 2015, so this is not a recent development.

In the video below the anti-Christian statement at about the 3 minute and 30 second mark are a series of panels where the Black Panthers symbol for "black power" - a raised fist - are put on the screen. I am not against showing those symbols, but this goes to the heart of the issue. Does Kevin Ressler have the ability to make good decisions in the role of Mayor? If he is going to think it is a good idea to put this kind of act on after he speaks in some capacity as a mayoral candidate - then I think you'd be absolutely out of your mind to vote for him tomorrow. It was not appropriate and it demonstrates a very disturbing pattern. Just scroll down and read some of the other stories below.

Yes, this dude performed right after mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler spoke at a "Mother's Day Musicfest" yesterday! No, I'm not even kidding right now! His Facebook page claims his hometown is Philadelphia.

Happy voting tomorrow!

Becky Holzinger: A Liar From Day One

So let me see if I have this right. Becky Holzinger is mad that MAW got money from Lancaster. But when they use some of Lancaster's money and essentially give it back to them to fund a music concert series, it's bad?? What the hell?

Didn't Becky Holzinger just try to pimp a music series? How mad was she about that one? Is she mad that it fell flat on it's face and was a total failure? Yes, I am just going to call that out now. I've seen the photos on Ressler's Facebook page. How embarassing. Why even bother? Who is the numbnuts that decided to hold the damn thing on a Sunday evening on Mother's Day weekend? And this clown wants to be mayor? And yes, his hair does look like one of those clown wigs.

And I am going to have a lot more to say about Philly native "Pdot REACH" (Stephen R Burton) and his Google Plus profile (and, yes his hometown is listed as Philly on his Facebook page). In fact, many of the participants in yesterdays shindig were not from Lancaster. For example, the Vulcans are based out of Mechanicsburg. And Cortlan "Corty" Byron seems to have an awful lot of ties to Elizabethtown. I guess last night's gathering was a convention of people who like to pretend to be lifelong residents of Lancaster, but aren't.

Don't worry, I have screenshots on the Pdot Reach thing. That story will be coming later today.

Kevin Ressler's Mother's Day "Musicfest" a Bomb?

Ouch. Where is the crowd? Were all the acts there? Where are their pictures? Who's idea was it to have an event on Mother's Day, a day usually reserved for moms to rest? Who is Stephen Burton aka "Pdot Reach"? Please don't vote for Kevin Ressler and please check back later today for even more reasons.


Update: Happy Mother's Day! A New Dawn

Vote for Kevin M Ressler!?

On Lancaster City Living, he stated that he listens to Lowkey, an anti-American, anti-semitic muslim rapper! Click here.

And, I'm sorry, he wants to do lunch with the Supreme Leader of Iran!? The Grand Ayatollah Khamenei?

He claims to be non-violent, but lies and says BlackLivesMatter is non-violent at a point when 20 police officers across the nation were established to be casualties. Link

He says he is one of you and a lifelong resident - but was born and lived in Virginia for a year after his birth, lived there for school in Virginia, held residences in 4 different states (including California), lived half a dozen places in PA, and visited 12 underdeveloped countries in between there somewhere. Oh, and he's 32 years old. So, yeah. "I'm from Lancaster". Right. This guy stinks like the leader of a terrorist sleeper cell. If you were one of those, wouldn't you want to stress to everyone how "non-violent" you were?

Also, he's going to have people lay all over a floor in the mall and I am sure that was really a sanitary thing to do and a great thing for kids to see. Notice how many children are in this picture? I'm sure he really helped the businesses in there thrive that day. So I am sure he'll do real well for the businesses in downtown. If you vote for Kevin M. Ressler, you should be locked into an insane asylum with Becky Holzinger

It's Mother's Day? Well, he's one mother! And technically, Becky is one even though she was never married. Just not a very good one.

Please check back later today.


I've been checking the Kevin Ressler for Mayor Facebook page and it looks from the posted pictures that the "Musicfest" Becky Holzinger was pushing on her blog was an epic failure. It looks like no one was there except for some of the bands and the sound guy. Were all the bands there? I wonder what happened? Please check back tomorrow. There will be much, much more to come.



Update: Again, what does this blog have to do with Lancaster anymore? Yes, Gil Smart used to be a columnist in Lancaster but - like the person that is writing the post - doesn't live there anymore! And Becky links an article from a town she doesn't live in from 2015? That's from two years ago! And it's by Dan Nephin! Someone get Becky two Xanax, fast!

What does this post have to do with the "Lancaster Independent Press"? It's a nut in Philly "marrying themselves" and being reported on by another nut from Philly! This is ridiculous and I am going to sue Becky Holzinger for stupidity.

Please check back later today.


Breaking News - There is an Error on a Website About Basketball Courts? What?

Is Becky Holzinger serious right now? She is worried that the county website contains an error about basketball courts being "less muted" or "more muted"? Are you kidding me? Do you think maybe Becky Holzinger could find something to do besides nitpick ridiculous crap on the city website? Just about anything would be better and much more worth Becky Holzinger's time. But if she wants to waste her days doing it, be my guest!

And did you see how Becky Holzinger found "two things" that cost millions of dollars but never mentioned one of them? The other thing besides the basketball courts can be found at http://www.saveitlancaster.com. Looks like some really tremendous work. So all Becky Holzinger had to do to see where this grant money went is read a website! I guess she ran out of time again today to actually look! Unbelievable!

And Becky Holzinger stuck up for this turd. Justice for Hiram? What a joke!

Please check back later today.


Throw Kevin Ressler to the Curb

Once again, Becky Holzinger is promulgating the idea that Kevin Ressler is a lifelong resident of Lancaster and posted a comment that basically suggests that Kevin Ressler "lives in the neighborhood". Maybe so, but as I recently reported, he is not a lifelong Lancaster resident and there seems to be some kind of effort to present himself as something he is not.

Why isn't there any information on these other locations that Kevin allegedly lived at? Why did he live in Camp Hill, Pa? Was anyone going to mention that he held residence in Syracuse NY? Baltimore MD? Harrisonburg VA? San Francisco? Ok, he sort of mentioned Harrisonburg, VA in passing and he does admit he had to be in San Francisco for a year. But what did this man do in these other towns? Why are we pretending that he is a "lifelong Lancaster resident"?

He was born in Virginia and didn't come to Lancaster, PA for at least a year. Obviously, he is not a native Lancastrian. Has he lived in Lancaster for some time? Yes. But exactly for how long? Because in 2007-2008 he was living in California - on the other side of the country. He's also found the time to travel to 12 underdeveloped nations in the meantime?

And then there are all of the issues with the association of BlackLivesMatter717 and his statement which seemed to excuse and cover up violent acts against police. Plus he told Lancaster Living he'd like to have lunch with the Supreme Leader, the Grand Ayatollah of Iran. Is Kevin Ressler a person that can be trusted? So far, I'd say the answer is a resounding "no". Please vote in the primary for Bristol Colon or Danene Sorace.

These photos show Kevin M. Ressler at Park City during the BlackLivesMatter717 "Die in". He participated with this group despite the open acts of violence against police across the nation. Just how "non-violent" is this man? It looks like all of those people have been murdered in the mall.

Click here for "Can Kevin M Ressler Be Trusted as Mayor?

Yeah, he's just one of us and wants to solve poverty but he's wearing a damn Apple watch which probably cost in the neighborhood of $400. Something doesn't jive.

Also, there was an excellent comment posted regarding MAW Communications and I am reposting it here.

I personally saw what I believe is the comment she references, and I'm also a LanCity Connect subscriber. The left a voicemail and email last week stating service wouldn't be available until the 10th, and then last night they left another voicemail saying that there is still a problem and are working on it. This is a brand new service, and hiccups are expected. They are not charging me until service is provided and are also crediting 20% of my first bill for the inconvenience. Not a bad deal for the chance to throw Comcast out of my apartment.
Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Not Telling the Truth

MAW Communications announced a long time ago that there would be a phased rollout of the fiber optic internet service. It's supposed to continue into 2018. Do we have any evidence that this person was actually told they would receive service on that date? Or just Becky Holzinger's word? Or some random person on the internet? This site is a horrible mess and definitely is not news.

And Becky Holzinger will never ever tell you that Kevin Ressler said he would like to have lunch with the Grand Ayatollah/supreme leader of Iran. And that he lied about Black Lives Matter. Not one word. Please check back later today.

Where is Becky Holzinger's Brain?

Has anyone seen the Lancaster land bank website? Oh wait. It's LancasterLandBank.org. It took me all of 10 seconds to find it on Google. Becky Holzinger must have looked very long and hard for it. What an idiot!

Please check back later when I continue to prove that Becky Holzinger is a total moron. Her main mission will be to divert and deflect over the next week or so with ridiculous stories and hopes no one notices Ressler wants lunch with the Grand Ayatollah.


Becky Holzinger: Investigate this!

So I think I need to discuss mayoral candidate Kevin M Ressler some more. There have been quite a few bombshells dropped on this blog and this is a man that Becky Holzinger endorsed and honestly, I am wondering how this man ever came anywhere near the Mayoral seat in Lancaster City, Pa.

I am reading the bio he provided on Lancaster City Living (click here vs. the bio he put on his website as he's running for mayor (click here)

These seem to be two very different representations. For one, the part about him being born in (and his family living in) Harrisonburg, VA seems to have vanished on his candidacy bio. Also, if you only read about him going to college on the mayoral site, you might think he had remained in Lancaster. But, actually, he moved out of Lancaster to Virginia (according to the first bio). So he is kind of misrepresenting how much he actually lived in Lancaster, is seems to me. So I started looking into it and found a lot of other places he has apparently resided - according to numerous different websites. Spokeo, TruthFinder, Intelius, and People Search USA are all giving me a variety of locations for Kevin M Ressler whose relative is his wife, Melissa.

At first, I thought maybe this was a mistaken identity, but then I realized that it was on numerous different sites with the same family relations. How could this be? Will Becky Holzinger investigate that, I wonder? Why was this person represented as a longtime resident of Lancaster when he seems to have several different residences?

Sure, it sounds good that he is for "non-violence". But then he was caught lying about BlackLivesMatter's propensity towards violence. Like he was covering up for it. And he has many unusual likes on Facebook regarding "progressive/socialist" groups and "social justice". The topper on the cake was him saying he'd like to have lunch with the Supreme leader of Iran. How is this man even allowed to be on the ballot? This is disturbing and bizarre.

Please check back later today.


Let's Do Lunch!?

Link (Scroll down to the question "Three people now living I would like to have lunch with")

The Supreme Leader of Iran? Really? Kevin Ressler wants to do lunch with the Supreme Leader of Iran, the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei? I wish this were a joke, but it's not. Please check back later today.

Can Kevin M Ressler Be Trusted as Mayor?

How can a person that made this irresponsible statement be trusted as the mayor of Lancaster city?

Kevin Ressler, a pastor and co-organizer of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Lancaster, responded to the complaint by saying, “It’s very important that people understand Black Lives Matter groups across the country, and particularly here locally, have been very vocal about it, do not support violence. No Black Lives Matter organization, or group across the entire country, has supported violence as a means to an end, or shooting, or attacking, or targeting police officers at all.” Source - The Grio - August 3, 2016
Oh really?

Black Lives Matter leader: Whatever you do, you pull your pistol out and f*cking bust them… Trust me when you see me move, I’m moving in violence. We need action. I don’t give a f*ck if you knock them over, whether you run up on them, whatever you do, you better f*cking take action. Link - Gateway Pundit- Caught on Video=> Black Lives Matter Leader Calls for Running Over, Shooting Police July 2016

"Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon!" - Link - Black Lives Matter Activists Chant Pigs in a Blanket After Cop Murder - Breitbart August 2015
"What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!" - Link - Youtube video of CNN news report, link in description of video published Dec 23, 2014
At least 20 cops shot or wounded by BLM supporters

White people and cops were literally being killed and this numbnuts has the nerve to say that no one is doing it? Is he wearing horse blinders? Unbelievable! Mayor of Lancaster City? I think NOT!

There will be much more on Kevin M Ressler soon. Please check back later.


Plant Sale Today!? WTF?

So let me get this right. I just exposed the guy Becky Holzinger has basically been endorsing as Lancaster's mayor as a progressive socialist/social justice moron who lied about Black Lives Matter's violent threats and actions on cops - and she now wants to talk about a plant sale? Is this is a joke? Doesn't Becky Holzinger routinely accuse LNP of writing stupid articles instead of talking about issues? Pot meet kettle!

Please go and read the three letters sent by Emily, Ann, Steve and Tom Holzinger around 2004 on Becky's own website. They are 100% correct. Becky Holzinger is mentally ill. The letters are very disturbing and Becky Holzinger should not have been on the internet posting the things she does for the past 12+ years. Please scroll down and read the article below and be sure to check out the comments. Unbelievable. Please check back later today.

Breaking News! Kevin M Ressler Has Two Names and Likes Progressives

This just in. Kevin M Ressler has an associated name. Kevin M Resslers. How can Becky Holzinger trust this person with two names? By the way, there are some highly irregular things regarding his Spokeo profile. There are several different ages for the same person and it says he has lived in Ephrata, Lititz, Baltimore MD, Talmage and Camp Hill. Is this some sort of mix up or what exactly is going on here? It has been claimed he is a "lifelong Lancaster resident". Also, on Facebook, I can see that in 2007 and 2008 he worked at Pace e Bene in Oakland, CA. Wow, that is quite a commute.

Looking through this guys likes are raising some red flags as well. He likes the Green Party. He likes the Progressive Student Coalition at Penn State. He likes Lancaster, PA Progressives For Our Revolution. He likes the Sojourners. He likes Black Lives Matter 717 (a known terrorist organization). He likes This Stops Today Harrisburg (which possibly confirms the Camp Hill ties) which claims it is a "social justice" organization. These are some very problematic and disturbing likes here for a mayoral candidate.

Will Becky Holzinger report on any of these? Or the posts from her "sister-in-law" regarding one of the founding members of the Black Panthers?

I will be doing some research today. Please check back later today.

Becky Fades

Becky Holzinger doesn't live in Lancaster and is not a reporter for Lancaster. And does Becky Holzinger realize that the debate story is still on the main page? It doesn't matter if it's on the top or bottom. You can easily scroll down to it and access the story without any degree of difficulty. If you're on the main page, it's accessible with one click. She also claimed putting a story in Section A of the newspaper was "burying it". Both ideas are pretty much ludricrous and absurd.

Then there is this: " In a testy exchange just before closing statements, Ressler said Sorace had tried to tell him after a previous debate that Lancaster has two fire stations, not three."

Is this all another Becky Holzinger mislead? Because the LNP quotes make it sound like she did know there were three, but simply could not "visualize where it was". But Becky and DUI Ressler both make it sound like she didn't know there was one at all. Unfortunately, this was mentioned "after a debate", so there is no transcript and it can't be verified.

And actually, the statement from DUI Kevin Ressler as it stands is totally false anyway. Lancaster has many, many more stations than 3. Click here for a listing.

In Lancaster city, there are three. There is Fire Station 1 and Fire Station 3 on East and West King Street. And there is a very small Fire Station No. 6 on Fremont only a few blocks from Lancaster Township, which has it's own fire station.

Is this even an issue at all? Not really. Just more Becky Holzinger bullshit and now she supports DUI Ressler. Unbelievable.


Afternoon Update **_* Is Becky Holzinger Acting Independently?

Clearly, she is just linking to the website of Art Morris and Robert Field at Newslanc.com. Didn't she defend a "photographer" that was revealed to a felon on Megan's Law list? This is clearly unethical and illegal!

Please check back tomorrow for all the details!


Same Ole, Same Ole!

Yes, you are Kirk Brown, Becky Holzinger. And I can prove it. First, that is obviously a fake Facebook profile page. It has no friends to show and two photos. A profile pic and a cover photo. There is one like and it is LNP.

In the timeline, you can see that "Kirk Brown" updated his profile picture on April 27, 2016. And on the same exact day, look what magically appeared on your blog!

Oh, look! It's another post by "Nay Sayer"! What are the odds? There is literally nothing else on this Facebook account at all. It is undoubtedly a Becky Holzinger sock puppet account.