Who was the victim - 2

Well, back to this crappy story where Becky defended criminal acts and ignored child endangerment. You can read it here. I guess the first time around wasn't enough.

Javon is a guy that pulled a bb gun on a white person and threatened to shoot them with an infant in the backseat of his car, according to what has been alleged in news reports. This after illegally passing four cars in one shot and nearly causing a head on collision.

The big issue to me with these alleged series of crimes isn't necessarily the bb gun itself, but rather the apparent risk this person put his child in during all of this.

Ironically, Becky will make monsters out of white people who allegedly use bb guns in an irresponsible way, but will just say that this black fellow was just "defending" his child. Nope, none of this was irresponsible in Becky's world. But if it is white kids carrying on and taking it too far, throw the book at them, right Becky Holzinger?

Becky is constantly "pulling the race card" because she obviously has nothing better to talk about than the color of a person's skin. It is clear that skin color is such a focal point that she has to routinely bring it up at least every week, sometimes even more.

It's sickening anti-white racism, Becky Holzinger.



You aren't an investigative reporter and you aren't a police detective!

How much longer will you hem and haw until you print the photo of that 16 year old Spanish kid that shot the other 16 year old kid at the Crispus Attucks Center, Becky? How much longer until you will issue a correction on any of the numerous points you got wrong on the J&K Supermart? How long, Becky? Oh, you're taking the week off? How convenient!

I see, if you are Spanish - you don't get your social media pics plastered all over Becky's blog holding a bb gun while conveniently neglecting to say they are nothing more than Airsoft replicas of real guns. They could shoot you on the skin and it might sting quite a bit, but your skin wouldn't even break, Becky!

Becky, when are you going to issue a correction to even one thing on your blog that you've gotten completely wrong? Is there even one correction? Even one? Oh, one time you took down the wrong picture of an "armed bank robber" and said you were wrong. One time, that I can remember. Did you ever retract your phony story about Smithgall selling "illegal, military grade" weapons?

Did you ever follow up on who the owner of the J&K Supermart was or if they guy that you interviewed was really the owner? Did you, Becky??

Becky, you are nothing but a childish coward and fraud and you have no reason to call Gil Smart and criticize him for a single thing. GET LOST!

Would the Real Becky Please Stand Up?

Now Becky thinks they "switched" photos of someone that was stealing. Looks to me like it was a photo taken maybe a decade or so ago. Same penciled in eyebrows, same shape. Same colored eyes. Same cheekbone structure. The same upper lip curvature. Sure, she put on a few pounds over the years, didn't smile and didn't wear make-up for her mugshot. So what?

Why does Lancaster Newspapers have to explain these photos? Doesn't Becky understand that people's appearances can change over time? Hers sure did! And boy, did she go downhill fast.


Updated - Philadelphia Becky is from...Philadelphia?

Does Becky understand now? The cameras work!

Exactly! Becky sounds surprised! That’s what the cameras are for! That’s what they can and should do! Why is this a hard concept for Becky Holzinger? Why?

Breaking News! What an unbelievably stupid blog entry! And get this editorial writer, it’s just the internet!

With all the moral indignation they can muster, the editorial states:

"The racist, unethical Lancaster Newspapers have been dragging legitimate journalism through the mud for years!"

Look in a mirror, dipshit!

Please check back later today.


Who Done It?

It has been that kind of a day! Why is Becky posting videos about "British humor" on a Lancaster Independent Press website? We don't know and we don't care!

Back to “serious” news tomorrow – and apparently LNP owner, Beverly (Peggy) Steinman’s, purse strings don’t reach to the Commonwealth Court - even though Becky repeatedly lies and say they do! Becky's blog is unbelievably corrupt! I’d like to see what Monty Python could do with Becky Holzinger!


Gil Smart investigates? Again?

Still no picture of the Crispus Attucks Center shooter. Or the name of the guy that robbed the J&K Supermart the second time.

Why not? Becky Holzinger investigates? Again?


Assault is a crime!

Eh hem. Your son?

Once again, Becky Holzinger sticks up for the criminals and attacks the Lancaster police. People are tired of your same old bullshit, Becky Holzinger. We know every time your fingers type, another lie ends up on your blog.

And where is Becky Holzinger's evidence that the police did this to either of these two perps? Becky says "It seems fairly obvious in this case that it was the police and that is a crime." Well, if it is so obvious - where are the charges, Becky Holzinger? Do you have photographs, Becky Holzinger? Is there a witness that you interviewed? Do you have even one ounce of evidence? Or are you just making up shit again, Becky Holzinger? I would have to guess so. The mouth sores look like they occurred much longer ago than the knicks on his nose and forehead. They actually just look like a few cold sores to me.

Oh, and the paper did mention that Peter Sturla got arrested, as I mentioned before - you cited the Lancaster Newspapers police log for the source of this "story"! That's right, if it wasn't for their reporting, you wouldn't even know about it in the first place!

There will be much more tomorrow.


Context of the N-Word Cannot Be Ignored.

Yes, ask President Obama what he thinks, Becky Holzinger. He has a painting hanging in the White House with the word on it, Becky Holzinger. So go ahead. Ask him. Gee, I wonder where Kirkpatrick got his idea?

And, Becky Holzinger's big race-baiting story today goes...POOF! How many race-baiting stories were you planning on running this year, Becky Holzinger? Seems like quite a few.

Absolutely unbelievable! Run this racist Wordpress blogger, Becky Holzinger, out of town!

Please check back later today.


54 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1960

and 57 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1957 - both passed and signed by President Dwight Eisenhower(R). Gee, I don't remember the 50th anniversaries of those Civil Rights Acts being commemorated by the media, do you? Those should have happened in 2010 and 2007. Hmmmm, not recalling those big splashy headlines like I've seen today. Strange. Sounds like more race baiting from Becky Holzinger. What a shock!

And why do we care about a reporter from Philly at the Philadelphia "Tribute"? As Becky says, it was thirty years ago. That is ancient news and doesn't involve Lancaster even remotely! This is still the "Lancaster Independent Press", right? Did I surf onto the wrong page by mistake?

I’ll have a lot to say later today.


Becky is the pits!

Becky has been caught in so many lies, it's shameful and outright embarrassing.

Some of the biggest lies were when she lied about who the J&K Supermart owner was. She lied about who robbed it and when. And of course, she lied about how long it took police to catch the robbers, which was not much longer than 1 or 2 weeks in each case.

She also lied by omission about the bb guns used by Gardill and Karpathios, posting images she ripped off of Facebook and misrepresenting the guns as real military-grade guns (a lie by omission). She also made a similar false allegation against Charlie Smithgall in November of last year, falsely accusing him of selling military-grade weapons from his pharmacy. It turns out they were perfectly legal guns that were designed to appear military-grade, but had none of the function of a military-grade weapon.

Now she is targeting some more people with her hate - Peggy Steinman and Joe Pitts. Becky hates them because - they have money! That' right! They are successful individuals and it is "unconscionable"! They should be more like Becky and be broke living in crime-ridden Philadelphia with a blog that no one reads! Please check back later today.


Double Standards!

City police have arrested a teenager in the shooting of a 16-year-old at a private party at the Crispus Attucks Center on Saturday. Ryan Rivera, 16, with a last-known address in the 1700 block of Betz Farm Drive in Lancaster Township, was arrested on Monday at about 7:45 p.m., Det. Lt. Michael Winters reported in a press release.

Patrol officers arrested him without incident at an address in the 200 block of Hazel Street.

So much for that race-baiting, huh Becky Holzinger?

Great job Lancaster City police for removing this perp from our streets. I can’t understand why a 16 year old man/child’s mug shot is plastered on the front page of the paper and tv when G Scott Davis, an adult, whom actually killed someone was withheld for so long. The double standard is sickening.

Becky claims she got this comment in, but I don't see it on her blog or on Lancasteronline. Who made it?

You know what is sickening? Comparing an accidental shooting between two related people two a purposeful one between unrelated teenagers. That is what is deeply sickening, Becky Holzinger. On top that, it was pretty sickening for Becky Holzinger to race-bait and suggest from the start that this was a racially-motivated incident. It's pretty obvious it wasn't (at least not in respect to the racially suggestive statement "Oh a shooting at the Crispus Attucks Center, what in the hell is going on?").

Because, you know - Crispus Attucks was a black man who was shot by white men. Nevermind that he was part of a violent mob that threatened to kill them and physically attacked them with a wood log, knocking one officer down before they opened fire in self defense.

Then Becky jumps back to G. Scott Davis - her latest go-to story for sensationalism. Yes, some time passed until the photo was put up, but it WAS put up. This was all addressed and Becky Holzinger even posted the email conversation she had with John Bowman about it. Just go back and read it, Becky Holzinger. You posted it on your own blog, did you forget? Yes, there was a large amount of time until Davis was processed, Becky. And it was all explained to you!

At that time, Holzinger made an absolute fool of herself trying to tie G Scott Davis to Bryan Cutler and somehow drag Bryan Cutler into an incident that didn't involve him in any way, shape or form that we can tell! She tried to twist her way into saying there was a "family relationship", but it was so distant and irrelevant, I wonder if even Bryan Cutler himself realized the "relationship"!

Where is the evidence DA Stedman obstructed justice, Becky Holzinger? This is her big claim, but all your blog is is innuendo and false narratives! No wonder your readership is plunging to record lows! Where is your letter to the AG? Where is your list of twenty things showing DA Stedman's alleged "obstruction of justice"? Where are the connections? Where is the story? It's all made up, Becky Holzinger! You are a terrible liar!

All you are doing now is attempting to divert, divert, divert. The fact is, that you are doing some very irresponsible journalism verging on criminality. The double standard is, Becky Holzinger, that if you want to hold people in Lancaster responsible - you should try to hold yourself accountable first. There's the real double standard.


Special Report: Lipnews taking massive Alexa ranking hit

On the day after Mayor Gray won re-election, the Alexa global ranking for Lipnews dropped 10 million spots from a ranking of about 7 million to a global ranking of about 17 million.

The page had slowly been crawling back until later in March, when this blog revealed that Becky Holzinger had been lying about several aspects of the J&K Supermart robberies.


In Honor of Chuck Stone

Wow, this is what this blog is reverting to? Stories about wearing short skirts that have a "riding up problem"?

What about all these oh-so-important shootings in town Becky doesn't even live in? What happened with that April 1st story about a guy with a shotgun at Save-a-lot? What happened at that Crispus Attucks Center? Did someone get hit by a stray bullet or what? Is Becky going to report on this or just tell us the same thing everyone else with a computer and 5 minutes of spare time could tell?

This blog is beyond absurd and ridiculous. It's INSANE!

What the Heck is Going On?

Photo from a cached Google search of the Crispus Attucks Center, removed from official website at http://cacc-lancaster.org/?p=100

Gee, I don't know, Becky. What the heck is going on there at the Crispus Attucks Community Center? Some type of shooting? Huh. Looks like another thinly veiled race-baiting post from Becky Holzinger.

Mission Statement: Crispus Attucks Community Center strives to improve the quality of life for youth and families in Lancaster by providing services that promote community prosperity, physical and mental health, and by offering programs and cultural events which preserve the African American heritage.
Please check back later today.


Breaking News - Not Shacked Up

Yeah, Becky Holzinger lives alone by herself in a crappy neighborhood with bars on all the windows and doors of the houses next door, so obviously - she is jealous of people in Lancaster.

Becky talks big about journalism ethics, yet she inserted herself right into that Stormygirl story, didn't she? Tell us, did that fit in with your rules of journalism, Becky Holzinger? See the story below.

Special Report: Bob Guzzardi challenged on petition signatures, financial disclosures

Full Story

On the trail of Bob Guzzardi, attempted to rig PA election for Lieutenant Governor using robocalls, hatchetman

Harper's House of Cards

Special Report Part 2: The Cougar Hoax

To quote Dr. Emmit Brown, my last article reported "some pretty serious shit". I lay out the case that Steve Mohr of the PGC hired Harper to exploit the Stormygirl incident - which was a real incident involving the seizure of an illegal finch - but drastically overblown and contorted into a story that didn't happen. And that Becky Holzinger and few others aided in creating a false narrative. Just two years before, there was another false narrative created, one that appeared to come from Steve Mohr.

"Officials investigate". Steve Mohr, Dr. Reihart, and Bryan Cutler.

Prior to Stormygirl in 2010, I noticed that in 2008 that Stephen Mohr of the so-called "USP" (Unified Sportsmen of PA) had reported a mountain lion attack on a Lancaster man named Samuel Fisher. This was noticable and unusual because the mountain lion was thought to be extinct at the time by many people. You can read Steve Mohr's report here. One problem with the report - it's a false narrative. To the extreme.

A large cat had supposedly scratched the man's arm and he had stabbed the mountain lion in the chest with a knife. But when they did a DNA test, it came back that much of the blood at the site wasn't even blood. And that the blood on the knife was human - meaning that he likely just used the knife to create these scratches. Source

"The commission warned that charges may be filed against Fisher for making false or fraudulent statements."

Read more at Cougar Attack Was A Hoax.

Steve Mohr has been battling the PGC for years and was involved in the "deer wars", a fight over deer population in PA. He had filed two lawsuits but both have been dismissed "without merit". I believe he has been creating these false narratives in order to attack the PGC. And Stormygirl was another story that emanated from this.

I don't think Becky Holzinger was involved in this earlier false narrative with the cougar, but she did briefly mention it a year later in this 2009 story after it was proven to a be a hoax.


Special Report: The Stormygirl False Narrative

This all leads back to events that happened roughly four years ago now. But I think it's worth repeating, given that the false narrative recently made a resurgence the other day in Lancaster Newspapers.

In an article printed to Ipinion on June 24, 2010 by Mitchell Sommers called "Search and Seizure for a pet finch", it was clearly stated:

That changed two days after the Intelligencer Journal New Era ran the Stormygirl story, when The Pennsylvania Game Commission, with backup from an armed Elizabethtown police officer, seized Stormygirl. Mattrick was away at the time; she found out Stormygirl was gone from her husband.
If you've read this story before in the Lancaster Newspapers, this phrase probably stuns you. You probably think the evil PGC stormed the house and SWAT officers rapelled in through the windows and made poor Patti Mattrick cry.

Becky attempted to explain this blatant contradiction away on her blog June 25, 2010, but it was confirmed by comments made by Jerry Feaser previously on the June 16, 2010 edition of the Bob Durgin show on 580AM. Patti's spouse had permitted PGC agents to enter the home. And that aligns with what Sommers says, that Patti was not at home at the time.

At the bottom, Sommers attempts to change the story to the LIPNews version, that Patti was there at the time. I am sure that was at the urging of Becky Holzinger, who had decided on a false narrative with her friends on the Help Stormygirl Facebook page and she needed Sommers to "correct" it - so she contacted him to change it. Perhaps, even Patti Mattrick herself told him that he should change it.

But Sommers let the truth slip. Fortuntely, he let his original statement posted and didn't just overwrite it. In all likelihood, he heard it correctly the first time, for two reasons.

First was Jerry Feaser's radio interview and his acknowledgment the spouse permitted entry to the home. That means Patti wasn't there or I am sure she would have had a say about whether they could enter.

Secondly, Sommers didn't just goof up and say Mattrick was away at the time. No, he had a whole story. You see, she found out the bird was gone from her husband. She didn't hear it from one of her kids. Or a neighbor. Or by some citation from a PGC officer. No, it was definitely the husband. Obviously, Sommers heard that whole story from someone, somewhere to be so specific. Somebody made a mistake and told Sommers the truth the first time and then went back and changed the narrative. And unfortuntely for that someone, I was paying attention.

The whole incident - the screeching bird, the trauma, the officers bursting in with guns drawn, it was all made up! Every single word. It was exaggerated and blown out of proportion and over-the-top. Why? Because Ron Harper Jr. and the others on the Help Stormygirl Facebook page needed a story, a false narrative. Harper needed it in order to attack the PGC for his pal Stephen Mohr. Pati Mattrick needed it to try and get her illegal finch back. Wolfe needed it because she's an animal rights wacko. Becky wanted the finch back. And Ira? Well, he was just kind of there and got sucked in.

So now we know, Mattrick likely wasn't even home. The Help Stormygirl! Facebook page? It was definitely put together by Becky Holzinger's co-worker, Sherry Utley Wolfe - an animal rights activist and extremist who obviously sympathized with Mattrick's loss. She tried to hide that she made the page by changing the ID to Tonya Evans, but it was captured in a cached Google search.

The whole thing was quite obviously put together intentionally as a false narrative to suit certain agendas.

LNP video screen cap, inserted captions - June 28, 2010

That, Becky Holzinger, is disgustingly poor journalism and purposeful deceit.

Check back tomorrow for another false narrative Steve Mohr was responsible for in 2008 - just two years prior, which he also used to attack the PGC.

Be Careful Out There

An unconfirmed shot was fired at 8:00 am this morning in the 200 block of South Queen Street just below the Save-A-Lot food store, according to Becky Holzinger. Lancaster Newspapers has not reported on it because they only print confirmed news.

This obviously is not how a press blog is supposed to operate.

A lawsuit was filed on May 14, 2014...wait, what? It's April! How did they jump 6 weeks into the future, Becky Holzinger? Time travel? Magic? Delusion?

For some reason, LNP has reverted to the Stormygirl story and doesn't realize it is a false narrative. So I will soon be going back over the damning evidence that not only dispels the purposeful deceit of this story, but Becky Holzinger's knowing involvement in it, along with one of her coworkers, an animal fanatic and extremist named Sherry Utley Wolfe, creator of the "Help Stormygirl!" Facebook page.

That's right. Becky's co-worker made a Facebook page and then Becky pimped it on LIPNews! Can you say "criminal collusion to intentionally deceive"? But that's only the beginning of the story.

Be careful out there.

Update: Breaking News Exclusive- Your Reporting is Horrendous

Update: So, um. Check back as this story develops. It's almost 4pm. Any updates? Nope!
Funny how Becky always gripes about LNP not releasing information about incidents in a city she doesn't live in, then tells us a shot was fired and that "someone" might come to LGH with a gunshot wound. And yet there is no name or photo of a shooter involved. To me, it's obvious what this is. More unconfirmed information heard over a police scanner.

As Becky indicated before, anyone can listen via the internet to the police scanner. So how is this "breaking news"?

Is Becky on location giving us a firsthand account or is she sitting miles away in Philadelphia staring at a computer screen? I can watch Jer Wright's Facebook page and listen to a police scanner, too! Literally anyone can do this, so how is it "exclusive"?

The other day, Becky was bothered by "purposeful deceit". Yet here she is again today telling us she has an "exclusive breaking news" report and she doesn't. And, my God, have you seen some of the "purposeful deceit" on Becky's blog lately? She should be crowned Lancaster's Queen of Purposeful Deceit!

Just like the other day, she reported some incident about a shotgun. "I will come back to this tomorrow!" And then not another word about it anywhere. This "reporting" is absolutely horrendous and it is obvious it is some old crazy lady pretending to be an actual reporter. How sad.

Check back when a story develops.


Updated - Equal Justice - 4 - It's BB Guns, You Idiot

* UPDATED UPDATED - Becky's race card just expired. It's a video by Todrick Hall, pictured below. It was really difficult to tell because his name appeared at the beginning of the video, Becky.

Tell him he's a racist, Becky! Go ahead! And all of those black people that participated in the video, too! Total racists, right Becky Holzinger? Shut up with your race baiting bullcrap, Becky Holzinger! Your story went thud and you always revert to your "I hate racists" bullcrap and in the next sentence you question whether or not Chief Sadler is a black man. You're an idiot!

* UPDATED – 4-3-14 – Should Becky Holzinger post this video on her Wordpress page? (Warning: extremely racist and disturbing!)

Oh look. Becky Holzinger once again follows LNP's lead story.

So if Becky's gripe is with anyone, it must be with the state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who now is in charge of this case. Right?

Oh wait. She is going to gripe because Lancaster Newspapers did not use a mugshot photo and only published some other photo. Well, they still published their photos, didn't they? How is that showing favoritism? Why does she insist on posting that ridiculous photo of Karpathios who is doing nothing more than making a funny face at a lizard in a pet store?

And of course she will gripe about Stedman, who turned this case over to state police back on March 5th - only two weeks after the original incident occurred. But apparently, it was a "really long time".

Why post them both legally carrying around guns, Becky Holzinger? So what? There is no law against it. It is only to present the story the way Becky wants to spin it.

Remember this post, Becky Holzinger?

Let me just preface this with: of course Charlie Smithgall was not selling assault rifles!

Do you know what it tells me? It tells me you know nothing about guns because those are called Bushmaster, not Bushman. As I told you last time, "The Bushmaster AR-15 variant is not military grade, but is only designed to cosmetically appear like the military version, which is referred to as "military-style". Underneath, it is a standard civilian semi-automatic weapon well within the confines of gun laws."

To add, that was not the gun Adam Lanza used, either.

And just as last time, you are not being honest about the nature of these "guns". The guns involved were AIRSOFT pellet guns. The larger ones that appear in your photos you stole from MySpace appear to be a AK-47 and the other is (I believe) an M4A1 Carbine model airsoft pellet gun. None of those were involved in this particular incident, they were carrying "handguns", which were actually just Airsoft pistols.

Around 8:30 p.m., two masked men, dressed in full camouflage, burst into his grandmothers home on Chinchilla Avenue in West Hempfield Township, Lancaster County. They carried Airsoft guns that looked real.

Airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets like these and, while painful if shot with one, would likely not even break your skin.

So why are you lying by omission again? Why did you post these photos and not detail what they were? Clearly, this was a purposeful deceit.

And what is with the iKill photo? There is no explanation at all about what it has to do here. I managed to track it down as the photoshop creation of some guy named "Red Raider" who is named Amos Nugent and he claims in a blog posting the photo is a play on the "IPod motif". He is a Marine, hence the picture and logo of the Marines. "iKill" is a username of one of the other Marine posters on the forum. So? So what? When you understand what it is, it's no big deal. And we have no story about what this image is or how it ties in. Once again, it is just another omission of facts by Becky Holzinger who is trying to spin every single thing in Lancaster.

Her entire blog is just speculation and innuendo about something that doesn't even remotely involve her. It smacks of desperation to "compete" with the Lancaster Newspapers, which is just a joke. If they are so terrible as a news source, don't read it! Why do you have to showboat and act like you are one-upping them on almost every single post? Obviously, there is a mental issue at play here, and it isn't healthy, Becky Holzinger!


8 People Shot in Philly in One Day, Not a Word From Becky Holzinger!

Two men were wounded in separate shootings on Monday, bringing the total to five dead and 15 wounded during the last seven days of March in Philadelphia, including eight people who were shot in six incidents reported Sunday. Source
And not a word about this event in Lancaster Becky is talking about in any media anywhere! Must be a really important story since it made headlines absolutely nowhere - except for Becky's gossip blog!

This is shocking! A shotgun! Why isn’t the public being informed of these very serious incidents that I can't find any details at all about? Is anyone, anyone at all surprised that Becky Holzinger will cite a flawed report that says Lancaster is #13 on a list of the most dangerous small cities in the country? They don't include small cities with a population of under 50,000 - excluding many crime-ridden small cities in Georgia! What is Becky Holzinger doing about this besides making up more falsehoods?

This is an outrage and I will come back to all of this tomorrow.


Becky Holzinger: Failure to Protect the Public!

Once again, Becky goes on another bizarre tirade and jumps from issue to issue - all involving a town she doesn't even live in!

This, after she has exposed as a complete liar about her series of stories on the J&K robberies - which is now mysteriously absent from her rant today. She has not, and still has not informed her readers of an individual involved in the Oct 27th J&K robbery. Although she said she would, she has not followed up on the details from the new J&K property owner. He said that the guy pictured and interviewed was not the J&K Supermart owner, but just some guy that was hired to operate the cash register. Well? Did she find out his name? Can she show us the paperwork she supposedly has from the insurance company? Hello?

Becky Holzinger wants to accuse others of a "failure to protect the public" after all that? After failing to follow up? After failing to "show us his face"? After failing to even report that anyone else was involved that could have been the man in the gray hooded sweatshirt? After getting nearly the entire story wrong? Wow!

So what is she up to today?

Becky posts a photo of a man with two black eyes and says "there is no explanation" for the black eyes. Well, the police report says it was a call for a "fight in-progress". It also says he was drunk. I'd say that could be a pretty obvious explanation right there.

Next, Becky Holzinger continues to falsely assert there is a "direct connection" between Bryan Cutler and G. Scott Davis. There is literally nothing that ties these two men together except for a distant, irrelevant connection that can be explained in this way: Imagine you are married. Your spouse's parents get a divorce. One of the parents goes and marries someone else. They have a child. This is now your spouse's step sibling. What relation is that to you? A step-sibling-in-law, if you will even call it any relation at all. This is not really a direct relationship to you is it? Most people would say "No". But not Becky Holzinger. This is a DIRECT CONNECTION.

Nevermind that, other than this trivial connection, there isn't anything tying these two men together. Nevermind that the situation that unfolded does not involve Bryan Cutler or anyone on Bryan Cutler's side of the family. Nevermind that the tie from Bryan Cutler to DA Stedman doesn't exist, other than "they are political allies". Nevermind that there is no evidence of any wrong doing here. Becky Holzinger insists there is a connection, take her word for it! She just knows it!

She will eventually get around to contacting the AG or the FBI or something - one of these days.

Oh, and let's not forget that Becky has to drag out the famous "Motovo Report" that I debunked below as nothing but a bunch of number crunching data manipulation. Lancaster isn't even in the top ten after all that pretzel-twisting of the numbers!

Then she goes back to Spencer Houston, something that happened years ago! But his killer is supposedly already incarcerated according to Becky! Seriously???

"I purposely said “Charge” not arrest, because many people believe they know exactly who killed Spencer Houston and he is incarcerated." Source
So literally, one minute she tells us police are hiding the video of Spencer's killer, the next she is telling us the guy is already incarcerated. COO COO!

The other cases - the Belvedere Inn and the Image Urban clothing store - are active police investigations, Becky. If the police have the need to release the images, they will! Chances are, they won't since the reports said their faces were covered so they probably have to go through the proper police work and forensics to get a positive ID. If criminals see a camera, guess what Becky Holzinger? Most times they will cover their face.

Remember when you shouted "SHOW US HIS FACE" and you didn't for five months? Yeah, me too!

Becky Holzinger's blog is NOT a press site and it is just laughable that this woman thinks she is doing all of this to "protect the public". Actually, I think Becky's blog is putting a lot of people in danger when she spreads these harmful rumors that she doesn't bother to properly check. Becky does not have a journalism degree and is not trained to be a journalist, so I am not really sure why she insists on making an attempt. Or why she thinks she is entitled to basically run a town she doesn't even live in!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is criminal conduct by Becky Holzinger. Her blog is horrendous, irresponsible "journalism". Many of her allegations have easily and thoroughly been debunked, yet she just keeps repeating them - as if this time - someone will believe it! And unfortunately, sometimes people do! It's dishonest and dangerous behavior, Becky Holzinger!

Updated - Becky Holzinger: No Eithics [SIC] Whatsoever!

I think it is pretty clear that anything you see on Becky Holzinger's blog needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It is obvious she has no journalism skills and it shows. While she insists other people follow a set of journalistic ethics, none of them are apparently supposed to apply to her.

This is the most outrageous, hypocritical, pot calling the kettle black headline I have yet to see on LIPNews. They have zero "eithics"! Absolutely zero! Tell it to your boss, Becky Holzinger! Oh wait. Nevermind, you run some shitty Wordpress blog full of misinformation and errors. You don't have a boss.

Mentally challenged: Becky Holzinger must end blog charade

Please check back later today.


Special Report: Horrendous, Irresponsible "Reporting"

It has now been 154 days since this incident occurred.

Why weren't we told about this on your blog, Becky Holzinger?

Jason D. Jarvis, 31, of East Earl, was previously charged in connection to the Oct. 27 robbery at J&K Supermarket. Source

For five months, Becky Holzinger has never mentioned his name or "showed us his face"! And she still has not admitted that someone else was arrested for this crime! Why not? Because I have her on record at least twice lying to her readers that is was "the same guy". And obviously, it was not.

And that isn't even the most shocking part of this story! Click here to read "Soda spit! Show Us His Face 5" and here for "Becky Holzinger-Total Dereliction of Duty - 2".


Philadelphia the #4 Most Dangerous City in Nation


Philadelphia is the #4 Most Dangerous City in Nation to live in if the population of the city is 500,000 or more. See, I can cherrypick crime reports, too, Becky Holzinger! And guess what? Becky Holzinger hasn't mentioned Philly's high crime rate even once!

LNP is not "failing" to cover a flawed report, Becky Holzinger.

The famous "Motovo report" (yeah, the one no one heard of before the other day) uses a flawed method and only looked at roughly 200 cities nationwide for this particular report. They excluded cities outside of a certain population range. The actual number of cities in the USA is 19,355 according to ask.com. So they are leaving out a huge portion of cities in the USA. So you have narrowed it down to about 1% of the total number of cities.

Surprise, Lancaster was among this small number of cities in this particular population range! Oh, we know how you love to omit facts, Becky Holzinger! This is right up your alley! It wasn't too tough to figure this one out! Just ignore 99% of the facts, ignore reality, and you can prove almost anything, right Becky Holzinger?

As was mentioned in this previous article:

Because the study covers only cities between 50,000 and 75,000, most Georgia cities aren't included. So Macon, Dublin, Cordele and Eastman, which all have crime rates much higher than Warner Robins, are not ranked in the study.
So yeah, that puts Lancaster a lot lower on the list when you eliminate the flawed method, Becky Holzinger. Warner Robins was in the top ten so it would also bump Lancaster down the list. The "Motovo Report" is rejected by anyone with an actual brain. So that apparently leaves you out.

Also, the FBI has released a caution against ranking because "these rankings lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely affecting cities and counties, along with their residents".

Please let us know how your search for a brain goes and check back later today.


Ending Becky Holzinger's Reign of Terror

City-data.com's most recent report on crime in Lancaster (2012)

Becky Holzinger now claims that since one report - the famous "Motovo Report" (yeah, I never heard of it either) ranks Lancaster, PA #13 in the county - that it is. It isn't surprising that Becky Holzinger wants to cherry-pick crime reports about Lancaster, given that the month Becky mentions Lancaster had 11 shootings - Philly had 84. She always talks about "shootings" and "murders", yet do you see these as priorities on this pie chart of crime in Lancaster?

And guess what? According to this article, the "Motovo Report" appears to be a flawed method of making this determination. Their statement also says the FBI advises people not to compare communities based on crime statistics. What is Motovo? Motovo bills itself as "a fun real estate blog."

Are you surprised? After all, this is Becky Holzinger, the phony reporter, who told the citizens "show us his face" and then never bothered to for five months and counting! There will be much more later today.

Please also remember that this is the day that Geoffrey Scott Davis is scheduled to plead guilty to accidentally shooting and killing his two-month-old daughter on Christmas Eve as we were told months ago.

Becky claims District Attorney Craig Stedman has obstructed justice and given him preferential treatment, yet she can't seem to tell us what that "preferential treatment" is and the list of 20 things showing an obstruction of justice mysteriously never appeared. Nor the letter to the AG. We have been told multiple times now she was taking time off from her blog to work on this and still no letter or list!

She also falsely claims he is the brother-in-law of [Stedman's] "political ally and friend", House member Bryan Cutler. The description of the family relation is misleading and untrue. Davis is not the brother of Jennifer Cutler, he is her step-brother. Becky has altered her wording to attempt to make this closer, false connection for several months now and it is still not sticking. Also, she has completely failed to demonstrate how or why DA Stedman or Bryan Cutler would do such a thing. Becky has provided literally NO explanation for any of these assertions, she just makes them and we are supposed to believe it! Can we even trust Becky's claims that these two men are "friends"? After all, she told us a guy was the owner of the J&K Supermart and now we are told it was just some guy that ran the cash registers!

Lastly, Becky has suffered a truly terrible week - her J&K Supermart "closing due to robberies" went up in a puff of smoke over the course of the past few days and she suffered an embarassing dilemna with who the man in the gray hood was. Of course, she will move on from that story onto another non-story. And of course, she will not "SHOW US HIS FACE!", because then she will have to make the embarrassing admission that her reporting was wrong.

Who is this masked man Becky Holzinger? Show us his face!

I am surprised she can even show us her face after that one.

Please check back later today.


Special Report: False story continues?

Oh, the new leasee of the J&K property just posted under the video! My response: Oh, for heaven’s sake! This is your last ad on this site. J&K did not renew the lease because they didn’t have the money because they were robbed three times in one year!...

Becky - March 27th, 2014 at 19:33

According to Becky, the total amount over 8 months that was stolen was $2,400. Their annual revenue is reported online as $410,000 annually. The amount that supposedly "closed this store" is less than 1% of their annual revenue.

It doesn't make sense. She's been caught in lie after lie. Why keep telling more?

Soda spit! Show us his face 5!

This just in!

LIP News, please get your facts straight or take down this article…

Q: Why did J&K Supermarket close?
A: J&K Supermarket’s lease term ended, so the business has moved to the Coatesville area.

Q: Is that the owner of J&K Supermarket, the person pictured and interviewed?
A: No, he is NOT the owner, he served as their full time cashier.

J&K Supermarket’s owners chose to save a few dollars, and as a result did not secure the business and premises properly.

Radius Bike Shop coming soon!
545 New Holland Ave | Lancaster, PA

Of course, Becky is denying all of this information and will address all these points later! This should be good!

You know, this image of Scott Davis reminds me that Becky Holzinger constantly whines about "showing us their face", yet she never showed us the person that was arrested in connection to the J&K Supermart on October 27th of last year . For five months, Becky has not followed up and provided us a picture of that man's face or even mentioned his name, although it clearly appeared in media reports months ago.

Eight days is all it took until the robber, whose face you demanded to see, and never saw, and never reported - was arrested. Eight days, Becky Holzinger. And you didn't know it for 150 days according to what you've printed! You might not even know now! You seem to still be dragging out this mistaken "show us his face" thing for months! And you want to complain that LNP did not print Davis's face for a few weeks? Oh, that's a good one, Becky Holzinger!

Why did you mislead, Becky Holzinger? Why have you misled us in articles stating that Arieset robbed the J&K store twice - once on October 27th and once on December 12th? You almost had me believing it, Becky Holzinger. The only thing that caught my attention was the different heights and builds, meaning it could not have been the same person. So I went back and looked and there was the name in plain view. A name you have omitted for five months from your stories. Even a picture of the man you have never bothered to post while you continued screaming "show us his face!"

Why have you attempted to shift blame for the J&K closure elsewhere? Your latest attempt to shift blame fell on the Lancaster police, when they have actually made some very timely arrests and done an exceedingly good job at catching these robbers. Why were you in contact with the J&K owner at all? Why did he have to repeatedly ask you whether or not you were a police detective, Becky Holzinger? You aren't even a reporter, to be honest, Becky Holzinger! And you certainly aren't a law enforcement officer.

You can't blame this on LNP, Becky Holzinger. They printed the name back in November of 2013 that you missed regarding J&K. This was due to your inattentive, poor reporting. You look like a totally incompetent, utter fool, Becky Holzinger!

Your irresponsible journalism is verging on criminality, in my book. You put out these "press stories" but you misled by omission. Now a whole segment of the population may believe something very erroneous about these robberies. They may not know anything at all about one of these robbers. What other lies are you telling and passing off as truth? Can you not see how this is not only irresponsible, but potentially very dangerous?

No wonder LNP fired you, Becky Holzinger. You're a dishonest, sour bag of bones!


Like a blanket!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It's clear from my previous article that Becky continues to knowingly lie (like a blanket) about the J&K Supermart robberies. What did she know and when did she know it? Was she posing as a police detective?

Becky's blog doesn’t even qualify to be a legitimate news source. She violates every single rule of the PEW Principles of Journalism (click here). Every single one!

All of this, of course, is why the Lancaster Insane Press was founded over 4 years ago. I wonder if Becky Holzinger, the owner of LIPNews, has made another donation to a Barack Obama campaign recently, since she can't figure out why all of the robberies are springing up. She’s a one person bankroll of that dinosaur. Unbelievable!