Afternoon Update - Fake Friends

They already know! Yes, we all know the police read your site Becky Trolzinger. That's because you made what I believe to be a terroristic threat the other day on your blog and is why I placed Lancaster on a Becky Trolzinger county-wide alert.

Speaking of stalkers and internet trolls and trash, I received this message from Becky Trolzinger yesterday. "I am going to bring my "friend" with the very lengthy criminal record to Lancaster Newspapers. The "friend" that admittedly belongs to a known terrorist organization. Yes, that "friend" and I will be approaching the Lancaster Newspapers and we will be there for an unspecified reason that serves no legitimate purpose."

Wow, please check back later today! And if you see Mildred L "Quiana" Dixon or Becky Trolzinger in Lancaster county, do not approach them as they are considered "armed and hammered". Contact police immediately and notify them of their whereabouts.


Breaking News! Whose Idea Was This?

Whose idea was this to have some crazy woman from Philly obsess over crimes in Lancaster city? And why is a "Lancaster press reporter" publishing unconfirmed reports that there is a body in the house? PennLive says the 37 year old man was stabbed in the abdomen and taken to the hospital, so I highly doubt that these reports will be confirmed, Becky Trolzinger. Why is there NO mention of this fact? Why does Becky Holzinger continue to spread disinformation and lies by omission about Lancaster? Does Becky Trolzinger have some kind of mental issue? Why is she promoting Milli L Dixon, an admitted member of a terrorist organization? They will be back? To do what, exactly? I hope that there will be a strong police presence at the Lancaster Newspapers considering the thinly veiled threat Becky Trolzinger made the other day. That is why I placed Lancaster on Becky Trolzinger alert. See something? Say something.

Please check back later today.


Breaking News! Lancaster County Placed on Becky Holzinger Alert

Becky Holzinger has identified "Milli L Dixon" as a friend of hers. Milli L Dixon has posted to Occupy Chester County PA the following:

Milli L Dixon
December 6, 2014 ·
The six Deadly sins of why I am marching in Washington D.C. Having being a proud Great, Granddaughter of Ollie Myles, Granddaughter of Sofronia Johnson and Daughter of Frankie Byrd. I am the First Black Woman to Run a Non-profit for over ten years pertaining to social justice under ‘IAMMYBROTHERSKEEPER “Prodigal Son’s Prison Ministry” fighting for injustice on behalf of the oppressed. Countless time Having middle aged white men pass me over for funding to write on our backs within our community. That consists of contractual bids of new trains, hotels etc. Anything but US!. It is NECESSARY that you continue to read below:
1.Our President is the most hated Black man in America because of his skin color.
2.Police is controlled and ran by District Attorney’s/ Prosecutors and police unions.
3.Corruption of Lancaster Pennsylvania city police Department, D.A and Judicial system.
4.Corruption of Coatesville Pennsylvania city Police Department, D.A and Judicial system.
5.Corruption of Marion Ohio city police Department, D.A and Judicial system.
6.I am a Black Mother, Grand mom, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend of a Black Man.
In other words they want help us or let us help ourselves and to continue to watch us get shot down in streets is a miscarriage of justice. Will you join us to send a message collectively that ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬!.
It is well known that BlackLivesMatter is on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List


If you see Milli L Dixon aka Mildred Dixon or Becky Holzinger of Philadelphia in Lancaster County, please do not approach them and immediately contact the police at 717-664-1180.

Update: Becky Holzinger Belongs in Jail

And I don't know why she isn't. Whether or not "Willie Banks" is in prison is none of Becky Trolzinger's business. But she posts about it anyway! Unbelievable!

Gee, why is Melendez still in jail? In 2002, he was sentenced to a total maximum of 23 years of confinement. It is docket number CP-36-CR-0004278-2002. Let's see. He should be out in about 2025 Becky Trolzinger. Duh.

Update: Well look at that. Becky looked at the dockets and can't figure out why Melendez is still in jail. Heck of an investigator Becky Trolzinger is, huh? You have to look at the Court Summary and it gives you the docket number for why he is still in jail. Quite a thorough investigation by old Becky Trolzinger! And maybe she should enter the name "Mildred L Dixon" into the docket sheets sometime in the near future to see whom her "friend" really is! Wow! Quite an impressive rapsheet!


The Day My Rant Died

Who wants to read Becky Trolzinger's crap? No one! And no one does.

What does this blurb even mean? "I guess that’s the kind of sentence you receive when you have a “IV” after your name." Apparently, Becky Trolzinger thinks 15 years in a state prison is a cake walk. I would love to see Becky Trolzinger serve 15 hours in a state prison and see if she made it!

Becky Trolzinger sure loves to make a fool out of herself day after day. But at least she saved us from the latest load of horseshit!

Please check back later today.


Basic Information is Missing - from Becky's Brain

Do you know what is really a sloppy mess? Becky Trolzinger's outdated Wordpress blog. In fact, sloppy mess doesn't do it justice.

OMG LNP put up a headline that wasn't quite right and then corrected it. Wow, at least they managed to correct it, Becky Trolzinger. How long did you run with the false narrative that there were bullet holes in the windows at a local McDonalds? You still have not corrected it, Becky Trolzinger! Unbelievable!

How long did you have the photo of the wrong "armed bank robber", Becky Trolzinger? How long did you stand up for and defend a convicted felon, Becky Trolzinger? You have basic information missing from your brain, Becky Trolzinger. Please get mental help stat! Please check back later today.


Some Explaining To Do

So, Becky Holzinger isn't racist? Really? Did you see the title of the post she just made? Isn't that a Desi Arnaz reference, Becky Holzinger? How racist is that title? It was the catch phrase of "Ricky Ricardo" on the I Love Lucy show, which was a pretty racist and overblown characterization of a Cuban immigrant!

Why is Asian-American in quotations, Becky Trolzinger? Are you mocking the racial make-up of Barbara's daughter? Are you suggesting she is not Asian-American? Why did you NOT even post a picture of her? Sounds pretty racist and exclusionary to me! Why does Becky Trolzinger always defend the black guys on her website (even convicted felons) by try to throw the whites guys under the bus? Admit it, Becky Trolzinger. You are the biggest racist this side of the Mason-Dixon line!

Please check back later today.


Stuck in my Craw

So, I was unable to find the WGAL report about a stabbing at McDonalds. And now we know why. Since when did a "small laceration on a thumb" become a stabbing? When did that happen, exactly? When did "trying to stab someone in the leg" - but no actual stabbing - becoming a stabbing? Becky Trolzinger, you are a terrible liar and so is the person who told us there was a stabbing at McDonalds. In fact, there was not.

This is not the first time Becky Trolzinger lied about a McDonalds. She tried to convince people for months that the windows at a Lancaster McDonalds were shot out. In fact, they were not. And I showed pictures of police arriving and the board over the window was ALREADY THERE in the photographs! And still she tried to lie and say that reflections of police lights in the windows were bullet holes!

Yes, Becky Trolzinger. You are a psycho bitch from hell. And you need to stop harassing people in Lancaster - NOW!


Afternoon Update - May 16

Is it the four year "anniversary" of Erma Kaylor's murder, Becky Trolzinger? Remember when Becky Trolzinger was going around in years past announcing it was the "anniversary" of Erma Kaylor's murder? That's right, Becky Trolzinger is celebrating the murder of an 83 year old woman from Lancaster! What a hoot!

That is Becky Trolzinger's excuse for bringing up the murder. Has there been any progress, Becky Trolzinger? Have you solved the case yet? I thought you announced years ago that the killer was Markeem Lamar Zink. How's that DNA test coming along? How is that petition on change.org going for Erma Kaylor? Still not up?

Becky Trolzinger is nothing but a blathering idiot. You know what? It hasn't been four years because 2016 was a leap year. So technically you missed the actual four year mark yesterday on May 15th. But who's counting, right? Just Becky Trolzinger. She has done absolutely nothing to help solve this case and it is my position she has actually done a lot to hinder it. I know she has been in contact with many witnesses and people in Lancaster she should never been in contact with and now the case is likely contaminated by the stupid actions of Becky Trolzinger. Who wants to bet? I've read about all the people she has claimed to talk to on her website. And of course, they probably didn't realize the insane idiot that they were talking to since she probably misrepresented herself as a reporter.

She whines and whimpers that police don't do anything, yet she goes out of her way to hinder them while defending convicted felons for criminal acts. Becky Trolzinger is not pulling the wool over my eyes. I see her for exactly who and what she is. She needs to be dealt with by Lancaster officials accordingly and I will see to it that she is.


Becky Trolzinger is Paying LNP for Insider!

Becky Trolzinger says that Mayor Gray is not mentioned in the LNP article about CRIZ. Obviously, she is paying LNP for Insider access. Or how else could she know that Gray does not appear in that article?

Absolutely every quote she posted came from Lancaster Newspapers. Every single one! And they mentioned it numerous times...in the Lancaster Newspapers! Is Becky Trolzinger deluded or what? Anyone that is following this story would have read the exact same articles in the Lancaster Newspapers! This is beyond ridiculous and needs to stop, Becky Trolzinger. LNP is not hiding anything, all of your sources are...the Lancaster Newspapers! Duh!

And also, there is no answer as to why she keeps reopening the wounds for the Garcia-Camacho families. There are absolutely no updates and Becky Trolzinger is not revealing anything additional that isn't already known. So why do it day after day? Is she a sado-masochist? Is she a sociopath? Is she a psychopath? How mentally sick is Becky Trolzinger? Why are officials letting this mentally unstable person pretend to be a reporter online?

Please check back later today.


No Statistics!

Becky Trolzinger made a huge mistake and actually admitted it. This is unbelievable! It is in the comments, but she continues to spread lies about the G Scott Davis accidental shooting of his daughter. This has been how many years ago? Two and a half? This is unreal. Becky Trolzinger has been lying nonstop about this for two and a half years. How sad.

This incident STILL did not happen in Bryan Cutler's legislative district. So I would like to know how Cutler is allegedly misusing his position in an incident that didn't even happen in his legislative district! This is unimaginably stupid and idiotic that Becky Trolzinger is still running with this false narrative. It is disgusting and unethical journalism at its finest. Where is the evidence that Cutler ever once contacted DA Stedman? It's absolutely nowhere! Yet she's been running with this for months and years!

And why does Becky Trolzinger keep talking about Julio Garcia-Camacho? Has she made any progress in solving the case? No? Why does she keep opening up the wounds for his poor family by jabbering on endlessly about it? This is disturbing and must stop NOW!

Take that, Becky Trolzigner! Ridiculous and pathetic!


Did You Say Ham Balls?

Wow, Becky Trolzinger is still melting down about Lindsey Blest being a reporter. Rewrite a press release, you say? Wow, at least she rewrites it, Becky Trolzinger. At least she doesn't take it verbatim without permission and plaster it on her own blog with the title "Breaking News" over it, Becky Trolzinger. She uses questionable journalism ethics? Pot meet kettle!

Here is a depiction of Becky Trolzinger sleeping under a bridge.


Becky Trolzinger Can't Take A Hint and Go Away

Lindsey Blest is a reporter at LNP. Becky Trolzinger is in full meltdown mode over it. Becky Trolzinger - you don't even live in Lancaster. What is with the sick obsession with writing about Lancaster every day? You certainly are NOT a reporter. You have witnessed nothing in Lancaster first hand. Absolutely nothing. How can you accurately "report" anything when you have not witnessed it? This is truly disturbing and bizarre behavior. If I were Becky Trolzinger's psychiatrist, I would recommend her to be immediately be placed BACK into Evergreen as a mental patient.

She has some obvious mental issues and a disturbing hatred for LNP, the police, the DA, the mayor and the entire city of Lancaster. What a fool to waste your life attacking a city that you don't even live in online. Does Becky Trolzinger know that almost no one reads her trashy blog? Becky Trolzinger must lead a sad and lonely life. Becky Trolzinger should just pack it up, no one reads or believes anything she posts since she constantly and pathologically lies every single day. GET LOST BECKY TROLZINGER!



Becky Holzinger Lies Again - 2 Billion and One!

Click here for the original story.

Repost: Becky's latest full blown bullshit is that no one at LNP reported that Katie West is Scott Martin's sister. This is not true, as I reported in a previous comment. LNP did report that Katie West is Scott Martin's sister in an article by Brett Hambright!


This was not added as an afterthought, this was part of Hambright's article from 2013!

(Katie West is the sister of Lancaster County Commissioner Scott Martin.)

And, yes - she was charged for possession of an illegal substance in magesterial court with 35 § 780-113 §§ A16. And, yes - police have determined that drugs did not contribute to the crash, Becky Holzinger. Heroin does not impair you until the effects of the drug wear off. Becky gets these crazy ideas in her head and will not let go of them! This person lost her spouse and son and was seriously injured herself. She was charged with possession. I really think Katie West has been punished enough, Becky Holzinger.

Can you show even one other example where someone was charged for heroin and they lost two close family members? No, of course you can't. You will just yell about how this is so unfair like a little child without looking at the facts. Grow up, Becky Holzinger. You're 63 years old. Act like it.

By the way, you don't live in Lancaster, in case you forgot again.


A Mother of a Tale

OMG, breaking news! People are in business to make money! News at 11!

Please check back later today.



Who's in trouble? No one is in trouble. The Lancaster Newspapers is doing just fine while whiny Becky Trolzinger sobs for over a decade on an obsolete Wordpress blog that could be compromised at any moment.

Becky Trolzinger is not a reporter and does not even live in Lancaster. She hasn't been here for years and hasn't lived here in decades. Her Wordpress blog isn't the only thing that obsolete. All of her opinions on Lancaster are based on her concepts of Lancaster probably 30-40 years ago. She is very unfamiliar with current events and Lancaster and tries to blame things on DA Stedman in 2006 and 2007, years before he actually became the DA! You see, if Becky Trolzinger actually lived here, maybe her opinion would be relevant. But as it stands now, it is unimportant and obsolete.

Becky Trolzinger needs to get her hair done because she is the only one in trouble. She is the one stealing LNP graphics and using them without permission. She is the one who has formulated all kinds of insane conspiracy theories about Lancaster and misrepresented herself as "the press". She is the one who is backing felons while remaining ridiculously critical of the police. If you really want to know who is in trouble, Becky Trolzinger needs to get her hair done - NOW!


Off Her Rocker

Becky Trolzinger is mad about Lancaster Newspapers again. What a shock. Here's some ideas. Stop reading it. Stop posting about it every single day of your miserable life. Go outside. Enjoy spring. Take up knitting. Get a hobby - besides bitching about a newspaper in a county you do not even live in and haven't for decades. Stop ripping off LNP graphics and using them on your site without their permission.

I was hoping for an insightful article, but truth be told, this is remarkably bad journalism. Actually, it’s just awful. As is this whole “Independent Press” nonsense!


Hidden in Becky's Log

Really? Things are now "hidden" in the police log? Isn't the police log the place that these things are published? How, exactly, are things hidden in a police log? Can Becky Trolzinger please explain how putting something into print is "hiding" it?

And Breaking News, Becky Trolzinger is getting reports of multiple shots being fired outside the Village Nightclub this morning shortly after 2:00 am. Where did these "reports" come from? The tooth fairy? Uncle Fester? What the hell? I'm confused by Becky Trolzinger's horrible page layout. Is she saying that the Village Nightclub shots fired was the armed robbery at 930 S Duke St? Those are nowhere close to each other. And the armed robbery entry does not say any shots were fired - just that one robber had a gun. So, is that what Becky Trolzinger is implying?

I don't think she even knows anymore. She just throws everything and hopes it sticks! It's unbelievable! This woman has a very bizarre obsession with Lancaster. And the Weis Markets thing doesn't have anything to do with LCP or Keith Sadler, does it? It's the Manheim Township police, right? What is the point of this blog, it's off the rails!


Safe & Sound

Precisely as we planned. Prepare to launch the full attack...

Please check back later today.


Make Becky Trolzinger Go Away!

The verdict came in on the Gregorio Orrostieta case. It was guilty for third degree murder. This is the case, if you'll recall, that Becky Trolzinger tried to make about race and minorities. One problem, Orrostieta's race on the summary docket sheet was listed as "white". Now that he has a reduced punishment and the jury was not stacked against a "minority", is Becky Trolzinger appeased? Of course not. You can never make this insane person happy, so don't even bother trying!

And this comment in yesterday. "Becky and Rosa are two sick, disturbed, evil people." Yes, you are entirely correct!

Could someone make Becky Trolzinger go away? Just go away!

Please check back later today.


Case Closed on Becky Trolzinger

The book is a work of fiction about a person named "Mark". Let me say that again slowly so that even sluggish retards like Becky Trolzinger can let that sink in. It. Is. a. Work. of. Fiction. Period.

The story, if considered to be a true account, is very contradictory. Supposedly state trooper Suber caused a retinal detachment over 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was around 2002. And supposedly, this "abuse" by Sadler occurred a decade before that. So we are talking about events that happened, what - 20 to 25 years ago? Certainly there must be some statute of limitations that has expired.

And the injuries which allegedly occurred between Suber and Sadler is conveniently, a retinal detachment- one in each eye. How convenient. None of this is documented on any medical record I've seen. The percentage of retinal detachments caused by physical trauma is 11%. Out of 500 cases, 55 were caused by trauma. And this is more than just a punch to the face. It is usually in a sports collision or severe head injury. Those are just the medical facts. Look it up. Was Torres-Sadler subjected to a severe head injury? That is entirely possible (especially if she were trying to crawl out of a state trooper's cruiser while intoxicated) based on the way she acts and who she has decided to keep company with.

As far as I know, Rosaura never said the book was an accurate account about chief Sadler. Ever. The only thing I've heard her say directly about him is that he would not pay her electric bill.

The main contradiction I see in Rosaura's story is that in Torres-Sadler's letter to SCOTUS justice Sotomayor (available online), she mentions Suber but does not mention the alleged abuse by Sadler 10 years prior. That all of a sudden appeared in her book years later. And sure, you can say it took "courage" and it took time to come forward with that all you want, but to me - it appears tacked and added on later. A sixth grader could tell you this was fabricated to sell books.

So, case closed. There is no solid evidence that chief Sadler ever abused Torres-Sadler. And Trolzinger will not mention the two very serious threats posted to Facebook by Torres-Sadler. She is not a reporter and she needs to never show her face in Lancaster again.

The Public is Being Brutalized By Becky Trolzinger

The public has had just about enough of Becky Trolzinger and her abusive blog. Yes, crimes occurred in the city. Yes, they were reported. Is it necessary to "follow-up" on every single crime? Absolutely not. And where is Becky Trolzinger's follow-up? Did she make any follow-ups? Of course not, she doesn't live in Lancaster!

Do you know who is responsible and accountable for criminal acts, Becky Trolzinger? Here's a hint. It says it right in their titles. "The Criminals!" Not the police. Not the reporters. They are all doing their jobs, Becky Trolzinger. If you want someone to be responsible and accountable, try the people who committed the crimes in the first place. Duh.

It is absolutely despicable and disgusting that not only will Becky Trolzinger try to hold police accountable for the criminal acts of certain people, Becky Trolzinger will also defend these criminals! All while launching a visceral and disgusting attack on the people who are doing their jobs every day. And then on top of all that, she will falsely take credit for doing the work of the press and police when, in fact, she did no such thing!

Don't go away mad, Becky Trolzinger. Just go away! You are a pathetic worm that needs to crawl back into her hole.


The Truth is Spreading

...about Becky Trolzinger. All she does is make up insane stories and post them to a blog all day. What a worthless, miserable, sad existence for Becky Trolzinger. No one believes what she has to say because the truth about her is spreading. I just got this comment in today: "Becky Trolzinger seems like an insane bitch and no one takes her blog seriously.". Precisely.

No, the Rosaura Torres book is STILL not about chief Sadler. It is still a work of fiction about "Mark". The story, if meant to be about Sadler, would be a very contradictory story. State Police officer Anthony Suber supposedly caused Rosaura's retinal detachment. But if you ask me, I think she caused her own injuries trying to jump out of a moving police cruiser while intoxicated.

No, Becky Trolzinger will not let this go and continue to cling to her imaginary world where poor Rosaura was beaten. Like she never threatened to run over her ex with a car. Or posted a decapitated man's head to Facebook. Becky Trolzinger will continue to live in her deluded world and continue to make a complete ass out of herself.

Delusions of Grandeur

Does Becky Trolzinger still believe she scooped LNP and the Lancaster police on the killer of Luis "Yampi" Santiago? There is an obvious mental issue at play if that is what she really believes.

Please check back later.


Get Out - Never Trust Liars

Yesterday, Becky Trolzinger attempted to take credit for releasing the name of the killer of a murder victim in Lancaster named Luis "Yampi" Santiago. Excuse the crude nickname, but it is an insulting term that Becky Trolzinger repeatedly used. It was an absolute total and complete lie that she outdid the Lancaster press and police force. All she did was reprint the police press release a week later. And then lied for months about an "unsolved" murder that was actually solved. A warrant was out for the perpetrator a week after the killing and he was captured about two weeks ago in Texas. Why has there been no follow up on this capture?

This attempt to take credit for beating the Lancaster press and solving a crime before the Lancaster police is particularly disturbing and troubling. Why is this individual posing as a Lancaster press reporter? What legitimate purpose does her blog serve? Is it protecting Lancaster or is it putting residents of Lancaster at risk? Why is Becky Trolzinger attempting to prop herself as something that she simply is not?

Clearly, there are mental issues here at play. Becky Trolzinger is a pathological liar. Please check back later today.



Wasn't Becky Trolzinger just lamenting about how LNP doesn't make sense? Yet here she is splitting her headlines across a blog for no reason...huh! I had to read and re-read this title just to make sense of it. The "Headed to Jail" portion is halfway down the post!

Becky Trolzinger is also still pimping her lies about Rosaura Torres-Sadler's book. The story is admittedly a work of fiction about an imaginary person named "Mark". It is NOT about police chief Sadler. Because obviously, much of the story is made up and a 6th grader could tell you that. There are just too many contradictions made by Torres-Sadler and you can read about them by searching this blog for stories about alleged "retinal detachments". And I do say "alleged" because there has never been any medical documentation provided for these injuries despite my request for proof.

What happened in a nutshell is here.

Becky Trolzinger is absolute scum.

And no, her story about "20 unsolved murders" is not accurate. She even tried to issue a "correction" in the comments on today's post. Can someone tell me why this information was not "revised" since September 5, 2015? Nearly nine months??? Plus, there are numerous inaccuracies within this list, which I have repeatedly addressed. And all Becky Trolzinger can muster is "my list is correct". Well, no. No it isn't, as you just admitted by trying to revise it. And stop trying to pin 2006 and 2007 unsolved homicides on DA Stedman, he wasn't even the DA until 2008!

And later today, I will be going further in depth on this tidbit: "Chief Sadler blamed the party goers and the public for letting the accused killer go on the lam and for so long. That is a lie. I published information circulating on social media on this site regarding the identity of the killer before the police released the same information (regarding Luis Santiago)." No, that is a lie, Becky Trolzinger. You did not name the identity of the killer before police, you reprinted verbatim the police press release on September 11, 2015 - stupid ass!

Click here for Did Becky Trolzinger Get Someone Killed?".

Will Becky Trolzinger be cellmates with Jerry Puryear? Please check back later.



Talk about something that doesn't make sense - what does that title even mean? Is that Becky Trolzinger's nickname for her trashy apartment in Philly?

Is that why she is taking a couple of days to do "sporadic" posting? And also, when you take a picture of a metal trash can, it tends to leave some reflections in it showing who might have taken the picture. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who provided a photograph to LIPnews. Really Becky Trolzinger? A convicted child sex abuser? That robs stores? Trash man might be a good job for Jerry Puryear.

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Has No Defense

Becky Holzinger is now citing studies that were conducted in Florida. In 2012. This study was published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics? Source

WTF? Becky Trolzinger did not disclose any of this in her "story".

If Becky Holzinger wants to falsely accuse Lancaster of racism, why doesn't she come say it our face? Is she too much of a coward? Would she rather pretend certain white people are really black to propagate another lie or myth?

Becky Trolzinger obviously isn't a rocket scientist. There is still no mention that Lamar Clark is a convicted felon and the public has a right to know. Becky Trolzinger has no reason to falsely accuse Lancaster of racism and Becky Trolzinger needs to shut the fuck up with her stupid bullshittery.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Becky Trolzinger Defends Convicted Felons Some More Because ...Black

So, Becky Trolzinger seems really interested in the racial makeup of the jury for Lamar Clark, a convicted felon. You would barely be able to tell that from Becky Trolzinger's coverage. Or the numerous felony and misdemeanor charges against him including aggravated assault, criminal homicide, and possessing a firearm when prohibited. No, none of that was discussed. Just the racial makeup of the jury.

This is jaw-droppingly unbelievable! This is absolutely racist and disgusting "coverage" of the news in Lancaster county. That's probably why Becky Trolzinger is NOT a reporter.

Her big story was immediately shot down when it was revealed that the information on a docket sheet was incorrect. Poof! There goes that big story. And we are left with the big story that the jury does, in fact, have minorities on it. Why does Becky Trolzinger waste her day with this mindless garbage? Why doesn't she mind her own business? Do we really need someone calling up lawyers in Lancaster county from Philadelphia? I'd imagine that these people only give Becky Trolzinger the time of day because they don't realize who she is and what she does. But once they do, I'm sure they will be running for the hills. Just send them a link to Lancasterinsanepress.com!

Please check back later today.


What Are The Odds - 2

Still pretty darn good! I did talk to Kimberly Bathgate and advise her about Becky Trolzinger and her lying blog. There will be more on that later today.

For someone so unconcerned about race - it's all she damn talks about! Becky Trolzinger tried to say a jury was stacked with all "whites" against a man - who himself is white! Gregorio Orrostieta's race on the docket summary sheet is listed as "white"! She also tried to say that Javon Caldwell was discriminated. On his docket summary sheet, he is identified as "race: white"!

What is wrong with Becky Trolzinger? She is the biggest racist and race baiter I've ever seen in my entire life! Is she trying to start something racial? Her son is half black. Is she still angry at Ron Kingsboro, her son's father? What is Becky Trolzinger's mental problem? Why is she a pathological liar? She used to be a mental patient at Evergreen. Is she still attending? If not, she probably should be.

Why is a sixty-something woman online blogging, pretending to be a reporter, for a town she doesn't even live in? Doesn't this come across as suspicous? Why did she stand up and defend Jerry Puryear even when it became widely known that her photographer "Jerry Wright" was on a Megan's Law list? Why did she stand by him when he was convicted of conspiracy to rob a store? Why didn't she say anything to probabtion when Jerry Puryear posted a video to Youtube of himself scoping out more items to steal? And encouraging others to steal it, because he "already was down that road"?

This is simply unbelievable. What are the odds that Becky Trolzinger will just post about Philadelphia for awhile? They have a much worse crime rate than Lancaster. Why doesn't she post and report about the place that she actually lives? What is her agenda?