Becky Holzinger is Not a Cop

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The shooting of Julio happened after dark, Becky Holzinger. Are these magic cameras also nightvision cameras?

It also happened at least 200 feet from any camera.

I will ask again. What does anyone have to gain in hiding videos of crimes? Who would do such a thing and why? The answer is simple. There are no camera shots for perfectly legitimate reasons that Becky has overlooked. She simply does not understand cameras and how they operate.


Does Becky Holzinger Still Not Know?

Wow, does she still not know that the blue arrow is actually in the wrong block? The blue arrow is in the 500 block of Manor Street. This happened in the 600 block, which extends well beyond the left edge of Becky's picture! It could have happened very far out of the range of this camera!

This is unbelievable! Does she fact check at all? Does she not realize this blue arrow is not where she claims it is? Is this intentional stupidty or just blatant ignorance?

Did the report not mention the camera? Well it's quite possible it wouldn't if the camera is quite some distance down the street or obstructed in some way! It's really not a big deal at all! Get a grip on reality, Becky Holzinger! Now!


Updated: Becky Holzinger Lied!

Kenneth L White convicted in Philadelphia felony in 1999 - carrying firearm without a license! When was Becky Holzinger going to publish this? She knows now!

Court Summary Report

The guy was grazed in the leg, Becky Holzinger.

Lancaster City Police Identify Man Shot After Allegedly Fleeing Resisting

Where is that in your report? Oh, and 2007 is 8 years ago, Becky Holzinger. Try to keep up. And where is the mugshot?


Breaking News. Becky Holzinger is Full of Shit

Arrests were made, Becky Holzinger? Well, what do you know? All that whining, bitching, pissing and moaning for absolutely nothing!

And where are the mugshots, Becky Holzinger? Where is the mugshot of Thomas Greene? Where is the mugshot of Akeem Washington without "charged" plastered incorrectly over the top of it?

And you and Carol Evans Peters were caught red-handed asking about cameras that did not even exist! Of course the cameras don't work when there aren't any, Becky Holzinger! Of course they don't work when there is a huge tree obstructing the view. Of course they do not zoom in after the fact. You remain ignorant of reality and ignorant about the camera system and how it works. Educate yourself now, Becky Holzinger!


Becky Holzinger Has Blood on Her Hands

She still has not updated her map to show the correct 600 block of Manor Street.

Click this link for One Little Problem, Becky Holzinger.

No, there was NOT a camera in close proximity to the location and NO - there was not a camera close enough to read a license plate or capture a face. As I explained, those are obviously features available only in a live shot. You cannot go back and zoom to that level of detail in a recording, Becky Holzinger. The recording is done at the resolution it is set at and that is all you can get. In the live shots, you can zoom in and get more detail, Becky Holzinger.

Why does she insist on continuing in this outright lie? Becky Holzinger does not understand cameras or how they operate. She does not understand simple concepts and has demonstrated a basic lack of understanding. As a example, just look at this picture.

She is not looking from the same horizontal or vertical position of the actual camera. She is standing several feet below the camera and she is not even positioned directly under it! She has no idea that this camera cannot see the house she is looking at down the street. She has no business being in Lancaster standing under cameras that she does not understand. And she certainly has no business in telling Lancaster how to operate its camera system.

Click here for She Knows the Cameras Don't See Everything

This is unbelievable! This in inconceivable and unconscionable! Is there a single reporter at LIP with any integrity, decency or honesty left? Becky Holzinger would be better off logging off and leaving Lancaster alone. She does nothing useful and is an ignorant baffoon.


Washington's First Cousin Met Him at the Marriott

And so what, Becky Holzinger? I was surprised she finally published the mugshot of Akeem Washington, although she is still asking why he was arreseted - even though the man is convicted of a plot to kill police officers. Also, I notice the image says "charged" on the top, even though he is NOT now charged - he is convicted. And I notice she still has not published the mugshot of Thomas Greene.

Oh, and this will be continued tomorrow? Yes, please continue this tomorrow, Becky Holzinger. Continue to stand by this man convicted of a plot to kill officers as long as you like. Because you are only making an idiot out of yourself every day by doing so.

Did G. Scott Davis get a mugshot that said "charged" on top? No, Becky Holzinger had a massive meltdown because G. Scott Davis was white and apparently might have had a distant family relation to Bryan Cutler. Still no explanation as to why DA Stedman would have given Bryan Cutler's step-brother-in-law special treatment, because clearly the story was entirely fabricated by Becky Holzinger all while she hems and haws over posting a mugshot of a black man.

Unbelievable. * This will be continued tomorrow.


Becky Holzinger. Outrageous and Sickening

So it still looks like there is no mugshot for Akeem Washington or Thomas Greene posted on Becky's website. Why is it that Becky Holzinger demands a "new trial" for Akeem Washington, but appears outraged at the retrial of Shawn Kerr (in the Judge Duncan story) over a few tickets? This is an outrageous and sickening double standard, isn't it?

Even though Washington and Greene both threatened the lives of cops, Becky Holzinger is still defending these men - and I will tell you why. It is simply because of the color of their skin. She even defended her long time photographer, Jerry Puryear, after it was revealed that he was convicted of felony child sex abuse! All because he's black!

She also tried to get $5,200 back to Eric Tittel, who is apparently accused of distributing cocaine. Has Becky Holzinger retracted any of her story about the police "stealing" the $5,200? No! You see, he's a minority because he appears to be hispanic!

This is absurd and insane! Akeem Washington was convicted of a plot to kill officers, and Becky Holzinger is making phone calls to try to get a "new trial"? This is beyond troubling and disturbing behavior and Becky Holzinger should be immediately investigated. Preferably, lock her up and throw away the key!


Where is Thomas Greene's Mugshot?

And why has Becky Holzinger never posted it? Not one time? Didn't she whine for weeks or months about LNP not posting a mugshot? (Actually, they just didn't do it as fast as what she thought was appropriate). Why won't she post Thomas Greene's mugshot? Where is it, Becky Holzinger?


Becky Doubles Down on Stupid, Continues to Defend Man Convicted of Plot to Kill Officers

Oh, Becky. Did you happen to look at the Treymayne Jones offense date for his terroristic threats? The offense happened July 15, 2013. Did he serve any pretrial detention time, Becky Holzinger? Did you bother to check? There is a over a year between the offense date and the arrest date! Also, his "supervision was transferred to Texas". Did he serve time in Texas after Feb 27, 2015? Is it possible he was moved to Texas for his own protection and safety after providing his testimony on Akeem Washington, Becky Holzinger? Don't you think that might at least be a possibility?

I have no idea why you are defending a man convicted - yes CONVICTED - of a plot to kill police officers. We've known this entire time that his plot was made with someone in the prison system. That is no surprise, Becky Holzinger. The real story here, is that you attempted to smear the credibility of the plot's witness (without any evidence) and that you are defending a man who plotted to KILL officers!

And why are you calling DA Lechner a liar? What did he lie about, Becky Holzinger? Where is your evidence? Or is this all an imaginary conspiracy you've made up in your own mind?

Get your head examined, Becky Holzinger. Take a nice long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are sticking up for a man who plotted to kill cops. I think you should be fully investigated and removed from the internet for falsely posing as a reporter. Because clearly, you are not one.


Is Becky Holzinger Defending a Man Convicted of Plot to Kill Officers?

Really, Becky Holzinger? Lechner "lied", Becky Holzinger? Please, would you like to elaborate? What did he lie about? We all knew that the two inmates were in prison together when the plot was hatched. But now, the plot has been revealed by one of the men who was to be a part of it, Becky Holzinger. If he was a pimp, how does that change anything? How does that reduce his credibility? There was nothing to gain, why are you insinuating that Jones got something out of this? Please, fill us in, Becky Holzinger! Please, let us know why you are defending a man convicted of plotting to kill police officers!

While you are at it, why did you defend an accused cocaine distributor and try to get his $5,200 back? And why did you defend a convicted child sex abuser who attempted to rob a Lancaster store? Is it possible that having Becky Holzinger on the internet might be just a little problematic and dangerous - just a teensy bit?

Becky Holzinger is Trash Supporting Trash

The picture of the truck Becky posted was from a convicted child sex abuser who has been in prison for robbing a local store. Despite all of this, Becky Holzinger has continued supporting her felon photographer.

Take down your entire blog, Becky Holzinger. Take it down NOW! Your blog is nothing but disgusting race baiting and childish, pathological lies.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Lies

What's that? The docket is not updated to reflect the nine charges? It says right on the Docket Sheets webpage "Recent entries made in the court filing offices may not be immediately reflected on these docket sheets." Duh.

This was a Becky Holzinger error because she refuses to acknowledge that the court reporters already had the knowledge about the nine counts and that the dockets just didn't reflect those changes yet. Now she wants to act like this phone call had an impact when in reality, it was a meaningless phone call.

Becky Holzinger needs to stop calling officials in Lancaster and mind her own business. They are doing their job perfectly well with her constant badgering and harassing phone calls.

Also, Becky Holzinger previously lied about the windows being shot out of a McDonalds in Lancaster. Are we to believe that the windows actually do have bullet holes this time? Or is it some kind of joke decals someone slapped on a window? It's difficult to tell when Becky Holzinger lies.


Demand Police Protection From Becky Holzinger Now - Demand Answers

In the latest bizarre tirade, Becky Holzinger and company now believe that they had to tell LNP to post a picture of a McDonalds shooter. Yes, they actually believe that this person was caught because of their efforts! It is totally untrue and outright insane.

Not only is this behavior beyond bizarre, they also have expectations for cameras in downtown Lancaster that are very unrealistic. They expect them to have X-ray capability and the ability to see around corners. It is very, very strange.

Becky Holzinger has supported criminal activity in Lancaster for years. She tried to get $5,200 back to a guy accused of distributing cocaine. She had a photographer that was convicted of child sex abuse and robbed a store while listening in on a police scanner! She has helped more people with felony records than most people realize. And the sad part is, I am not exaggerating here at all!

Either the nonsense stops, Becky Holzinger - or you will be referred to all appropriate police departments and you will go to jail. Your mentally ill behavior will not be tolerated in Lancaster county.

Becky Holzinger is a True Disaster

Well, the guy whose photo was published has turned himself in. "Will the woman with the obscured face be charged?" No, Becky Holzinger. How hard is to figure out that she is not a suspect? Does the LCPD have to draw you a picture? Jeez!

Oh, look. A petition on change.org. How is that Erma Kaylor petition coming along, Becky Holzinger?

And the hole in a windows at McDonalds reminds of that time Becky insisted that a window was shot out at a Lancaster McDonalds and it was not. Is this bullet hole real this time? It's hard to tell because Becky Holzinger told some big fat lies about it last time! I even had photographic evidence that the board was up on the window as cops arrived on scene. It clearly was already there!

Read about that insanity here. Becky Holzinger never did correct the record, just as she has not corrected the record on her map pointing to the 500 block of Manor Street when the incident occurred in the 600 block. It makes a difference, because it is clear to any rational person that the appropriate details were released to the public, despite how Becky Holzinger mischaracterizes the facts.


How Many Photos by Becky Holzinger? How Many Arrests by Becky Holzinger?

None? I guess she is A) not a reporter and B) not a police officer! Five shootings in four days. When is the last time you could say that in the city of Philadelphia, Becky Holzinger? Jealous? And most of the shootings in Lancaster just end up in nothing hit and no one hurt. Once in a while a car is struck - nothing serious. And what are police doing about it? A hell of a lot more than Becky Holzinger ever will from Philadelphia!


One Little Problem, Becky Holzinger

That is the 500 block of Manor Street. The incident occurred in the next block (past New Dorwart Street) in the 600 block. The 600 block actually stretches several hundred feet away from that camera down to Laurel Street. Oops!

Updated - Keep Waiting, Bitch!

I can't believe Becky Holzinger is taking the time to write blog posts on this topic - and I really can't believe she is actually calling the police department in another town to complain about an obscured face of someone that isn't even accused of committing any crime!

What does this accomplish? Utterly nothing at all! How is this relevant to anything? Should I call another towns police department every time a face is blurred to protect an identity of an innocent person? This is completely and totally insane! Sane people would never think of doing something so utterly pointless and ridiculous!

Get lost, Becky Holzinger!



Sigh. This isn't rocket science, Becky Holzinger. They blurred her face to protect her identity, obviously. She did not commit a crime and there is no reason to release her image. Yes, they would like to identify the woman, but she is not a suspect.

This is an absolutely meaningless pursuit, Becky Holzinger. There is no purpose in putting her image out to the public. If someone knows who she is and is familiar with her, they may be able to identify her from the picture. If someone does not know who she is and means to do her harm, they will be prevented from identifying her. This is not very difficult to figure out and you can stop whining any time now.


Why Wouldn't The Police Obscure Her Face?

Did she fire a gun? How many shots did she fire? Did she commit a crime? I don't get it! Why is this even a question?

Becky Holzinger is a pathological liar and insane. She also does not live here, which begs the question - why does she care whether or not they obscure a woman's face, especially when they are looking for the man? And why hasn't she told us who the "Show Us His Face" guy from the J&K Supermart robbery really was?


Becky Holzinger Continues Her Mental Blackout

Apparently Becky Holzinger forgets the LNP covered this story over a month ago. Just because they do not obsess over it daily does not mean there is a "blackout". In fact, they covered this story and it is the only reason Becky Holzinger probably knows about it - but still attempted to falsely claim "breaking news"!

So this whole month long issue for Becky Holzinger is over three parking tickets? Really? What is really at play? What is Becky Holzinger's agenda? Why did her son assault people in Lancaster? Why did Becky's photographer sexually abuse children and try to rob a store? Why does she stick up for accused cocaine distributors? There will be more later today.


Who is Becky Holzinger Protecting?

Why hasn't she ever mentioned the criminal assault convictions against her own son, Christopher Ryan Kingsboro-Holzinger?

Holy crap, it's only been a month since the investigation into Judge Jayne Duncan started and Becky Holzinger is already whining that it isn't being covered? Well it was covered - when it was relevant a month ago! Have there been any new developments? No? Then it isn't news anymore, Becky Holzinger! And didn't you attempt to take credit for "breaking news" that you only read online? Isn't that a little bizarre?

And didn't you back up and support for years a convicted child sex abuser who attempted to rob a store in Lancaster?

Becky Holzinger has been pathologically lying on her Wordpress blog for years and it’s about to come to an end or she can spend time in jail this time.


It Was That Easy

Why aren't there photos for every incident in Lancaster? I'll tell you why, Becky Holzinger. Because, many times, as I've written several posts about - there are NO cameras in the vicinity. Several times they were clearly obstructed by trees or other buildings. I've mapped it out for you each time on each story in great detail, showing the angles and perspectives will not give you usable photographs. The distances were too far on several occasions. If the camera is over 200 feet away, it's not going to give you details like license plates or discernable faces. On some occasions, they were at least a football field away or more, Becky Holzinger! And, as I've written about before, you are not a camera expert and demonstrated a basic lack of understanding about camera perspectives and photography in general.

Also, you know quite well that the Lancaster police do not release photos unless they believe that it will aid in apprehension of the suspect. You are going to need to learn to respect that, especially since you are not a resident of Lancaster County and you have zero say in the matter.

You can whine and publish all the pathetic stories you want (which are mostly without merit) but it will not change the facts. The facts are that the Lancaster police are doing an above average job and your attempts to manipulate and spin the truth will continue to fail. Because you are a failure and a pathological liar. Everyone is aware your blog is full of half-truths, lies and sick, twisted paranoia. It's no surprise that you have people calling and threatening you everyday. I am not surprised in the slightest. Honestly, I'm surprised it is the least of your worries but I can only surmise that people are taking pity on your obvious mental illness.


Ken You Read?

I am just curious because this fake profile Becky Holzinger is having a coronary over is "Kenjump", not " Ken You Jump".

Is she really still babbling endlessly about Tom Knapp, Brett Hambright and Kirkpatrick? All of them worked in some capacity as actual news reporters and Becky's jealousy of anyone involved with that paper is quite transparent!

All she does is run a seriously bad blog that attempts to tie itself to an actual publication that has been defunct for 30 years! How messed up can one person be?

Seek mental help now, Becky Holzinger!



Obsessed with Lancaster much? Oh, LNP said a child died when they didn't? Like when Becky Holzinger posted that the 9 year old shooting victim was dead? Like that kind of bad journalism, Becky Holzinger?

And will someone please tell Becky Holzinger that drowning victims can die but be resuscitated? You can be revived from being clinically dead, Becky Holzinger. She wants to gripe about the meaning of words, yet she completely forgot that you could be brought back! Duh!

Click here for Breaking News! Becky Holzinger investigated for possible false reports.



Becky's site is "moderate"? Seriously? It's "moderate"????

She regularly supports felons on her site. She stood by convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear. She stood by Eric Tittel, who stabbed another truck driver and was allegedly charged with being a cocaine distributor. She is sticking up for Thomas Greene and refuses to publish his mugshot, after ragging on LNP for the very same thing!

This is "moderate"? This is "weeding out trolls"? I have news for you. LIPNews ARE the trolls! You are trolling LNP every single day. You whine when they get minor details wrong in a court report or use improper grammar. I'm not even exaggerating! These things recently happened!

I said this before and I'll say it again. If you think that LIPNews is a legitimate news source, you need your head examined. Please check back later today.


Breaking News: Will Becky Holzinger Slide Right Out of Here?

Lancaster Insane Press will not be covering "Slide the City" today. Like it's counterpart, I will continue to have my head up my ass about anything positive about Lancaster city, while continuing to make light of Becky's obsessive-compulsive negative spin on Lancaster.

Please check back later today.


Find That Camera on West King St Yet?

Hey Carol Evans Petersen: Did you find that camera on West King St between Coral St and Nevin St yet?

What a dope! Her and Becky are a match made in heaven! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: No Journalism Ethics Whatsoever!

So I call Becky Holzinger and Carol Peterson out on the fact that there WERE no cameras in that block of West King Street, and there is no response. I call Becky Holzinger out on not posting Thomas Greene's mugshot. No response. I call her out just about every week on something and do you know what happens? One of two things. One, she changes the topic. Or two, she outright removes the content and pretends like it never happened! Unbelievable!

Now she wants to nitpick what the court reporters post in the paper. Well, isn't it a matter of public record that anyone could check, Becky Holzinger? And here is another good reason for possible discrepancies: the docket sheet website clearly states: "Recent entries made in the court filing offices may not be immediately reflected on these docket sheets. Neither the courts of the Unified Judicial System of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nor the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts assumes any liability for inaccurate or delayed data, errors or omissions on these docket sheets."

This is unbelievable! What impact does this have on Lancaster? Pretty much nothing! What impact does it have on Becky Holzinger's life? Absolutely nothing at all! Why does Becky Holzinger spend hours upon hours making up ridiculous conversations that never happened? Shouldn't she be trying to solve the Erma Kaylor case? What happened to that? She is too busy making up imaginary conversations! Wow!

Please check back later today.


Where is the Mugshot from Becky Holzinger?

Seems like a pretty simple request, doesn't it? Becky Holzinger wants to piss and moan about LNP publishing photos, yet she just provided an example of when they did. Yet she refuses to publish the mugshot of Thomas Greene! Why is that, Becky Holzinger? Would you like to explain why you expect everyone else to post mugshots, but not you? Would you care to elaborate?

Why is there no camera footage on West King St. between Nevin St. and Coral St? There is no camera for blocks, you idiots. Just look at the Safety Coalition Camera map. Yep, no camera for at least a block from that area!!! Wow, how stupid can you possibly be?

The large red area is nowhere near a camera! Duh!