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I posted this photo on June 2, 2014. Does this house look unlivable to you?

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Becky Gets More Imaginary Friends!?

Why do I highly doubt Becky Holzinger is friends with this unidentified grandma? Her quote is ripped straight out of the LNP article and this all seems quite suspect!

I get the feeling that another major lie is about to be exposed! Just a hunch!

More Race-baiting Bullshit and Becky Holzinger Faces Legal Trouble

I am not sure if LNP and Becky are not counting Magesterial District justices, but Judges Kelly Ballantine and Janice Jimenez spring to mind.

And all Becky Holzinger will say about her latest legal trouble is that her plan is to buy a paper eating rabbit. Good luck with that defense, Becky Holzinger! I wonder if that is a not-so-clever shout out to Pete Ruggieri? Becky did post his and his new wife's photo the other day.

It's nice to see Becky being so mature and professional in her "ethical journalism" adventures! Maybe Holzinger would like to fill us in on what her legal letter says? Now that would be newsworthy!


Special Report: Coming Later Today

Breaking News! I have run out of time today but will come back to this tomorrow! Becky has reposted information she most likely read on LNP and called it "breaking news"! And get this - she just hates it when rumors fly! Does she know that her entire blog is exactly that? It's a rumor mill on crack! Has Becky decided whether or not this is still a home invasion? Check back tomorrow!

Becky Holzinger was spanked by the DA four years ago!

Full PDF report

She still hasn't gotten over it! I have it on good authority she routinely harasses Lancastrians, including DA Stedman! Police apparently do not prosecute because they realize Becky is a mentally disturbed client of Evergreen. Read the post below for more info!

Update - Failure to Protect the Public

Inexcusable Behavior by Becky Holzinger

So Becky's beef should be with the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police, but notice how she has bizarrely fixated on DA Stedman?

Becky Holzinger acts as if she is in danger, but honestly this situation does not involve Becky Holzinger in any way! She can sit there and whine for 3 days but it doesn't change a thing! She is only making herself look like more of a fool!

Becky Holzinger, you accused DA Stedman of being the "chief law enforcement officer" of Lancaster County. Did he suddenly get promoted to sheriff? Because that is the chief law enforcement officer for a county! Wow, are you stupid or what?

So if you really have a problem with the "chief law enforcement officer of Lancaster County", why don't you try to get their name right and contact Sheriff Mark S. Reese? Not DA Stedman!

Your dishonest blogging is reprehensible and inexcusable and it needs to stop! Now!

Check back later today.


** Updated 9-27-14 - * Updated: A Horrific Home Invasion

Apparently Becky is very frightened of home invasions that happen miles and miles away from her home! Who knew? What a hoot! Oh, and even though it wasn't a home invasion at all yesterday, today it is! Oops!

Also, it turned out that she wasn't only taking the afternoon off, she never made any postings last night! So check back later today was a crock!

Check the comments and you can read about how home invasions in Philly are on the rise! And which of these homes look most susceptible to home invasions to you?

Can't blame this on Mayor Gray or Chief Sadler since it happened in Clay Township and I am surprised they didn't try!

A "growing email scandal", Becky Holzinger? That is laughable because the there is no evidence that the emails were forwarded or even opened! Any yahoo could have sent anything on the internet to these guys! So? It's utterly meaningless!

It literally says " Check back later today" and then says at the top Becky is taking the rest of the afternoon off. So is she still posting later tonight or what is the deal? This is confusing and most of the time she never follows through with any of these promises because she is a proven pathological liar!

And I can't believe she wastes her time looking at these docket sheets. The dad is in critical condition and these morons are sitting hundreds of miles away reading their rap sheets and reposting it online? This just screams to me "low class"! This is very unprofessional and classless, Becky Holzinger! But at least you didn't falsely accuse anyone of being a child molester -- this time!


Give It A Rest, Becky Holzinger!

We all know how Becky Holzinger loves child sex abuse! No surprise she sticks up for Salzman and her "ridiculous" sentence! And I still have seen no evidence James Burchik was "canned", Becky Holzinger!

Still no idea how an award at HACC helped Salzman get out of jail, but didn't you just call her sentencing " ridiculous"? Becky Holzinger has gone off the deep end! Give it a rest! There will be tomorrow?" Really, do we need more Becky Holzinger? No we don't.

Becky Holzinger's blog is a scam!

Everything on this blog is a scam! This comment is not "excellent". And why is CRIZ a scam for the wealthy? Will Becky Holzinger provide evidence it is or just post more anonymous comments claiming it is? This blog is such a waste of Becky's time but it sure does provide me with some great comedy material! The whole damn thing is just a laughable joke! Some nutty old woman from Philly thinks she is a "news reporter!". Yes, I think she honestly believes that!

No, the Lancaster Newspapers is not greedy, thieving liars Becky Holzinger. Take a nice long look in the mirror, Becky Holzinger! That's you! And your jealousy of their tremendous success is quite obvious!

It's pretty pathetic the amount of time you spend on here. It is obvious to me you have no friends or family and this is your only avenue to communicate other than a few convicted child sex abusers and anyone unaware of who you are on a telephone. Unbelievable!

Check back later today.


Bizarre News! Can You Believe It?

So this is what over three decades of alcoholism looks like? If it's on Becky's website, you probably should NOT believe it! And with good reason! She has been caught in deception after deception on this blog! It's her obsession!

She told us she found a Sonata that was an Elantra! She showed us broken windows at a McDonalds that were broken weeks before! She told us a living Donald Reinmiller was a child molestor while propping up a real one because his skin was the right color!? Becky Holzinger is a pathological liar and I think it stems from decades of alcohol abuse!

What about you?

Corruption At The Lowest Levels -2

An outside track?

This is unbelievable! $50,000 was collected to "help a stabbing victim" but has Annika Horn seen any of the money? The creator of the donation page is very questionable. Why is a man from Philadelphia running the page? Does he have a criminal history? Why did he originally hide his true identity from the public and use a hacker character's name for his Facebook page? Has Annika Horn received one penny from this fund and is she seeking other forms of compensation?

This is simply unbelievable! This is all being done by people that don't live in Lancaster! Do they have the best interests of Lancaster? Or are they trying their damnedest to derail the city? Are they jealous of success? Someone needs to investigate this and see if this is criminal on the part of Becky Holzinger! She routinely aids and abets felons and why is she not in jail????


Updated - Equal Justice - 5: Becky Holzinger Must Be Blind!

I had no idea "nut-case" is now hyphenated! Thanks Becky Holzinger!

Remember when Becky didn't see about 17 black people in a video? Click here for Is Becky Holzinger colorblind? from July.

Explain this Becky Holzinger. Why do you post lie after lie day after day? You've been caught red handed on numerous occasions!

Do you want me to explain the difference between Luke Karpathios and Darnell Greene? One had an actual gun at a school and one had an airsoft pellet gun and forced his way into a friend's house. Gee, this is really difficult to comprehend, huh Becky Holzinger?

Gee, it must be a racial issue! Not! These are different situations Becky Holzinger! Have you asked DA Stedman to explain things to you that you do not understand? Because clearly, when you have to ask why some guy is not in jail that has been since February, you don't understand these docket sheets you are nosing through.

And you are not truly reporting or conducting ethical journalism when you don't research every angle.

I doubt that you've asked DA Stedman to explain it to you and I doubt that it would help. You seem like a very ignorant, stubborn person, Becky Holzinger. For example, you never bothered to check the accuracy of your Donald Reinmiller story. How did that work out? In reality, you barely check anything and you have the audacity to call your website "news"!

Well here is some "news" for you: your website sucks and is full of half truths, lies, and desperate misrepresentation! You're a pathological liar!


Breaking News Alert! Donation Page Creator for Annika Horn Apparently Has Criminal History!!!

Fifty thousand is a lot of money! Where is it really going because the person that created that online donation page is using a fictitious name taken from a computer hacker character in this book! Read about it here.

Has Becky investigated this? If not, why not?


I just checked the Facebook page linked to the creator of the donation page. Since my previous story, the page has changed to include his full name "Daniel Joseph McCullough". A quick check of the Philadelphia Municipal Dockets shows several criminal convictions including robbery, theft and terroristic threats! Oh my God! What has Becky Holzinger done?

Is this donation page a scam? Did Becky Holzinger aid and abet more crime?? Should someone call the police???

This is terrible! This person may possibly also be using aliases like Daniel Sload and Mark McCullough! This is outrageous! How could Becky allow this to happen??

It's Nice to be Stupid in Philadelphia -2

So Becky has been going on and on about this serial burglar named "Alvin Millisock" and alleging how it's "nice to be white in Lancaster". She was wondering how he could be out of jail to commit these crimes.

Well Becky proved once again how stupid she was. I plugged the name into Google and read one Fox43 news story and had the answer in seconds. The guy has been in jail since February under almost half a million dollars bail!! Wow, it sure is nice to be that guy, huh Becky Holzinger?

Does it get anymore ridiculous than this? I see she is not so worried, however, about Jerry Wright's felony charges for burglary. Is it because his skin is the right color, Becky Holzinger?

This also reminds me of Donald Reinmiller and the unresearched article Becky posted about him, falsely accusing the wrong man of child sex abuse. I don't think Becky has learned a single thing and she continues in her pattern of publishing uneducated buffoonery! Wow! Who knew? What a hoot! Please check back later today!


It's Nice To Be Stupid in Philadelphia

If you look at the criminal court dockets, it appears that some charges were dropped, Becky Holzinger.

All I see are a few misdemeanors and some summary offenses. In fact, one of these cases is Chester County, not Lancaster. I wonder why Becky Holzinger failed to report that? Maybe do some better research or lie a little less next time Becky Holzinger.

There is one second degree felony charge documented, Becky Holzinger and there is currently no felony conviction!!! He never even injured anyone, Becky Holzinger! A-duh!


A Heck Of A Week And No Pothead Pagan Story for 11 Days and Counting!

This is unbelievable!! I think in the meantime, Becky has hit on every one of her major lies in the last year! Of course she is back trying to say G Scott Davis is Bryan Cutler's brother-im-law, which he is not. I'm fact, Cutler is not only NOT related by blood to Davis, he isn't even related by marriage! Davis is his wife's step brother (so Becky claims) meaning he is one step removed!

Of course she mentions Frein, who is not from Lancaster and is from Pike county! I think Becky might live closer to Pike than Lancastrians do!

And of course Becky has to mention convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear and his racist blog "Must See Pics An vids". Becky, this man is a felon and every time you overlook this conviction, it further proves to me that you were never molested by your daddy. Otherwise you would not be so quick to brush this issue aside!

Now Becky will go back to ignoring the Pothead Pagan story and come up with more ridiculous and baseless allegations of racism!

Smart Talk or Lies?

If it is on Becky's blog, chances are it is a lie. Becky's insinuation, is of course, that this particular chat was a discussion about race. But was it? Or was it about having diverse points of view on the editorial page?

Hmmmm, it looks to me like another Becky Holzinger deception. I will investigate and please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Reverts to More Race-baiting Bullshit!

So average it out per year, Becky Holzinger! I have never seen a person so obsessed with skin color as Becky!

So you figure that per year, the black woman stole half as much and her minimum sentence is roughly half the amount of time. So what, exactly is the problem, Becky Holzinger?

It isn't like the white woman got away with anything. She spent nearly a year in jail! And the two situations may appear similar, but I can guarantee there are some key differences Becky knows about but has conveniently left them out. I am willing to wager that these two incidents are very different and that Becky's comparison is very misleading. It is just how she operates.

I notice also that there is still no Pothead Pagan story. This is ridiculous! Becky is nothing more than a pathological liar with too much time on her hands.


Becky Holzinger Needs To Go! A Disgrace To Journalism!

First and foremost, there is still no story about Pothead Pagan which was promised several days ago! Then Becky is back on the photo that is completely unrelated to the McDonalds shooting - and no, Becky Holzinger, no one else seems to have been shot! A-duh!

Oh,and yes the Lancaster Newspapers did print Frein's picture and it was up for an hour before Becky falsely claimed it was not. The link is the comments on one of my recent posts. Apparently Becky does not know how to go onto Lancaster Online and search for the name Frein and assumes everything must appear on the first page. This wouldn't be the first thing she can't figure out!

She also does not seem to understand how cameras work or how law enforcement does their job. Maybe if Becky had more than a remedial high school education, she could get a handle on these concepts. But instead, she chooses to remain intentionaly ignorant and uninformed and blurt out ridiculous nonsense on her bush league tabloid blog.


Becky Holzinger lies again!

Becky Holzinger should be considered uninformed and delirious! LNP posted that photo at least an hour ago!


Where is the Pothead Pagan Story??

This "explosive video" has been a complete dud! Day after day Becky promised more on this and today she is worried about an irrelevant check box on a job application? Where is this story that Becky keeps lying about publishing? Where is it? It has been 8 days, Becky Holzinger!!!!


Here We Go Again

Full Story

This is NOT a "racist" cartoon and was not created to offend. No, this is NOT a "national story" because the person who notified the Guardian (a UK newspaper) was none other than Chet Williamson, who I believe may be a pasty old white guy from Lancaster and is not at all black!

Lancaster Newspapers made a serious mistake conceding an apology for this cartoon!


Updated - A terrible lying start

I just checked Becky's site and she is delaying this Wayne Pagan story - again! How many days has this been since she first mentioned this? I believe it will be a week tomorrow!

First of all, this "explosive video" has been brought to us under another assumed name of convicted child sex abuser "Jerri Wright" aka "Jerry Puryear", aka "Jerry Richard". So right of the back, this "explosive video's" source is a felon.

And Wayne Justin Pagan has a few misdemeanor convictions of his own for marijuana in the past five years. So, you know this "story" is really going to be a doozy!

Yes, we know domestic violence is terrible, Becky Holzinger, but you have absolutely no solid proof other than the inconsistent story of an ex-wife that chief Sadler ever engaged in it. In Rosaura's own words, he never physically injured her but she felt "abused" because he financially stopped supporting her. Is this, or is this not the case, Becky Holzinger?

Because the retinal detachment story has way too many holes and inconsistencies, a 10 year old child could tell you that there is no legitimacy to these absurd allegations. Yet Becky can't seem to figure out that this is all made up, despite Rosa using a fake name for her book. Oh, and also her bizarre, violent Facebook posts threatening to run over her ex with a car and another with a decapitated male head hanging behind a "female spirit" wielding a sword.

If Becky Holzinger wants to talk about "not mentioning" certain facts, let talk about Becky Holzinger refusing for years not to acknowledge or mention these points, shall we? Pot. Meet Kettle!

Please check back tomorrow and maybe Becky will finally post something about this Wayne Pagan fellow and we can all have a good laugh.


More Becky Holzinger Nonsense

I honestly did not expect to see Wayne Justin Pagan's name again after I revealed on Sept 8 that he was convicted of delivering cocaine! But Becky will have more on this "story" tomorrow. I guess she has no problem contacting people charged with felonies? WOW! Seriously, Becky Holzinger???

However, I did notice she managed to drop one of his names. Nice cover up, Becky Holzinger!


Becky Holzinger, an absolutely worthless "reporter"

Who posts the wrong photo of someone and falsely accuses them of being a child molester? Who calls the "Bushmaster" series of guns "Bushman"? Who posts the wrong photo of an "armed bank robber"? Who posts a link to a donation site created by someone using a hacker character's name? Who posts lies day after day and calls it news? Becky Holzinger! This is only a very small portion of the bullshit Becky Holzinger posts on her blog almost every single day of her miserable, worthless life.

Becky Holzinger calling someone "scum" is pure hilarity and total hypocrisy. She is doing scummy stuff everyday! She promoted a 50/50 raffle for someone charged with a felony! She ignored Jerry Puryear's child sex abuse convictions! If you want to talk about "scum", there is a real big one sitting typing garbage on a computer all day in Philadelphia!

Do you really need to ask why no one is repeating information found in a tabloid newspaper, Becky Holzinger? You clearly know that the Philly Daily News is a tabloid newspaper. Yet you won't tell anyone, will you, Becky Holzinger? You, Becky Holzinger, are white, wrinkled trailer trash scum! And that is putting it kindly!

Special Report: Donation Page Creator Using Computer Hacker Moniker

"Daniel Flatline" created the page for Annika Horn and is using an interesting moniker for his Facebook page.

"Dixie Flatline" is a character in this book that is a computer hacker. In the URL of the Facebook page, he is using "Dixie.Flatline717". Who is "Daniel Flatline"? Where is this money going? His page says he lives in Philadelphia?! Has Becky followed up on any of this? Please check back later today.

Becky Holzinger Must Begin Immediately!

It is one thing to let something slip through that someone might interpret as subtle racism. It is entirely another to print the wrong person's picture and falsely accuse them of being a child molester. Although Becky Holzinger admitted her mistake and appeared to show some remorse for her error, I don't think she has learned her lesson and I am positive she will do it again at some point in the future.

Actions speak louder than words. So far, she has continued in her blogging habits and I am sure she will "latch on" to more false information and publish it as real. She has already put forward a tabloid article and presented it as fact.

Becky Holzinger's half-hearted apology will not be enough. I hope that the living Donald Reinmiller will take full legal action against Becky Holzinger and teach her a legal lesson she will not soon forget. You can't engage in this kind of gaslighting "journalism", just delete and hope it makes things OK! Becky Holzinger must hire non-felons for her writing staff and stop raising money for them in 50-50 raffles.

Becky Holzinger must begin immediately. Please check back later today.



Actually, the link Becky provided says the woman was assaulted on Saturday, September 6th. So wouldn't we be donating to help Saturday's stabbing victim? I am always hesitant to donate to this type of thing because who knows where this money is really going? Isn't Becky the one that tried to promote a raffle for a felon under questionable circumstances? Yes, I believe that was her that was trying to raise money for Karina DeJesus who is charged with a felony. They have raised quite a bit of money for the stabbing victim, so good for them. I am always just a little hesitant and it is a good idea to be wary of internet scams that take advantage of tragedies such as this!

So James Burchik is apparently fired or took an early retirement. Sure would make quite a difference which one it is, Becky Holzinger. So which is it? Was he fired or did he retire early? His bio is still online, Becky Holzinger. He joined the paper back in '96 and spent 17 years at the Lebanon Daily News before that, so a retirement might not be so "early".

Becky claims Burchik is "nasty and racist", but I don't recall him being nasty or a racist. He seemed to me like a very pleasant person when I corresponded with him. The "racist" cartoon wasn't drawn by anyone at LNP and I have yet to hear why it was "racist" when all it was doing was comparing slave ship conditions to airline seating. I don't see anything openly offensive or racist about that unless it was the way it was done. But just simply comparing two seating scenarios, to me, does not sound "racist". It is as if the mere image of the layout of a slaveship is "racist", which just is not the case. If you can't even publish that type of image, people will forget and history will be forgotten.


Updated - Rosaura Torres Wrote a Work of Fiction! The Daily News is a Tabloid!

Becky is back supporting Rosaura Torres. All I can tell you is what I have seen this woman post on her Facebook page in the past and it is deeply disturbing.

Please read my Oct 2013 post complete with screen captures of what appear to be not-so-subtle threats directed towards men and her ex! This is deeply troubling! This is not OK and not acceptable! Just look at these shocking posts screen captures from Rosaura Torres' Facebook page!

Also, as I've noted in the past on this site, Torres' story about a retinal detachment keeps changing. Read this story from Oct 2013 about how the retinal detachment was initially blamed on a different officer! And the story that is allegedly about Sadler, as Becky Holzinger claims, makes no sense at all!

The allegations are nonsensical and don't add up. It isn't that people aren't going to believe your story, it's that the way it has already been told is already highly suspect and doesn't make any sense! If Rosaura Torres would come forward with a believable story and some evidence, it would make more sense. But so far, she hasn't even disclosed who the book was really about! She used made up names! So why should we think that any of the rest of the story is not made up as well? I've been keeping a careful eye on the situation only because Becky Holzinger has been talking about it on her blog and I researched it myself and found a lot of problematic, troubling aspects to this story. To me, this sounds as if there are some really big tall tales being told here! Torres herself even is claiming now that the only "abuse" she suffered was financial! Supposedly, Sadler would not pay Torres money for bills and things unless she dropped her absurd charges. And guess what? Rosaura Torres dropped the charges and has absolutely no proof of any of these allegations!

I think Lancaster should stand by police chief Sadler and it would be right for the city to denounce this type of tabloid journalism. I don't believe for a minute that Sadler ever touched Rosaura Torres in a harmful way. It looks to me like Sadler here is the victim of bullying by his ex-wife aided once again by Becky Holzinger!

This is shocking and unbelievable!

The Philly Daily News is a tabloid newspaper, Becky Holzinger!


***Breaking News*** - Updated - Where is the Mugshot?

Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay Holzinger just posted a photo that no other news organization appears to have posted - and it is of a black man that Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay says she feared for her life hundreds of miles away! My sources that say Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay Holzinger is a Grand Cyclops could be correct!

Where is the mugshot? Looks like it's on JustMugshots.com. Why do you ask? Becky Holzinger told us this guy was on the loose when he was actually in custody for almost a full day. Why did you lie, Becky Holzinger? Becky was concerned and needed to protect herself from a man who was in custody? Really? Is she that afraid of black people?

Also, she told us a guy was protesting outside the police station about "racism". It turns out he is a convicted felon involving drugs. How is that story coming along, Becky Holzinger?

It turns out both of these people were involved with drugs. Becky Holzinger, are you a crackhead? You seem very concerned. A little too concerned...


"Explosive video" Implodes

The video is of a man named Justin Wayne Pagan and he has several felony arrest records including cocaine and marijuana use. The explosive video just imploded! Oops!

In the video, the man appears to make several vague statements to Jerry Puryear, a man convicted for felony child sex abuse and had a recent run in with the law for an attempted burglary of a mini mart.

As one poster noted, "Who is he talking about? I didn't catch a name". None of his story is able to be verified and given his history of drug abuse, I find it hard to believe that Becky Holzinger would call this video "explosive".