Great News! LazyLancNews Website is Back Up!


Read all about how Ron Harper Jr. posed as Aaron Guhl and even published a letter to the editor in LNP! Harper sent me several messages posing as Aaron Guhl and originally created "LazyLancNews" on Webs. After exposing him on several message boards as Aaron Guhl, he closed the site. I reopened it and created my own Webs page!

The response I got when I told Webs.com I forgot the password for LazyLancNews. It sent an email response to the creator of the page, ron@seey.com! It was a page supposedly created by "Aaron Guhl" about psychology, but it was obviously faked.

Aaron Guhl's Facebook profile says he went to Penn Manor. But Classmates.com and his real addresses seem to confirm he went to a school in Florida.

Below is the article published by Aaron Guhl which appears to have been actually written by Harper titled "Harper has a Flair for the Dramatic".

This is a screenshot of at least five harassing messages I received via Facebook from "Aaron Guhl".

** – * HORSE SHIT!

Yep, looks like more horseshit! This email in? Are we going to be told who sent the email? Are we going to be told what email address this comment came from? Of course not!

And it looks like the obsession with the unidentified officer who shot himself in the leg and was expected to be released the same day is still a huge deal. (As well as the obsession with the entire police department and Lancaster in general) Why would LNP demand to know this person's name and why would they need to know what "will happen with the officer"? It's beyond ridiculous and absurd! Do you know what will happen to this officer? He will be released from the hospital the same day as the story stated and he will go about his job as usual, dumbass!

Will it be retracted that Officer Shawn Gunnet was hired in June of 2015? Or will that quietly be swept under the rug? My guess is that it won't be mentioned for a few days and then the same stupid, inaccurate accusation will be flung around. What an idiot! It's horseshit!

This email in: I think the title Becky used today - "Horse Shit" describes her blog, her personal hygiene routine and her appearance.

Please check back later today.

UPDATE – 2:40 PM – UPDATE 2:10 PM – *** – ** – * WGAL – ON THE JOB LESS THAN A YEAR

Shawn Gunnet was hired in July of 2014, not June 2015.



Why would a story about a police officer shooting himself in the leg need to be updated within 7 hours? What could possibly have changed?

You know what is idiotic? Posting stuff about a town you live hours away from and pretending to be a reporter for that town. That is about the most idiotic thing I ever saw in my entire life! It's also pretty stupid to say there are several cameras in the 300 block of South Lime St. and there aren't any! That was pretty idiotic, too. So was identifying the wrong man as "an armed bank robber". Yep, that was idiotic. Hanging around a photographer with a few felonies including child sex abuse? Yep, idiotic! Encouraging people via social media to steal a refrigerator from Aaron's on Oregon Pike while on probation? Yep, idiotic!


No One is Watching!

There are “Safety Coalition” cameras all over the 300 block of South Lime Street. What did those cameras capture?

Probably not a whole lot since there actually are no Safety Coalition cameras on the 300 block of South Lime Street. There is one at the beginning of the 400 block of south Lime St. And there is one on the opposite side of the intersection at the start of the 300 block. But there is actually not a single camera WITHIN the 300 block of South Lime Street. And what would those cameras show if there was a tree in the path or moving vehicle? Or if the homicide happened inside a home? Probably not much.

No one is watching, when they can't see!


Do They Care?

A 20-year old was shot and killed and of course there will be whining about cameras. Of course, cameras do not cover every area in the city and are frequently obscured but objects such as trees, traffic, and other people. But somehow the magic cameras are expected to catch everything and be pointed in the exact right direction every time! It is irrational and unbelievable that some people just can't seem to figure this out!

Do they care? Of course not! Why would they care about people that live hours away from them? They don't care! They just want to splash headlines they think will reflect poorly on Lancaster because they are biased against them! In some people's case, maybe it's because they lost their ridiculous lawsuit against their own parents. Who knows? Is this news? Is this journalism? Is this remaining impartial and fair? Absolutely not!

And let's not forget this comment under the Jennifer Todd-bashing article from Feb 5th.

I have a lot more to say about how this plea deal was presented to the public, LNP’s coverage of the courthouse and the Lancaster Police Department’s refusal to release Turkey Hill videos of robbers tomorrow. Yikes – and I will try to get it in before… drum roll… the Super Bowl!
The Superbowl starts in about 3 hours. Better get a-posting! Will it be there? Want to make a wager? Please check back later.



This is NOT "breaking news". Also, how can you leave out absolutely any mention of Marcus Rutter? This is shocking! Was his name omitted because he is black? This is disgusting and utterly a disgrace!

This site was the only one to report that I was an anonymous tipster! I even provided a screen shot of the text tip! Unbelievable! Click here for "I Am the Anonymous Tipster".

Several Tips

Yes, police did their job and apprehended the criminal. Police do not need to release all pictures to the public and will not do so if they feel it will not be beneficial in solving the crime. Releasing images could, in fact, hinder solving a crime. Or create the opportunity for even more crime. Therefore, it is best if the police that are doing the work make that decision. Not some crazy bitch that doesn't even live in Lancaster.

As I recall, Jerry Puryear was taken in for theft of a store in Lancaster. Did he aid thieves in the J&K Supermart robberies in 2013 by taking pictures of the surveillance system inside the store? That certainly seems like a very relevant question, doesn't it? Especially since he was recently caught on social media encouraging others by video to steal from the trash outside of Aaron's on Oregon Pike. What is his level of involvement in these thefts? Is anyone else complicit? Where was he when the Turkey Hill or McDonalds was robbed?

If anyone wants the images from Turkey Hill, you would think that they would go get them. Especially if they claim to be a reporter for Lancaster! It certainly seems odd.

Please check back later today.



Can anyone tell me what the Philadelphia Daily News (a tabloid publication) has to do with Lancaster?

Want pictures from McDonalds and Turkey Hill robberies? How about you try going there and asking them for the photos instead of whining every day on a Wordpress blog barely anyone reads. And that no one takes seriously.

Please check back later today.


Temar Boggs Wanted in Armed Robbery

Full Story

It is believed Boggs has fled the Lancaster area.

I was reading through LancasterOnline today and found this article to be very interesting. Please check back later today.

How Does Becky Holzinger Know This Was Not the Knockout Game? She Doesn't Know.

Here is Becky Holzinger's whole argument that Andrew Westry was not participating in the "Knockout Game". Over a year ago, Becky Holzinger made a post on her Wordpress blog called "The News Behind the News". It is dated January 8th, 2015. In the posting, Becky Holzinger claims she met Andrew Westry at the Lancaster County Courthouse. Here is the reference from that post:

I asked him about the charge. “It was not the knockout game,” he said. I needed to get back into the courtroom and said I’d like to speak with him further and he gave me his phone number. I called once and spoke to a woman who was very pleasant and told me to call back in twenty minutes. I did and the phone just rang and rang and I did not try him back again. Armed robbery! Yikes!
So, that's it? She supposedly met the guy and he denied it - so now it was definitely not the knockout game? Did she bother to contact any of the witnesses mentioned in the story? Did she bother to contact the person who was punched? According to her own account, she never bothered to call and talk to anyone else about this, all she did was talk to Andrew Westry. She is taking Andrew Westry's word for it - and as Becky Holzinger mentions - he was on trial for armed robbery! Of course he is going to deny it! Duh! Especially to some lady that approached him in a courtroom who he probably didn't even know.

There is simply no way that Becky Holzinger can 100% confirm that this was not the knockout game. She was not there. It's possible that Westry might have denied to Becky that it was the knockout game, but that does not mean that it wasn't the knockout game. A real reporter would talk to the victims. A real reporter would get every angle. But Becky Holzinger, by her own admission, does not.

And why would she be calling a man repeatedly convicted on armed robbery and threats of serious injury? What in the hell is Becky Holzinger even thinking? This is just beyond stupidty, this is outright dangerous! Becky Holzinger, please get the mental help you obviously need! I say this in your own best interests and in the interests of the public at large. You are a very unbalanced, dangerous person! And now the Lancaster Adult Probation/Parole staff are quite aware of it.

Please check back later today.


Welcome to the Police

Chief PO Wilson asked me to look into this matter. While we are limited as to the information we are able to release to you we are addressing Mr. Puryear and appreciate your alerting us to this matter.


J. T. Hansberry
Deputy Director, Supervision Services
Adult Probation and Parole Services
Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas
Lancaster, Pa.
(717) 299-8181

Click here for "Down that Road" from January 20th, 2016. The video was quietly removed from Becky Holzinger's website without a word!


Becky Holzinger = A Corrupt Press

Becky Holzinger has been calling her one-person blog a "Press" for over a decade! She is the very definition of a "corrupt press"! In fact, she isn't even "the press" at all! She isn't a reporter and doesn't even live in Lancaster County!

Gee, why would LNP make Lisa Michelle Lambert out to be an evil person? It's not like she murdered someone...oh wait. She did! Is Becky Holzinger really going to stick up for Lisa Michelle Lambert? Why not? She's already stood behind numerous other felons and criminals while lashing out at the police force!

This is all simply too unbelievable! It's surreal!

And then she is angry because someone took cigarettes from a Turkey Hill at gun point? Maybe if the economy was not absolutely in the crapper there wouldn't be all of this crime! Just sayin'!

There will be more later today! I'm not sure why, but there will!


Becky Holzinger Whines Again!

Oh my God, they are still pissed off about the Talkback forum being shut down? Well then blame the person responsible - Palmer Brown aka Scrat the Rat aka LOLBoss aka LOLczar aka areaman and possibly other handles.

Click here for "Scandal at LNP".


Now Becky Holzinger Forgets When Foster Was Arrested?

Wow, Foster committed the crime Thursday night and was arrested by early Friday morning. A morning in which Becky Holzinger whined and complained that a man was not arrested WHEN HE WAS ALREADY ARRESTED!

Why would the Turkey Hill release videos of men in masks? When will Becky Holzinger go to the Turkey Hill and obtain the videos? Isn't that her job as the "Lancaster reporter"? If you want to see the video, go get it!


Becky Holzinger Links to Site Operated by a Felon?

Fight for Lanc started with two young men knowing on their own they couldn't change the problems in their city, But with GOD there is no limit to what they can do. Javier Torres and Kervin Chery simply stepped out into the chaos and made themselves available for God to use. Through Love, Prayer and giving hope to the city of Lancaster one family at a time began to receive the change they've longed for. One block at a time.
Fight for Lanc is admittedly run by two people (if you click the "about page" in the FightforLanc Facebook page, you get the paragraph above). Javier Torres (who may have a marijuana misdemeanor from 2002) and Kervin Chery. Kervin Chery's search result in the PA dockets brings up a 2013 rape charge. While he was not convicted on these very serious charges of raping an unconscious person, he was convicted of third degree felony criminal trespass and is currently on a three year probation. (CP-36-CR-0002208-2013)

So this page appears to be operated, at least in part, by a felon! Great article, Becky Holzinger!

Possible Arrest

Looks like Becky Holzinger is still obsessing over crimes committed in Lancaster County. What a shock! Police are looking for two medium to dark skinned males. I notice Becky Holzinger left that part out of her "report". And by report, I mean she just cut and paste the police statement and LNP's release and posted it to her blog carefully stripping out parts she didn't like. But then wants to claim she has a problem with LNP cutting and pasting a statement from Brett Hambright. It's ridiculous and absurd!

What will Becky Holzinger do to help solve this crime? Absolutely nothing! But she will huff and puff and breathlessly report every single detail she can find about this crime which will have zero effect on her life whatsoever. And probably no impact at all on the case. Why? Because she is insane and slanders the Lancaster cops just about every single day. It's disgusting. If she can do so much better, why doesn't Becky Holzinger apply to be a cop? Let's see how fast that doesn't happen, shall we?

She acts like these crimes are just so easy to solve and that the police don't put enough effort into these cases. It is really disturbing and disgusting to make these allegations with absolutely no basis to make these assertions. She doesn't even live in this county! She has no idea what these officers go through every day! If I were a police officer and Becky Holzinger called for help, I think I'd take my good old time getting there, myself!

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger's Biggest Cover-up

Becky Holzinger is still on the G. Scott Davis thing? The "relationship" between G. Scott Davis and DA Stedman is non-existent! There is NO relationship between these two people.

Allow me to elaborate. Becky first stated that G. Scott Davis was Bryan Cutler's step-brother-in-law. I believe she could be correct, that he is a step-brother of Cutler's wife. Since then, she has insisted that he is a "brother-in-law". This is untrue. He is a STEP-brother-in-law and there is a difference. Becky Holzinger vacillates between the two very different relations. But neither one is a direct blood relation. One is a relation by marriage. The other is a step-relation (one parent of Davis is the same parent to Cutler's wife). So there may be a distant family relation, but I've seen no proof that there was a close family tie to say the least.

Regardless of what Becky Holzinger is saying today about step-brother-in-law or brother-in-law, what purpose would DA Stedman have in treating G. Scott Davis any differently than any other person? DA Stedman is NOT related AT ALL to Davis! And DA Stedman does not work for Bryan Cutler.

What is Stedman's connection to Bryan Cutler, Becky Holzinger?

Is there some kind of proof Becky Holzinger could offer that Stedman and Cutler even communicated about this at all? Of course not! This "story" is just that - a story! There is not one shred of evidence or proof provided - we are simply supposed to believe what Becky Holzinger believes - because she says so! Well, guess what Becky Holzinger? I think you are full of complete and total shit and know you to be a proven LIAR! You've done it over and over again! And I am quite certain many others have picked up on your constant lies and deception.

The G. Scott Davis accidental fatal shooting did not even occur in Bryan Cutler's legislative district! Why would Bryan Cutler contact DA Stedman in the first place? Was he even aware of this potential distant family relation at all? It is a ridiculous and non-sensical notion, Becky Holzinger! It doesn't make any sense!

I'd tell you it's time to pack your bags, but you already live in Philadelphia! You don't even live here! So don't bother packing. Just stay where you are and don't bother coming into Lancaster County any time soon! You're finished here!

Crucial for the Press in a Free Society

Lancaster Newspapers has not outsourced its trial coverage to the district attorney's office. Period. That would be unacceptable, except that Becky Holzinger forgot to take her medication again and is imagining things. Unbelievable!


Becky Holzinger, Stop Your Lying

Has she mentioned Jerry Puryear's arrests for child sex abuse? Ever? I did a search of LIPNews this afternoon and not a single article came up. I am doing some research this afternoon.


Crime Goes On

And Becky Holzinger was caught red-handed with felon Jerry Puryear encouraging others to commit a crime - steal a refrigerator from behind the Aaron's store on Oregon Pike. Why does Becky Holzinger support this criminal? Why does she continue to ignore his crimes and not report any of them?

What other crimes is Becky Holzinger encouraging or not even reporting? Is she participating in them? Didn't she post images of the security system at the J&K Supermart provided to her by (now convicted) Jerry Puryear? Should she be investigated by the Lancaster police? Is she trying to incite crime in Lancaster so that she can make her "reports"?

Why is she so concerned about Turkey Hill robberies in Lancaster, yet won't get off her lazy, fat ass to actually obtain any of those alleged photos and videos? I guess she is really not that concerned at all, is she? She is just going to whine and cry everyday like a spoiled child about a town she doesn't even live in. Why doesn't she post anything about any of these crimes in her own town? Is there help Becky Holzinger could seek for her mental illness? Why won't she get it?

Open Season?

Yes, Turkey Hills have cameras. Has Becky Holzinger been to one of these robbed Turkey Hill Stores? Has she asked for one surveillance video? No, she hasn't. When is Becky Holzinger going to start doing her job? Is she just going to link to LNP for the rest of her miserable life?

Only two of the stores were in Lancaster city. The initial part of the story is about a store in Lancaster Township. Also, one of the stores was a Sunoco in Rohrerstown. Well obviously all four of these crimes are interconnected!

Gee, I thought that $2500 Obama was saving us with his brilliant Obamacare plan would take care of all these robberies? I guess not! The economy must be in fantastic shape, right Becky! Not that she would report if it was bad - because it couldn't be the man at the top's fault. He's part black! Therefore, Becky Holzinger has to cover up and blame everyone but him!

It's hard to arrest someone when you don't know who they are because they wore a mask, Becky Holzinger. If you want a picture of the criminal, try to go and get one! Don't worry, Becky won't bother, because she couldn't give two shits about the people of Lancaster. She just wants to slander the cops and try to make them look bad.


Take a Hike, Becky

"Nephin took to his pen"? How old are you, Becky Holzinger? 105? Are you here in Lancaster? Are you the best person to judge how long it will take to remove all the snow and the logistics of the snow removal? Did you even really shovel at all, except shovel some more shit onto your Wordpress blog?

"LNP will never tell you that"? Do you want to know what Becky Holzinger will never tell you? Why she removed the video of her LIPNews photographer Jerry Puryear encouraging people to steal a refrigerator from Aaron's trash on Oregon Pike. Or why Jerry Puryear was arrested and convicted of felony charges (for child sex abuse). Or that he was arrested and imprisoned for doing exactly what he was encouraging other to do in the video! Yep, Becky Holzinger and Puryear were encouraging people to steal stuff from stores in Lancaster! And it is all documented with the director of Adult Probation/Parole!

Don't worry though, "this issue has been addressed". Yep, a storm was coming. And it buried Becky Holzinger in two feet of shit. Take a hike, Becky.

Exemptions From Common Sense

Does Becky Holzinger get an exemption from common sense? Has she been to Lancaster? Has she been outside to see the two feet of snow? No to the first and probably no to the second. She has a lot of shoveling to do. I bet she does. She's been shoveling shit for over 10 years on her bush league Wordpress blog parading as a legitimate news source for Lancaster county when the fruitcake doesn't even live there!

Hey Bobby Burke, guess what? You knew the storm was coming. So no, get your dumb ass off the road until the restrictions are lifted. Which I believe was at 7am Tuesday morning.

Also, I wanted to inform MY readers that the Lancaster County Adult and Probation director responded to me by email and thanked me for bringing to his attention the video that Becky Holzinger posted and has now been removed from Becky's site. According to him, this is "being addressed". This was the video where Jerry Puryear seemed to suggest that people steal a refrigerator from the trash behind the Aaron's store on Oregon Pike. You can see the original video on a Jan 20th post on my site.

Where is that story, Becky Holzinger? Why was your video removed? This is unbelievable! Do you see how she will not publish information that she doesn't want you to see? How's that for journalistic ethics?


Spin It

Wow, Becky Holzinger isn't trending on my Facebook page. Or anywhere else. I am 100% sure why. Becky has a lot of shoveling to do. And also, she is going to clear out some snow.

Please check back later today.


Saturday 8:30 AM

Becky Holzinger is still insane and thinks she is a reporter. And she is still doing those hard-hitting stories on the weather! LMFAO!

And here is something funny posted by Brenda Hollinger. I am moving it to the top of my page.

brenda hollinger - Friday, January 22, 2016 at 9:31:00 PM EST
Just noticed. The video Becky posted of Jerry "I'm a crook" Puryear checking out a refrigerator has disappeared from her trash blog. Hmmm..... I certainly hope he didn't get in trouble because of his and Becky's stupidity.

Chances are, Jerry Puryear is making a trip back to his cell! Check back later today.


Let it Snow

OMG Becky Holzinger had to Google Cirrostratus clouds? It's a type of cloud. This is something basic you probably learned in high school. Oh wait, did Becky make it through high school? Cirrostratus clouds of doubt are circling my head!

Then she claims LNP "lost their minds" because they wrote an article about whether or not it is safe it eat snow. So keeping children safe is now "losing your mind"? I would say Becky Holzinger lost her mind, but I'm not sure she ever had one to begin with.

Yes, attention-whore Becky is now linking to LNP's weather forecasts. Simply unbelievable. Where is the hard-hitting journalism? Where is the critical thinking? Where are the important questions? Nope, Becky Holzinger is now a fake news weather reporter. She doesn't even live here!

You have to look at the positive side, right? Maybe this icy weather will lead to Becky Holzinger slipping on the sidewalk and she will freeze!


Two Turkey Hills Robbed, the Dem Economy Must Be Booming

Gee, I wonder why places keep getting robbed when the economy had the worst financial start to a year in history (even worse than the Great Depression)?

Remember when Jerry Puryear was casing out the J&K Supermart with his camera? You know he got caught robbing a store in Lancaster, right? And he was just on video the other day checking out more stuff to steal from Aaron's on Oregon Pike. It should be interesting to see what the Probation/Parole officer has to say regarding this little stunt - encouraging other people to steal right out of a dumpster on camera! I think my new nickname for Jerri "Wright" aka Jerry Puryear will be "Dumpster-diving Jerry"!

Real classy, huh?

And Becky Holzinger seems way too concerned about a guy named "Dudie", who has been dead for quite some time now.


Down That Road

Email contact for Lancaster Adult Probation and Parole is wilsonm@co.lancaster.pa.us.

Jerry Puryear obviously knows this is wrong to do because he says "he can't mess around because he's been down that road". What would possess someone to post something this foolish? Why would you encourage others to do something you apparently realize is wrong to do?

Please check back later.

A Storm is Coming!

Oh, there's a storm coming, alright! Hope Becky Holzinger is prepared!

It looks like Galty believes that Steve Johnson, whose screen name is "Citydweller" and started the website LancTalk, is a hacker. What does a guy from Rainham Essex have to do with Lancaster, PA? Not much. Galty is not so much a hacker as just a hack. He is constantly kissing Becky Holzinger's ass online and probably wants to get a date with her. From the looks of his picture, he looks to be about in the same league.

Maybe Becky Holzinger and Galty could save some megabytes and just go and get a room already. Sheesh!