Maybe convicted felon Jerry Puryear wasn't hiding at your house, but you admitted that he called there and that you told him he is a fugitive! So, there's that.

And maybe Becky Holzinger did not notice this on the docket sheet?

Yes, this was part of a "guilty plea" and there is still a very active felony case against Jerry Puryear that happened within the past month or so. And yes, he did work quite extensively with Becky Holzinger despite having a felony record of child sex abuse. Disgusting. Delete your blog now you disgusting, criminal-craddling filth!


Breaking News: Did Becky Holzinger Get a Job Yet?

Or does she live in that rathole apartment in Philadelphia?

Funny how she complains that MAW's building is listed at $89,000 but her garbage-filled dwelling only cost less than that. Does she work? Does she just collect social security and post crap on the internet all day? What's her deal? Get a job, Becky Holzinger!


Did Anyone Else See This Post Yesterday? Where Did It Go?

Where did this post go? What is going on? Here is the link to the YouTube video

Please check back later today. I mean, I will return on Tuesday, September 5th. Oops.


LOL! LOL! Make this go viral!

Looks like Kooky Becky is having trouble on Lancaster Online (LOL) again. Still. No, none of those people are the same person, Becky Holzinger. They are real people fed up with your's and Ron's bullshit on there. Once again, try to deflect and blame other people for your bad behavior on message boards. It's beyond pathetic and sad and please get a life. Is your felon photographer Jerry Puryear back out of prison yet? The public has a right to know.

Looks like the last post really hit a nerve. So let me encourage you to scroll down to the next post and please read it. Kooky Becky and Woman-Threatener Ron will be put to a stop and it could get real ugly for them. Actually, they are both pretty disgusting to look at. So it already is really ugly. Please check back later.



Wow, is Becky Holzinger insane or what? Please just keep shrieking about MAW and Lancity Connect, because you are making yourself out to be the kook that you are! No, MAW's assets are not a building for $89,000. They obviously have several vehicles and probably lots of lots of fiber optic cable which isn't cheap. So you know darn well that their assets are not limited to an amount less than $100,000. It's ridiculous and shows just how stupid and pathetic Becky Holzinger really is. No other media outlet will cover this because they aren't insane, duh! And it's not just LNP. And no, it is not some crazy conspiracy against you, Becky. Now, get lost, Becky Holzinger. And take your criminal photographer and other friends with you.


Harper Finally Got It!

Check the links on the right side of this website to read about the convictions of Ron Harper Jr. who harassed a woman who was in fear for her safety! Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Back to the Ole Race Baiting

Becky Holzinger is race baiting again. And I am surprised she reposted the picture of herself with "Millie" Dixon, aka "Mildred Dixon", aka "Quiana Dixon", who has a lengthy criminal record full of summary offenses and misdemeanors that involved jail time. I guess Millie Dixon is "on the loose"! I really shouldn't be surprised since she associated herself with convicted felon Jerri Wright aka Jerry Puryear for all of those years.

I really don't understand what the big deal is whether a guy paid 10% of $100,000 bail or paid the whole thing. The point is, the bail amount is paid and he's out. Is it relevant to anyone's life whether he paid 10% or the whole thing? Not really. And if anyone really needs to know, I am sure they could look it up on the docket sheets. It's not like that information isn't public or anything. So what's the deal? Why does she keep harping on this minor detail?

And has Becky Holzinger retracted her false story that LNP printed a "glaring error" regarding a 13.9% unemployment rate in Lancaster city?

No, of course she will not retract that story - even though it is clearly wrong. The link to the data has been available the entire time and she never bothered to look where LNP said they got the data from - the "census bureau". (The data came from the US Census Bureau). Of course, that story is a complete and total failure so she will probably never go back to it.

Just race bait some more. So typical of crazy Becky!


Get it Right, Becky Holzinger!

So let me postulate a question. Which person in Lancaster County, in the course of their everyday lives, needs to know whether or not Deleon posted $100,000 bail or posted 10% of $100,000? No one, right? So why does Becky Holzinger need to accuse LNP of misinforming the public, when the information is completely irrelevant and available to confirm on electronic dockets anyway? She doesn't! She absolutely has no business accusing LNP of "misinforming the public" over such a minor, irrelevant detail! It really isn't a big deal - at all!

And she clearly has no business accusing LNP of posting a "glaring error" when the number was confirmed to be correct! Becky Holzinger is clearly the one that is misinformed and has such a sick bias toward anything with "Lancaster" in the name - that she will go well out of her way and outside of the realm of decency and reality in order to attack it. It is truly bizarre and disturbing behavior. Seek mental help - NOW!


Who Cares About Water?

I don't. I'm still waiting on that follow up from August 7th about that "glaring error". You know, the "incorrect" unemployment rate that was actually correct. Any follow up on that, Becky Holzinger? Have a great weekend. Check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Lying for Years

Jerry Puryear is in jail on $100,000 bail. The public has a right to know. Has Becky retracted the lie that LNP made an error on the city's unemployment rate? Please check back later.


Breaking News! LNP "Unemployment Rate Error" Story Disappears?

Yeah, so let me just point a few things out here. One is that Becky Holzinger said at the end of August 8th post that there would be more about the library and to check back later today. Well, I checked back and there was nothing additional added.

And about five paragraphs into her August 7th post, it was stated " I don’t know where they came up with 13.9 percent for the city and further, 14.7 percent for the southwest part of the city, but neither is close to being valid. I knew something was wrong immediately when I read it this morning. How could this have gotten by all those editors? And if this didn’t strike at least one person as wrong, how can we possibly believe anything they say in the editorial about Lancaster’s fiscal situation?This is a glaring, embarrassing and totally misleading error and LNP needs to make a correction now. There will be more tomorrow."

Of course, absolutely all of that was a lie. How did it get by all those editors? Probably because it checked out, Becky Holzinger. If you read the posts below on this blog, you can find links and verification for the 13.9 percent unemployment rate for Lancaster City from the U.S. Census Bureau. And apparently "she doesn't know" where those numbers came from, so why dispute them? Why not follow up and find out where they came from? Besides, the article stated where they came from! They said it was from "census bureau data"! Unbelievable!

So now I have to wonder how much is really accurate about the MAW Communications/LanCity Connect story? Let's just say that I seriously have my doubts about the veracity of anything published on "Lancaster Independent Press". Becky Holzinger is clearly a pathological liar and needs immediate psychological help! How can you be a reporter for a city that you don't even live in? The whole thing is just ridiculous, Becky Holzinger! Ridiculous and absurd! Please check back later today.


To the Dogs, Again!

Yes, the overall unemployment rate in Lancaster city per the US Census Bureau most recent numbers is 12.8% with a margin of error of +/-1.8%! The 13.9% overall unemployment rate cited in LNP's article falls within this range and is NOT an error! Lipnews is incorrectly stating that the overall unemployment rate is the same as the civilian unemployment rate. This is incorrect and should be immediately corrected and IS an error - by Becky Holzinger.

Please note that the most recent numbers are for a five year period 2011-2015 and can be found linked in the following posts.

"Lancaster Independent Press" is caught in a huge lie, again! Yes, the US Census Bureau data does show that Lancaster city's unemployment rate was 13.9% for the period 2010-2014. The most recent numbers (2011-2015) are 12.8% Given the margin of error, these numbers are solid and consistent and are not an error by LNP. There does not need to be a "correction" other than Becky Holzinger's blog. She is lying. The error is that she has never bothered to identify the source of the information. It says right in the article that the information came from "census bureau data". The 4.1% unemployment rate is for Lancaster county - not the city. And the 5.8% is the civilian labor force unemployment rate from the PA Dept of Labor which does not include anyone in any of the Armed Services. Will Becky Holzinger continue in her delusional fantasy that LNP printed an incorrect unemployment rate for the city? Please check back later today.


A Glaring Liar

Becky Holzinger's latest lie is that 13.9% is not the correct unemployment number for Lancaster city. In fact, it is the correct number identified by the US Census Bureau for a five year period 2010-2014. Here is a link. The number has been cited, referenced, and hyperlinked. Becky Holzinger is lying - again. Please see the post immediately below.

Something Isn't Working Right - Becky Holzinger's Brain! Lancaster City Unemployment Numbers Appear to Check Out

If you check page 25 of the Mayor's Commission to Combat Poverty Strategic Plan, the 13.9% unemployment rate is cited and referenced.

Note: (ACS stands for American Community Survey)

The current figures are for the 5 year period of 2011-2015 and show 12.8% unemployment with a margin of error of +/- 1.8%. Please note that 2010-2014's 13.9% estimate is within the most recent number's margin of error.

In 2010-2014, the unemployment rate has been confirmed to be 13.9%. Simply click on the year 2014. There are not numbers available for 2016 or 2017 at this time. This is the website of the United States Census Bureau. The LNP article clearly cited "Census Bureau data".

US Census Bureau data webpage.


Pig Roast!

Here is Becky Holzinger in front of Lancaster's police station next to Jerry Puryear - the man holding his child on a leash. He was recently arrested for Megan's Law violations and felony burglary charges. Are we sure that is his child? Click here.

Yes, she had this man for years as her "photographer" under a pseudonym "Jerri Wright" and regularly shared pictures of him. She even stood up and defended him after it was revealed that he was really "Jerry Puryear" and had a felony record. Simply unbelievable! Apparently Becky Holzinger cannot handle the reality of the situation and wants to blame other people for this tragic error. Lancaster Independent Press is the laughing stock of eastern Pennsylvania!

OINK! OINK! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Admits to Posting False Information!

WoW! Did she really just post a statement of facts that said that Becky Holzinger lied about accusations of racism on the internet? She's a kook! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Eaten By Shark?

Becky Holzinger does not appreciate seeing sharks on the front page of LNP? Then stop looking at it, you kook! You don't even live in Lancaster and haven't in decades! You lied about being involved with the original Lipnews. You had nothing to do with it. Your name is not on it anywhere. Your father's name is not on it anywhere. I think you've commandeered it as your own and turned it into something it most certainly never was - a tabloid blog.

But really, if you don't want to see sharks and shark teeth in LNP - then don't look at LNP! There is no reason that a person from Philadelphia would be reading LNP other than they have no life and are utterly pathetic. Well, that answers that!

Please check back later today.


Mayoral Candidates Need to Refund a Months Pay!? What?

Apparently, Becky Holzinger thinks that Danene Sorace needs to refund a month's worth of pay - for being the candidate for Lancaster's mayor. I did not realize that mayoral candidates get paid, Becky Holzinger!

Oh, and the guy she referred to for days as "Sterling Stanton" instead of Sterling Staton - his lawsuit will bring down the police chief because someone wrote a ficticious account about "Mark" and we are supposed to believe it was really Chief Sadler. And the author of said ficticious account will threaten the police chief on at least two occasions on Facebook. Right.

Maybe if Becky Holzinger had any credibility left and stopped sticking up for felons on Megan's law list (which - I must give her credit - she IS working on!) then people would care what a person from Philly had to say about a place that she doesn't even live! Oh wait. No, they probably still won't care. Please check back later today.


Jessica Padilla Becomes Jennifer Padilla!

Yeah, I was kinda wondering why Becky Holzinger was referring to this person with two different names and apparently didn't realize it at first. I am surprised she just went with it. What else is being slipped into Lipnews by mistake? Becky Holzinger supported a convicted felon on Megan's Law List and posted pictures of him violating his parole. Oops! What other felons is she working with? There will be much more on Becky Holzinger. For now, I have to go investigate this afternoon. So I will be back tomorrow. Please check back then.


Becky Holzinger Appears to Cut Ties with Puryear - Finally!

She has been working with him for years knowing he was a convicted felon. She stood up for him and claimed that "people change". This is a deeply troubling and disturbing issue with Becky Holzinger. Finally, she has come to her senses and appears to have cut ties with him - for now. But the question I have is this: What other felons or fugitives has she been coordinating or working with? Did she ever bother to check?

And now this: Man Wanted After Police Pursuit Crash in Lititz". Jerry Puryear ran from the police! He misidentified himself to police! He has been selling popsicles - probably to young children! And he is on the Megan's Law list! Oh my! This is very, very disturbing. And Becky Holzinger appears to brag that her website is listed in the affadavit? This really is not something to be proud of, Becky Holzinger.

I don't know why she just refuses to shut down her blog and log off of the internet. Clearly, she is not a reporter and this is very dangerous and troubling behavior! Turn yourself in now, Becky Holzinger!


Special Report

Still no one following this MAW Communications "story", huh? I wonder why that is, Becky Holzinger? Any ideas? Please check back later today.


Full of Crap

Becky Holzinger is upset about stories about outhouse races. In a county that she hasn't lived in for years and years. Oh the faux outrage! This is beyond ridiculous and absurd. Becky Holzinger, don't go away mad, just go away!

She has been pretending to be a Lancaster County reporter for over a decade and hasn't lived here the entire time! She pretended to be associated with the original Lancaster Independent Press and I showed she had nothing to do with it. Now her claim is that her father did. Well, his name isn't on the original, either! She is constantly caught telling outrage and ridiculous lies and admits to being a mental patient at Evergreen Counseling Services. I think that says it all. Please check back later today.


We Want a Real Newspaper

Once again, Becky Holzinger had to retract another piece of misinformation that she attempted to provide to her small group of readers that haven't figured out yet that SHE ISN'T A REPORTER or A VALID NEWS SOURCE. You would think eventually that they could figure it out. After all, she does not even live in the county. Why does she feel the need to do this time after time after time about a county she doesn't even live in?

Becky Holzinger has been caught so many times in a lie, there is no possible way to keep track! Some of the lies were so big, ...so horrendous, ...so out there .... there is no possible way that even a second or third grade child did not notice, being as naive and impressionable as most of them are! We want Becky Holzinger to quit pretending to be a reporter and just mind her own damn business. We don't want her putting in more ridiculous "Right-to-Know" requests and that needs to immediately cease and desist! NOW! If she wants to put in something valid, that is fine. Although she really doesn't have much of a valid reason to be putting them in to Lancaster in the first place. Please stop tying up resources in Lancaster with your blatant stupidity! You are 0-7, Becky Holzinger! And the only one playing "games" is you!

Don't go away mad, just go away!


Breaking News: Stop Sending in Pointless "Right to Know Requests" You Dumb Bunny

Becky Holzinger, you are not a reporter and a waste of space. Please go away. Now.


Becky Holzinger Will Fully Explain Later

Yes, Becky Holzinger will fully explain later how she is making a massive fool out of herself in front of the governor, Attorney General, Auditor General, and CRIZ Program Manager. Does she really think she knows better than all of these people what she is talking about? She is clearly very mentally ill and should be locked away for a very long time. For the safety of herself and others, please lock up this very, very mentally disturbed person.


Ban Becky Holzinger!

Ban this raving lunatic NOW! Lock her in a mental institute! Put Puryear back in prison where he belongs! Kick both of them off the police scanner and bar them from ever entering the Lancaster County Courthouse. Becky Holzinger has no business there. She needs to leave, now! Get mental help, Becky Holzinger!

She has repeatedly been told that the cameras are NOT near the Julio Garcia-Camacho murder site. And they do not record in the dark, Becky Holzinger. Stop lying! By your own claims, you stole the name "Lancaster Independent Press" from your dad who you claim (although it is unverified) that he was involved witih the original publication. So you stole the work of a man you allege molested you? Isn't that what your own claims are? You are mentally sick and need to be banned - permanently! Go away!


Police Scanner Won't Remain Public!

Becky Holzinger celebrates harassing Republicans online. I guess that's why her political party lost 1,200 seats last year. And no, police scanners will not remain public and no, you will not have access to confidential information in regards to active police investigations. Please check back later today.


Total BS!

Yes, Becky Holzinger is total BS. Looks like she got schooled again on Lancaster Online and wants to blame everyone except for herself. She is sick, sick, sick! A disgusting and vile person who should be locked into a mental institution. COVFEFE! Please check back later today.


Flushing Becky Holzinger

Why hasn't Becky Holzinger been flushed down the drain? She has repeatedly lied about Lancaster and was working with a convicted felon photographer for years - then stood up for the convicted child sex abuser. She never reported that he was back in jail just THIS MONTH!

Yes, the city of Lancaster is a multimillion dollar city. Why does Becky Holzinger waste her time obsessing about Lancaster city every day of her miserable life? Will she ever get one? How much does she know about money when she drives around a car that has been around for nearly 30 years? And lives in a below average neighborhood ridden with crime? Please check back later today.