Demonstrate for Justice

In Lancaster, MLK Jr day was celebrated at the "Crispus Attucks" Center. Crispus Attucks is the black man at the center of this historical painting of the "Boston Massacre".

Not many people will tell you this but Crispus Attucks was part of a mob who were throwing large chunks of ice at British soldiers. The shooting occurred when Attucks attacked and knocked to the ground a British soldier and was raising the wood club to attack the soldier.

"According to eyewitness testimony, Attucks fanned the flames, calling the soldiers "Lobsters!" and telling the crowd that the soldiers dared not fire. Then, according to one witness, Attucks took hold of a bayonet" of one of the soldiers, Hugh Montgomery, knocking him down with a club (or "cord stick") in his other hand."


He was noted for his troublemaking and his fondness for drink. He was enjoying both as part of the crowd throwing curses at the British sentry.


Many have treated this man as a historical hero, but that may be historically inaccurate! I recommend Hiller B. Zobel's book titled "The Boston Massacre".

After posting all of those reverse racism things yesterday, now Becky will crow "Martin Luther King Day". Hey, that's great but the man's name was Martin Luther King Jr.. Just saying.

Then she goes on to discuss a rally at noon today in Binn's Park promoted by Kevin Ressler. Yeah, the guy that wants to do lunch with the Supreme Leader of Iran. I shit you not. He says in this article that he wants to do lunch with the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei.

In what capacity is he tied to this rally? I don't think he is tied to it as much as he just enjoys being a progressive agitator.

I am still wondering if Kevin Ressler is some sort of terrorist sleeper cell here in Lancaster. Seriously, who comes up with the Grand Ayatollah as someone they'd like to do lunch with?

I've pointed out on several occasions some very obvious false things that he has claimed. For one thing, he falsely claimed to be a "lifelong Lancaster resident". That turned out to not be entirely true and, as I pointed out, he was born in Virginia. He also falsely claimed no Black Lives Matter group in the entire country was advocating violence against police. That was also proven to be a blatant lie. So, he doesn't have a really good standing in my book.

But OK, there is an event in Binn's Park today. Will Becky Holzinger be there? In what capacity is Kevin Ressler tied to the event? Please check back later today.


Better Check Your Calendar, Becky Holzinger

The lawsuit you are attempting to dredge up was dismissed with prejudice 17 months ago, Becky Holzinger. And now you admit it was started back in 2015? Three years ago? That is not "recent"!

Please check yourself into a mental institutute, NOW!

And that isn't all you better check. Looks like Mrs. Jimell Burgess (aka MRSMELLYD on Twitter and Instagram - and the one that brought this particular lawsuit to begin with) has made some racist posts of her own on social media, claiming that some black children were told to hug President Trump's wife. Please check below.

"They"? Who is "they?". The white people? In the lawsuit, wasn't that type of language a problem? "Those people"? "They"? Huh.

Oh, and you really have to read the hashtags below the post Jimell Burgess made a comment on. Some interesting reading, Jimell! The screen cut off so here it is below.

No, seriously. This is Becky Holzinger's big "proof" that Lancaster is "racist"? A case dismissed with prejudice 17 months ago? From a person making posts like this? And these posts appear to be very violence-oriented and vulgar.

Is her big proof literally because some white dude may or may not have stated something to the extent that some black people drive Cadillacs and put fancy rims on their cars? This is all she has to go on? How insulting is this to the actual Civil Rights movement? How is the detrimental or hurtful to black people? Are we seriously not supposed to say anything when we see this driving down the road?

Will someone please pinch me? Is she for real right now? Do you think maybe the reason no single media outlet picked up this story is because - gasp- it's made up? That it has no merit? That it is a dismissed case with prejudice? Do ya think?

Becky Holzinger is despicable and disgusting and will never, ever be a real journalist. Just a propagandist spinning her insane hatred for Lancaster county, our President and our entire country. Leave now, you worthless hag!

Please check back later today. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Please respond below.


Why Doesn't Becky Holzinger Know?

This case was brought in 2015 as a civil case and was dismissed with prejudice seventeen months ago, Becky Holzinger. Do you think that might be why we haven't heard anything about it?

Rule 41.1(b) states:

"Whenever in any civil action counsel shall notify the Clerk or the judge to whom the action is assigned that the issues between the parties have been settled, the Clerk shall, upon order of the judge to whom the case is assigned, enter an order dismissing the action with prejudice, without costs, pursuant to the agreement of counsel. Any such order of dismissal may be vacated,modified, or stricken from the record, for cause shown, upon the application of any party served within ninety (90) days of the entry of such order of dismissal, provided the application of the ninety-day time limitation is consistent with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 60(c)."
And to add, you asked on January 9th what MAW was sponsoring. You got an answer and haven't informed your readers for days. What kind of Lancaster reporter do you purport to be, exactly?

This is just ridiculous and absurd.

Please check back later today.


Concerts On King, Becky Holzinger

What was LNP sponsoring in August, Becky Holzinger? Concerts on King. Why? Once again, here is a post with total innuendo that provided no answers and no reporting from Becky Holzinger. It literally is a meaningless post that leaves the reader to guess what the answer is. But an actual reporter gives answers!


Becky Holzinger: A Complete Fraud

Becky Holzinger has been posing as a "Lancaster Independent Press" reporter for over a decade. She not only had nothing to do with the original Lancaster Independent Press (published from '69-'79), but lives in a crappy, run down neighborhood and cheap apartment in Philadelphia!

Becky Holzinger lied to WGAL and pretended to be a current resident.

The only thing this fraud had to do with Lancaster was that she claims to have lived her in her younger days. And I am even uncertain about that, considering the source of that information! A known fraud and habitual liar about Lancaster city and county. All I do know is that this "ethical journalist" is out to destroy anything in the county and/or city that she can find. The mayor. The police chief. The newspaper. The police. The city council. You name it, she has attacked it. This hack "journalist" is a fraud, liar, and admitted mental patient at Evergreen. She also has falsely accused her own parents of molesting her and even taken them to court with her fraudulent claims, which were - of course - dismissed. And now she has filed at least 7 fake claims with the Office of Open Records which were either dismissed, transferred, denied or withdrawn. She has literally done nothing for Lancaster and should seek immediate mental help.

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger to File Eighth Pointless Right to Know Request

Denied. Transferred. Withdrawn. Dismissed. Why is Becky Holzinger filing an eighth pointless right to know request? Will Becky Holzinger ever get a life?

She claims "In the next week I will be filing Right-to-Know requests for the amount of money the city has spent on the D.C. law firm they hired to “fight” PP&L and also the Lancaster firm representing the city against Robert Field of NewsLanc who requested documents regarding the city and the CRIZ award to LNP and High Industries for their Marriott Hotel expansion."

Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Please check back later today.


Taste This Delicious Nothingburger - 2!

So this "shooting" at Catalinas was nothing more than a defensive move. No one was shot. No one was hurt. No one was even charged. Shame on Becky Holzinger and her crowd of out-of-towners/local morons pushing a false narrative about a shooting and a police cover-up.

By the way, the police had this posted Jan 2 at 6:44 am on their Twitter page. Pretty good, considering Jan 1. was New Years Day, Becky Holzinger. In case you forgot.

What was so urgent that the public needed to be informed within a 24 hour period of this? Literally, nothing of significance happened! Duh!

And she is still talking about MAW Communications like there is some sort of big deal going on. This is another total nothingburger! No one is going to jail, Becky Holzinger. Except maybe you. Isn't falsely impersonating the news media a crime?

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Always Lying!

Ring her out!

Becky Holzinger – a “Lancaster reporter” who lives in Philadelphia somehow, has lied to you in the last two weeks about the quality of the water in the city of Lancaster and the millions of dollars she alleges the city has mismanaged regarding stormwater overflow, and she has lied about MAW Communications who's story is at a standstill and going nowhere. A total nothingburger!

When you ring in the New Year, ring out this racist, corrupt, greedy, lying and unethical fake reporter! Unbelievable!

Please check back later today.


Another Stupid Post by Becky Holzinger

Becky Holzinger is adding Austin J Peters to the unsolved murder tab. Is she going to post his mugshot, too? Because on October 9, 2017, Austin James Peters was arrested and charged with several misdemeanor counts of assault and a summary offense of discharging a firearm. Is Becky Holzinger going to mention that part? I'll be here waiting with bated breath.



Yes, you are reading that correctly. This was posted way back at the beginning of June. And yes, six months later, this nothingburger is going extinct as we enter into 2018 in a few days. This story is nothing and never was about MAW's assets consisting of one building that is valued at $89,000. What a sad, shriveled, bitter old hag Becky Holzinger is and she will make a terrific inmate. Please check back later today.

Who is Going to Jail? Maybe It's You, Becky Holzinger!

Part of a comment into this site just before Christmas: "She needs locked up! For Real She has threatened handicapped single mother's and many other's. She is a bad book I'll leave it at that.."

Couldn't agree more that this is definitely where Becky Holzinger is headed and it is well deserved. Yes, she is very dangerous and it is clear that she has been misusing the internet in a sick and twisted psychological attack. Perhaps the FBI is well aware of Becky Holzinger's illegal activities and support of felons (as well as appearing at the courthouse in Lancaster riding in a taxi with a convicted felon drug user).

And let's not forget where the former photographer of LIPnews ended up!


Nailed It!

Sock puppets confirmed.

A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.[1] The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] to manipulate public opinion,[3] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[4] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the puppeteer. Sockpuppets are unwelcome in many online communities and may be blocked. Link


A Grand Conspiracy?

So, who is Bridget Carroll if there are no results for them? Is this another crazy Becky sock puppet account? It has been proven time and time again that crazy Becky Holzinger is going online posing as different people and then quoting herself on her own blog as if she has no idea who that person really is.

And how does "Bridget Carroll" (who we don't who she really is) know that "Kirk Brown" really is who he says he is? He literally has one Facebook like - LNP. And has one profile pic - a cartoon. Take a look for yourself. Give it a rest, nutty Becky! Get lost, now!

This bell isn't all that's cracked in Philadelphia. Please check back later today. Oh, and it's "Merry Christmas" you worthless pile of filthy trash! Expect a shitty one.


Becky Holzinger Thinks You're Really Stupid!

I proved in posts on this blog going back nearly two years that Becky Holzinger is the poster "Kirk Brown". Well, she quoted "Kirk Brown" again today. That is unquestionably a sock puppet account operated by Becky Holzinger. There is no doubt. How sad is it that Becky Holzinger poses as a fake reporter, makes a fake account, and then quotes her own posts? Is this her concept of ethical reporting? What a joke!

"Kirk Brown" (aka Becky Holzinger) also refuses to mention the name of the commenter at the city council meeting, fails to provide a picture of his face and refuses to acknowledge that the address this commenter claimed to live at - is an office building and has absolutely no PPL poles on the entire block! Yep, Becky Holzinger thinks she is pulling a fast one on her readers. She thinks you are really gullible and stupid!

Please check back later today.

Becky Holzinger Rides in Taxi with Felon

Exactly how many felons does Becky Holzinger hang out with? I'm just curious. Is Becky Holzinger on drugs? Is she part of a ring of thieves? Is she engaged in criminal behavior? Why is she in Lancaster in the first place? Is she really driving over an hour from Philadelphia to the Lancaster courthouse to "cover stories"? Or is there a more nefarious reason behind these peculiar visits?

Who is the man in the video from yesterday? Is it "Beau Wiser"? I managed to find some Wisers living in Quarryville according to Facebook, but none living in Lancaster. Does Beau really live at an office building? Why is he so concerned about PPL telephone poles when there aren't any on the street he supposedly lives on? What is going on with Becky Holzinger and her increasingly bizarre stories?

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Fails to Tell Us Who is Commenting - Again

The video Becky Holzinger is pimping now is highly questionable. The video is very difficult to hear due to poor quality of recording, but it sounds like the man claims to be "Bo" or "Beau" Wiser (spelling may vary) and he lives at 37 E Orange St. His picture is provided below.

That address is an office building, which makes the comments immediately suspicious to me. Becky Holzinger never identifies this individual in her "reporting". She just says he is a "member of the public". Is he even a resident of Lancaster or is he just leasing some office space? The address in question appears to be the address of the "Court Side Lounge". And "Community Action Program of Lancaster" also has this address listed as their address. Who is this "Bo" or "Beau" Wiser? How does this young man seem to know that MAW Communications is "inexperienced"? And why is he so concerned about safety on PPL poles when there are no PPL poloes on E Orange St at or even near that address? Doesn't that seem a bit odd?

What poles??? Do you see any poles?? This shows the lack of experience of being a reporter by Becky Holzinger. Can't she just check simple facts?

I will be doing some investigating and please check back later today. There will be much, much more tomorrow.


Becky Holzinger is an absolute fraud

Call for a criminal investigation! She has been posing as a Lancaster-area reporter for over a decade. This just gets worse and worse and more unbelievable!

As a very astute poster on LOL pointed out, Becky Holzinger is now posing as "Kirk Brown". This was observed on this site back in May. Similar phraseology was observed between "Kirk Brown" and a LIPNews post.

On April 15, 2016, Becky Holzinger wrote. "I was extremely surprised when Neal Rice seemingly came out of nowhere and surpassed Martin early on." Similar wording is used here in this post by "Naysayer" (which is now the same Facebook profile page of "Kirk Brown").

Sock puppet confirmed. Oops.

Please check back later today.


Be on the Lookout for...

Please keep your eyes peeled for the above criminal who may be trying to sneak out of Philadelphia as quickly as they can: Becky Holzinger who poses as a fake reporter for Lancaster.

She should be considered mentally deranged and her "stories" should be completely disregarded.

There will be more tomorrow on this breaking story!

MAW story still going nowhere - Becky Holzinger continues to put up a front

Becky Holzinger is really offended that the "MAW story" is an Insider story. So what? All you have to do to access it is register - for FREE! So create an email account that you don't want spammed and register! It really is quite simple. She has a lot to say about that, so I look forward to what stupid comments she will make in those regards.

When you get down to it, there really is literally no story here. Not much of one, other than lawyers have to get involved - so I guess in that respect, it makes for a newsworthy story. And it is all because they want to argue about putting third party lines on PPL poles.

So let's say that the worst happens and they can't put those lines on the poles and/or the ones that are up need to come down. Does Becky Holzinger really think that the entire city of Lancaster can't swing "six figures"? This is just a tiny fraction of the city budget - it is clearly not a high priority concern. Six figures would be what, not even 1% of the total revenue available in the general fund in 2017? By the way, there is a good chance that a legal arrangement can be made in order to avoid the six figures in the first place.

Yes, MAW communications' assets do not solely consist of a single building valued at $89,000. It's a false premise and clearly Becky Holzinger is wrong is presuming that that is their only asset. The "story" that literally no one else is covering (not LNP, not WGAL, not CBS, not ABC, not PennLive, can you name even one?) is not a story and never will be one.

In the end, Becky Holzinger will continue to put up a front of being a real reporter - she will posture falsely that this is a newsworthy story - and everyone will continue to know that Becky Holzinger is a loony toon from Philadelphia. Case closed.


Don't Be Snowed By Becky Holzinger

Does Becky Holzinger really want us to believe that the total of MAW's assets are a building valued at $89,000?

So, they don't own any vehicles? Or any fiber optic cable? This is ridiculous and absurd. Of course their assets are not limited to one building. Who does Becky Holzinger actually think she is fooling with her childish apples and oranges comparisons? Just herself, apparently!

And why has not one other media outlet picked up on Becky's "story"? Probably because she's a fruitcake and there really is no story. Just Becky's fantasy mind games.

Well, isn't she a "special snowflake"? Please check back later today.


Resign, Holzinger!

Becky Holzinger is totally bananas! Yellow, green, whatever. She's all of them wrapped into one giant 8 inch banana. Log off of the internet and get mental help, NOW!


15 Years Ago, Becky Holzinger?

And you do realize that the document you linked to clearly says "Civil Action" at the top? In other words, it wasn't a criminal case because it was a civil lawsuit. You said you weren't going to return until Sunday. You lied again. You are a pathological liar and there is no reason for you to be writing about events from 15 years ago. No one cares what the brother of Christopher Larsen did 15 years ago.

In fact, pretty sure that District Attorney Craig Stedman didn't even name Christopher Larsen Assistant DA until six years after this in 2008, according to this LNP article. So your whole premise that he received special treatment on this basis is entirely false.


Is it Sunday Already?

Wow, Becky Holzinger needs to get off the internet and mind her own business. Seriously. Don't go away mad, just go away.


Where is the Change.Org petition for Erma Kaylor?

Didn't Becky Holzinger say she was going to put a petition on Change.org for Erma Kaylor? Where is it?

And the 600 block of St. Joseph St. goes all the way down to Laurel St, Becky Holzinger. Can the camera see hundreds of feet down a road? No, it cannot. And if the police responded to a shots fired call at 7pm, then this happened well after sunset. Do cameras see in the dark, Becky Holzinger? Do they work well in limited lighting from street lamps, Becky Holzinger?

Does this "happen over and over again"? No, it does not. But Becky Holzinger continues to make this same mistakes over and over again.

Why can't Becky Holzinger grasp simple concepts about cameras? Probably because she is a moron. Please check back later today.


Concede, Holzinger!

Now Becky Holzinger admits, after announcing something like ten times that Stedman lost, that there is a recount and now she is outraged that it will cost about half a million dollars - across the state of Pennsylvania. Yes, Wanda Murren is with the Department of State and is their spokeswoman. And who is responsible for paying the $500,000? According to the National Conference of State Legislatures website:

Automatic recounts are paid for by the state or county that conducts the recount.
The "trigger" for an automatic recount is defined as (Pennsylvania Cons. Stat., tit. 25, § 3154) 0.5% or less for a candidate for public office which appears on the ballot in every district in the Commonwealth.

So, since the state spokesman provided a figure of $500,000, I will presume that the cost is going to the state.

The Pennsylvania state 2017-2018 budget was adopted on July 11, 2017 at around $32 billion, yes BILLION. That is nine zeroes after the 32. So what is $500,000/$32,000,000,000? That is about 0.000015 but then you move the decimal over two places to get the percentage. That is about 0.0015% of the total PA state budget. A tiny fraction of the state budget that the money has more than likely already been allocated to.

Give up your fake outrage, Becky Holzinger! It's ridiculous and absurd!


Who Wouldn't Believe Becky Holzinger?

All she does is lie. Constantly. How many times has she now falsely stated that Stedman lost the seat on the Superior court? In fact, there is a recount and there is no declared winner yet. And this person claims to be a reporter for a town she hasn't lived in for decades. Sick!


Becky Holzinger is Now an Election Expert

It has been quite amusing watch Becky Holzinger continue to obsess over DA Stedman. She continues to make a total and complete fool out of herself on a daily basis. Becky Holzinger always has to be the expert on everything. Have you noticed? It seems to be part of her mental illness. Now she is an expert on elections for judges. Wow, does this psycho ever give it a rest? She should really consider it.

She has reported three or four times now that Stedman lost, although LNP has pointed out that a recount is required. Stedman handily won Lancaster County if you look at the breakdown. Overwhelmingly. But you won't hear that from Becky Holzinger. She hates him because he stomped her ass in court over public access to autopsy reports. And that's a wrap.


Does Becky Holzinger Need A Map Without a Blue Arrow in the Wrong Place?

Yep, there is a camera. And it's on the other side of the street. It's on the 200 block, where Becky Holzinger incorrectly stated the crime scene was located with her blue arrow. Has she figured out which side of the street the crime scene was yet? Then there is this tidbit:

City police responded at 3:18 a.m. to the 300 block of South Marshall Street where they found a 31-year-old man who had been shot in the torso. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead around 8 a.m.
Tell me, Becky Holzinger. Can cameras see in the dark? True, there are a few street lights in the area. But what kind of quality will the picture have in this limited lighting? If the distance from the camera is over 100 feet away, it will likely not get anything discernable like a license plate or face. Does Becky Holzinger expect to see every detail considering their is a row of hedges and a huge tree in the general area? Her expectations are ridiculous and absurd. They are literally the ravings of an escaped mental patient.

And yes, Chad Umble did mention the cameras when he stated officials are "reviewing video footage". So Becky Holzinger continues to openly lie while pretending to be a reporter and expert on crime, all while selectively supporting felons with a particular skin color. Simply unbelieavable. Please check back later today.

These two excellent comments in below:

brenda hollingerSunday, October 29, 2017 at 2:57:00 PM EDT
That's the kind of logic you get from a mentally disturbed, hateful person. Can anyone imagine spending a lifetime trashing a city far from where you actually live? Hurting and spreading lies about people you've never met? What a sick bitch Becky is. On a brighter note, she saves time and money every year at Halloween just being herself. No need for a costume when it comes to this moron! I'm taking a wild guess (I don't mean to brag) but I think Becky found the candy corn in her matted hair. Oh Becky, I really thought you would enjoy the "stupid childish" puzzles, because that describes your IQ level and your personality. Do you have anything to say about the 2 teenagers who were fatally shot in Philly? Crickets, huh? Figures. You are only comfortable criticizing Lancaster because you don't have the balls to live here. You're an idiot.

Diane GamberSunday, October 29, 2017 at 4:36:00 PM EDT
This is what happens when you try to BLOG about a town you don't live in.....


Becky Holzinger Still Doesn't Understand Cameras or Addresses

Actually, the blue arrow on Becky Holzinger's picture is placed on the wrong side of New Dauphin St. There is no possible way this is the murder scene because it was incorrectly placed in the 200 block. The 300 block would be south of New Dauphin St. So, the 300 block of S Marshall St. appears to go all the way down to Juniata St. So there are certainly a lot of places on that road that would not be on camera, Becky Holzinger. This post was especially stupid.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Mentally Critical

What is Becky Holzinger's mental condition clinically referred to as? Does anyone know? Please check back later today.