Obsessed with Lancaster much? Oh, LNP said a child died when they didn't? Like when Becky Holzinger posted that the 9 year old shooting victim was dead? Like that kind of bad journalism, Becky Holzinger?

And will someone please tell Becky Holzinger that drowning victims can die but be resuscitated? You can be revived from being clinically dead, Becky Holzinger. She wants to gripe about the meaning of words, yet she completely forgot that you could be brought back! Duh!

Click here for Breaking News! Becky Holzinger investigated for possible false reports.



Becky's site is "moderate"? Seriously? It's "moderate"????

She regularly supports felons on her site. She stood by convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear. She stood by Eric Tittel, who stabbed another truck driver and was allegedly charged with being a cocaine distributor. She is sticking up for Thomas Greene and refuses to publish his mugshot, after ragging on LNP for the very same thing!

This is "moderate"? This is "weeding out trolls"? I have news for you. LIPNews ARE the trolls! You are trolling LNP every single day. You whine when they get minor details wrong in a court report or use improper grammar. I'm not even exaggerating! These things recently happened!

I said this before and I'll say it again. If you think that LIPNews is a legitimate news source, you need your head examined. Please check back later today.


Breaking News: Will Becky Holzinger Slide Right Out of Here?

Lancaster Insane Press will not be covering "Slide the City" today. Like it's counterpart, I will continue to have my head up my ass about anything positive about Lancaster city, while continuing to make light of Becky's obsessive-compulsive negative spin on Lancaster.

Please check back later today.


Find That Camera on West King St Yet?

Hey Carol Evans Petersen: Did you find that camera on West King St between Coral St and Nevin St yet?

What a dope! Her and Becky are a match made in heaven! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: No Journalism Ethics Whatsoever!

So I call Becky Holzinger and Carol Peterson out on the fact that there WERE no cameras in that block of West King Street, and there is no response. I call Becky Holzinger out on not posting Thomas Greene's mugshot. No response. I call her out just about every week on something and do you know what happens? One of two things. One, she changes the topic. Or two, she outright removes the content and pretends like it never happened! Unbelievable!

Now she wants to nitpick what the court reporters post in the paper. Well, isn't it a matter of public record that anyone could check, Becky Holzinger? And here is another good reason for possible discrepancies: the docket sheet website clearly states: "Recent entries made in the court filing offices may not be immediately reflected on these docket sheets. Neither the courts of the Unified Judicial System of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nor the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts assumes any liability for inaccurate or delayed data, errors or omissions on these docket sheets."

This is unbelievable! What impact does this have on Lancaster? Pretty much nothing! What impact does it have on Becky Holzinger's life? Absolutely nothing at all! Why does Becky Holzinger spend hours upon hours making up ridiculous conversations that never happened? Shouldn't she be trying to solve the Erma Kaylor case? What happened to that? She is too busy making up imaginary conversations! Wow!

Please check back later today.


Where is the Mugshot from Becky Holzinger?

Seems like a pretty simple request, doesn't it? Becky Holzinger wants to piss and moan about LNP publishing photos, yet she just provided an example of when they did. Yet she refuses to publish the mugshot of Thomas Greene! Why is that, Becky Holzinger? Would you like to explain why you expect everyone else to post mugshots, but not you? Would you care to elaborate?

Why is there no camera footage on West King St. between Nevin St. and Coral St? There is no camera for blocks, you idiots. Just look at the Safety Coalition Camera map. Yep, no camera for at least a block from that area!!! Wow, how stupid can you possibly be?

The large red area is nowhere near a camera! Duh!


Breaking News! A Hearing Will Happen Over a Month From Now and Has Zero Impact on Becky Holzinger's Life

Becky Holzinger originally stole this story from LNP several days ago and has latched onto it and not let go. Honestly, it has no impact whatsoever on Becky Holzinger. I am not even sure of her current whereabouts, but for quite a while she was admittedly out of state in Minnesota! This has no impact on her life whatsoever! What is this obsession about?

Then she ripped off the Elizabethtown Advocate. She is always "breaking news", which isn't really her breaking news - but leeching off of actual news and falsely taking credit. Becky Holzinger's pathological lying has gone a little bit past psychotic, in my book.

When is she going to print Thomas Greene's mugshot? When is she going to admit Karpathios and Gardill used Airsoft pellet guns? When is she going to report that Rosaura Torres posted threats directed at an ex on Facebook? Why do you give a crap about withdrawn parking tickets Becky Holzinger? They are irrelevant!

Where is your reporting, Becky Holzinger? Some amazing comments in yesterday and everyone has really been spot on about Becky Holzinger, I highly recommend going back and reading them.


Updated: I Can't Wait to Hear

Oh my God I ran out of time again! Who knew? What a hoot! I'm updating my tabs! Please check back later.

You know what I can't wait to hear? Becky Holzinger's excuse for not publishing the mugshot of Thomas Greene. Becky Holzinger's excuse for never mentioning Rosaura Torres' threats on Facebook directed at her ex. I can't wait to hear why Becky Holzinger is obsessed with LNP's coverage of District Judge Jayne Duncan and why she tries to steal credit for these stories. I can't wait to hear this one.

Did a reporter really write something on LIPnews? No, of course not. Becky Holzinger is not a reporter and she is very jealous of Tom Knapp who wrote a piece about a police report on a stolen golf cart. It turns out there was no stolen golf cart. Here's one that is even better.

Becky Holzinger demanded that two people be captured that abducted a woman in the trunk of her car. It turns out, the police report was false. Becky Holzinger - you did the same exact shit, except it wasn't over something silly like a stolen golf cart. It turns out, the woman created the whole abduction story and completely fabricated it! Kind of like Becky Holzinger does every fucking day! Everyday, this kook is making up more ridiculous crap about Lancaster and it is way, way out of hand! It is beyond bizarre and ridiculous! It is a very, very unhealthy obsession and should have been brought to a stop years ago, but for some reason - the Lancaster police haven't taken action since they consider Becky Holzinger mentally disturbed.

I’ll be writing about these items later today while Lancaster City police struggle with finding out if Becky Holzinger should really be on a Wordpress blog or not.


Not Speaking the Truth

Becky R. Holzinger

Why is she still using Rosaura Torres-Sadler as a source? Why won't she admit the threats that were made on Facebook?

Full Story - Becky Holzinger and Rosaura Torres Threaten Police Chief? - May 31, 2015


Becky Holzinger: Totally Incorrect

Oh like Becky Holzinger never posted a mistake? Just the other day there was a posting alleging a Lancaster police officer named Matt Caple participated in domestic violence. The story disappeared without an explanation or retraction!

This is nothing more than a grammar gripe, Becky Holzinger. It's not like the entire story was wrong! It's not like LNP stood up in defense of Eric Tittel or Thomas Greene - or posted the wrong photo of "an armed bank robber".

Leave the factual errors to Becky Holzinger!


Why is Becky Holzinger Still on the Internet?

Stupidity is rampant at LIPNews. Why is Becky Holzinger still on the internet? Why is this record obscured? Where is the data from the record? Why is Christopher Ryan Holzinger living on the West Coast? Please check back later today.


Breaking News & Pretty Sure Becky Holzinger Goes Dark

Breaking News! Becky Holzinger just read something posted on LinkedIn for six months!

Is this how Becky Holzinger tries to sell her bullshit? Not post a mugshot of Thomas Greene or admit kids were playing with Airsoft pellet guns?

Becky Holzinger had an illegitimate child with Ronald Kingsboro and has a half-black son named "Christopher Ryan Kingsboro". He is charged with multiple cases of assault in Lancaster. Is this why Becky Holzinger is obsessed with race and Lancaster?

Becky Holzinger's lack of parenting skills is no reason to be mad at Lancaster. Maybe she should have spent less time doing a pointless blog all day and spending more time with her son? Just a thought.

And those things in the picture are definitely going over a green golf course so I don't think that is a "black" photo, Becky Holzinger. Since Becky Holzinger went dark in her personal life, I thought she would understand how the dark works in the real world. She also did not understand why there was no video of an incident that occurred downtown at 11pm at night in an alley. Well, duh. Becky Holzinger should know all about the dark, yet can't seem to figure it out!


The Lighter Side

Wow, this video is terribly racist! Where is Thomas Greene's mugshot, Becky Holzinger? Will she ever report that Gardill and Karpathios used Airsoft pellet guns only?

Isn't it funny how the very things Becky Holzinger accuses LNP of doing - she is the one actually doing them! She has not and most likely will not publish Thomas Greene's mugshot photo. She will not admit that those boys used Airsoft pellet guns. All she posts is fluff pictures of Thomas Greene's graduation. This is unbelievable! Will Becky Holzinger please get something better than a dialup modem and logout? If not for herself, then for the sake of humanity?

One Crucial Question

Where is the mugshot of Thomas Greene, Becky Holzinger? Why has it not been published on your site? Why won't you admit that Karpathios and Gardill only used Airsoft pellet guns and that their "crime" is much less violent than a man who reportedly threatened to shoot a baby and some cops?

Please check back later today.


You Snooze, You Lose

I am about to lose because this non-story is boring as hell. Seriously, this is none of Becky Holzinger's business. She is not a reporter and she isn't even in Lancaster. She is a blogger from Philly. And not a very good one, either.

Is she ever going to mention that Denise Heckstall was captured in North Carolina? Is she ever going to follow up on this? Or does this not fit into her agenda of blaming cops for crimes? Hmmm.

Why is Becky Holzinger so obsessed with this story about a clerical error and some traffic tickets? I have never seen her obsess over something so trivial and meaningless. Oh wait, yes I have. Nevermind. zZzZzZzZZZzzZzZZzzz


Paper Work in Her Name (ie. Becky's "Story" Implodes)

Yep, Becky Holzinger's "story" just entirely imploded. Guess she should have checked the facts, first...

What happened was - she stole Lancaster Newspaper's story and ran with wild speculation over it. That's what happened. That's what always happens with Becky Holzinger. She "breaks news" that people already read about in the Lancaster Newspapers and then claims they didn't tell us anything. That is literally, and sadly, what Becky Holzinger does.

Paperwork in her name? Why is Becky Holzinger wasting her July 4th weekend over a clerical error and some parking tickets? Why did she rip this story off from LNP and basically claim she is "breaking news"? Posting a picture of a spouse and their house and how much they earn a year (which is totally irrelevant to anything, by the way) is not "breaking news", Becky Holzinger. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Rips Off LNP

Once again, Becky Holzinger has posted "breaking news" and provided a direct link right back to the LNP story - the people that actually broke the news. Becky Holzinger did not "break the news", she only regurgitated it. She does not even reside in Lancaster and is not a reporter. She is a blogger. And not a very good blogger at that. All she does all day is whine and complain about LNP, but then all day posts news and snippets from LNP. Does that make any sense? Not really. But that is what she does every day.

Then she tries to blame criminal acts of thieves, robbers, murderers, and various other thugs on the officials and the police. Where here is breaking news, Becky Holzinger - they don't commit those crimes. And they do their best to capture and remove those criminals from the street and do their job. There is zero evidence stating otherwise. Just because you don't understand cameras and how they work does not mean they aren't doing their job. In fact, if anyone is not doing their job - it is Becky Holzinger. Often, people will project their faults onto others - and Becky Holzinger seems to be doing exactly that.

Only a crazy person would sit around talking and obsessing about a town they don't even live in that has no impact on their own personal life whatsoever. Becky Holzinger is mentally ill and her obsession is unhealthy.

Becky Holzinger: Blowing Smoke?

Seriously, what does Becky Holzinger care if a car was stolen in Lancaster last week? What does it matter to her life? Why does she take the time to write this crap day after day? Why does she constantly try to blame police and officials for the acts of criminals? Blame the criminals, Becky Holzinger! Police are doing their jobs every day and it is very disrespectful and ignorant to put blame on the police, officials, or the Safety Coalition who are trying to utilize cameras to aid in criminal apprehension. For Becky Holzinger to print this garbage and get away with it is unfathomable! People need to let her know that her bizarre online behavior needs to stop today! She has openly supported accused drug dealers and even a convicted child sex abuser! What is wrong with this lady? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Catching No One

Are you serious, Becky Holzinger? Why is there no picture of the man with a hoodie and a cloth over his face? Why do you think, Becky Holzinger? No one will recognize the person, they obscured their face! Almost every single time Becky Holzinger talks about cameras, it a bunch of complete and total idiocy. She forgets that there are obstructions like trees. She forgets that while a camera might look close on her map, it's actually several hundred feet away from an incident. She clearly doesn't understand basic concepts of photography like vantage points. Do you think she will ever grow a brain? Do you ever think she will figure out that the police force and the Safety Coalition are doing an excellent job? Do you think she will ever realize that releasing a picture of a man wearing a hoodie and cloth over his face will not capture a criminal?

And what has Becky Holzinger ever done to capture a criminal? Yours truly provided a useful tip to police. Has Becky Holzinger ever provided the police with a useful tip? Or is she just too busy whining about cameras that she doesn't understand? And why is she even whining about cameras in Lancaster, she hasn't lived there in years! She has an apartment in Philadelphia and last we heard she was actually dealing with a "family emergency" in Minnesota. It must have not been too important because everyday she was still back on the internet whining about Lancaster. She isn't even from here, what can she possibly know about Lancaster? What can she possibly objectively report? Not a single thing.

Hey Becky, you and your site are a joke and you are catching no one. Tomorrow - Becky's blog should be a crime and she should be in jail.


Breaking News. Becky Holzinger Pathologically Lies About "Breaking News"

No, Becky Holzinger. You did not "break the news". This is all rehashed and reposted from various actual police or news websites.

How is this terrible police work? How can you blame this shooting on any local official? This is the terrible behavior of those responsible for shooting other people, Becky Holzinger! The police and officials are obviously doing everything they can, as you should be well aware since you just reposted all of the information they released. And then you lied and claimed you are "breaking news"? What is mentally wrong with you, Becky Holzinger? Is there a clinical name for this Lancaster obsession?


Four Stories - Updates Needed Now

Why would the police or DA need to update us on someone accidentally shooting themself in the crotch? Would Becky Holzinger like to explain this new level of craziness to me?

Oh, and Becky ran out of time again in the afternoon. What does she do that takes up hours upon hours of her evening? Is there something here I am missing? How is it that she can suddenly "run out of time" with plenty of time left in the day? Is it that she is accessing a work computer to make these blog posts? Does Becky Holzinger know that I know where she works? She once forced me to remove the name of her place of employment because I unwittingly posted it. I used to track my visitors and she was visiting my blog from her workplace. When I traced the IP address, it came up with the business in the WHOIS. Perhaps they would like to be informed of the kind of crap their work computers are being used for?

Can you hear me now, Becky Holzinger? LMFAO!


Becky Holzinger. This is Unacceptable

This will stay at the top of this site until tomorrow morning. After that, I will end my faux outrage and write about something completely ridiculous.

Will Becky Holzinger ever explain why she was working with a convicted felon, Jerry Puryear aka Jerri Wright? Will she ever follow up on Eric Tittel's cash? Did he get it back? What happened to that story, Becky Holzinger? Why don't you fill us in?

Why is Becky Holzinger obsessed with Lancaster? How is it that "she is in shock" when she writes this type of stupid blog posting every day for like the last decade? Will Becky Holzinger please get a psychiatric evaluation? Please seek mental help, kook!


Strange Timing

The DA is holding a press conference but isn't telling you anything (according to Becky). Does that make any sense?

Becky read all about this story in the newspaper, but it was "never reported". She tried to place the scene of the crime underneath two cameras when it was reported exactly where it was - over 200 feet away from any camera.

That reminds me, Becky's "promised" stories never come on time. She always puts things off. Do you know why? Because Becky Holzinger is a delusional kook. She is mentally deranged. She has a screw loose and has a hard-on for Lancaster. Do you know why? Because her fabricated molestation story about mommy and daddy was tossed out of court. That's why.

So, Becky Holzinger is telling the public absolutely nothing about the killing while blaming the police for not being able to solve the killing. This is absolutely reprehensible journalism. Please check back later today.


Second Update Updated Lipnews is Calling, I Hung Up Like Most Normal People

And no one cares, because it is irrelevant and based on a defunct newspaper from decades ago that Becky Holzinger was likely never even involved with! Why can't they put up pictures of killers/shooters, Becky Holzinger? Probably because the shooting happened during the night when it's dark, Becky Holzinger. Or there were trees obscuring the view, Becky Holzinger. Like you've been told seemingly hundred upon thousands of times.

There is no big conspiracy here. Cameras simply do not capture everything and so what? Who cares? And if it does capture something, there is no rule that says that every picture or detail has to be publicly released. The police will decide when it is appropriate to release these pictures, Becky Holzinger. You - a nonresident of Lancaster - do not get a say in this. Period.

Why would they talk with you, Becky Holzinger? You are a proven pathological liar. Time and time again you were caught fabricating "stories" about Lancaster that simply were unfounded and not true. Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough yet? Or are you too stupid to realize what an idiot you making out of yourself? Either way, you're in obvious need of a psychiatric evaluation.

You've never resided in the city of Lancaster and you briefly resided with your parents in Lancaster county - which you later falsely accused of molesting you. I know it is false because a) your case was dismissed and b) you gave Jerry Puryear a free pass for his conviction on child sex abuse. If you were ever sexually abused, you would have never given that a free pass, Becky Holzinger.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Ignores the Obvious

I have had posted for several weeks why the crime involving Julio is not on video camera. For one thing, it happened after dark. And secondly, the angle that the camera is mounted on the closest pole would not provide even a somewhat decent vantage point. Still this pole is over 200 feet away, nearly reducing the prospect of capturing a detail such a person's face or license plate. And the cameras were probably faced away towards traffic intersections. But Becky Holzinger just knows that there is hidden video out there!

And why, Becky Holzinger, would anyone hide the video of this crime? What would they possibly have to gain in hiding all of this video? The fact is, that there is not video due to simple explanations. If she had just taken two minutes to look into this, Becky Holzinger would immediately realize why there is not video. But instead, she continues on with this ridiculous notion that video is being hidden.

If ever there was a conspiracy kook, Becky Holzinger is it! Please check back later.


His Name Removed

So, is Becky Holzinger's blog now about York city police officers? What does a York City police officer have to do with Lancaster? Just curious.

And Becky Holzinger has never mentioned this person's name before. She had nothing to do with this story or having a York police officer suspended, as far as I know. Is she trying to take credit for it? It suspiciously looks that way.

There is still nothing posted on Becky Holzinger's website that indicates to me that the poster Maffimuk (whoever it was or is) is "racist". I have not looked through all the postings of "Maffimuk", but I am sure it would not be difficult for Becky to post a racist comment as an example if her claims are true. No, "it is a fucking disgrace how these people act" is not racist. That is a statement about "people" and the way they act. Which people - the people who behave in a particular way. It's not about skin color when it's about how "people" are acting.

Certainly, Becky Holzinger can print a better example that exemplifies this alleged "racism". And what about her trying to railroad Conestoga Home & Window Cleaning? Will she provide any examples of this alleged "racism"? Will she give us a valid reason why this place of business should be boycotted? If she is going to intimidate the financial livelihood of a business, she better have more than "it is a fucking disgrace how these people act". I for one, have no intention of boycotting that business and any rational person would have no reason to do so either - based on the fabrications of well-known pathological liar, Becky Holzinger.


Absolutely Unacceptable: Becky Holzinger

Nothing posted connects Joshua Whiteside to the posts of "Popeye". Also, nothing obviously racist posted, either. Hope BH has a good lawyer and lots of spare cash.

Change Did Come, Not By Becky

So the jury pool methods have now changed. So what? Becky Holzinger is convinced she did it because she wrote some blog post three years ago. What a deranged kook! There is zero evidence Becky Holzinger had one thing to do with the way jury pools are selected.

Also, will Becky respond to any of this?

Mr. Watson has four pages of traffic violations! And he didn't pay hundreds of dollars in rent, either! Will Becky, in fairness, hold Blanding Watson accountable? Or just the white folk in Lancaster county she is biased against? Just curious. Please check back later when Becky Holzinger develops a sudden case of total amnesia!


Investigate Becky

She is now accusing people online of racism and attempting to harm businesses. The proper individuals have been notified of her activities. Becky's anti-Semitism and racist attitudes are quite apparent in her most recent post. She is also accusing people of belonging to the Klan. Becky Holzinger will be investigated and will probably be sued for attempting to damage a business's reputation. I hope she can afford a good lawyer. Please check back later.


Do Not Use LIPNews

It is owned by a virulent racist, Becky Holzinger. Please check back later today.