Coming Soon! Top Ten Dumbest Becky Posts of 2016!

I have not forgotten what a stupid bitch Becky is! There will much more later. Please check back soon!


Becky Trolzinger Has a Problem, Alright!

If she hates LNP and it is such a terrible paper, why does she read it and post about it everyday?

Becky Trolzinger is a terrible liar. She has a problem with an editorial in a newspaper for a town she hasn't lived in for decades? Who cares? No one cares, Becky Trolzinger! You are simply writing to yourself and like-minded kooks that all belong locked up in the Evergreen mental institute!

Get lost!


Update on Becky Trolzinger

I would not believe one thing posted on Becky Trolzinger's blog - ever! Her track record is astounding. Lie after lie! Becky Trolzinger is a mentally ill person from Philadelphia.

She either outright lies or frequently lies by omission. She needs to get back into therapy with her psychiatrist at Evergreen, Dr. Andrew Vogelson. Stat!

She is obsessed with Lancaster and it is a very unhealthy obsession. She is NOT a reporter, she is a propagandist with a sick agenda. She is very sad that Trump won because she is mentally ill and has a very weak mind.

Becky Trolzinger should be investigated by police, placed in prison, and receive mandatory psychological help. She has defended a convicted child sex abuse and also supports many criminals against hard working police officers. Lock her away - now!


Absolutely Nothing New

I took a little R&R off of Becky's blog but I see there is absolutely nothing new. The police have solved crimes and Becky Holzinger is going to whine about it. Why hasn't Becky Holzinger solved that Erma Kaylor case yet? Is her petition on change.org up yet?

Becky Holzinger has a sick obsession with Lancaster county and refuses to acknowledge the very serious threats made by the author of that book she mentions. If you search this site, you can read all about the very disturbing Facebook posts of Rosaura Torres. She wanted to hit her ex with a car and showed a "female spirit" carrying around a decapitated male's head. I'm not even kidding. And then, she defends Hiram Calderon, who posted on Facebook himself wielding a sword in one photo and holding a "death note" in another! Simply unbelievable!

And the "topper" on the cake is when she stood by and defended convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear, her photographer for YEARS after he was caught (and convicted for) trying to steal from a local business! Jailbird Jerry! Maybe Becky Holzinger will get her own jail cell. Or better yet, a padded one! I will be writing about Becky Holzinger at a later time on this blog. Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger Thinks She Can Get Away With Murder

But I am not going to let that happen. The case she referenced was a man found guilty of "involuntary manslaughter". Newsflash: that is not "murder", Becky Holzinger. You are a complete and total liar and fraud. Now don't go away mad, just go away!

Hiram Calderon is a violent and threatening thug that got himself stabbed in a fight that he provoked. This is the type of scum that Becky Holzinger defends. Plus she defended convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear. Yeah, Becky Holzinger has some mental problems. Seek therapy now!


Full Statement on Becky Holzinger's Irresponsible "Journalism"

I think it is absolutely disgusting what Becky Holzinger is putting the Calderon family through by continuing to drag out this non-issue and I think that it is beyond terrible that she is keeping her readers in the dark about the disturbing Facebook photos that she refuses to publish and generally just twisting and omitting facts of this matter. Also, there was a criminal conviction that she refuses to mention and it's obvious what the agenda is in omitting these important facts.

Not one media outlet has named the person who stabbed Calderon and there are NO charges. Period. Don't you think Becky Holzinger would get the hint? It's not just LNP. It's WGAL. It's WHTM. It's CBS. It's Foxnews. Every single one...nada! Why do you think the police chief called Becky Holzinger's blog irresponsible journalism? Because it is! When are they planning on doing something about it?

Seriously, Becky Holzinger. It is time to move on. Enough with the disgusting, hurtful and potentially very dangerous blog. Becky Holzinger's blog needs to be taken down now! Police code 5150! Send in the squad cars!


Updated: Becky Holzinger: Not a Watchdog!

Twenty unsolved murders over 10 years in a city the size of Lancaster is an outstanding achievement. Thank you Mayor Gray!

Wow, over ten years on Becky Holzinger's blogs and all of these terrible problems in Lancaster! Sounds like Becky Holzinger's blog is a total failure! Good thing that all these "terrible problems" are in Becky Holzinger's brain and NOT in reality!

I mean really, Becky Holzinger. The roof on Central Market? That's what you're going to write about? If all of these problems were real, do you really think Becky Holzinger would be headlining her blog with a story about a new roof that is needed for Central Market? And she doesn't even live in Lancaster! This is ridiculous and absurd!

And she still hasn't told her readers about Calderon's criminal record. Or the disturbing Facebook photos of him wielding a sword in one photo and holding a "death note" in the other. Don't you think you should keep your readers informed, Becky Holzinger? Apparently not.

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Drones On and On and It's Almost "Cotober"!

It's almost like Becky Holzinger literally has no life and types random stuff about a town she doesn't even live in all day. Well unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't have the time to waste to respond to all of Becky Holzinger's insane rambling. All I know is is that this woman is a complete fraud and a kook. Anyone that would take her site even semi-seriously at this point should be locked up in the padded room next to Holzinger's.

I went back in my archives to see how long ago it was that Becky Holzinger referred to next month as "Cotober". It was three years ago! That's hard to believe! Time flies when you're having fun! And for fun, here is a repost of that piece:

Becky just told everyone to stay safe because of a tornado warning in Lancaster. Hey Becky, you live in Philadelphia, remember? And when, exactly, is the month of "Cotober"? So this is what happens when an insane person tries to operate a website. Interesting. Hey, can anyone figure out why a hotel might not quote room rates more than two weeks from now? Wow, this is really tough to figure out! How do you work this internet thingy again?


LIPNewsMonday, October 7, 2013 at 1:38:00 PM EDT
Real quick on this website thing Becky is talking about. The button you push says "Check rates". So you are getting a room rate quote through the website. Hotel rates are constantly changing, so I am sure they do not want to make quotes for their rooms for more than two weeks out. This is not difficult to figure out, Becky! Really, it's not!

brenda hollingerMonday, October 7, 2013 at 3:20:00 PM EDT
More evidence that crazy Becky checks this site on a regular basis. All of a sudden "Faebook' was changed to the correct spelling after she was called out on it. Dumbass.


Afternoon Update: Becky Holzinger Lies Some More

No images! No pictures! Oh, the police released two images! Derp! Every day this stupid hag lies some more about Lancaster and every single person knows what a worthless turdburger Becky Holzinger is. She isn't a reporter and she's been running a fake "news blog" for over a decade. The mentality of this deeply disturbed person is a police code 5150. Google it.

She needs mental help and she needs it NOW! Please check back later today.


Update: Becky Holzinger, Keeping Us Enslaved

Sure, Becky Holzinger "can" print a name, but should she? Ethically, should she publish the name? Has one other news organization printed the name? Shouldn't that tell you something? Can you name even one other place that printed the name? What is the charge? Who does Becky Holzinger think she is? She is endangering her own safety and the safety of many other people and she refuses to follow the same rules of journalism ethics that she, herself, posts! Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Has Lost Touch With Reality and Decency

Why has she still not posted any of the menacing Facebook photos or mentioned the criminal record of Hiram Calderon? Becky Holzinger claims two very different stories. One is that DA Stedman would not return the calls of the Hiram Calderon family. Yet the link to the DA's story says that they refused to look at the video and ended the meeting. So which is it? I'm going to say that Becky Holzinger is a lying sack of shit, as usual. And she has kept her readers in the dark for weeks about Hiram Calderon. She needs a mental evaluation, stat! Forget the evaluation, lock her up in a padded room and throw away the key! She's a raving loon!

And why should that person's name be "released" to the public? He was not charged with a crime. There is no criminal charge! Why not, Becky Holzinger? Time to face reality. Post the menacing Facebook photos of Hiram Calderon, mention his conviction or shut your old, wrinkled pie hole! Now get lost!

This excellent comment in on a previous post: "Well I have a lot to say this afternoon, but my brain and my tap system of MadDog 20/20 are running extremely slowly all day, so this gives me a good excuse to screw off and not do a damn thing the rest of the day, except to watch Jerry Springer and wait for my mental disability check from the state of PA to arrive in the mail." I will be back tomorrow with more half assed lies and twisted thoughts on Hiram, because if he was a white man (which none of them will give me the time of day) I wouldn't even bother mentioning his name. "Mission Impossible" because I am a very sick, mental patient who spends all day pissing & moaning about a town I don't live in. Get me out of this straight jacket so I can chain smoke some more non-filter Pall Malls! Frank Lee where are you when I need you? Still eating at Manor Buffet? "Frankly the size of your gut, continues to get larger".

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger's Computer Craps Out Again!

No charges

Why am I not surprised? Why hasn't Becky Holzinger reported even one of the Facebook pics or facts from this website? We know that she always scours Facebook pages and is how she gathers most of her information. Yet not one Facebook photo was posted. Huh. And why no mention of the 2015 conviction of Hiram Calderon? Not even the slightest mention or suggestion, even though it could be completely relevant! I suppose Becky Holzinger's computer from the 90s took a massive crap again! Which is crappier? Holzinger's crappy laptop or her 25 year old car! LOL!


Becky Holzinger Does Not Qualify

Becky Holzinger had a child sex abuser that took pictures of an underage girl taking photos for her blog for years! I really don't think Becky Holzinger is a good role model or example setter for whom you should hire. I really don't.

Slavery ended hundreds of years ago. And the fight for "civil rights" ended decades ago. I know this may come as a shock to 60 something Becky Holzinger, but racial discrimination is pretty much non-existent. If someone isn't working at a place, it is probably because they a) haven't applied or b) put an ounce's worth of effort into getting hired. I haven't seen one shred of evidence that LNP is discriminatory in their hiring practices. As Martin Luther King Jr said, you cannot judge LNP based on the color of its employees skin, but by the content of their character. You can't look and say "all of them or whites" and make a good judgement. That was the WHOLE problem with racism in the first place, wasn't it? Making a stereotyped judgement based on skin color. Becky Holzinger is the biggest race-baiting racist I've ever seen in my entire life! What a nutcase!

My favorite quote is "we all do stupid things from time to time"...but Becky Holzinger sure seems to be on a roll! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger, Queen of Race Baiting

Not only is she back to her old race baiting, but now she is demanding that people talk about a homicide that happened almost two weeks ago! This is unbelievable! And why won't Becky Holzinger show any of the photos of Hiram Calderon dressed as Deadpool, wielding a large sword, or displaying a "death note"? Why won't she mention his conviction from 2015 and its possible relevance? What exactly is Becky Holzingers agenda to continue to obsess about a town she doesn't even live in? Is Becky Holzinger mentally insane?

Please check back later today.


Does Becky Holzinger Have a Conscience?

The answer to Becky's huge question is very simple. On Nov 1 of last year, Susan Cassidy published the following:

Mara Creswell McGrann, a resident of Lancaster city, and Stuart Wesbury, a resident of Willow Valley Communities, joined the editorial board earlier this month. They will serve three-month stints.Link

So glad Becky Holzinger is there to keep track of important things like this. It took me all of two minutes on Google to find the answer!

Also, she posted this: The next rotation will begin in September. Link So I would imagine that rotations have once again started in September.


Becky Holzinger Owes Everyone Answers

Did I see that correctly? Becky Holzinger vowed to get "justice" for a sword-wielding harassment convict (just last year) that dressed like the ultra-violent Marvel character Deadpool and had a Facebook profile pic of himself holding a "death note"? The DA does not owe us answers, but you do, Becky Holzinger.

And why did you post a deceptive photo that made it look like the street light on the corner was operating? Is it operating? Have you followed up? You do know that criminals in Lancaster are using pellet guns and real guns to shoot out the street lights so they can operate during nighttime without being viewed on the video cameras, right?

And this excellent comment in: "I'm sure crazy Becky will ignore the crime wave and shooting spree which happened overnight, in the city she ACTUALLY lives in - Killadelphia. What a mentally ill person she is to attack Lancaster on a daily basis. She's sick."


Afternoon Update - Becky Holzinger is Stuck on Stupid

Can't Becky Holzinger read? Does she realize that the two men were involved in a drug sale? Doesn't Becky Holzinger see that the US Marshalls were involved? Don't you think maybe they were under surveillance for the past year? Just maybe? And they were in Delaware. Not Lancaster. Not Manheim. Delaware. What an idiot!


Holzinger - Again! Disgraceful Reporting

Oh no! Becky Holzinger is feed up with Dan Nephin? She says: I am sick and tired of Nephin’s unbelievably sloppy, lazy and incomplete reporting!

Then stop reading his columns, you idiot! You don't even live in Lancaster. It costs taxpayers money? Yeah, but absolutely NONE of Becky Holzinger's money! It's none of her business! All she has to do is stop reading it! It's very simple, really!

And speaking of unbelievably sloppy, lazy and incomplete reporting, let's talk about Becky Holzinger's wordpress blog that is a fake news website for a place she hasn't lived in decades! Let's talk about how she won't report that Hiram Calderon was convicted of harassment in 2015 or that he is pictured on Facebook wielding a sword and carrying a "death note". Or that Rosaura Torres posted a threat to run over an ex with her car and had a guy's decapitated head on a picture of a "woman spirit". Where is the "reporting", Becky Holzinger???

This, quite simply, is not reporting. And Becky Holzinger will suffer the penalties she deserves for lying to the public!


Becky Holzinger Lies Again!

Becky Holzinger has been complaining about this Erma Kaylor case since 2012! For four years! Over 1,200 days of BLAH BLAH BLAH! And what did she do about it? Nothing! She said she was going to post a petition on change.org and never did! She gathered some signatures and let them sit in a pile in her apartment in Philly because she never gathered enough!

Ironically, she also made a petition to the DOJ on Ibram Hanna and fell a few hundred supporters short of getting her letter sent to the DOJ! So basically, "activist" Becky Holzinger is a sham! She doesn"t do anything! She is nothing more than a crazy woman from Philadelphia that runs a one-person blog! And she drives a car made 25 years ago! What a fucking loser!


Becky Holzinger Admits Posting "Wrong Information"

I am shocked. I am shocked, I tell you! All journalistic ethics just flew out the window! Becky Holzinger herself admits that she posted "wrong information"!

Eleven hours is a long time to investigate a case. That's more than a full work day! There is no way that Becky Holzinger could know how long it takes to complete a full or thorough investigation! She isn't a police officer! And she literally has no training at all!

Becky Holzinger also attempted to mislead people because I stated that criminals in Lancaster are shooting out street lamps with pellet guns and even real guns and the crime allegedly happened well after dark. After I stated this, she posted two photos showing the street lamp. In one it was not lit, but in the second, there appears to be a light from the top of the pole. However, I demonstrated from Google Street View that the source of light in that photo is clearly not from the street lamp. So I will ask again. Is that street light operating normally? Has it been shot out? Why were two photos used with very deceptive angles and light sources?

If Becky Holzinger posted "wrong information", what other information is wrong? What is her agenda in posting about this story? Why has she not mentioned any of the photos showing Hiram with a sword, with a death note, or dressed as the Marvel character Deadpool? Why has she not mentioned his conviction just last year of harassment? This is all very disturbing behavior from Becky Holzinger and should be investigated by the DOJ. I will be starting a petition on change.org.

Please check back later today.


Is Becky Holzinger Endangering Lives?

I have to ask, is Becky Holzinger endangering lives? LNP and every other single major news outlet has NOT reported the name she put on her blog. Don't you think they probably have a good reason for that? Is Becky Holzinger concerned at all for the safety of that individual? Why is she putting out this person's name? Was he charged with a crime?

I think if anything happens to this individual that they should immediately sue Becky Holzinger and take her for everything she has. Which I doubt is much at all. She drives a car that is a quarter of a century old. She lives in a run-down apartment in Philadelphia. And she doesn't even own the property.

How does Becky Holzinger know that Hiram Calderon did not have a weapon? He is pictured on Facebook wielding a sword and showing a "death note". He was convicted last year of harassment. When is Becky Holzinger going to report any of these facts? They are mysteriously absent. Is there an agenda, Becky Holzinger?

Becky Holzinger is playing a dangerous game with people's lives and she needs to stop - NOW! Please check back later today.

What's Going on Here? This is Unacceptable - 2!

Why did Becky Holzinger post a nice picture of this person? Why didn't Becky Holzinger report on his harassment conviction just last year? Why is he carrying a sword? Why does he dress like an ultra-violent Marvel character named "Deadpool"? Why is showing a "death note"? Why won't Becky Holzinger report the facts and pretend that it's something that it's not. Why is she leaving out parts of the story to make it look a certain way?

She is an absolute nutcase and should be institutionalized immediately!


Yes, Not in Danger

Yes, Becky Holzinger. The public is not in danger. No one else has been stabbed. Becky Holzinger posted this idiotic photograph.

First of all, it is difficult to tell if the street lamp is functioning. While it looks like it might be on in this photo, it could be glare from the sun. The sky does not look dark in the photograph. And actually, the glare probably is the sun, because you can tell in this Google Street View photo that the source of the light is NOT the street lamp. So this is yet another attempt to distort reality by Becky Holzinger.

Also, notice not only that the candles don't appear to be lit, but where the "candle" is located (on the edge of the photograph). Can cameras see through telephone poles now? And which way is the camera pointing? Also, the candle is placed where the body ended up - not necessarily where the actual stabbing occurred. The news reports that the victim was able to go some distance away from where the stabbing occurred.

There are some very disturbing questions as to why Becky Holzinger is even posting on this topic. Why hasn't she posted any of Hiram Calderon's Facebook posts? How about the image of him dressed as the Marvel character Deadpool? Yes, Becky Holzinger. You know what I'm talking about. I love how Becky Holzinger is suddenly NOT posting photos of people she found on Facebook. Why do you suppose that might be?

Also, why no mention of his criminal record from just last year? Becky Holzinger is not a reporter and she is a disgusting, dishonest individual with no journalistic ethics whatsoever!


Send Becky Holzinger to Jail!

What is illegal about the convention center? What law is being broken? Just because Becky Holzinger says so?

And back to this issue about cameras in Lancaster. Does Becky Holzinger know that the stabbing happened at 9:30pm? It's dark. And the criminals in the city are shooting out the street lamps in order to stay off the cameras. I'm not even kidding. Literally, they are taking out the street lights to keep hidden. They are running drugs or prostitution and literally shooting out the street lamps, even when they are replaced. Is this really difficult to figure out? If Becky Holzinger lived in Lancaster, she would know this fact in about two minutes. But she lives in Philadelphia!

She has no business in Lancaster! If taxpayer money is being used, it isn't Becky's Holzinger tax money! She doesn't pay taxes for Lancaster county. Does she understand this? She acts like she doesn't. She should probably mind her own business and stop pretending to be a reporter.


Breaking News!

I just read a bunch of stuff online and now I am "breaking news"! Hint. You're not.

Hey, there are two cameras nearby - and neither one has night vision. Isn't that amazing! So you might be able to get something useful - assuming that the stabbing itself actually happened at the intersection of Conestoga St. and Beaver St or that the murderer was dumb enough to do his crime under a street lamp. Oh wait, police only said that they found the victim there. Guess what? When you are stabbed, you can probably get a few blocks before blood loss caused you to drop! Wow, Becky Holzinger is a fucking idiot!


Don't File a Complaint - 2

"After reviewing your complaint carefully, we found no basis for the Antitrust Section to have standing to file any action under the antitrust laws." - a letter Becky Holzinger claims she got in the mail yesterday from the Office of the Attorney General, Antitrust Section, and signed by Tracy W. Wentz, Chief Deputy Attorney General.

No basis? So, the letter was forwarded to "be reviewed". Let us know how that turns out, Becky Holzinger. My guess? "No basis". Becky Holzinger lies and lies and lies some more. She is a pathological liar and was called out by a poster named Jerry the other day. Jerry made some excellent posts and I may be reposting them here in the near future. Of course, Becky Holzinger has hidden them from the public. Isn't it funny how Becky Holzinger accuses LNP of hiding things from the public, when it's actually her?

I also think Becky Holzinger is on poor legal grounds because she was told to cease and desist and has not. It looks like she has really gone over the line this time and may be in a lot of trouble! And of course, she doesn't have any time for this. Yet she seems to write about it every day. This is beyond absurd and ridiculous. Becky Holzinger, get lost!


Lancaster Independent Press is a Sham!

Becky Holzinger is not a reporter. She is not a police officer, although I suspect she has posed as one to dig for information. She does not even live in Lancaster but pretends daily to "report" on events in Lancaster! Everyone knows that in order to report on events, you have to witness it firsthand. Not from your computer in Philadelphia! This is simply unbelievable!

I will be starting a petition with the DOJ informing them that Becky Holzinger should be immediately investigated for operating a phony news blog. Also, Becky Holzinger continues to be several hundred supporters short on her petition. LOL!

Becky claims "Jerry, let me be very clear: I do not have time to play these games!" Yet she posts garbage to this blog every single day, so apparently she does have time to play games with people's personal lives. This is ridiculous and absurd! Get mental help now, Becky Holzinger!


Becky Holzinger is the Liar in Chief!

And here is proof. An excellent comment came in to this site with the following link.

Link Showing The Man in the Video Posted on Becky's Blog Was Already Arrested!

Yes, literally Becky Holzinger lied and implied that this person was not arrested, when actually, he was apprehended. This just proves how Becky Holzinger does not a) fact check, or b) know what's going on in a town she doesn't even live in. She is an unbelievable pathological liar and not a reporter, police officer, district attorney, or even a journalist. Her pathetic attempt for a petition to the DOJ on Ibram Hanna fell flat on it's face (nowhere near 500 supporters) and her lies are being exposed on a daily basis.

Keep up the excellent work, Lancaster Insane Press supporters!


Becky Holzinger Still Going Insane Over X-Ray Cameras!?

That's a nice blue arrow Becky Holzinger drew.

Notice the article said "near" the laundromat? Does Becky Holzinger believe that the assailant committed this crime while standing in the middle of Manor Street? Really? How stupid do you have to be? So I assume it was in the parking lot, which is around the corner from the camera. Wow! This is really tough to figure out, Becky Holzinger! Isn't it?

Becky Holzinger is a nutty hag from Philadelphia!


Becky Holzinger: Blatant Lying!

It's all she ever does! Constantly! She is a nutcase from Philadelphia! PennLive has been notified! You have been put on notice, Becky Holzinger! Also, a very hilarious comment from CurtisdeMexico has been on a PennLive story for over a day! "Hola! Becky Holzinger is an insane person from Philadelphia! Lancaster Insane Press at blogspot dot com. Adios muchachos!"