Mayoral Candidates Need to Refund a Months Pay!? What?

Apparently, Becky Holzinger thinks that Danene Sorace needs to refund a month's worth of pay - for being the candidate for Lancaster's mayor. I did not realize that mayoral candidates get paid, Becky Holzinger!

Oh, and the guy she referred to for days as "Sterling Stanton" instead of Sterling Staton - his lawsuit will bring down the police chief because someone wrote a ficticious account about "Mark" and we are supposed to believe it was really Chief Sadler. And the author of said ficticious account will threaten the police chief on at least two occasions on Facebook. Right.

Maybe if Becky Holzinger had any credibility left and stopped sticking up for felons on Megan's law list (which - I must give her credit - she IS working on!) then people would care what a person from Philly had to say about a place that she doesn't even live! Oh wait. No, they probably still won't care. Please check back later today.


Jessica Padilla Becomes Jennifer Padilla!

Yeah, I was kinda wondering why Becky Holzinger was referring to this person with two different names and apparently didn't realize it at first. I am surprised she just went with it. What else is being slipped into Lipnews by mistake? Becky Holzinger supported a convicted felon on Megan's Law List and posted pictures of him violating his parole. Oops! What other felons is she working with? There will be much more on Becky Holzinger. For now, I have to go investigate this afternoon. So I will be back tomorrow. Please check back then.


Becky Holzinger Appears to Cut Ties with Puryear - Finally!

She has been working with him for years knowing he was a convicted felon. She stood up for him and claimed that "people change". This is a deeply troubling and disturbing issue with Becky Holzinger. Finally, she has come to her senses and appears to have cut ties with him - for now. But the question I have is this: What other felons or fugitives has she been coordinating or working with? Did she ever bother to check?

And now this: Man Wanted After Police Pursuit Crash in Lititz". Jerry Puryear ran from the police! He misidentified himself to police! He has been selling popsicles - probably to young children! And he is on the Megan's Law list! Oh my! This is very, very disturbing. And Becky Holzinger appears to brag that her website is listed in the affadavit? This really is not something to be proud of, Becky Holzinger.

I don't know why she just refuses to shut down her blog and log off of the internet. Clearly, she is not a reporter and this is very dangerous and troubling behavior! Turn yourself in now, Becky Holzinger!


Special Report

Still no one following this MAW Communications "story", huh? I wonder why that is, Becky Holzinger? Any ideas? Please check back later today.


Full of Crap

Becky Holzinger is upset about stories about outhouse races. In a county that she hasn't lived in for years and years. Oh the faux outrage! This is beyond ridiculous and absurd. Becky Holzinger, don't go away mad, just go away!

She has been pretending to be a Lancaster County reporter for over a decade and hasn't lived here the entire time! She pretended to be associated with the original Lancaster Independent Press and I showed she had nothing to do with it. Now her claim is that her father did. Well, his name isn't on the original, either! She is constantly caught telling outrage and ridiculous lies and admits to being a mental patient at Evergreen Counseling Services. I think that says it all. Please check back later today.


We Want a Real Newspaper

Once again, Becky Holzinger had to retract another piece of misinformation that she attempted to provide to her small group of readers that haven't figured out yet that SHE ISN'T A REPORTER or A VALID NEWS SOURCE. You would think eventually that they could figure it out. After all, she does not even live in the county. Why does she feel the need to do this time after time after time about a county she doesn't even live in?

Becky Holzinger has been caught so many times in a lie, there is no possible way to keep track! Some of the lies were so big, ...so horrendous, ...so out there .... there is no possible way that even a second or third grade child did not notice, being as naive and impressionable as most of them are! We want Becky Holzinger to quit pretending to be a reporter and just mind her own damn business. We don't want her putting in more ridiculous "Right-to-Know" requests and that needs to immediately cease and desist! NOW! If she wants to put in something valid, that is fine. Although she really doesn't have much of a valid reason to be putting them in to Lancaster in the first place. Please stop tying up resources in Lancaster with your blatant stupidity! You are 0-7, Becky Holzinger! And the only one playing "games" is you!

Don't go away mad, just go away!


Breaking News: Stop Sending in Pointless "Right to Know Requests" You Dumb Bunny

Becky Holzinger, you are not a reporter and a waste of space. Please go away. Now.


Becky Holzinger Will Fully Explain Later

Yes, Becky Holzinger will fully explain later how she is making a massive fool out of herself in front of the governor, Attorney General, Auditor General, and CRIZ Program Manager. Does she really think she knows better than all of these people what she is talking about? She is clearly very mentally ill and should be locked away for a very long time. For the safety of herself and others, please lock up this very, very mentally disturbed person.


Ban Becky Holzinger!

Ban this raving lunatic NOW! Lock her in a mental institute! Put Puryear back in prison where he belongs! Kick both of them off the police scanner and bar them from ever entering the Lancaster County Courthouse. Becky Holzinger has no business there. She needs to leave, now! Get mental help, Becky Holzinger!

She has repeatedly been told that the cameras are NOT near the Julio Garcia-Camacho murder site. And they do not record in the dark, Becky Holzinger. Stop lying! By your own claims, you stole the name "Lancaster Independent Press" from your dad who you claim (although it is unverified) that he was involved witih the original publication. So you stole the work of a man you allege molested you? Isn't that what your own claims are? You are mentally sick and need to be banned - permanently! Go away!


Police Scanner Won't Remain Public!

Becky Holzinger celebrates harassing Republicans online. I guess that's why her political party lost 1,200 seats last year. And no, police scanners will not remain public and no, you will not have access to confidential information in regards to active police investigations. Please check back later today.


Total BS!

Yes, Becky Holzinger is total BS. Looks like she got schooled again on Lancaster Online and wants to blame everyone except for herself. She is sick, sick, sick! A disgusting and vile person who should be locked into a mental institution. COVFEFE! Please check back later today.


Flushing Becky Holzinger

Why hasn't Becky Holzinger been flushed down the drain? She has repeatedly lied about Lancaster and was working with a convicted felon photographer for years - then stood up for the convicted child sex abuser. She never reported that he was back in jail just THIS MONTH!

Yes, the city of Lancaster is a multimillion dollar city. Why does Becky Holzinger waste her time obsessing about Lancaster city every day of her miserable life? Will she ever get one? How much does she know about money when she drives around a car that has been around for nearly 30 years? And lives in a below average neighborhood ridden with crime? Please check back later today.


More Racebaiting Bullshit From Becky Holzinger

No, Russell does not have serious priors. Nothing more than a misdemeanor or summary offense, many of which were withdrawn! What a terrible liar! Name one person with the same charges who had higher bail. Name just one. I'll be here waiting.

In the meantime, Becky Holzinger won't report on any of the serious felony offenses committed this month by her photographer, Jerri Wright aka Jerry Puryear. Becky, you're one sick ticket!


Good Rats and Bad?

I've been stating on this blog for years that Becky Holzinger was not a part of the original Lancaster Indepedent Press. You can search the archives at WorldCat and there is no mention of Holzinger throughout. Now she is claiming that her father was a part of the publication - not her! She literally stated " 1969 is also the year my father, who was a professor at F&M, and others founded and began publishing the Lancaster Independent Press."

She's been lying for years about being part of the original LIP! Click here

She did not know how to spell the name of one of the people she claimed to be working with! This is absolutely unbelievable. The original LIP is nothing like this tabloid trash blog and contained poetry and real literary works. Not this nonsense! And even if what she is claiming now is true (which I would doubt), then she had to literally steal the name from the father that she accused of molesting her! Oh, come on Becky Holzinger! You had nothing to do with the publication and we all know that you've misappropriated the name. That publication stopped in 1979 and you are NOT it!

And just briefly, I want to go over what a sham her "coverage" of the Lydia Torres-Colon thing was. She was caught on an image looking down the street towards "Lilly's" house and there is no conceivable way that the camera could have captured anything. With the naked eye from a lower elevation? Maybe. But from the higher elevation, the camera was clearly blocked by trees and Becky Holzinger has to be as dumb as a turnip to not realize this basic fact. She literally has to be as dumb as a rock. She knows she is lying and she continues to lie and poses as a fake reporter for over a decade.

Becky Holzinger, get lost and seek immediate mental help. NOW!

And speaking of bad rats, Jerry Puryear is supposedly back in jail for Megan's law violations. Thank you for that tip. Source This was a person that Becky Holzinger worked with for years - a convicted felon on Megan's law list! He went by the fake name "Jerri Wright", but she stood up and defended him even after she admitted he was a convicted felon! Becky Holzinger's - you are one BAD RAT! Please check back later.


Gone to the Dogs - 2!

Wow, Becky Holzinger is now telling us the definition for terms like "pit nutter" and "ESABATM". Except she never told us what ESABATM means. It is an acronym for "Eat Shit And Bark At The Moon". Wow, Becky Holzinger's blog really has gone to the dogs! Please check back later today.


Breaking News! Gone to the Dogs

"Not-so-great political theater."

What has Becky Holzinger's blog devolved into now? Is she now the Lancaster City dog catcher? I mean, this blog has really taken a dive and I don't even know what it's really about anymore. Is Mayor Dick and Police Chief Sadler supposed to enforce better dog control? Is this what this has really come to? This is beyond ridiculous and absurd! Please check back later today.


"Independent" is Just Another Word for "You Don't Live in Lancaster"

What a complete and utter total hypocrite and idiot Becky Holzinger is. Yes, musicians can play for totally free and there is zero evidence that they were paid even one cent. Once again, Becky Holzinger's wild imagination runs amok! She keeps saying it "reeks of corruption", but never provides any proof! Once again, Becky Holzinger, there is a little thing called evidence. And you've shown none. So you can babble about it for several more months if you like, but you'll notice that absolutely no other news media outlet has picked up on your "stories", have they? Do you think maybe there is a reason for that, Becky Holzinger?

You don't live in Lancaster, Becky Holzinger. So none of this is your money and none of this is your business. None of it! Not even a little bit. You don't have any business "reporting" on events in a county you don't even live in!

And does Becky Holzinger understand that absolutely none of those cameras are anywhere close to the shootings? Does she understand that the maps are "not to scale"? It's not even close. A camera isn't going to get anything useful if it's a block away from something. Doesn't she understand that objects like trees or trucks could block or obscure cameras at any particular moment? No, because she doesn't even know that the cameras don't operate during night time! Is she really this stupid? Sadly, yes. Yes she is. She keeps insisting there are pictures of Julio Garcia-Camacho's killer and the incident happened well after sunset during the nighttime hours. Unbelievable!

Please check back later today.


Risky As Hell

Over three months later and Becky Holzinger is still on MAW Communications. Have you noticed that absolutely no other news outlet has picked up your story, Becky Holzinger?

Just a helpful tip: there is this little thing called evidence, and so far, I haven't seen it. Not even a little bit. There is literally no story here. None. If you would have a story, I'd love to read it. I'd love to see all the wrong things that MAW has done. But so far, you didn't show any of us shit!

It's like that time Becky Holzinger said "Breaking News: G Scott Davis is Bryan Cutler's Step-brother-in-law". There is no relevance whatsoever for this information. The incident didn't even happen in Bryan Cutler's legislative district and there is literally no reason at all to bring his name up. This isn't "news", Becky Holzinger. This is NOT "reporting". In the real world, it's called "making shit up"! Or, in this case, providing totally pointless pieces of information with no relevance!


Becky Holzinger: Masquerading as the Press

Wow, this is rich. Becky Holzinger critiques others for masquerading as the press? She's been doing this for years! She is not the press and her journalistic practices have been referred to as "irresponsible" by Police Chief Keith Sadler!

She has filed a ridiculous number of "Right to Know" requests and has been denied, dismissed, or transferred every single time. What is she up to now? Seven? Eight? And, of course, she files the most ridiculous and absurd request so that it will be denied and she can pretend like the truth is being hidden from her by the government officials. It is simply mentally ill behavior and needs to stop - NOW!


You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Becky Holzinger resorts to bathroom humor and she takes off the whole rest of the day to watch Jeff Sessions testify. You really can't make this stuff up! Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Please Put Becky Holzinger in Jail

It's where she belongs. A commenter online told me so. This is ridiculous and absurd! Unsecured bail does not mean you aren't in jail! Look it up! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Greedy, Corrupt, and Racist

Becky Holzinger just keeps repeating this same bullcrap on MAW Communications. There is this little thing called "evidence", Becky Holzinger. As a reporter, it is your job to objectively provide reporting and show us evidence of MAW Communications doing something illegal or unethical. So far, nada.

What "has been going on for years", Becky Holzinger? The only thing going on for years is your irresponsible journalism. It should have been put to a stop years ago but no one wants to waste their time on a Philadelphia loon that is absolutely ineffectual and only making herself look foolish on a daily basis!

You've presented nothing "greedy" by Peggy Steinman. You've presented nothing "corrupt" about Peggy Steinman. And you certainly have not presented anything "racist" by Peggy Steinman. Yet that is what the title makes it look like. If you want to be a reporter, start acting like one! You cannot just put someone's picture and start throwing around unproven allegations. This is not journalism and is certainly isn't ethical! Unbelievable!

Please check back later today. There will be much, much more on this.


Sloppy, Sloppy Reporting!

Now Becky Holzinger is an expert on unsecured bail.

But, ironically, it looks like she is wrong. At least according to this site on bail basics.

According to this site, it says that felony charges could possibly land you in the county prison overnight. So, maybe Becky Holzinger should double check her sloppy, sloppy reporting! She is the queen! For God's sake, she reports that cameras are supposed to see crime scenes in the dark! Get your head examined, Becky! NOW!


Demand Answers From Becky Holzinger

Why, two years later, is she still trying to lie about Julio Camacho's murder? I proved there is not one camera within two hundred feet of where his body was found.

Click here for Becky Holzinger forgets 161 cameras can't see in the dark!

Also, click here for Camera Located a Block Away, Wrong Side of the Telephone Pole.

Yes, this incident occurred at night time and there is no possible way it could have been recorded in the dark! Plus, the distance would not give you anything discernable on video like a license plate or face. One of the cameras is on the opposite side of a telephone pole! I have been telling her about these errors for years and she still prints them! Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Listen to the Music

"Between Comey, phone calls and cooking, I ran out of time today. I will come back to this tomorrow." Really? It's not even the evening yet! How could you run out of time when you're posting into all hours of the night at Becky Holzinger's garbage blog? How on earth are you out of time?

And are you still calling that incident in Strasburg a "triple homicide"? Are you still expressing condolences for the child murderer, Becky Holzinger? This is simply unbelievable! How on earth can anyone read this blog and really believe they are reading "the news"? Please check back later.


Now Becky Holzinger Is Hovering Over Strasburg Murder Like a Vulture

It is really disturbing and I really wish Becky Holzinger and convicted felon Jerry Puryear aka Jerri Wright would please refrain from pretending to be reporters. It is simply garish and bizarre the way these two hover over every incident in Lancaster, a place Becky Holzinger hasn't lived in for decades!

The news media do not splash every name online and in the newspaper for one simple reason. So that people affected can be notified. Can you imagine if this person was your family member and you happened to open up Lipnews and read about this before someone had the chance to come and tell you? Could you imagine your reaction? And what if Becky Holzinger's irresponsible actions lead to other illegal actions? Will she please be held accountable? This irresponsible journalism simply needs to stop. It is wrong. And Becky Holzinger needs to go to prison if she cannot stop. She must be held accountable!


Breaking News: This was Over 3 Years Outside of Cutler's Legislative District and A Step-Brother-in-Law is not "a family member"

Wow, it's over 3 years later! She is still trying to pimp this "family member" thing for G. Scott Davis?

So, as Becky's story goes, Cutler's wife has a step-brother. So her mom (no relation to Bryan Cutler other than "inlaw") has a child to a different father than Jennifer Cutler and this is supposed to be "a family member"? There is absolutely no blood relation to Bryan Cutler at all. And I would say it is not even the same family as it is a "step" brother.

One time, Becky says it is his "step-brother-in-law" and in the very next sentence, she is trying to say G. Scott Davis is his "brother-in-law".

This accident didn't even occur in Bryan Cutler's legislative district. It has absolutely nothing to do with him whatsoever other than some distant, irrelevant relation he probably didn't even know existed! Becky tried to say it was relevant because Cutler made the laws governing the guns in this case, but that isn't true at all!

Unbelievable! Get mental help now! It's over three years later!!!!!


Becky Holzinger's Dirty Little Secret

Becky Holzinger is so racist. The other day, she reposted some information that was "unverified" that an Asian man was stuffing a deer into the back seat of his car and reposted comments that basically said to avoid eating at Chinese restaurants for awhile. Oh, and that previous articles were about him (which was the unconfirmed part). And did she say any of that was "racist"? No, I didn't see her say that in so many words on this occassion. Why is that?

Now she is demanding to know the racial makeup of a jury for a guy accused of murdering two people. Really? Is the racial makeup of the jury relevant? Does it matter if they are black, white, asian, or anything else? Two people are dead! If the jury were black, do you think it would result in no conviction? This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous! And how is it that Becky Holzinger knows what race any of the jurors are in the first place?

If Becky Holzinger wants to have an opinion on Lancaster, I have no problem with that. But do NOT present it falsely as "news". Please check back later today.


Absolute Dumbfuckery

Oh no! Becky Holzinger has put in another right to know request? Recently, I have found six times when she put in a right to know request. And each time it is not productive. Withdrawn, dismissed, denied, transferred... And what is it costing the taxpayers of Lancaster city to have mentally challenged Becky Holzinger make ridiculous right to know requests that don't have an answer? This is beyond ridiculous. Why is she writing to the mayor and city council of a town she doesn't even live in? It is deeply bizarre and disturbing. And now she claims she made another one!!!!

Click the image above to see at least six ridiculous right to know requests submitted by Becky Holzinger. Please seek mental help. Now.

"I'm Becky Trolzinger and I just put in another stupid request for something that doesn't exist!"


Sore Losers Becky Holzinger and Kevin Ressler

Oh look, another rare and sporadic post from Becky Holzinger. Looks like Kevin Ressler cannot run unless he is a write-in candidate and he is not pursuing it. Danene Sorace won the nomination nearly two weeks ago now. Is she really still on this? The fact that Becky Holzinger would support a man who wants to do lunch with the supreme leader of Iran, the Grand Ayatollah, is disturbing and bizarre! But perfectly fits her M.O. (modus operandi).

What is Becky Holzinger thinking? Please check back later today.