Always Call First, Becky!

Becky ends today's drivel with her accusation that DA Stedman does favors for the rich and powerful. What "favors" are those Becky? Do you have any proof? You accused Stedman of "obstruction of justice". Any word on charges being brought? Any trial? Any conviction for DA Stedman, Becky Holzinger? Becky Holzinger, you need to clarify that your website is biased and that it is only your opinion that DA Stedman does favors for friends. Those of us who actually live in Lancaster know that that is not the case. I have asked on numerous occassions for proof that G. Scott Davis received special treatment. All I get is the same old tired line that "he' Cutler's brother-in-law" when I know that is not the case. How do I know? You initially reported he was Cutler's "step-brother-in-law'. Do you see how you have intentionally altered your "news" site in a biased way?

Of course you don't.

The real reason Becky hates DA Stedman is that she lost her cases against him about having access to autopsies. Just google "becky holzinger open records pdf". What a fuckin' crackpot. This is the real reason she bashes the guy everyday and comes up with absurd, fictitious stories about how he "obstructs justice". What a pathetic liar. Go deal with your family emergency in Minnesota and mind your own damn business, Becky Holzinger!


Where is Becky's Coverage?

Wow, so LNP didn't have a story immediately up after the Memorial Day weekend about a robbery. So? They are connected to the wealthy, powerful, elite. So? There is no story here, Becky Holzinger. LNP released the story, Becky. Sorry it was not up immediately, but some news agencies like to check their facts and verify them before putting them out. You should try it sometime.

Becky Holzinger is in Minnesota for a family emergency. This is a sign that Becky Holzinger is mentally ill. This has all been reported and photos have been released and no one is hiding anything, Becky Holzinger. Seek mental help now.


Becky Holzinger Wouldn't Like It

Is Becky Holzinger still whining about unsolved homicides that happened over a year to nine years ago? And what has she done about it except whine on a Wordpress blog? I know, she went to Minnesota to handle a family emergency!

There were 150 unsolved murders in Philly in 2012 and Becky Holzinger did not write about even one of them. Not even one!

Not every homicide gets solved, Becky Holzinger. Have a great weekend and don't act like a fucking loony toon like Becky Holzinger!


Confess, Becky Holzinger!

I'll post this again. There has not been an unsolved murder in Lancaster in nearly two years. There hasn't been more than two unsolved murders during a year for five years. Meanwhile, Philly had 150 unsolved murders in 2012. Will Becky Holzinger investigate any of these unsolved murders? If not, why not?

And is Becky Holzinger still in Minnesota? She indicated that she had a family emergency. Is it taken care of? Is Becky Holzinger still working? What is going on? Should her employer be notified that she is taking a vacation in Minnesota while posting garbage on her blog trashing a town she never lived in and knows very little about? Has she submitted that petition to change.org yet? She gathered some signatures in Lancaster but has not utilitzed them. Why did she collect those signatures? Why did she support a convicted felon child abuser? Why did she try to aid a man accused of distributing drugs and convicted of stabbing someone? Why is her son convicted of assault?

Please check back later today.


Get to Work, Becky Holzinger

Oh noes! There was a shooting that was not life threatening! Gasp! And what did Becky Holzinger do about it? Whine, bitch, piss and moan about it on a Wordpress blog from Minnesota during a "family emergency", which I can only guess is a leaky rooftop at Anne Holzinger's house.

There were 10 shootings in March? Some of which involved no reported injuries or damage? Oh no! There were probably 100 in Philly. And there are 16 unsolved murders over the course of nearly a decade? What did Becky Holzinger do about it? She said she would put a petition on Change.org for Erma Kaylor and never did! What happened to her petitions? They are probably sitting under a heap of garbage in Becky's trashy apartment! A lot of good they are doing there, Becky Holzinger! Now that I think of it, what does Becky Holzinger do except whine like an 8 year old child on her blog?

Nothing! Get to work, Becky Holzinger! I'm sure they don't appreciate you being in Minnesota for an extended period of time, do they?


Becky Holzinger: Always Awful!

Go back to school, Becky Holzinger! She is whining about the name of the officer not being released? Guess what, Becky Holzinger! You are likely the primary reason the name is not being released! They have cited "demonizing police" as the reason they are not putting out his name! Guess what you constantly do? You demonize police! You are demonizer-in-chief! You are reason #1 the name wasn't put out! Now you will whine about what you did? Really?

I hope they don't put the name out and never do! You are a massive idiot and why don't you mind your own business in Minnesota? You've caused enough problems here in Lancaster for decades with your lies and false propaganda! Get lost, you pathological liar!


Does Becky Holzinger Know?

Does she know why her graphics are so damn blurry? I can't even make out what that says, Becky Holzinger. Brandon Bleecher is none of your business. Why are you calling jails and such? You are in Minnesota handling a family emergency, right? Who is providing you financial support to pay for all of this? The phone calls from Minnesota to Pennsylvania, I mean. Perhaps they should be notified.

Gardill and Karpathios had pellet guns, why won't you inform your readers of this simple fact?

Why won't you tell your readers who the guy was in the gray hooded sweatshirt that robbed the J&K Supermart? You've never mentioned his name.

All you do is spin things about Lancaster and 90% of what you say isn't even true! You are a pathological liar and subhuman filth. You are a vile, disgusting person, Becky Holzinger. Get mental help stat!


Afternoon Update: Becky Holzinger: Sheer Greed

Becky Holzinger is full of sheer greed. Just the other day she said she wanted to make money off a guy she has been falsely alleging for months is harassing her.

Becky Holzinger has refused to talk about Rosaura Torres' threatening Facebook posts or her conflicting story about alleged retinal detachments. It is quite obvious to everyone that the allegations were never made at Chief Sadler and that the book Becky is talking about is a work of fiction that blamed "Mark" for causing her retinal detachment.

Also, there is no preferential treatment for G Scott Davis who is not Bryan Cutler's brother-in-law or Katie West, both of whom were charged and faced the rule of law just as anyone would.

Becky Holzinger is a proven pathological liar and likes to make up crazy stories. Also, she posted a favorite video from convict Ron Harper Jr., who is on police record for harassing a woman.


Becky Holzinger Harasses Candidate for District Judge

"Leave me alone", candidate for district judge Jamie Haines said to Becky Holzinger. Therefore, Becky Holzinger must now immediately cease and desist all contact with Jamie Haines. All Becky Holzinger is doing is reading this stuff in LNP and now she is using it to harass this guy. So he owes a bunch of money to the IRS. So what? This is terrible "journalism" and this is all just laughable because isn't Becky doing all this stuff from Minnesota in the middle of some "family emergency"

Becky Holzinger is clearly insane.


Becky Holzinger: Not Really a Reporter!

Brett Hambright is a terrible reporter, Becky Holzinger? Well at least he is one, which is a lot more than I can say about you!

Do you have any proof that all three are not free on unsecured bail? Oh wait. You're in fucking Minnesota! How do you know the whereabouts of these three people?

Becky Holzinger made the false announcement that the father shot and killed this child, and they were wounded and released. Becky Holzinger doesn't even care if she gets her basic facts straight. What an absolute disgrace!


Becky Holzinger's Latest Blast of Hot Air

Oh, Becky Holzinger was going to be at the preliminary hearing for Elaine Key who accidentally shot her own brother, but then she realized she was in Minnesota! Oops! What happened to her crack reporting team? Besides the photographer sitting in the Lancaster County Prison, I mean.

And no, G Scott Davis is still not the brother-in-law of Bryan Cutler. And there is still zero evidence that there was any coercion or wrongdoing. Becky's entire, ridiculous argument is that since G Scott Davis is Bryan Cutler's step-brother-in-law that DA Stedman gave him special treatment. Nevermind that these two cases are two entirely different scenarios. And that Samoad has a laundry list of prior charges, while G Scott Davis's record was clean. Nevermind all of those differences, this is obviously racism! Becky can see it all clearly from Minnesota because that is practically right next door to Lancaster!

What a babbling fucking baboon! Someone get this woman institutionalized stat! She is a pathological liar and has nothing better to do than write this crap online while she should be handling her family emergency in Minnesota. Unbelievable!


Afternoon Update - Becky Wrong Again

Becky has very strongly implied the Hougendobler brothers were the victims of suicide or homicide. She was wrong. They froze to death. Why didn't LNP report this sooner? Well, if Becky Holzinger would read the links she posts, then she would know that toxicology reports recently came back. Duh. Becky Holzinger will continue to speculate on foul play even though the experts determined hypothermia. Becky Holzinger is an expert on everything, don't you know? What a freaking nutcase Becky Holzinger is! And it seriously shows!


Becky Holzinger, Dumber Than a Box of Rocks

Have you ever seen anyone stupider than Becky Holzinger, who whines daily about a newspaper that is printed in a town she has never lived in in her entire life? This is just the epitome of a sad, lonely, dumb old bitch with nothing better to do with her day than to "cover" a town she does not live in! This deluded nutcase really thinks she is a reporter! I have news for Becky Hholzinger, she IS dumber than a box of rocks and she proves it on a daily basis! She is so stupid, she makes the guys in Dumb and Dumber look like rocket scientists! Didn't Gil Smart loose his Smart Remarks column? Why on earth is she still whining about him? This is ridiculous and absurd! If you don't like the Lancaster Newspaper, then stop reading it! You live in Philadelphia, you fucking idiot!

The list of stupid things Becky has printed is quite lengthy. Any normal person with even half of a brain would have been embarassed and logged out. But not Becky! I think she is so damn dumb she doesn't even realize how stupid she really is! Wow, please check back later.


Hey Becky, You Forgot Reality

So is Becky going to show us how these cases were homicides? Where did Becky get her expertise in solving crimes? Was it before or after she dropped out of high school? This nutcase won't produce one ounce of evidence and just continue in her disturbing lies about Lancaster. Hey, maybe Philadelphia is a good place to get away with murder, because Becky is killing her reputation everyday! What a kook! Did she get her journalism degree out of a cracker jack box? Oh that's right, she is a high school dropout from the special ed class.


Absolute Nonsense and Lies From Becky Holzinger about Cameras

Just search this blog for articles about cameras. Becky has been caught in countless lies about cameras. She has also made it clear she has no understanding about basic camera functions. It is unbelievable that she continues to lie and thinks she is getting away with it. Hint, Becky. You're not. This image is pixelated because it occurred far away from the camera, as I've explained numerous times. Something in Becky's brain seems to be broken that she can't seem to understand this simple concept. Becky is not a camera expert. She is not a reporter. Yet this kook insists on being one. Get mental help, Becky Holzinger!!!

Is Becky Holzinger Stupid?

There seems to be some confusion, Becky Holzinger? Yes, you seem very confused. Why did you publish a piece by the father and pawn it off as from the son? And it's from 2012, Becky Holzinger? Sheesh!

And what exactly did Lanagan do that is racist? What did he say that was racist? I haven't seen one thing that he said that was not 100% accurate. Not one thing. And not one racist thing at all. Becky Holzinger, on the other hand, is a grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. And supports thieves, child sex abusers, and drug dealers. I shit you not! Well, maybe about the KKK, but the rest is 100% true!!!


Becky Holzinger: Blatant Racism

I think all this woman does all day is race bait on her blog. That is her life. She doesn't do anything else except to come up with absurd race baiting propaganda. All she does is obsess about skin color and ignores everything else. These situations are entirely different, Becky Holzinger. You can't compare apples and oranges and ...therefore, racism! It's idiotic! You are doing nothing but making yourself out to be even more of a complete and total fool out of yourself than you already have.

And why did you lie and associate yourself with a publication from 40 years ago that you had nothing to do with? You misspelled "Chuck Leayman" as "Chuck Lehman" and then modified your blog to cover it up. Then you make fun of a guy who switched up his Facebook page? You did the same exact shit, Becky Holzinger! And I'll bet that if I go into his Facebook page, I will still find all the same quotes you made. He probably just switched up his cover photo or something. I think I will look right now, Becky Holzinger. Don't be surprised when I come back in ten minutes to laugh at you.


Update * Bleecher Eligible For Boot Camp in 3 Years

Becky Holzinger seems to have a deceptive headline on her recent story that indicates Bleecher will not be in the boot camp program. However, the article Becky linked to clearly states that he will be eligible for the boot camp program in three years. Oh, this is the guy that Becky worked with and she didn't know how to spell his name properly. This is how I discovered that Becky Holzinger's name is not found in a search of the old Lipnews publication. Given the contrast between the actual 1969-79 Lipnews pamphlet and Becky's tabloid blog, I'd say she never had anything at all to do with it!

Click here for "Absolutely Unacceptable", which states that Bleecher's dad is not "the inventor of Neverwet" as Becky Holzinger falsely claimed. Also, follow the link in that posting to "Becky Holzinger's Resume is Very Unimpressive". Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger, the Last Person Lancaster Needs

Seriously, we don't need your commetary on Lancaster, Becky. It is irrelevant. You don't live in Lancaster. Are you still trolling Facebook and being outraged by common sense? What a surprise from a raving lunatic Lancaster has absolutely zero need for. Please take a flying leap, Becky Holzinger. You are a rotten apple if I ever saw one. If you don't like Lancaster, why don't you write about something else? Why don't you write about how much you love Philadelphia and how non-violent and unracist everything in Philly is. Oh wait. You're a fucking moron. Get a life.

Bring Becky Holzinger to Justice

Using a screenshot of a Lancaster police Facebook post is not reporting. Do you understand how this internet thingy works, Becky Holzinger? Anyone on the internet can read this LCP FB post without you reposting it, Becky Holzinger. And will you please stop lying about "breaking news"? You are not breaking the news when you just repost crap.


Becky Holzinger. Zero Minority Hires in 2015

And the one minority Becky did have on staff ended up being on the Megan's Law list and is currently in Lancaster County Prison. Who has Becky hired for her WordPress blog? No one! What a cheapskate and it shows!


Guess the Town!

Guess which US city Becky Holzinger will be trolling Lancaster from today. Becky Holzinger does not need to know any names and it is none of Becky Holzinger's business. Get lost and mind your own business crazy loon! These dollars were contributed to a private fund and this is not tax money, moron!

Has Becky Holzinger Lost Her Power?

Or her mind? So Becky Holzinger will now be publishing about Lancaster from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seriously? Does she always travel half way across the country and still write about Lancaster? If you thought living a few hours from Lancaster was bad enough, how about now? How can you possibly report on an area when you are out of state, Becky Holzinger? This is ridiculous and absurd! You are not a reporter, Becky Holzinger!


Over 25 Years of Lies from Becky

Becky Holzinger has been caught in lie after lie about Lancaster. Becky Holzinger is the Executive Liar from Philadelphia.

As this site has shown for many years now, the cameras do catch crooks and Becky Holzinger knows squat shit about cameras. The cameras appear to have aided in capturing the killer of Nicole Mathewson based on a tip provided by the cRoW. Don't expect to read about that any time soon on Lienews.


*** Afternoon Update *** There Will Be Justice

Sure, if you are an insane crazy woman from Philly and you think justice is the exact opposite, yes there will be justice. Oh, but there will.

Sheriff: Duke Lacrosse Case All Over Again


How Much Has Becky Cost the City

...with these ridiculous Right-to-know requests? Does Becky Holzinger really need to know what officer Ray Corll ate for lunch? Or what time he took a dump? Nothing in Lancaster is really any of her business, Becky Holzinger's contact has no legitimate purpose. Isn't that the very definition of a stalker? Yet this city does nothing. I find that particularly odd that they will not take action against Becky Holzinger, a woman that is known to falsely accuse police officers of excessive force.

Perhaps they should. And perhaps they will. Please check back later.


Racism in Philadelphia Begins With Becky Holzinger

When is this mental midget not writing a race baiting hit piece on her tabloid blog? It's all this hag has and she never mentions that her half black son has a history of assaulting people. I guess if you are a certain race, Becky Holzinger will give you a free pass! She did for her long time photographer Jerri Wright/Jerry Puryear! When does he get out of prison anyways, Becky Holzinger? Before or after you go in?


Updated - Geek Out

Seriously, is this a full fledged tabloid or what, Becky Holzinger? LNP is still rotating this as their top story? And what is your top story, Becky Holzinger? Is it Erma Kaylor or Olga Sanchez-Reyes? Nope! It scrolled down the page again, Becky Holzinger! Der, this will stay at the top until these murders are solved! Oops, Becky Holzinger is full of shit again. Her top story is...the Taylor Swift LNP story! Duh!

And is she going to say anything negative about the guy who tried to run over cops? Nope, he's black! Skin color gives you a free pass in crazy world!

And I still do not see any pictures of blown engines in LCP cars. And no photos of LCP cop cars being towed, either. Certainly, if the engine was blown, don't you think there would be pictures? Sure, three engines were blown, but there were three other police precincts involved in that chase, Becky Holzinger. Do you still think three Ford Crown Victoria police interceptors blew the engines? Where's the pictures????


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger is Next!

People are going to riot if Becky Holzinger keeps posting this crap. No, Becky Holzinger. Lancaster is not next. Morant put cops in fear for their lives and rammed a cop car head-on! And you are going to draw parallels apparently to Baltimore? Is that what you are seriously attempting with a straight face? Because it is outright laughable and completely insane, Becky Holzinger! Why would you even want a mugshot of that creep, Becky Holzinger? Are you hot for black dudes that attempted to kill the police? Is that what you want, Becky Holzinger? Is that why you constantly and needlessly attack them on your blog almost every day? And then stick up for drug dealers, child molestors and thieves? There is something definitely wrong with Becky Holzinger. Get her mental help NOW!


Where Are Pictures of the Blown Engines?

Becky Holzinger still claims that the three blown engines are Lancaster police cars. Where are pictures, Becky Holzinger? The LNP photo of the Tahoe being towed does not show any white Ford Crown Victoria police interceptors broken down. There were several other precincts involved. Where is your proof that three Lancaster police cruisers have blown engines? I sincerely doubt any statement made by Becky Holzinger. She initially told us the wrong guy and did not include "Jr". Why is Becky's reporting such low quality and riffe with errors???

The latest account of damage to Lancaster police cruisers does not include blown engines. "City police cruisers sustained damage to the front bumpers, push bars and transmission coolers mounted in front of the car below the radiator, according to Lancaster police."