If Becky Holzinger wants $.75 a Copy...

I was reviewing some things about the Widdowson case. Looks like Becky Holzinger lied to WGAL's Katelyn Smith who were putting out erroneous news reports that Widdowson's attorney wanted the mayor and police chief to resign over this. They would not even put the name of this attorney into print! And then I found out why! Here are some linked stories.

Becky Holzinger, Resign Now!

Becky Holzinger and Devon M Jacob

Where is the Name, Becky Holzinger?

Devon M Jacob, Widdowson's attorney at the time, posted a series of strange and offensive pictures on social media. This went unreported by Becky Holzinger!

This was a Youtube video found on Devon M Jacob's channel!

Is this a joke? Becky Holzinger is caught spreading all out lies about this story over and over again. How can we believe anything she reports about this trial? How can she consider herself ethical reporting? Please check later today.


My Heart Sank a Little Bit

Factchecking Becky Holzinger:

Becky Holzinger lie: At least half the funding for the Safety Coalition comes from the county and city.

The Lancaster Safety Coalition’s annual budget is about $430,000. Less than half of the funding comes from the city and the Lancaster County district attorney’s office. The other half is provided by generous donors.
ABC 27 News Story


Corrl Trial Begins

This is interesting. LNP states the trial started at 1:00pm and Becky said the trial will resume at 1:30pm after lunch. So which is it? Or did they eat lunch and swear in the entire jury and two alternates in less than half an hour? Please check back later today.


How Much Has Becky Cost the Taxpayers - 2

So, what's with the three videos? Is there a point? There are a lot of ridiculous accusations with no evidence to support them in Becky Holzinger's latest stint (apparently with convicted felon Jerry Puryear - again). These three videos make me even more certain that she is still in communication with convicted felon Jerry Puryear. And who is the Charles Manson-looking dude in their grainy cellphone video who looks like he hit the bottle pretty hard? What is his name? He is a witness to what, exactly? The police doing their jobs? Did he just come out of the bar, too? It looks like he's had quite a few. If Becky Holzinger was a reporter, wouldn't she inform us of his name?

Why is this felon, Puryear, apparently following cops around town? Was there something that they did that warranted being followed and videoed? No, there wasn't. This is very disturbing and bizarre behavior. This is not "reporting". This is openly stalking the police force and has the potential to botch active police investigations. This is irresponsible and just plain stupid! Please stop, now! For the safety of everyone in Lancaster, please find yourself a hobby and stop shadowing the police!I would understand if their was a reason, but so far - I sure don't see one!

Crazy Becky Holzinger alleges that this was "white privilege". Yet I never once saw that car move. Not even once. And why does Becky have 6 right to know requests on record that were either a) dismissed, b) transferred, or c) withdrawn? Not one thing was accomplished. Clearly, she is a mental case obsessed with Lancaster and is a danger to herself and others.

Please check back later today.

How Much Has Becky Cost the Taxpayers?

Zero for six on those Right to Know Requests that were either a) dismissed b)transferred, or c) withdrawn. Read the full story. Then she has a felon following cops around that are doing a great job. What did they do to deserve to have this felon tracking them on video? This is unbelievable! Is he still robbing stores in Lancaster? What did that cost the city of Lancaster? What did it cost to have probation tell him to stop putting items in the dumpster at Aaron's on his Youtube channel and encourage stealing them? What did it cost to have this fellow on Megan's Law list? How much did it cost Lancaster to have some nutcase from Philly falsely report "multiple shootings"?

Please check back later today.

Still No "Multiple Shootings" in Lancaster

Becky Holzinger is a lying twat waffle and it is on her page for everyone to plainly see. Becky Holzinger, out of control!

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Falsely Reports Multiple Shootings! It Was A Big, Fat Lie!

Stabbing Investigation

Becky Holzinger Alert: This was erroneously reported as multiple shootings on Lancaster Independent Press by known pathological liar, Becky Holzinger.

Becky Holzinger caught red-handed reporting false "multiple shootings" in Lancaster! Actually, one person was stabbed and has been taken to the hospital. The police did an excellent job.

Please check back later today.

BREAKING NEWS: Does Becky Holzinger Have Felon Stalking Police? Is Becky Holzinger Deceiving the Public Again?

UPDATE: Becky Holzinger's picture from a video likely taken by Jerry Puryear (a known felon) is blocking off W Strawberry St at St. Joseph St. It's about 100 feet away from W. Vine St. and it completely fits with LNP's story.

None of what Becky Holzinger has "reported" can possibly be accurate. None of it. LNP states it was an "assault". You know, like your felon son was convicted of some years back, Becky Holzinger. Not a shooting or stabbing. And it says nothing about 9 cars being hit. Stop lying and spreading false information.

The fire truck is outside of the blocked off area! The man walking in the foreground of one picture is walking to the fire truck! You can tell because the house with the distinctive gray pattern and single window up top is in both photos! Were they there to wipe down blood but were standing outside of the blocked off area? So much for your "code of ethics". They were parked where W Strawberry St. and W Vine St meet, but well outside of the blocked off area! Unbelievable!

What a terrible liar! Two videos and two still frame photos were taken at very odd angles in order to deceive about the firetruck being there to wipe up blood! THEY AREN'T EVEN IN THE BLOCKADED AREA!!!!!! THEY AREN'T EVEN ON THE STREET WHERE THE INCIDENT OCCURRED! WOW!

Recent videos and photos on Becky's website seem to indicate she is still associating with known felon Jerry Puryear/Wright. I am working to verify this information. In one of the videos, the person driving can be heard speaking to "Becky". They state something to the effect of "Oh my God, Becky, look at this. I just woke up, Becky. Look at this. Look at this!" They have a 1 subject blue wide-ruled notebook on the dash. You can see this notebook or reflection of it in all videos and photos posted. The vehicle appears to be green in color.

You can also see a cellphone on the dash, which reminded me of this story regarding "Jay". Becky Holzinger: Deceiving the Public

Is Jerry Puryear (aka Jerry Wright), tracking police? Is he still using his police scanner? Is he still robbing stores in Lancaster?

Have we been Down That Road? Please note that if you watch the video in this story, the person speaks in a very similar tone and uses similar phrases. For example, Jerry points the camera at something and says two times "Look at that. Look at that." That is the same type of emphasis used in the other video.

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: A Dog, A Pig & Lyin'

Oh look, Becky Holzinger is still obsessed with Lancaster. And she is constantly lying. Constantly! And why did she work for years with Jerry Puryear (Wright)? Did she actually know he was a convicted felon? Why does Becky Holzinger excuse and overlook criminal behavior? Did she get Tremayne Sherard Jones killed with her irresponsible journalism? Please check back later today.


Becky Obsesses Over a Mayoral Race for a Town She Doesn't Live In!

What is the definition of obsession?
an emotional state in which someone or something is so important to you that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people
Yes, that would definitely qualify for Becky Holzinger and her obsession with Lancaster. She is a very sick, disturbed individual. She should immediately seek help for her mental conditions. Is she really going to sit around on Kevin Ressler's Facebook page and pretend to be a Lancaster reporter, a county she hasn't lived in for deacades?

Please check back later today.



Zero for six, Becky Holzinger. And then she claims "I don’t want to “anger” public officials with a flurry of nonsense Right to Know requests." Well, you've been filing one on average of once per year for the past several years, Becky Holzinger.

And what is the legality of Becky Holzinger filing these in Lancaster when she doesn't even live in Lancaster? Do you think those might be nonsense Right to Know requests, Becky Holzinger? You don't even live there and haven't lived there for years! Yes, Becky Holzinger should need to hire an attorney because I think they need to file criminal charges against Becky Holzginger, mental issues or not. Only then will this utter nonsense stop.

This poem in:

There once was a crazy bitch from Philly
Who made a fake news blog, it's so silly
Her car is total shit
Her son's father quit
Ran off with a hottie like Jennifer Tilly

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: A Disgrace to Journalism

"An Independent Press?"

Has Becky Holzinger been lying for years about being involved with the original Lancaster Independent Press"?

Click here for "Becky Holzinger's resume is very unimpressive".

She once completely mispelled "Chuck Leayman" as "Chuck Lehman" and then she modified her blog to cover it up. I don't think she ever knew Chuck Leayman because she surely would have noticed this and corrected the spelling if she really knew him for years or worked on Lancaster Independent Press with him in some capacity.

And please read the story below about how 6 of her "right to know requests" have all fallen flat over the past 7 years. They were all either denied, transferred, or dismissed. That is a 100% failure rate, Becky Holzinger. And no, you did not "win". Not even once. You are a disgrace to journalism and humanity.

Please check back later today.


The Perfect Opportunity for Becky to Provide Her Ethics Code. Becky is 0 for 6.

This photo literally shows pathological liar and mentally ill Becky Holzinger with her eyes shut. You can't make this shit up.

This is the source photo: http://lipnews.com/site/wp-content/uploads/stormygirl3.jpg

LazyLancNews website traced to Ron Harper Jr. posing as psychology student Aaron Guhl and stalking people on Facebook. The site was abandoned and deleted, so I created a new page with the same name.

Facebook Profile page of "Aaron Guhl".

Letter to the editor from "Aaron Guhl" believed to be Ron Harper Jr?

Classmates.com states Aaron Guhl went to school in Florida.

Request for new password on LazyLancNews.webs.com before it was shut down, appears to be sent to owner of site, Ron Harper Jr. Apparently on Webs.com, anyone can say they "forgot the password" and it will send it to the actual owner of the page. What a nice feature!

What is her ethics code? Did you see that over the past 7 years or so she was denied, transferred, or withdrew every single right to know request she submitted? Not one of the 6 requests she made the the Office of Open Records amounted to anything. She is literally 0 for 6! Just check out the latest entry into this blog. Why does she waste her time and our money year after year? Isn't repeating the same thing over and over again the definition of insanity? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Just Got Served! 6 Times! And now one more!

Click image to enlarge

Becky Holzinger has been wasting the time of the fine government employees at the Office of Open Records since 2010! This is simply unbelievable! Seven years of wasted effort, Becky Holzinger. Seven years of this stupid, ridiculous, childish bullshit! Does it go further than that? It very may well! This is absolutely the biggest waste of funds I have ever seen in my entire life.

Becky Holzinger should be arrested and brought up on charges. Enough is enough. Becky Holzinger already appealed and LOST. Yes, she LOST. She tried to falsely claim that she won. Then why are you appealing again, Becky Holzinger? Please just stop. You are dumber than a box of hair. You are not a reporter and you have nothing to do with Lancaster. You haven't lived there in years. Get lost.

Becky Holzinger falsely claimed she is a resident of Lancaster to WGAL 8. She operates the failed Wordpress blog "Lancaster Independent Press" despite living in Philadelphia


Becky Holzinger: Dragging Her Teets

They say that when women get older their breasts start to sag. Well I think Becky Holzinger's teets are dragging by her feet!

She is totally obsessed with the race for Mayor. She probably knows more than people that actually live in Lancaster! Becky Holzinger lives in Philadelphia.

Becky Holzinger is still filing an appeal for the mugshot of George Rosado!? Yes, they already released a photo of this person! This is unbelievable! The public knows what this person looks like! We know what he looks like! So why is she filing this request?

The list of legal issues in Becky Holzinger's open records request are simply stunning. She is attempting to create a very volatile and dangerous situation! So far, she has not succeeded. But one has to wonder what influence she had in the murder of Tremayne Sherard Jones on July 1, 2016. The family seems to have made some comments that it was Becky's unflattering article calling Tremayne "scum" that led to the murder. Can Becky Holzinger be charged as an accessory? Should she be banned from the internet since she is a danger to herself and others with this irresponsible "journalism".

Please check back later today.



Apparently there will be a lot more on the guy Becky lovingly referred to as officer toilet bowl. And apparently Becky was on her way to Lancaster but had to turn around after receiving a call. Or was it because her 25 year old car was struggling to make the trip? Anyway, it looks like more made up drivel will be coming our way soon.

Also, Becky Holzinger has been checking Facebook pages again (surprise). Any word on those Facebook posts from Rosaura Torres that threatened to run over her ex and the picture depicting a "female spirit" with a decapitated man's head? Or the pics from Hiram and his death note? Still waiting...

Please check back later today.


Becky's New Obsession is MAW

Well would you look at that. There was no vote on MAW. I am shocked and stunned. Good thing Becky Holzinger was there to report on this non-event that didn't occur. Also, how many people could not make it to the city council meeting? Was there even one person that couldn't make it? Becky Holzinger is a terrible liar!

What is her deal? She did a "special report" on MAW last week and ended up making herself look like a total buffoon! Absolutely everything in her "report" was distorted if not a flat out lie. And she never even mentioned that MAW installs fiber optics! Not once! I went and looked at her revenue figure and found several other sites with much higher figures. I am certain that when she "researched" this (ie. Googled it), she had to see all of those figures but she failed to report the higher ones. Isn't this something like what she is accusing other people of doing all the time? She is hiding information from the public!

Here is what I've found, generally. If Becky Holzinger is accusing someone else of doing something, she is probably the one doing it. I think it is part of her mental disorder. I think she is trying to rationalize her own poor behavior. Nothing she says can be taken seriously because it is just one lie after another. She is deeply troubled and disturbed and should be taken off the internet and put into a mental institution (again).

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger is Sinking Like the Titanic

Yep, she is desperate as hell and it really shows. This is absolutely none of Becky Holzinger's business. None of it. She doesn't live in Lancaster. These officials are doing an excellent job providing cutting edge fiber optics and internet to the city and Becky Holzinger just cannot stand to see them succeeding! I think she is going to hyperventilate and have a full blown mental episode soon. Very, very soon.

Becky Holzinger is the freaking nutjob who said no one in Lancaster could make it to a city council meeting tonight. She doesn't even know that roads are very passable at this point. Yes, there is some drifting, but nothing that would hold up traffic significantly. Why is she melting down over this and spreading absolute lies? She hasn't even mentioned what MAW would provide. Why not? Has she mentioned fiber optics even one time? This is ridiculous and absurd "reporting" and Becky Holzinger should be locked up in a mental institute, stat!

Becky Holzinger is an Idiot

Why can no one attend? This exemplifies why Becky is not a reporter. The roads in Philly must be a lot worse than in Lancaster because the roads here are surprisingly passible and in reasonable conditions to drive!

Are they trying to pass something for MAW? I highly doubt it and so what if they do? Why is Becky Holzinger so afraid of progress? She doesn't have one cent involved in this. It's none of her business!!!



Why does Becky Holzinger care what the weather is in Lancaster? She lives in Philadelphia! Wow, Becky Holzinger didn't see an alert on the city website? Why is she looking at the Lancaster city website? I do see an alert, so maybe one only shows up if you are actually in Lancaster? If you haven't heard that there is a huge snow storm coming tomorrow, then you must live under a rock. So I don't really see the reason to put an alert in the first place, but I really do see one there. Did Becky Holzinger have her eyes shut again when she didn't see it?

Oh look, Becky Holzinger is writing about officer toilet bowl again. When she first started writing about him, she called him Sterling Stanton - which is an actual model of a toilet bowl.

This is the typical level of (lack of) respect that Becky Holzinger gives Lancaster police officers as well. Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Betrayal of Public Trust

Oh look. Becky Holzinger is riding on the coattails of an actual blogger again. She was better when she was stalking the families of public officials. Actually, she just isn't very good at anything. Did she get rid of the old clunker or clean up her shitty apartment yet?


Update 3-12-17 Warning - Explicit Material!

Lancaster Warning!: All of these Facebook pages are to be carefully monitored and any suspicious activity should immediately be reported to the appropriate authorities.

UPDATE: If this is the game Becky Holzinger wants to play, here are a list of people Becky Holzinger has recently chatted with on Facebook.







And this shocking photo found on her page:


Let's see how this one goes over. Please standby for epic meltdown in 3...2...1... Lol!

Looks like Becky Holzinger has added another stalking victim to her list. Now she is stalking the Facebook page of the Assistant District Attorney's wife! What public office does she hold, Becky Holzinger? This is absurd and ridiculous! I am being told that it isn't even the right person's page! I am working to verify this. This stalking behavior combined with the following has prompted the alert at the top of this page. It will remain there until this mystery is solved.

Holzinger has worked with a felon photographer in the past. And there are many commenters claiming that Becky's blog had something to do with the murder of Tremayne Sherard Jones July 1, 2016 in San Diego.

Becky Holzinger gets scooped on a photo of the Martin-Green wedding! What kind of crappy tabloid blog is this any way? And why does she think that LNP needs to tell the public about these two individual's private lives? I'm just curious.

Becky Holzinger finally got around to posting a picture of the wedding that occurred Friday. I thought this was such an important event. Wasn't Becky Holzinger invited? I have no idea why since she has been running around online spreading an apparently untrue rumor that these two people were "having an affair". Disgusting, Becky Holzinger.

Her excuse was that Amber had a divorce on September 3rd of 2016 and couldn't have possibly taken a picture of their children at a beach. I guess she forgot to look outside in early September and would have realized we had an unseasonably long summer in 2016. Unbelievable! First, she tried to say that they couldn't have taken a picture with the children because the leaves in the background were changing color! How stupid can you be? They had nearly all of September, October and November to take such a picture! At least 2 months, Becky Holzinger! Duh! All of these pictures were entirely possible and are defintely NOT proof of an alleged affair. Becky Holzinger is getting desperate and ridiculous.

So nice to see two people so happy together and best of luck. I guess Becky Holzinger will continue to be miserable and alone. Please check back later today.



Wow, is Becky Holzinger still obsessed with Scott Martin's family? They are literally looking county by county trying to track down where Scott Martin's marriage is. This is unbelievable. Becky Holzinger is mentally ill. Who is Becky Holzinger married to, by the way? No one! Yet she has a criminal son!

Special Report: Becky Holzinger Doesn't Know Shit About MAW

Becky Holzinger wants to present herself as a reporter and/or expert on MAW and their assets. In fact, she knows very little and she never mentioned their primary work - that they install fiber optic cables! There is not one mention of the fact that they currently have 1,500 strand miles of fiber over the greater Reading area! Becky wants you to believe all they have is one WiFi spot in Reading and never mentions all of that! Do you think those "assets" might be of some value, Becky Holzinger? She even asks if MAW has vehicles. Of course they do! If she would have bothered to look at MAW's Facebook page (as she usually loves to do), she would see numerous pictures of their trucks. This is unbelievable. She didn't even bother to take the time to check on Facebook to see if they had trucks! She literally has to pose the question!

The whole "special report" is poorly written and contains numerous inaccuracies. It is quite simply, laughable. Heck of a job, Becky Holzinger. When will she report on her harassment of Scott Martin's family and Diane Enck Gamber? Please check back later today.


Getting Crabby With It

Will Becky Holzinger tell us who Scott Marting is? Under the photo of the guy eating crabs, Becky Holzinger says that is Scott Marting. Does Scott Martin know? Why is Scott Marting on Amber's Facebook page? Will Becky Holzinger report on her continued stalking of Scott Martin and his family? Or her stalking of Diane Enck Gamber? Is this news? This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Please check back later today.


Last Arrow in the Quiver

Wow, 42 unsolved murders since 1992? That is over 25 years ago. That is an average of less than two unsolved homicides per year. And here is a shocker, Craig Stedman was not the DA until 2008. Source

So why has Becky Holzinger been blaming DA Stedman on her website for unsolved murders that occurred two years prior to him having the job? I'm just curious.

In all honesty, the number of unsolved murders in Lancaster County pre-Stedman have not changed significantly since he got into office. While I admit they have gone up somewhat, you have to take into account the population increase over those years. Lancaster county's population has gone up since 1992 by at least 100,000 people.

It's almost like she has a bone to pick with DA Stedman. And in fact, she does. She lost a huge Open Records case to him (before her latest stint) about public access to autopsy reports. She has held a grudge ever since. I believe this occurred around 2011 and I think it was for the autopsy report of Olga Sanchez Reyes. although the open records online files only go back about three years so I can't verify that for certain. But as I remember, that is fairly accurate.

Becky Holzinger simply is not a reporter and has a huge agenda against Lancaster and definitely does not like DA Stedman. It is obvious to almost anyone. Get lost, Becky Holzinger.


It's Not Cheap - 2

The electricity is out at Becky Holzinger's house. Why? Weather reports say its mostly cloudy. Did she forget to pay the bill? I will investigate this further.

Becky Holzinger Wants It Bad

No, there are not 20 unsolved murders under DA Stedman. Becky Holzinger is counting unsolved homicides from before Stedman ever held the position. And these occurred over the course of a decade under Mayor Gray. Of course, Becky refuses to mention that in 2012 alone there were 150 unsolved homicides in Philadelphia. And who knows what that number is now. I'm sure it is much higher. For some odd reason, she never mentions any of those.

Please see the shocking revelations below that Becky Holzinger is potentially sock puppeting using the screenname "huh?". I highly doubt that no one noticed the photograph of the "gun" was actually the hands of a clock. Or that no one noticed that BTK stood for "BoxTopKid" found in the original post regarding the children who apparently drank methanol. How odd that BOTH of those posters made that mistake. What a strange coincidence, Becky Holzinger! It's almost like you are both screen names!

Also, I am moving this comment to the top of the page from one of the previous posts:

Diane GamberTuesday, March 7, 2017 at 11:19:00 AM EST
Has she stopped railing me yet? The coward blocked me from seeing her "news" site to disparage my name. Crazy bitch.

Please check back later today.

Oh, There's Drama: Was Becky Holzinger Caught Using Sock Puppets?

Wow, that sure is a funny looking "gun", Becky Holzinger. I don't think I've ever seen a gun quite like that. Don't you think those might be the hands on a clock? My first hint was the 12 items in a circle. Then I realized that the fives are the hour and minute hands, the shorter being the hour hand. And the one is the seconds. I'm not sure but it looks like it's about at 7:26:15. It most certainly does not look like "a gun". This is simply unbelievable.

And then there is the BTK Dennis Rader reference, which is absurd. The man is in a band and calls himself "BoxTopKid". That has nothing to do with "Bind, Torture, Kill"! And then Becky wants to criticize LNP for hyping this story? What is wrong with Becky Holzinger?

What is a "sock puppet"? A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person. What do you think? Is "huh?" a sock puppet?

Please check back later today.


It Is Critical That Becky Get Her Facts Correct!

Wow, BTK comes from the father's online band name: Turkishlink BoxTopKid. It has nothing to do with Dennis Rader, at all. (BoxTopKid's first letters of each word are BTK). It's right on the guy's Facebook page under his original post about methanol which Becky seems to have mysteriously forgotten to include. Instead, she is going to make it appear as though the online name comes from a serial killer's initials.

Stupid Becky actually stated in her comments:

Stupid Becky actually stated in her comments:

March 6th, 2017 at 14:27
Yes, if you are going to run to the press and put your name out there, clean up your Facebook page!

If anyone is acting like Dennis Rader, it's Becky Holzinger. She thinks she is the damn authority on everything. This is absolutely hilarious. Please check back later today when they attempt to make the connection to Burger King. LMFAO!

The reporting on this by Becky Holzinger has been sensationalized, hurried and sloppy. There is no excuse for the kind of error and sensationalism used by Becky Holzinger today.