Thanksgiving Break...From What?

What exactly is Becky Holzinger taking a break from? Spewing BS about Lancaster? I doubt it. Is she taking a break from solving all of those cases she solved? (Zero). Is she taking a break from raising a son that assaults people? What exactly is Becky Holzinger taking a break from? No one seems to know!


Becky Holzinger is Not a Detective. Becky Holzinger is Not a Detective.

Yes, I have run this multiple times because this is what I have to tell Becky Holzinger all the time. She is not a detective. Or a reporter.

She wants to complain that the Erma Kaylor case is not solved yet she hasn't done anything about it! She has not posted her petitition on Change.org that she said she would. She did not do a follow-up on the DNA test for Markeem Lamar Zink. What has she done to help solve this case? Besides march around in 2013 downtown with a known felon in front of the police station, I mean? Nothing! She has done nothing to help solve the case. In fact, it sure looks like she did a lot to hinder it by prying her nose where it doesn't belong!

Becky Holzinger lives in Philadelphia! Becky Holzinger lives in Philadelphia!

Becky Holzinger will cover the Juan Lopez murder from 8...yes EIGHT years ago and then go on holiday break until Nov. 29th? Let's see how long this line of bullshit lasts, shall we?


Leave No Stone Unturned

Tom Knapp nails it!

Bonilla has appeared on an episode of the television show “America’s Most Wanted.” The show highlighted the case in the hope that it would generate some tips. “We didn’t get any leads from that,” Bonilla said. “Sometimes people said crazy stuff, like they knew something, but it had no bearing on this case whatsoever.”
Well, that sounds exactly like Becky Holzinger! Bonilla nails it, too!

Who is this unnamed neighbor? If this neighbor was a witness to something, it is their responsibility to take it to the police! They refused to put their name on this story? Well, that sure sounds credible, Becky Holzinger! Wow! Unbelievable!


Bear It!

What in the hell is going on? Please check back later today.


Does Becky Holzinger's Brain Work?

I seriously have to wonder whether it does whenever she asks if the Safety Coalition cameras work. Of course they do! You just do not understand simple aspects of cameras, Becky Holzinger! Are you a detective? No. Are you a camera expert? No! Did you get a college degree? No! You are dumber than a stump!

Here is Becky Holzinger looking at 14 Plum St. Lancaster from underneath a camera. This was the location of that arson involving the death of Olga Reyes-Sanchez back in 2010. She thinks this camera caught something and the police are hiding it!? She is standing well below the sight line of that camera! This proves that she doesn't understand what in the hell she is looking at! If she wanted to see what that camera sees, she is way, way off! See that little red x? That is what she is looking at. Wouldn't anyone with even 1/16th of a brain understand that the camera is blocked by that tree? But she just stubbornly refuses to get it and live in utter stupidity and ignorance!

Unbelievable! She is taking the rest of the afternoon off, probably to go stick her head further up her ass. Please check back later.


Money, Money, Money!

Here we go! Racist Becky Holzinger is going to use all the power she has to obstruct any real progress in Lancaster. Forget any journalism ethics – she hasn’t had any in years. We’ll see about this!

Stalker Becky Holzinger is now turning her obsession to Jennifer Todd, because she is actually a reporter! Wow, can you smell the desperation coming from Becky Holzinger? What a hoot! Check back later today.


Becky Holzinger - Never Got Unwanted Wooing!

And why would she with a face like this?

Apparently "stalking" is now buying a woman flowers. Amazing! When will this insane stupidity stop?


Lock Becky Holzinger Away for Years?

Becky Holzinger is upset that an LNP reporter covered something in the police log? Really, Becky Holzinger? I think you are just jealous that Jennifer Todd is an actual reporter and all you do is whine on a Wordpress blog everyday.

What is missing from the story, Becky Holzinger? Why don't you tell us? What is missing from YOUR story, Becky Holzinger? Whatever it is, it is missing from all the stories! I'll tell you what I suspect it is - the name of the police officer. Why in the hell do you want the name of the police officer that was struck? Is it relevant to anything? Of course it isn't.

Given all the disturbing and bizarre support Becky Holzinger gives to people who shoot cops, threaten them, and even plot to kill them - I really think Becky Holzinger should be locked away for years!


Becky Holzinger: No Ethics Whatsoever

True Stalker - 3!

Becky Holzinger uses Rosaura Torres as her source.

Who in their right mind would after seeing images like these posted to her Facebook account?

Ethics, Becky Holzinger? Try looking in a mirror!


Becky Holzinger: Pack Your Bags!

True Stalker - 2! An intolerable situation.

Becky Holzinger's violent, racist, and threatening messages must stop NOW!

In June of 2013, Becky Holzinger supported Marisol Garcia who organized a "Peace Vigil" for a knife-wielding drifter that tried to stab a cop.

Marisol Garcia had posted several racist and threatening messages on Facebook including "Death to Deadbeat Dads", "B.A.D.D. Bitches Against Dead Beat Dads" and "Niggas Be Like". The Death to Deadbeat Dads post included a picture of a bloody ax. Source All of this went unreported by Becky Holzinger.

More recently, she supported Thomas Greene, who threatened to kill police officers and also reportedly threatened to kill a baby. Source

She supported Akeem Washington, who cut the throat of his ex-girlfriend and was convicted of a plot to kill police officers. Source

She supported Javon Caldwell, who she believed was black, but was not. He passed four cars in one pass with a toddler in the back seat of his car. He then pointed a pellet gun at a person that approached him. Source

On Nov 18, 2013, she reposted a threat to kill someone Source

She also posted support for Anthony Gomez Jr, who shot a police officer while a warrant was being served in May of 2015. Return fire killed him.

Her service provider Hostica also laid down the law regarding Becky Holzinger's threatening posts and nearly shut her down.

Pack your bags, Becky Holzinger! Please check back later today.


More Race-baiting Bullcrap from Becky Holzinger

Oh look. More race-baiting bullshit from Becky Holzinger. Twelve years probation for endangering the welfare of a child? I remember when Becky Holzinger was outraged that Javon Caldwell was charged with pointing a bb gun at someone who passed four cars in one shot with a child in the backseat of his car on Rt 23. She didn't seem to concerned about the welfare of that particular child, did she?

Also, she lied about Javon Caldwell's race because the summary docket indicated he's white! She was literally saying that he was treated differently than those other kids that pointed bb guns because he was black and he was WHITE! Wow! I notice no correction was issued and nothing was mentioned about this major editorial error!

Do you think Becky Holzinger's illegitimate son Chris had infantile rickets? Maybe that is why he has all those arrests for assaults in 2005, 2006 and 2007.


True Stalker!

This comment in from Becky Holzinger's computer: Shouldn’t I be in a dark alley somewhere in Philly screwing a black man?

Traced to Jenny, FL. IP address!

I wonder if Marsh insurance's parent company is aware of the filthy, threatening and racist comments that come into this site multiple times daily from Becky Holzinger's and Rosaura Torres' computers?

There will be more tomorrow.


Who Was the Stalker?

LNP’s self-appointed stalker attended the morning session of this trial. In the one paragraph she posted on her website about it, she mentioned one fact — which she got wrong — and she offered one statement from the defense attorney, which she misquoted. This is the woman who always criticizes us.

LNP reporter Tom Knapp on his Facebook page.

Of course, this appears to be about Becky Holzinger. Be advised, if you see her in Lancaster county, she might be followed by a felon taking pictures with his child on a leash.

Please note, this woman travelled from Philadelphia to stand in front of the Lancaster police station and parade around this sign. She also supports a woman who appears to have threatened Lancaster's police chief on her Facebook page and had a picture of a female "spirit" carrying a decapitated man's head! Who is the stalker?


A Stone-Cold Killer. Becky Holzinger is Either Senile or Insane!

"It didn't go over well with the courtroom". Were you there, Becky Holzinger? I highly doubt it since you live in Philadelphia.

Where is your follow-up to your one-person "protests" in Lancaster in 2013? What are the results of Markeem Lamar Zink's DNA test? Why did you accuse the police of sending those three men sketched on "Lancaster Lynching" to kill a man who never died until five years later from unrelated causes? What is mentally wrong with you, Becky Holzinger?

More tomorrow.

How Close is Becky Holzinger Now - 3

It's been two years! Where's your follow-up?

It's been two years since Becky Holzinger held several one-person "protests" in downtown Lancaster. Is the Erma Kaylor case solved yet? Has Markeem Lamar Zink been DNA tested yet? What were the results? If I had to guess, they didn't turn out well for Becky Holzinger, because she has barely mentioned this case for two years! Did an outside investigator come in yet? Did your petition go up on change.org yet? Where is the follow-up, Becky Holzinger?

We will be waiting for your follow-up, Becky Holzinger! Please check back later today.


The Bloody Reality

Well, looks like Becky Holzinger is still posting photos from the convicted felon child sex abuser who was involved in some thefts. The "Must See Pics An Vids" Facebook page is/was operated by Jerry Puryear who used the alias "Jerri Wright".

Here he is on the right with his kid on a leash while taking pictures of Becky!

Love how Becky Holzinger jumps from an event that occurred like a year and a half ago in Manheim Township to Lisa Mearkle in Hummelstown and then directly to a cheap shot at Chief Sadler in Lancaster. All that and she lives in Philly!

Becky insists that the work of fiction written by Rosaura Torres (who threatened to run over her ex with a car and posted an image of a spirit carrying a decapitated man's head) was about Chief Sadler, despite the fact that it was written about a character named "Mark" and that none of the story makes any logical sense - at all.

Go back and read my posts about Torres' conflicting accounts about a retinal detachment and the ridiculous story about "Mark" running into the kitchen to punch and blindside Torres. The story is absolutely ridiculous and a child could tell you it is a work of fiction. Yet Becky Holzinger wants to continue in her childish charade and act twelve, even though she is sixty-some years old!

Yes, Becky Holzinger, there are professional standards and being an alleged "reporter" does not make you eligible to be one! But Becky doesn’t care – because it’s all about other people's money that have nothing to do with Becky and their Marriott Hotel (that also has nothing to do with Becky). Becky Holzinger should resign today!


How Close is Becky Holzinger Now?

Did she figure out how cameras work yet? Did she ask Autozone for their security pictures yet? Did she solve the Erma Kaylor killing yet? Did she post the mugshot of Akeem Washington without the word "charged" over it yet? Did she tell us who the guy in the gray hooded sweatshirt was that robbed the J&K Supermart yet? (Hint, it was Jason Jarvis, a name Becky Holzinger refuses to mention).

How close is Becky Holzinger now? Not very close at all! After all, she lives in Philadelphia! Ha!


Becky Holzinger Can Read? And Sunglasses vs. Armed Robbery

Wow, where in the hell does it say cats can read? Can Becky Holzinger read? And Autozone did not release photographs of a robbery that happened at their store. The Lancaster police cannot release photos that were never given to them. Did Autozone give the Lancaster police the photos Becky is demanding? Did she talk to anyone at the Autozone store? Did she attempt to get the photographs? No? Then shut the fuck up already! Ridiculous!


Singing the Blues And It Is Not True

Yes, Becky Holzinger. There was no "Lancaster Lynching". No one was killed. You stated the man died five years later in FL in 1986 and repeatedly say "attempted lynching". I might try to fly, but it doesn't mean I can fly!

You have plastered a picture of these three guys for all we know had NOTHING to do with this. Just because they were nearby and had some resemblance to the sketch (which the one guy looks NOTHING like the sketch) does not mean you solved a crime or that it changed your life.

I know, because I actually did help solve a crime. You, on the other hand, did not. I provided an "anonymous" tip in the Nicole Mathewson case and I have proven it by posting the text message sent to Crime Stoppers. Becky Holzinger refuses to acknowledge this and will NOT mention it. Frequently, she will not report the facts. She omits key parts of the story all the time. If it doesn't fit her agenda, it doesn't get printed. If there is a comment on her blog, most of the time she will not approve it.

Becky Holzinger is NOT a reporter. She is not a photographer. And she never, ever solved a crime or even helped to solve one. If Becky stood in the room with these three guys and snapped their picture, why didn't she get their names? Why didn't she simply ask for their names for her picture? This is unbelievable! The whole website is a sham is so is Incest Tragedy. The Lancaster police did NOT pay those men to beat up Robert Henderson. Period. There is zero evidence on any website operated or maintained by Becky Holzinger. None. Get lost!


Lancaster "Lynching" - Wasn't a Lynching!

Becky Holzinger's story is just that - a story. When Becky Holzinger says "The three men literally had a license to kill – a license they were given by the Lancaster Police," you would think that there was a lynching in Lancaster and a conspiracy by the police to commit a racially motivated murder. But to my astonishment, no one in this "lynching" ever died. Becky Holzinger's own site states "Robert Leslie Henderson, Jr. died in Florida in September of 1986, apparently from unrelated causes..."

So the pictures of the three "assailants" is not for a lynching. And I doubt that these three men even had anything at all to do with this crime. There is literally nothing linking them to the crime except that they have a mild resemblance to some sketches. Becky Holzinger is literally saying that the Lancaster police hired the three pictured men to "lynch" Henderson. They did no such thing and there is literally no evidence provided by Becky that shows that any such events ever occurred. Her entire proof is that they look like some people in a sketch. And that seems pretty sketchy to me. She claims it happened because he filed a lawsuit against two detectives. Where's the evidence, Becky Holzinger?!

She claims that she sold this story to the Philadelphia Daily News, a tabloid newspaper, for $100. I don't have a way to verify that, but it's possible. She also admits that the Philadelphia Tribune turned down the story because "they could not afford to follow it". Or maybe it's because it was totally fabricated, Becky Holzinger. And they knew your story was stupid, even thirty years ago.

Lancaster "lynching" wasn't a "lynching" at all! The guy lived five years after this! Unbelievable!

Modern Day Bullshit - 5

Becky Holzinger is still defending a convicted felon who cut the throat of his exgirlfriend simply because he is black. Yes, she is supporting him and his threats on the lives of police officers. This is absolutely unacceptable and has been reported to the FBI. So Becky Holzinger can write whatever she wants about Akeem Washington, but now the FBI will be reading it as well. Good luck with that, Becky Holzinger!

The above picture kind of resembles Akeem Washington. He's black and ready to cut someone's throat with the big sword. Just the type Becky Holzinger really likes. She is one sick ticket. When you lock her up, please throw away the key. Thanks in advance.


Modern Day Bullshit - 4

Gee, Tremayne Jones closed his Facebook account? Could it be some crazy person was stalking him on Facebook and writing articles about him non-stop? Gee, I wonder who notified him? Uh, you've been publicly writing about this guy for how long, Becky Holzinger? Who called him and told him to take it down? You did, Becky Holzinger! Duh!

Why would anyone in Lancaster tell him to take down his Facebook page? Are you suffering paranoid delusions again?

Maybe since I notified the FBI that you are supporting people who threaten cops, the FBI came in and shut down the page, Becky Holzinger. How's that for a kooky conspiracy theory? LOL!


Modern Day Bullshit - 3 - Does Becky Holzinger Have a Brain?

Becky Holzinger may be facing an FBI investigation! You cannot continually stick up for those who threaten cops and/or actually harm them and not get noticed by law enforcement. It could have been my tips to the FBI that nabbed photographer, Jerry Puryear. Let's see if my tips help for Becky Holzinger and her stated support for those who threaten the lives of police officers. Please check back later today.



"I spent a great deal of time on the phone today and this just keeps getting more and more outrageous and disgusting."

This is probably the most honest statement Becky Holzinger has ever made, but not for the reasons she said it. Yes, this is outrageous and disgusting. Why is she spending her life on the phone defending a man CONVICTED of plotting to kill police officers? Why is she spending her time on the phone for a man who cut the throat of his ex-girlfriend? Simple assault, terroristic threats and false imprisonment, Becky Holzinger? Intimidating witnesses, Becky Holzinger? A felony rap sheet a mile long, Becky Holzinger? What are you smoking? This is beyond outrageous and disgusting, it is outright insanity!

And the only single reason she has for doing this is the color of the man's skin. This is reprehensible and appalling. There needs to be an immediate police-sponsored investigation of Becky Holzinger. Seize her computers NOW!


Voiding Human Excretion?

Dustin C Salisbery was charged with "voiding human excretion" in Dauphin county in 2010. In other words, he either took a dump or pissed on a street or sidewalk. Not a big deal, but I just find it hilarious that Becky will believe the word of a man who is known to piss or crap in the street over a police officer. I think that is the absolute goddamn funniest thing I ever heard of in my life. That's right, don't believe what the cops say - but listen to this guy who randomly craps or pisses everywhere in public. Wow, has it really come to this Becky Holzinger?

Akeem Washington is convicted of threats on police officers. He has a violent past. The newspaper says he cut the throat of one of his ex-girlfriends (but she survived). Is this really what Becky Holzinger does with her day? Seek mental help stat.


Where is the Mugshot, Becky Holzinger?

Where is the mugshot for Akeem Washington, Becky Holzinger?

She attempted to post one with the word "charged" over his picture even though he was convicted. Where is the mugshot?

This is not the first time Becky Holzinger has come to the defense of someone who threatened to harm police officers. Click here for Becky Holzinger - Outrageous and Sickening.

What kind of reporter says "I am way behind and will bring you the story tomorrow" and then just reprint past crap from her own blog? This is disgusting and bizarre behavior and should be immediately investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger STILL Thinks Videos are on Tape!

This is unbelievable! She claims LNP is "missing a tape" in reference to video! So what? Becky Holzinger cannot access video of a few things on Lancaster Online. One of them was a live stream video, so it is no longer online since the live event is over. The other appears to be a minor technical issue. All she has to do is let LNP know that she can't access the video and I am sure she could have full access to the video. Has she bothered to let them know of her technical issue? Has she picked up the phone and called anyone there? What do you want to bet that the answer to those questions is "no"?

I still can't get over that she is calling these videos "tape". These are not TAPES, Becky Holzinger. Every time you say that, you make yourself look ancient! Video hasn't been on tapes since at least the 90's. I am sure you would have been hard-pressed to find a VCR after DVDs took over. And now, you don't even really need a DVD player. You can get your movies streamed on Netflix, through a game console, or some other way. None of this is "on tape". Cameras now are almost exclusively digital. It's all stored digitally, Becky Holzinger! Welcome to the 21st century!


This Cannot Continue! It's Not Right!

Do you know who got ARD-county for a felony? It looks to me like Becky Holzinger's son, Christopher Holzinger did! Link. Know who else? Javon Caldwell also did, as I recall. The white guy Becky tried to say was discriminated for being black.

That's right! And the "son of a police officer" did not commit a felony with "a gun" and neither did the "son of a wealthy business man". She is obviously referring to Luke Karpathios and Devon Gardill who she tried to set up but failed epically. It was Airsoft pellet guns used in that instance which use these:

These are NOT "guns" and do not shoot ammunition - unless you want to count soft yellow pellets!

Becky Holzinger is well aware of this fact and refuses to accurately report this story. It is disgusting and it proves once again that she is NOT a reporter! Her own son appears to have committed felonies and he got ARD-county! Why can't the son of a police officer or son of a wealthy business man? This is unbelievably stupid, Becky Holzinger!


They Promised Me!

They want $29 million? So? None of this is Becky Holzinger's money. Not one cent. It doesn't concern her - at all. She is not a resident of Lancaster county.

Also, Rosaura Torres-Sadler's book does not accuse Sadler of abuse. It accuses "Mark", a ficticious character. As I have reported numerous times, Torres initially alleged that Officer Suber caused a retinal detachment. Although I asked for medical documentation or proof, it has NEVER been provided. I also doubt the story not only because of conflicting statements, but because I caught Rosaura Torres Sadler on Facebook threatening to run over her ex with a car! Plus she had a photo of a woman "spirit" with a decaptitated man's head!

I watched Torres on the Marc Baxter show (a video on YouTube). All she says is that she was "financially abused". She was cut off financially. She never specifically states that Chief Sadler caused her a retinal detachment or ever hit her in any way. There is probably a good reason for that. It isn't true.

This is deeply troubling and disturbing that Becky Holzinger would continue to use Rosaura Torres-Sadler as a valid source.

Although it isn't too surprising, since she had been working for several months with her photographer, a convicted child sex abuser later tied to some thefts named Jerry Puryear.

Interestingly, there is an inactive arrest record for "tampering with records" from 1996 when you search for "Rosaura Torres" on the public docket sheets. I am working to corroborate this potential criminal connection. Please check back later today.


How Close is Becky Holzinger Now?

Any idea when Becky Holzinger is going to find that killer of Erma Kaylor? She named him years ago. Still not in jail, huh? Don't you think Becky Holzinger should do a follow-up? Isn't that what reporters do? Is she ever going to make that petition on change.org? Is she ever going to inform her readers of his recent criminal record? What is she doing to help solve crimes in Lancaster? Zip! Nada! Nuttin honey!

And no, Becky Holzinger does not think it is "great" that LNP made their newspaper pink, which is why she keeps mocking the color change on her blog. Now she wants them to make it red for "all the victims of these shootings". What shooting is Becky Holzinger even talking about? Who was shot? Does Becky know there were 150 unsolved murders in Philadelphia? Maybe she should look into those unsolved killings if she is so concerned.

Who is going to hold Becky Holzinger accountable? Please check back later today.