Becky Holzinger STILL Lying About Ibram Hanna!?

I know for a fact that Becky Holzinger is lying about Ibram Hanna being shot "dead between the eyes". There is simply no way that officers arrived on scene to find Ibram suffering from a single gunshot wound. He would have been DOA if he was shot directly between the eyes. Becky Holzinger does not even understand what "Russian Roulette" is. It is when you take a gun, put one bullet in the chamber, and you shoot YOURSELF. Not someone else. What Becky Holzinger is attempting to describe is a version of Russian Roulette which is more accurately referred to as "Russian poker". Google it!

This is simply unbelievable! Would Becky Holzinger like to explain why there was a funeral service for Ibram Hanna? Was it closed casket? Was she even there? Of course not! This has nothing at all to do with Becky Holzinger! Get lost and take your obvious lies with you, hag!


Becky Holzinger Continues to Lie

First of all, she comes up with a false quote from DA Stedman, whom she obviously absolutely hates because he handed her her ass in court.

Then she comes up with an alleged quote from "the mother of one of Ibram's close friends". Who is it? There is no way to verify this quote or to verify what is being said is accurate! This is "ethical journalism", Becky Holzinger? I think not!

And Becky Holzinger doesn't even realize that "Russian Roulette" is a total misnomer! The scenario Becky Holzinger is trying to portray is called "Russian Poker", not "Russian Roulette"! Why hasn't Becky Holzinger followed up on whether or not the funeral service was closed casket? How were they able to hold funeral services if Ibram was killed by "playing Russian Roulette[sic]"?

Becky is not concerned about getting to the truth and doing reporting - all she wants to do is make up stories and try to put the DA in a bad light.

Becky Holzinger is a terrible liar and a pathological one. We don't need your lies in Lancaster, Becky Holzinger. GET LOST! NOW!


Why is Becky Holzinger Lying?

The "Russian Roulette" story does not add up and is not an accurate description of what allegedly happened. If this was "Russian Roulette", then Ibram Hanna would have shot himself. Look it up. If this was "Russian Poker", (which is a more accurate description), it still doesn't make sense. How were there funeral services? Why did the family post on Gofundme that it was an "accidental shooting"? Is the family lying? Someone is lying. And Becky Holzinger is a pathological liar. So let's just assume that this is just more horseshit from Becky Holzinger who has a bias against DA Stedman. It's so painfully obvious at this point, it is pathetic and sad. Becky Holzinger will be melting down in 3, 2, 1...

So Is It Still "White Privilege", Becky Holzinger?

So, this looks pretty ridiculous in retrospective, doesn't it? This isn't the only thing Becky Holzinger got wrong on this story.

Even the family is calling the shooting "accidental"!

Something does not add up with Becky Holzinger's story of "Russian Roulette". For one thing, Becky Holzinger is an idiot. Russian Roulette is when you take the gun and point it at your own head. Not someone else's. That's a modified version of Russian Roulette that is called "Russian Poker". So if they were playing "Russian Roulette" as Becky Holzinger is claiming, then Ibram would have shot himself and in the head.

The DA's office and even the family have confirmed that the shooting was "accidental". And considering that they held funeral services for Ibram, I would assume that he did not shoot himself in the face or head. So that leaves the whole story sounding to me as "highly unlikely". And how would the family be calling a "Russian Poker" shooting, accidental? They wouldn't.

I don't know where Becky Holzinger is getting this information. Probably from emails or random people on social media. But her "investigative journalism skills" are highly lacking. Rumors are not facts and Becky Holzinger was not present. That IS a fact. In fact, this has nothing to do WITH Becky Holzinger. She is only printing this kind of innuendo and garbage because she hates the DA. She got schooled by the DA in court and now she is going to throw a temper tantrum like a 12 year old little girl (in the body of a 60 something year old woman).

It's time to grow up, Becky Holzinger. Get your crazy ass off the blog and into a mental institute where you belong. Thanks and have a nice life.


Becky Holzinger's Brain Scrubbed Clean!

First of all, I will be reviewing the Juvenile Act and examining whether or not Becky Holzinger violated law by publishing the name of a juvenile on her blog. I will be thoroughly dissecting and analying the legality of this.

Secondly, there is zero evidence that anything was "scrubbed" on George Rosado/Rosada. None. To make that allegation without any evidence is slander and, as I understand it, would be legally actionable by those being slandered. I would encourage the affected parties to take immediate action.

My analysis will be coming later today. Please check back later.

Initial analysis indicates that while Becky Holzinger might not be doing anything openly illegal, it can be viewed as "greatly" harmful to juveniles. But I am certain that Becky Holzinger won't care.

Update: Pg 53 Juvenile Act: “There has been some recent tendency to permit publicity [of] juvenile court proceedings on the theory that this will act as a curb to juvenile delinquency. There is little evidence to support this theory and considerable indication that it affords the hard-core delinquent the kind of recognition he wants. On the other hand, the harm it causes may be great in the case of the repentant offender.

“The section as drawn permits the court in its discretion to admit news reporters. This is frequently done with the understanding that the identity of the cases observed will not be published, a procedure generally satisfactory to the news media.


Is Becky Holzinger Violating State Law?

Full Story

"Hambright said he could not comment further on the case citing a state law which limits the release of information in juvenile cases. Charging documents are not public documents under the same law."
Becky Holzinger has released the name of the juvenile on her website and I will not repeat the name since there appears to be a state law that limits release of this information.

The name of the individual appears to be a hispanic name. So the whole "white privilege" theory just went out the window. Heckuva job, Trolzinger.

Becky Holzinger is a Crazy Bitch

Just checked Yung Zona's Facebook page. I scrolled all through the comments on every post. I can't find one thing about this girl with some teeth knocked out. This picture does not appear to be from Yung Zona's Facebook page as it currently exists. Maybe Becky Trolzinger would like to be more specific about where exactly this photo came from? For all I know, this person didn't tie their shoe laces and fell on their own face. I have no idea what Becky Holzinger is talking about. Maybe she would like to elaborate.

In the past, Becky Holzinger accused "Yung Zona" of committing criminal acts in order to pay for his $600 sneakers while having 4 kids. Her words, not mine. That was a very racist accusation to make, Becky Holzinger. And she has also made a comment on her blog under a posting titled "Where is Justice" (Aug 17) that says "This man should not be a “role model” for anyone! He is a low life absolute piece of crap!"

Good Lord, I hope the man doesn't end up shot and killed like Tremayne Jones did on July 1st after Becky Holzinger called him "scum"! This is unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Abuse: Hidden Behind the Vag

Yes, Becky Holzinger thinks that because Rosaura Torres is a woman, that her ridiculous and absurd crazy stories MUST be real! Here's a hint, Becky Holzinger. Rosaura Torres is a fruitcake and so are you. More so, you. Her "abuse", as she admitted in an interview with Marc Baxter, is that her financial aid was cut off after she started making up ridiculous stories about her ex husband. Her stories are just that - STORIES. They are contradictory and the retinal detachments only occur 11% of the time from severe trauma. I am not talking about someone hitting you in the face. I'm talking about getting into a car accident. Yes, it takes something that drastic to detach them unless you are just old and they deteriorate. I have asked for the medical records proving that there are retinal detachments and that the cause was from abuse. So far, I haven't gotten anything. So your "story" is a bunch of lame bullshit. Plus, Rosaura can't even keep her story straight. First it's officer Suber and then she says 10 years before that it was her husband. Yet she never mentioned that in her letter to Justice Sonia Sotomayor. How convenient. She must have been hit so hard in the head that she temoporarily forgot all about her husband abusing her for years. Also, Becky Holzinger must have gotten hit very hard in the head because she forgot about the Facebook threats Rosaura Torres posted directed at her ex. I haven't seen anything about that on her blog. Also, I didn't see anything about the Gofundme page for Tremayne Jones, either. You know, the guy Becky Holzinger called "scum" and then he somehow ended up shot dead by a random guy on the street. How about it, Becky Holzinger? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Lies About Scooping LNP - AGAIN!

No, Becky Holzinger. You did NOT scoop LNP with the name of Ibram Hanna. LNP's story was "updated" 14 hours ago, but already had the information on the page prior to the latest update. Tell me this. How does an article titled "Officials identify 15 year old victim..." have a comment on it from August 13, 2016 at 8:57am from Dave Rissler? This article appeared in some form not yesterday - but the day before that! It might not have had the name, but remember - I follow your blog. I know I saw the name Ibram Hanna well before 9 pm.

Also, if you search for Google on the name, just about every media source updated their story about 14 to 15 hours ago (as of now). So this wasn't a delayed release of a name by LNP. Just about every single media source waited for official confirmation on the name. Fox43 - 15 hours ago. PennLive - 15 hours ago. CBS - 15 Hours ago. ABC 27- 15 hours ago, etc... You did not. This is why you are NOT a reporter!

Use your head, Becky Holzinger! You know you will be called out on your stupid lies! Please check back later today.


You Had Your Chance, Holzinger!

Oh yes, Manuel Pagan. The guy that Becky Holzinger accused of drug dealing or some other illegal activity because he had on $600 sneakers and has four kids. Becky Holzinger is a disgusting racist!


Another Case of Becky's Stupidity?

How, exactly, does Becky Holzinger know that the young boys involved are white? Are they? Were their identities released to the public? They are juveniles and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color, Becky Holzinger. Not one thing. Why even pose the question? Why won't Becky Holzinger discuss her non-marriage to her baby's daddy and where is he located now? The public has a right to know if Becky Holzinger is going to be a public figure in Lancaster and "news reporter"! Maybe we will be lucky and a juvenile will check out a gun near a trashy apartment in Philly.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Never Married

Yet she had a child out of wedlock! Becky Holzinger has never been open with the public about her not being married while she had a child out of wedlock! She has not addressed this on her blog or Facebook page. She has not addressed that her own son dropped her name "Holzinger" and substituted the initial "H". Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: No Ethics

If you have any ethics, run as fast and as far away from Becky Holzinger as you possibly can. Seriously!

Please check back later today.



Ever since Becky Holzinger ditched Jerry Puryear, her felon child sex abusing photographer, she has not hired a minority in years! In fact, she never "hired" anyone, because that would require Becky Holzinger to earn enough money to actually pay someone else's salary! Well, we know that isn't happening! She's wasted over a decade of her life whining about cameras that she simply does not understand one thing about!

This latest "article" just rambles from topic to topic and never really says much of anything! Is Becky Holzinger slipping further into delirium? Has she completely lost her mind? Has she gone over the edge? Please check back later today.


Pictures from Everywhere...Except From Philly

The pictures do not get released from the Safety Coalition cameras unless the police determine that it will help solve the crime. Period. Get out of Lancaster. Stay out of Lancaster. Stop writing about Lancaster. This is beyond ridiculous. Becky Holzinger continually and perpetually lies about cameras in Lancaster. Why? It serves no legitimate purpose. Seek mental help, NOW!



Looks like Becky Holzinger is pimping her petition again. Just who does Becky Holzinger think she is? She's a stark raving lunatic from Philadelphia and everyone knows it! Becky Holzinger has pretended to be a Lancaster press website for over a decade. She doesn't even live there! And she certainly is NOT a member of the press! Why should anyone listen to the demands of Becky Holzinger? She has really gone off the deep end this time! What will she do next? Will authorities close in and capture Becky Holzinger soon? Did she get Tremayne Jones killed on July 1, 2016? File a complaint with the Philadelphia police. Copy and paste mine or make up your own.

This is absolutely ludicrous! This must be stopped now! BRH needs to be run out of town, now!

Please check back later today.



"** I ran out of time today. The conclusion (for now) of the Sterling Staton story will come tomorrow. Have a great Friday!"

Posted to LIPNews on August 5, 2016. It is now August 7 at 9:30 am with no "Officer Toilet Bowl" story. LMFAO!


How Do You Explain...

Oh this is rich. "How do you explain what dreadful human beings these people really are who are pretending to be members of the press?" Did Becky Trolzinger really just print that? This is unbelievable! Who has pretended to be a member of the press for over a decade on an obsolete Wordpress blog?

And then we get the usual drivel about a story that never seems to materialize. Is Becky Trolzinger really still stuck on this Officer Toilet Bowl "story"? The asshat was convicted, Becky Holzinger! How do you explain...that!

And how do you explain, "** I ran out of time today. The conclusion (for now) of the Sterling Staton story will come tomorrow. Have a great Friday!" The "conclusion" to what? Your nonsensical rants about a crooked cop that you are defending simply because of the color of his skin? Run this crooked troll Becky Holzinger back to Philadelphia and hopefully she will log out permanently!


Tumultous Behavior?

Will Becky Holzinger ever acknowledge that Tremayne Jones was shot and killed on July 1, 2016? Or is she still insisting that the obituary is a lie? Or that the Gofundme page stating that he was shot and killed is a lie? Becky Holzinger is in denial of reality. Did her irresponsible journalism get Tremayne Jones killed? There will be a full investigation and the Philadelphia police have been notified of Becky Holzinger's tumultous behavior. Also, Becky Holzinger will continue to defend someone from Philadelphia she initially referred to as a model of a toilet bowl. But maybe the 18 seconds of the 14 minute video didn't show that. Unbelievable. Lock this insane nut up in an asylum...NOW!


Something Ain't Right - In Becky Holzinger's Brain

"It was very hard to watch"...Becky Holzinger calling Tremayne Jones "scum" on her blog and then try to say his family was making up his obituary on July 1st of this year. This is simply unbelievable.

This is huge! What is going on? Please check back later today.


A Busy Day! Do Nothing But Race Baiting

Oh look! Becky Holzinger is still jibberjabbering about something that happened in Columbia. Last time I checked, Columbia was not in the vicinity of Lancaster City. Is this blog about Lancaster City or the county? It never seems to be able to make up its mind! And sometimes, Becky Holzinger will just start yammering about some other county! It's unbelievable! After all, she lives in Philadelphia. I guess she frequently forgets which county she is talking about or even living in!

No one is running LNP out of town, Becky Holzinger. But if you show up here, I know several people that might do exactly that to you! You are a lying scumbag and I would not be surprised if your irresponsible journalism got Tremayne Jones killed on July 1st of this year. And then you tried to cover it up and say his obituary was a lie! You are a disgusting filthy piece of white trash that belongs in a mental institute. NOW!


Becky Holzinger is Beyond Belief! No Ethics Whatsoever!

Why is Becky Holzinger printing comments under articles and not attributing them to anyone? This is beyond belief! There is no ethics whatsoever!

Why has she refused to report that Tremayne Jones was shot and killed one month ago on July 1, 2016? Why did she say that his obituary was "made up"? Where is the follow-up, Becky Holzinger? Did Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism get Tremayne Jones killed? She called him "scum"!

Please check back later today.


Stop Becky Holzinger!

LIPNews did not publish a video of a shooting. Becky Holzinger lied again. It was the aftermath of a shooting. It might have been someone leaving in an ambulance. But there is literally no footage at all of "a shooting". None!

And then Becky Holzinger wants us to listen 50 seconds into the video. Apparently the police were trading fire with police officers - and imagine that - they got away! Would you like to get shot, Becky Holzinger? I highly doubt it. Of course they got away. This is ridiculous and absurd. Does Becky Holzinger expect that police are just going to run in there and grab the guy and magically take away his gun? This is unbelievable!

Update: Video debunked! The police did NOT "return fire". They never fired a shot. Where is the "reporting"? Where are the accounts of other people? Why is just one person's account posted with no follow-up to correct the misinformation? What is Becky Holzinger's intent in misleading and deceiving people with a fake "news" blog?

And I would love to see Becky Holzinger's "complaint" to the State Attorney General's office. I cannot wait to see it. What standing does Becky Holzinger have? What stake does Becky Holzinger have in Lancaster or PSP or any of these businesses? Absolutely nothing! She has NO business contacting the State Attorney General's office and she has no legitimate purpose in these communications! When will the authorities take the appropriate action against Becky Holzinger? When? This is simply unbelievable. I am putting in a right-to-know request. Please check back later today.


Officer Toilet Bowl Makes a Comeback!

Well, what do you know? It wasn't Officer Sterling Stanton, as Becky Holzinger erroneously reported, it was Officer Sterling STATON. This is unbelievable!

OMG, Becky Holzinger referred to a police officer as the name of a toilet bowl! How completely utterly ridiculous and embarassing. LNP has bad reporting? At least they aren't referring to police officers as the models of a toilet bowl, Becky Holzinger!

Also, Becky Holzinger's story said LCP was being accused of racism, but it looks like the guilty party was found to be Officer Sterling Staton! Imagine that! LCP was not being accused of criminal activity, Staton was! The bias on Becky Holzinger's website is so absolutely transparent and absolutely disgusting. She is standing by yet another convicted person guilty of a crime. And this time, it's a crooked cop! And it's all because of the color of his skin!

Becky Holzinger is a disgusting racist that defends criminal behavior. She should be investigated by the Attorney General. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Raping the Public

Any word on what happened to Tremayne Jones on July 1st? He was shot and killed and Becky Holzinger refuses to report it. In fact, she said that Tremayne Jones and his family "made up" his obituary - yes, she actually accused the guy who was shot dead of "faking it!" And guess who ran numerous "hit" pieces on Tremayne Jones and ran with a headline calling him "scum"? Oh, that's right! It was Becky "I-got-Tremayne-Jones-killed" Holzinger! Wow! Journalism ethics, Becky Holzinger? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Becky Holzinger is raping the public! Who is she protecting? Her irresponsible journalism may have gotten someone killed and very well could have gotten the J&K Supermart repeatedly robbed! This is unbelievable! . She is truly a horrendous liar who doesn’t give a damn about the public. And some of what she does may well cross criminal lines and the State Attorney General needs to investigate.

Instead of informing and protecting the public she is raping the public. Please check back later today.



Becky Holzinger wants LNP to protect the public, but what has she done to protect the public? Did she get Tremayne Sherard Jones killed by running "headlines" like this on her blog the police chief refers to as "irresponsible journalism"?


Does Becky Holzinger care about what she is posting? Does she care about Lancaster? What reason would she have to care? She is always belittling the entire town, the mayor, the police chief, the DA... the list goes on and on! When she posted pictures of the interior security system of the J&K Supermart, did she jeopardize that business in order to run "headlines" that the police don't solve crimes? And when they did catch Jason Jarvis, did she ever print his name even one time? No, she hid that name because she made a huge error in her reporting! She refused to acknowledge it! It takes some chutzpah to demand public safety from a newspaper you live hours away from while you're getting places robbed and people killed!

And she will not report that Tremayne Sherard Jones was shot and killed on July 1st of this year! She says his obituary was "made up"! She has not reported one time that he was shot and killed by an unknown street shooter! Boy, someone sure is in denial and in total conflict of interest. If Becky Holzinger wants to protect the public, shut down the irresponsible blog...NOW!


Becky Holzinger is a disgusting, hypocritical liar

Update: Now Becky Holzinger wants to talk about how hot it is? I bet it's getting REAL hot there, isn't it? All anyone has to do it open the door and you can tell it's hot outside. So what if this is an Insider story? Also, LancasterOnline has the temperature right at the top of the page. Kinda hard to miss! You can also get details without being in the Insider portion of the website by clicking: News > Weather. Real tough, right? So, what's the problem? Holzinger just wants to complain and gripe about any little thing!

It is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Talk about endangering health and safety, a man Becky Holzinger referred to as "scum" and repeatedly wrote "articles" about was shot and killed on the first of this month. And not only won't she tell you that, she will outright lie and accuse the dead guy and his family of making it up! I'm not even kidding! This is keeping people SAFE, Becky Holzinger? LNP is endangering people? Really? This is just outright insanity! Don't worry, the Philadelphia police and the owner of the GoFundMe page, Kimberla Weaver, have been notified all about it. Hopefully they will investigate and be in touch soon!

Becky Holzinger was not at the Ashley Rose Curry trial. That makes her a disgusting, hypocritical liar! Becky Holzinger is a crazy woman that needs to log off of the internet in order to maintain public safety. The investigation into whether or not Becky Holzinger got Tremayne Jones killed July 1st continues. She had posted several "articles" about him and one referred to him being "scum". She also tried to claim that Tremayne Jones was "faking his death". Becky Holzinger refuses to post the confirmation that he was shot and killed by an unknown street shooter. How is Becky Holzinger keeping people safe?

The Philly police have been notified and Becky Holzinger continues to drop the story like a hot potato. Please check back later today.



HAHAHA, where is Becky Holzinger with her partner in crime Mildred "Quiana" Dixon? Remember when Becky Trolzinger did her one person protest in front of the police station, mayor's office and LNP? That was absolutely hilarious!

And who could forget this three person protest? LOL! A fake story about a finch!



What do these things have in common? The Central Market roof. Ten stolen bicycles. The Curry Trial. The Safety Coalition. An imaginary conversation between Mayor Gray and Dan Nephin? They ALL have NOTHING to do whatsoever with the life of Becky Holzinger. She CONSTANTLY sticks her nose where it DOES NOT belong! None of these things have one single thing to do with Becky Holzinger! What kind of mental illness does it take for her to sit there and type this stuff into an obsolete Wordpress blog everyday? That is beyond mentally disturbed, Becky Holzinger is a kook that is way off the deep end! She is simply insane!

Why is she writing to the Safety Coalition and demanding that "the public" needs answers? No, Becky Holzinger. YOU want answers. Not "the public". Let's just set that straight. And why? Do you live in Lancaster? No. Does your son live in Lancaster? No. Does your baby daddy live in Lancaster? No, no, and no! Huh! It's almost like Becky Holzinger's email serves no legitimate purpose. And her knowledge about cameras is just laughable! "The Public" does not have concerns. Just crazy Becky Holzinger and her kooky brain!

Why hasn't she been prosecuted for these emails that serve no legitimate purpose? Probably because everyone realizes the severeness of Becky Holzinger's mental illness. But I think that letting Becky Holzinger off the hook for being a nutcase is a big mistake. She needs to serve time for harassing Lancaster and the people that live there. I will be doing some research this afternoon with the Philadelphia police to see what case we can bring against Becky Trolzinger.

Please check back later today.


Where's the Mugshot, Becky Holzinger?

Still waiting for the mugshot of that Jonathan Joseph Cameron guy...where is it, Becky Holzinger? And she dropped that story about Tremayne Jones faking his own death like a hot potato after this site revealed the GoFundMe post that confirms he was shot by an unknown street shooter on July 1, 2016. Did Becky Holzinger's posting about him last year get him killed? Please see the story below along with the very disturbing post made by Becky Holzinger calling Tremayne Jones "scum"! This is unbelievable! And she will act like NOTHING happened! It's 110% INSANE! Please check back later today.