Murder Solved! Good Job Lancaster Police!

...is a headline you will never see on Becky's blog. Any word if they found that guy that killed six family members in Killadelphia?

Disgusting, Becky Holzinger. And completely unacceptable and inappropriate behavior! Why did you picture and name the boyfriend Becky Holzinger? Was it worth it to drag that poor man through the mud?


Six People Shot in Killadelphia

CNN Story

Philly cops have no idea where the guy is and Becky Holzinger has nothing to say about this. Really???

Becky Holzinger Should Be Fired!

This nutjob has again falsely claimed that the board over the window was a result of a shooting. It was not, and I provided on this blog links to photographs proving that the board was over the window as police arrived! This is a false report and is designed to inflict malicious damage on the McDonalds. This is the McDonalds earlier today:

Everything is back to normal and fine. No windows were shot out either time, Becky Holzinger! You falsely claimed multiple windows were shot out and never retracted it. I've shown photographic evidence that you, Becky Holzinger, are a liar! No wonder no one pays Becky Holzinger to be a reporter! You should be fired and more than likely were!!


Becky Holzinger: No Scruples or Ethics

The Window At McDonalds Was Not Shot Out! Becky Holzinger was finally forced to admit the window is fixed but still has not owed up to her lies!

Becky Holzinger falsely claimed multiple windows were shot out at McDonalds. It was a false report spread by Becky Holzinger. Actually, none of the windows were shot out and the board over the window had nothing to do with any shooting incident! I have proven on this blog with photographic evidence that the board was over the window as police arrived. Also, it appears Becky claimed multiple windows were shot out because she mistook police light reflections for bullet holes. Becky Holzinger has still not retracted this false report and is not a reporter. In fact, she doesn't even live in Lancaster.

Here is a link to the photos.

Not only did she lie about the window being shot out at the time, she posted the picture of the board over the window long after it was repaired!

There is a report of a more recent shooting at the same McDonalds. Two people have non-life threatening injuries. And, no Becky Holzinger, no windows were shot out this time either!!! So now a total of three people have received non-life threatening gunshot wounds over the past several months. Good thing we don't live in Killadelphia or there would be three dead people by lunch instead!!


Where is Thomas Greene's Mugshot and Shelve It Becky Holzinger

Yes, shelve it - not "shelf" it, you moron! Also, the guy was not robbed inside the convenience store, Becky Holzinger! I highly doubt that every convenience store has their entire parking lot on video surveillance. It just isn't practical, Becky Holzinger! And even if he might have been captured on video, releasing that image might not be very helpful at all! The level of detail might not be very good or the angle might not reveal anything significant. You aren't a detective or reporter so get over it, Becky Holzinger!

The article contains a full description, including tattoos and what he was wearing down to his shoes!!!

And want to talk about something creepy on social media? Let's talk about Becky Holzinger trying to railroad two teenage boys because they were white and one of them - yes, just one of them, is the son of a police officer. That is reprehensible and disgustingly unethical, Becky Holzinger. Get mental help NOW!


Crook, Liar & Racist

Becky Holzinger
209 E Duval Street
Philadelphia, Pa

Criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting criminal acts should immediately be reported to the local police!


Updated: Who runs Becky Holzinger's WordPress Blog? Becky Endorses Crime

I am still shaking from the injustice that happened on Beckys blog this past Friday and has been covered-up by Becky Holzinger. Since Becky likes to post Facebook photos so much, here is one of Latoya Hunter-Harvey! Her son is Thomas Greene, convicted of threatening to kill a baby during an armed home invasion. And yes, these four men were armed with actual lethal weapons! It was also reported that he threatened to kill his arresting officer. Perhaps you would like to explain why you've been in contact with known criminal-aider, Becky Holzinger? Would you care to explain your criminal past?

Absolutely none of this was about race and I have blown this story wide open!

Becky Holzinger, is that you dredging up Palmer Brown? Does he even work for LNP any more? If you want to read lies and disgusting nonsense, try Lipnews! Nothing I've seen from Lancasteronline's Facebook appears to be lies, but Becky Holzinger's claim that her commenter is the daughter of the "victim" sure seems shady! Also, I have good reason to believe none of the guns were REAL as none of the charges indicate illegal possession or misuse of a lethal firearm (see previous articles and comments). Is Becky Holzinger backpeddling because she is getting herself into some legal issues? Please check back later!

By the way, those were BB guns, Becky Holzinger!

Around 8:30 p.m., two masked men, dressed in full camouflage, burst into his grandmothers home on Chinchilla Avenue in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster County. They carried Airsoft guns that looked real.

Picture of soft, yellow Airsoft pellets


Special Report: Totalitarian Becky Holzinger Admits She is PC Police!

Saw this on LNP today. Unbelievable! Becky Holzinger admits to being the PC police!


Second Update: Updated: Ask Thomas Greene - A Clear Cut Case of Utter Stupidity

** If you Google the phrase "One of the intruders had a pistol that turned out to be an airsoft gun which fires plastic pellets, police said.", the links to the story are retrieved, but the page content has been removed! It was there only a few days ago!!

**There is an active whitewash on Google. Only a few days ago, a story was still online that stated that the gun involved in the home invasion was an Airsoft pellet gun. Becky is actively now pushing the guns were "REAL". I don't think this is true as I believe she criminally attempted to railroad these two young men and she did it knowingly and intentionally. None of the current docket charges indicate anything about using a lethal weapon so I believe Becky is currently attempting to cover her butt. There needs to be a full investigation on this. I will be making calls and sending emails.

Where is the mugshot, Becky Holzinger? In the past, Becky Holzinger accused LNP of not posting mugshots. Well, where is this mugshot of Thomas Greene, Becky Holzinger? Where is the report that upon his arrest, he threatened to kill police officers? Why won't you inform your readers that the two teens you've been harassing for 8 months+ were never armed with a single lethal weapon? I will be making calls and sending emails. Please check back later.

Yes, let's ask Thomas Greene why he threatened to kill his arresting officer and why an actual shotgun and pistol were used in his home invasion! These kids had no gun other than an Airsoft pellet gun and all she can do is whine and whimper about it while sticking up for a convicted felon child sex abuser and an alleged cocaine distributor!

Once again, Becky Holzinger has made the statement that a home invasion was "less violent" than another because Thomas Greene is black. Please read the previous posting and comments and you will see that this is a convoluted, phony argument. The two white teens were not armed with lethal weapons, they were only carrying an Airsoft pellet gun. Becky Holzinger refuses to inform her readers of this fact. And she also is keeping her readers in the dark on Thomas Greene's alleged threat to kill the cops. This is outrageous and irresponsible journalism and Becky Holzinger will be hearing from Clarke Madden!

Run racist Becky Holzinger out of town!


Becky Holzinger Needs To Resign

If Clarke Madden really did tell Becky she will hear from him, bravo! Maybe this woman will finally be committed to a mental institution where she belongs! Please contact Clarke Madden and give him lengthy details about the harassment you have received from Becky Hokzinger! Put Becky Holzinger in prison with her pal Jerry Puryear!


Nine Month Sentence

* I am so filled with shock and disgust at Becky's blog that I need a night to try and cool down. This is just unbelievable and sickening and shaken me to my core. You see, Becky Holzinger cannot be happy that two young white men were able to get through high school and can get a reduced sentence if they complete a nine month (not six) boot camp. Do I really have this right? Becky will not help two young white kids, but can find the time to stick up for child sex abusing slime that robs stores at night and a guy accused of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Even worse, Becky tries to railroad these white kids by posting pictures of them with toy guns, never mentioning the guns are not real!!!

What is wrong with this picture, Becky Holzinger? Get your head examined, NOW! Please check back later today!


Guilty! Any word on that $5,200?

Tittel's docket is updated today to read that he is guilty of all five charges from March in which he stabbed a truck driver. Two felony counts and three misdemeanors, including aggravated assault, simple assault, and reckless endangerment! This is the man Becky Holzinger was helping and talking with on the phone? He is a convicted felon, Becky Holzinger! Time to stop distracting and answer for this massive screw up! Don't expect to read about any of this on Lipnews, another Becky Holzinger whitewash is underway!

Updated - Breaking News - Becky Just Made Up More Bullshit!

Yes, it appears that both of those people do qualify for ARD under your own definition. And they were "armed" with replica toy guns, Becky Holzinger. Airsoft is a brand of gun that shoots soft yellow pellets! What an absolute idiot! Please check back later.

Update: Why will Becky protect the name of her legal source, but release the names of alleged stalker victims? That seems a bit convoluted! So now Becky says they have not yet been accepted into the ARD program, so this whole story is an idiotic attempt to distract from the ongoing criminal trial of Eric Tittel - the man allegedly charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine! Hey Becky, the police stole the money, right? Any word on that $5,200 yet???


Updated 12-3-14 Holzinger Commits Egregious Invasion of Privacy?

Taking a break, Becky Holzinger? So soon? I wonder what could have happened? Muahahaha! Please check back later today.

No, I will not repeat the names or addresses, but I will confirm that Becky Holzinger published both to her blog after "long, hard thought". She must not have, because this is an extreme violation of individual privacy and well outside of the bounds of ethical journalism. It will be interesting to see what transpires. Becky is well known for releasing uncorroborated names, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any statement that appears on her blog.

Sponsored Content?

Have you noticed that Becky Holzinger whines about literally anything printed in the Lancaster Newspaper? I mean, seriously! Elf on a shelf, Becky Holzinger? Get over it! Here's an idea. If any of these knuckleheads don't like what is printed in LNP, stop reading it and then blogging about it all damn day! And why does Becky Holzinger subscribe to the eEdition? She doesn't live in Lancaster and has no legitimate reason to be reading it! What a bunch of whiny assholes!


Breaking News: Becky Holzinger is NOT "breaking news"

Becky Holzinger, you are not breaking the news when you just read the police press release like everyone in Lancaster is more than capable of doing on their own. Police have been looking for this suspect and did not release the name until the appropriate time- after immediate family members had been notified. Everything you said was a full blown lie and you rehashing the actual "breaking news" is just pathetic. Get a life and get some friends you old, miserable wannabe!

Pouring It On

Yes, Tom Knapp is correct. Becky Holzinger is not only a stalker, she is an incessant internet troll and she does not stop! But I can promise you that one way or another, she will! And soon! Chief Sadler is also correct. Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism needs to stop. She should have been arrested years ago. And Jerry Puryear did a lot more than rummage through a dumpster. He plead guilty to felony attempted robbery and he sexually abused underage children, Becky Holzinger! Your days online are numbered! Count on it!

Please check back later today.


Stating the Blatantly Obvious

What would a real reporter report? Probably they would report on their actual location, not on some area hours away! What questions would a real reporter ask the police chief? Becky Holzinger has to ask because she is NOT a real reporter. At all.


A Terrible Juxtaposition

Well it is good to see Becky Holzinger finally got around to posting a picture of Lowden, the man wanted in connection with two recent shootings. If LNP had done this, Becky would be screaming her head off about the cameras. Oh wait, she is doing that anyway. Guess what, Becky? The police will decide what to release to the public as it best suits their investigation!

On the bad side, Becky has still not released the very mean looking mugshot of Thomas Greene or discussed her omitted fact that Greene threatened to kill police officers resulting in a longer sentence - not racism. However, Becky did manage to bring up a group started by avowed communist Van Jones called Color of Change. Great job, Becky Holzinger! You've gone from aiding convicted felons to promoting groups organized by avowed communists! Will someone please get the nutjob from Philly a sewing kit and a hobby? Thanks!


Special Report: Becky Holzinger's Irresponsible Journalism Should Be Criminal!

I just read one of the most disturbing things. For several days, Becky has been creating a ficticious account of "racist" behavior by Lancaster City judges and police officers for differing sentences of five individuals. She alleges Thomas Greene was given a disproportionate sentence because he is black. It did not take me long to realize the true reason his sentence was more severe, and what I am about to share is deeply disturbing!

Here is the article with the major detail Becky Holzinger has intentionally omitted!

"Greene was discovered a short time later. He struggled with arresting officers and threatened to kill them as he was taken into custody."

Becky Holzinger is defending a man who reportedly threatened to kill cops? She is suggesting he was given a long sentence because he is black, and it was reported he threatened to kill his arresting officers? This is highly irresponsible journalism and I demand to know why Becky Holzinger has not been criminally charged for this. This is very inappropriate and sloppy reporting and it is outright dangerous! I don't know specifically which law this may violate, but it certainly seems like a criminal charge should be considered.

This is shocking and inexcusable!


Becky Holzinger: No Legitimate Purpose

Where is the photo, Becky Holzinger? This is the second time in a row that you did not publish a photo of a person because they are black. You also never published a photo of the King Street shooter from last weekend!

Oh look. Becky Holzinger is still trying to play the race card on the "driving force" behind a crime spree which led to Thomas Greene being charged with eleven felonies. I wonder if Becky Holzinger has been chit-chatting with this guy on the phone, too? I guess this "story" didn't stick the first five times Becky lied about it, so here we go again! If you repeat it often enough, eventually people will believe it, right Becky Holzinger?

Wrong! Seek mental help NOW! Any word on that $5,200?


Wasting Time - 2 - Civil Service Board was Already Publicly Named

It's great Becky Holzinger wasted everyone's time about who was named to the Lancaster City Civil Service Board! Here are the names in a document from three months ago! Oops!

August 12, 2014 PDF

Just check page two under the paragraph that starts with the word "personnel". Wow!


Stuffed Shirt?

I don't mean to be mean, but how does Becky write week after week and not get paid for it? This garbage is comedy gold! All she does is rehash and spin real news articles and then tries to take credit as she sits in Philly on her fat, wrinkled ass!

What an inflated ego! I could care less what Becky Holzinger types on her blog everyday other than to get a good laugh at a nutty old bag who is completely full of shit!

Special Report: Where's the Photo, Becky Holzinger?

Here is a photo of the most recent shooter. Where is the photo, Becky Holzinger? Do you only publish photos if they are the son of a Hempfield police officer or the step-brother-in-law of a local official? Is this preferential treatment, Becky Holzinger? Since the shooter is not some white guy, you won't publish the photo, will you Becky Holzinger. Investigate Becky Holzinger now!!!


Breaking News Becky Holzinger is Wasting Her Time

I heard about this shooting long before Becky read about it in the Lancaster Newspapers. I was on King Street. I saw the crime scene tape go up. You see, I don't get this information second or third hand and then misrepresent it to others as a first-hand "report". And must I remind Becky again of where she lives? Here's a hint, it's Philadelphia! Butt out, Becky!


Three Hots and a Cot

Now Becky Holzinger is helping another convict - Ron Harper Jr! He was convicted in Norristown and also received citations from city police for harassing a woman. Click here to see his citations. Are there any other convicts Becky Holzinger would like to associate herself with before she is locked up in the funny farm? And who uses the phrase "three hots and a cot" anymore? Nobody!

I think it is completely hilarious that Becky Holzinger is receiving threats and people are trying to knock her obsolete blog offline. You'd think eventually that she would get the message. Sorry, knocking Lipnews offline is NOT a federal offense and if anyone were able to do so, I would recommend them for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Any word on that $5,200, Becky Holzinger? How's that working out?


* Updated - Holzinger Has a Memory Lapse?

What "special treatment", Becky Holzinger? She is constantly pulling this " where is the mugshot" crap and then essentially taking credit when it is released. And, of course, the mugshot release had nothing to do with Becky's posts on her blog, it just takes time for photos to be released to the press!

One time, Becky Holzinger tried to take credit for a press release at 8:30am because of a 9:40 email she sent! Obviously, her email had no influence on past events, but she literally did try to take credit for it! And she was serious!

And so what if those two guys are brothers? That has absolutely no importance or relevance to anything! Is this news or innuendo and speculation? This is just another thinly veiled insult directed at a Lancaster police officer! It is inappropriate and disgusting "journalism", Becky Holzinger! Grow up!


A Deranged Investigation - 3

Darryl Morton and Judy Cora both died from carbon monoxide poisoning. We've known this for months. Becky insinuated for months that they were murdered but never provided proof of anything nefarious. Nothing will change? No, it won't change based on your vivid imagination, Becky Holzinger. I also am very suspicious of your claim that convicted child sex abuser and attempted burglar Jerry Puryear was related to Morton, but maybe he was the one trying to break in? Maybe there should be an investigation into why you are still supporting a person in county prison. Just saying.


Wowza, how many people have to tell Becky Holzinger she is a nutcase until it finally sinks in? Now she is concerned because Melissa Byers schooled her on Facebook. Here's an idea, Becky Holzinger! Stop trolling people's Facebook pages and trashing everyone in Lancaster on a daily basis! Just a thought.

Becky will now play the victim - wahh poor me, just an "innocent" on Facebook. What kind of delusions is this woman living in? Is there medication or therapy that might help this special kind of crazy? Check back later today.