Where is the Change.Org petition for Erma Kaylor?

Didn't Becky Holzinger say she was going to put a petition on Change.org for Erma Kaylor? Where is it?

And the 600 block of St. Joseph St. goes all the way down to Laurel St, Becky Holzinger. Can the camera see hundreds of feet down a road? No, it cannot. And if the police responded to a shots fired call at 7pm, then this happened well after sunset. Do cameras see in the dark, Becky Holzinger? Do they work well in limited lighting from street lamps, Becky Holzinger?

Does this "happen over and over again"? No, it does not. But Becky Holzinger continues to make this same mistakes over and over again.

Why can't Becky Holzinger grasp simple concepts about cameras? Probably because she is a moron. Please check back later today.


Concede, Holzinger!

Now Becky Holzinger admits, after announcing something like ten times that Stedman lost, that there is a recount and now she is outraged that it will cost about half a million dollars - across the state of Pennsylvania. Yes, Wanda Murren is with the Department of State and is their spokeswoman. And who is responsible for paying the $500,000? According to the National Conference of State Legislatures website:

Automatic recounts are paid for by the state or county that conducts the recount.
The "trigger" for an automatic recount is defined as (Pennsylvania Cons. Stat., tit. 25, § 3154) 0.5% or less for a candidate for public office which appears on the ballot in every district in the Commonwealth.

So, since the state spokesman provided a figure of $500,000, I will presume that the cost is going to the state.

The Pennsylvania state 2017-2018 budget was adopted on July 11, 2017 at around $32 billion, yes BILLION. That is nine zeroes after the 32. So what is $500,000/$32,000,000,000? That is about 0.000015 but then you move the decimal over two places to get the percentage. That is about 0.0015% of the total PA state budget. A tiny fraction of the state budget that the money has more than likely already been allocated to.

Give up your fake outrage, Becky Holzinger! It's ridiculous and absurd!


Who Wouldn't Believe Becky Holzinger?

All she does is lie. Constantly. How many times has she now falsely stated that Stedman lost the seat on the Superior court? In fact, there is a recount and there is no declared winner yet. And this person claims to be a reporter for a town she hasn't lived in for decades. Sick!


Becky Holzinger is Now an Election Expert

It has been quite amusing watch Becky Holzinger continue to obsess over DA Stedman. She continues to make a total and complete fool out of herself on a daily basis. Becky Holzinger always has to be the expert on everything. Have you noticed? It seems to be part of her mental illness. Now she is an expert on elections for judges. Wow, does this psycho ever give it a rest? She should really consider it.

She has reported three or four times now that Stedman lost, although LNP has pointed out that a recount is required. Stedman handily won Lancaster County if you look at the breakdown. Overwhelmingly. But you won't hear that from Becky Holzinger. She hates him because he stomped her ass in court over public access to autopsy reports. And that's a wrap.


Does Becky Holzinger Need A Map Without a Blue Arrow in the Wrong Place?

Yep, there is a camera. And it's on the other side of the street. It's on the 200 block, where Becky Holzinger incorrectly stated the crime scene was located with her blue arrow. Has she figured out which side of the street the crime scene was yet? Then there is this tidbit:

City police responded at 3:18 a.m. to the 300 block of South Marshall Street where they found a 31-year-old man who had been shot in the torso. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead around 8 a.m.
Tell me, Becky Holzinger. Can cameras see in the dark? True, there are a few street lights in the area. But what kind of quality will the picture have in this limited lighting? If the distance from the camera is over 100 feet away, it will likely not get anything discernable like a license plate or face. Does Becky Holzinger expect to see every detail considering their is a row of hedges and a huge tree in the general area? Her expectations are ridiculous and absurd. They are literally the ravings of an escaped mental patient.

And yes, Chad Umble did mention the cameras when he stated officials are "reviewing video footage". So Becky Holzinger continues to openly lie while pretending to be a reporter and expert on crime, all while selectively supporting felons with a particular skin color. Simply unbelieavable. Please check back later today.

These two excellent comments in below:

brenda hollingerSunday, October 29, 2017 at 2:57:00 PM EDT
That's the kind of logic you get from a mentally disturbed, hateful person. Can anyone imagine spending a lifetime trashing a city far from where you actually live? Hurting and spreading lies about people you've never met? What a sick bitch Becky is. On a brighter note, she saves time and money every year at Halloween just being herself. No need for a costume when it comes to this moron! I'm taking a wild guess (I don't mean to brag) but I think Becky found the candy corn in her matted hair. Oh Becky, I really thought you would enjoy the "stupid childish" puzzles, because that describes your IQ level and your personality. Do you have anything to say about the 2 teenagers who were fatally shot in Philly? Crickets, huh? Figures. You are only comfortable criticizing Lancaster because you don't have the balls to live here. You're an idiot.

Diane GamberSunday, October 29, 2017 at 4:36:00 PM EDT
This is what happens when you try to BLOG about a town you don't live in.....


Becky Holzinger Still Doesn't Understand Cameras or Addresses

Actually, the blue arrow on Becky Holzinger's picture is placed on the wrong side of New Dauphin St. There is no possible way this is the murder scene because it was incorrectly placed in the 200 block. The 300 block would be south of New Dauphin St. So, the 300 block of S Marshall St. appears to go all the way down to Juniata St. So there are certainly a lot of places on that road that would not be on camera, Becky Holzinger. This post was especially stupid.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Mentally Critical

What is Becky Holzinger's mental condition clinically referred to as? Does anyone know? Please check back later today.





Lie after lie after lie after lie about Lancaster.

1) Katie West was charged with a crime and was convicted.

2) G. Scott Davis was charged with a crime and convicted and received no preferential treatment.

3) A "violent" home invasion involved harmless Airsoft pellet guns.

4) George Rosado will be tried as an adult.

It is just lie after lie from this worthless piece of mentally deranged Philly trash, Becky Holzinger. So much for ethics in journalism, huh?


Just Say No to Cotober

Looks like Cotober is finally coming to a close again, Becky Holzinger. Remember when this mental midget Becky Holzinger, who pretends to be a reporter from Lancaster but lives in Philadelphia, referred to this current month as "Cotober"? How stupid do you have to be? Please check back later today.


A Case of Blatant Stupidity

Oh look. Becky Holzinger is still defending the man who threatened to kill a baby and some police officers. Get your head examined, Becky Holzinger. NOW! Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger Goes Really Low

How much lower can you go than siding with convicted felons? And that's a wrap.


No Lip Today!

Good, maybe there will be no Lipnews ever. What a shame.


Becky Holzinger Wants to Go to Jail!

Apparently, Becky Holzinger of Philadelphia would like to go to jail. Perhaps that could be arranged. Maybe then she could get the psychiatric help that she clearly needs. Becky Holzinger now apparently admits that she had absolutely nothing to do with the original Lancaster Independent Press and has been distastefully misappropriating the name to serve her own sick agenda. If she does not seek immediate therapy for her mental illness, Philadelphia authorities will be alerted. I have no idea why someone being "free on bail" or "free on 10%" is such a big deal. Please just log off, crazy Becky. Do yourself and the world a favor. Please check back later.



Looks like Becky Holzinger just made it onto their greatest hits! LMFAo!!

Becky Holzinger continues in her delusion that "free on $15,000 bail" is a lie. Look, the guy is free, right? The bail amount is $15,000, right? The docket is a public record and it shows 10%, right? What's the BFD? Get a grip, crazy Becky! Now!


Inexcusable Stupidity

So I was thinking this was going to be a major issue and that the person who posted the bail was NOT free at all. But it looks like LNP was completely correct with their statement that the person was free on bail. So he only had to pay 10% of the $15,000 to post bail. So what? That's what happens for anyone. There is no special priveledge for race or because you are a police officer. There is no story here and really no legitimate point at all.

This is just inexcusable stupidity on Becky Holzinger's part - once again. Why doesn't she just mind her own business in her trash apartment in her crumbling, below average neighborhood?


Becky Holzinger is a Clown

Becky Holzinger falsely claimed she is a resident of Lancaster to WGAL 8. She operates the failed Wordpress blog "Lancaster Independent Press" despite living in Philadelphia. A review of Lancaster Independent Press proves to me that Becky was not involved with the original publication.



Maybe convicted felon Jerry Puryear wasn't hiding at your house, but you admitted that he called there and that you told him he is a fugitive! So, there's that.

And maybe Becky Holzinger did not notice this on the docket sheet?

Yes, this was part of a "guilty plea" and there is still a very active felony case against Jerry Puryear that happened within the past month or so. And yes, he did work quite extensively with Becky Holzinger despite having a felony record of child sex abuse. Disgusting. Delete your blog now you disgusting, criminal-craddling filth!


Breaking News: Did Becky Holzinger Get a Job Yet?

Or does she live in that rathole apartment in Philadelphia?

Funny how she complains that MAW's building is listed at $89,000 but her garbage-filled dwelling only cost less than that. Does she work? Does she just collect social security and post crap on the internet all day? What's her deal? Get a job, Becky Holzinger!


Did Anyone Else See This Post Yesterday? Where Did It Go?

Where did this post go? What is going on? Here is the link to the YouTube video

Please check back later today. I mean, I will return on Tuesday, September 5th. Oops.


LOL! LOL! Make this go viral!

Looks like Kooky Becky is having trouble on Lancaster Online (LOL) again. Still. No, none of those people are the same person, Becky Holzinger. They are real people fed up with your's and Ron's bullshit on there. Once again, try to deflect and blame other people for your bad behavior on message boards. It's beyond pathetic and sad and please get a life. Is your felon photographer Jerry Puryear back out of prison yet? The public has a right to know.

Looks like the last post really hit a nerve. So let me encourage you to scroll down to the next post and please read it. Kooky Becky and Woman-Threatener Ron will be put to a stop and it could get real ugly for them. Actually, they are both pretty disgusting to look at. So it already is really ugly. Please check back later.



Wow, is Becky Holzinger insane or what? Please just keep shrieking about MAW and Lancity Connect, because you are making yourself out to be the kook that you are! No, MAW's assets are not a building for $89,000. They obviously have several vehicles and probably lots of lots of fiber optic cable which isn't cheap. So you know darn well that their assets are not limited to an amount less than $100,000. It's ridiculous and shows just how stupid and pathetic Becky Holzinger really is. No other media outlet will cover this because they aren't insane, duh! And it's not just LNP. And no, it is not some crazy conspiracy against you, Becky. Now, get lost, Becky Holzinger. And take your criminal photographer and other friends with you.


Harper Finally Got It!

Check the links on the right side of this website to read about the convictions of Ron Harper Jr. who harassed a woman who was in fear for her safety! Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Back to the Ole Race Baiting

Becky Holzinger is race baiting again. And I am surprised she reposted the picture of herself with "Millie" Dixon, aka "Mildred Dixon", aka "Quiana Dixon", who has a lengthy criminal record full of summary offenses and misdemeanors that involved jail time. I guess Millie Dixon is "on the loose"! I really shouldn't be surprised since she associated herself with convicted felon Jerri Wright aka Jerry Puryear for all of those years.

I really don't understand what the big deal is whether a guy paid 10% of $100,000 bail or paid the whole thing. The point is, the bail amount is paid and he's out. Is it relevant to anyone's life whether he paid 10% or the whole thing? Not really. And if anyone really needs to know, I am sure they could look it up on the docket sheets. It's not like that information isn't public or anything. So what's the deal? Why does she keep harping on this minor detail?

And has Becky Holzinger retracted her false story that LNP printed a "glaring error" regarding a 13.9% unemployment rate in Lancaster city?

No, of course she will not retract that story - even though it is clearly wrong. The link to the data has been available the entire time and she never bothered to look where LNP said they got the data from - the "census bureau". (The data came from the US Census Bureau). Of course, that story is a complete and total failure so she will probably never go back to it.

Just race bait some more. So typical of crazy Becky!


Get it Right, Becky Holzinger!

So let me postulate a question. Which person in Lancaster County, in the course of their everyday lives, needs to know whether or not Deleon posted $100,000 bail or posted 10% of $100,000? No one, right? So why does Becky Holzinger need to accuse LNP of misinforming the public, when the information is completely irrelevant and available to confirm on electronic dockets anyway? She doesn't! She absolutely has no business accusing LNP of "misinforming the public" over such a minor, irrelevant detail! It really isn't a big deal - at all!

And she clearly has no business accusing LNP of posting a "glaring error" when the number was confirmed to be correct! Becky Holzinger is clearly the one that is misinformed and has such a sick bias toward anything with "Lancaster" in the name - that she will go well out of her way and outside of the realm of decency and reality in order to attack it. It is truly bizarre and disturbing behavior. Seek mental help - NOW!


Who Cares About Water?

I don't. I'm still waiting on that follow up from August 7th about that "glaring error". You know, the "incorrect" unemployment rate that was actually correct. Any follow up on that, Becky Holzinger? Have a great weekend. Check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Lying for Years

Jerry Puryear is in jail on $100,000 bail. The public has a right to know. Has Becky retracted the lie that LNP made an error on the city's unemployment rate? Please check back later.


Breaking News! LNP "Unemployment Rate Error" Story Disappears?

Yeah, so let me just point a few things out here. One is that Becky Holzinger said at the end of August 8th post that there would be more about the library and to check back later today. Well, I checked back and there was nothing additional added.

And about five paragraphs into her August 7th post, it was stated " I don’t know where they came up with 13.9 percent for the city and further, 14.7 percent for the southwest part of the city, but neither is close to being valid. I knew something was wrong immediately when I read it this morning. How could this have gotten by all those editors? And if this didn’t strike at least one person as wrong, how can we possibly believe anything they say in the editorial about Lancaster’s fiscal situation?This is a glaring, embarrassing and totally misleading error and LNP needs to make a correction now. There will be more tomorrow."

Of course, absolutely all of that was a lie. How did it get by all those editors? Probably because it checked out, Becky Holzinger. If you read the posts below on this blog, you can find links and verification for the 13.9 percent unemployment rate for Lancaster City from the U.S. Census Bureau. And apparently "she doesn't know" where those numbers came from, so why dispute them? Why not follow up and find out where they came from? Besides, the article stated where they came from! They said it was from "census bureau data"! Unbelievable!

So now I have to wonder how much is really accurate about the MAW Communications/LanCity Connect story? Let's just say that I seriously have my doubts about the veracity of anything published on "Lancaster Independent Press". Becky Holzinger is clearly a pathological liar and needs immediate psychological help! How can you be a reporter for a city that you don't even live in? The whole thing is just ridiculous, Becky Holzinger! Ridiculous and absurd! Please check back later today.


To the Dogs, Again!

Yes, the overall unemployment rate in Lancaster city per the US Census Bureau most recent numbers is 12.8% with a margin of error of +/-1.8%! The 13.9% overall unemployment rate cited in LNP's article falls within this range and is NOT an error! Lipnews is incorrectly stating that the overall unemployment rate is the same as the civilian unemployment rate. This is incorrect and should be immediately corrected and IS an error - by Becky Holzinger.

Please note that the most recent numbers are for a five year period 2011-2015 and can be found linked in the following posts.

"Lancaster Independent Press" is caught in a huge lie, again! Yes, the US Census Bureau data does show that Lancaster city's unemployment rate was 13.9% for the period 2010-2014. The most recent numbers (2011-2015) are 12.8% Given the margin of error, these numbers are solid and consistent and are not an error by LNP. There does not need to be a "correction" other than Becky Holzinger's blog. She is lying. The error is that she has never bothered to identify the source of the information. It says right in the article that the information came from "census bureau data". The 4.1% unemployment rate is for Lancaster county - not the city. And the 5.8% is the civilian labor force unemployment rate from the PA Dept of Labor which does not include anyone in any of the Armed Services. Will Becky Holzinger continue in her delusional fantasy that LNP printed an incorrect unemployment rate for the city? Please check back later today.


A Glaring Liar

Becky Holzinger's latest lie is that 13.9% is not the correct unemployment number for Lancaster city. In fact, it is the correct number identified by the US Census Bureau for a five year period 2010-2014. Here is a link. The number has been cited, referenced, and hyperlinked. Becky Holzinger is lying - again. Please see the post immediately below.