Mayor Rick Gray Receives His Award FROM SOMEONE ELSE! OOPS!

Images courtesy of the Pennsylvania Municipal League website.

PDF Press Release

Becky Holzinger, you are a terrible liar! Get mental help, now!

This Has to Stop!

Yes, Becky Holzinger's insane blogging needs to stop. And it will. Soon.

The "shooting" injury was non-life threatening. This type of violence happens in "Philadelpia" every day on a much larger scale. And not everyone walks away or heals up in a few weeks time.

Will Mayor Gray still receive his award from that organization? Yes, yes he will. And Becky Holzinger will continue to be miserable, wrinkled white trash. Who knew? What a hoot! Check back later today.


I Knew Becky Holzinger was white

But I didn't know she was so old! Being that old, Becky forgets things a lot. Like this is the Ephrata police, not the Lancaster police. Or does Becky Holzinger also now have an issue with the Ephrata police? How curious, perhaps I will have to investigate this further.

Maybe I can drop them a line and let them know this old woman from "Philadelpia" has an issue with the way they perform. Or maybe I could contact Tandi and hopefully the next person she plows over is some crazy lady.

I am sure both would be really interested in what this wrinkled windbag has to say. Does Becky Holzinger ever check her own archives? Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable!

Becky Holzinger Doesn't Get Any Award and Never Will!

Because her blog is a pathetic piece of junk! Does it get any more ridiculous and pathetic than this?

Lancaster receives an award from a statewide organization and Becky Holzinger and Co. can't deal with it! Yes, Rick Gray is Vice President of that organization, which anyone can look up and confirm! Yes, his chief of staff Pat Brogan made the organization's press release. But he did go through the organization and received gold level certification based on 131 policies and procedures!

Is there any evidence that supports Becky's claim that this was "an award given to himself"? Nope, absolutely nothing from Becky Holzinger other than "he is the Vice President"! So? Obviously, there are several others above him that would have called him out! Becky's suggestions are ridiculous and pathetic.

Blatant Hypocrisy from Becky Holzinger

Becky Holzinger has been harassing a sitting Lancaster judge since at least January of 2012 when she composed this disgusting blog post. Click here

Becky and her posse's cry was "save the children"! But I notice that Becky has largely ignored the felony conviction of "Jerri Wright" aka Jerry Puryear. What about those children, Becky Holzinger?

Yes, this entire allegation against Margaret Miller has been contrived and stems from Becky's anti-Lancaster bias! It completely violates the most basic rules of journalistic integrity! Is Becky Holzinger nothing but wrinkled white trash and a total hypocrite!? My source that is very knowledgeable about hypocritical white trash says "yes"!


Breaking News, Becky Doesn't Know Her Ass From A Hole in the Ground

In Becky's latest debacle, she once again "breaks the news" that LNP already did. "Hambright doesn't even know he's in custody!" proclaimed Becky! However, his article clearly states that he does know and that he was picked up on Aug 19 by a federal task force. Becky Holzinger, stop leeching off of LNP news stories and making shit up!


It's none of Becky Holzinger's business!

Give this man an award! He just kicked Becky Holzinger's nonsense and garbage to the curb!

Also, Becky Holzinger is back to the lie that this broken window had anything to do with the shooting that occurred there this past summer.

That board over the window was there prior to the shooting as I personally witnessed it being there weeks before this incident. It is also in the photographs that Becky Holzinger's felon friend posted to his Facebook page which Becky Holzinger directed us to view! It's right there in front of Becky Holzinger, the board is in the window as the police arrive on scene! If you want to read about it, just search this blog for the story, I went into very specific and clear detail proving that Becky Holzinger is a full blown liar!

Will she please stop implying that this board had anything to do with that shooting that occurred outside of the McDonalds restaurant? And no, Becky Holzinger, absolutely none of the windows at that McDonalds were shot out, contrary to your erroneous "reporting"!

Becky's irresponsible journalism needs to stop! Send this old lady packing! Her email address is beckyh209@aol.com.


Deeply Disturbing Facebook Stalking by Becky Holzinger

Now Becky Holzinger is monitoring the Facebook pages of House member Bryan Cutler and still falsely claiming that G. Scott Davis is Bryan Cutler's brother-in-law! In fact, he is not. He is not Jennifer Cutler's brother, he is her step-brother - meaning that he is not in Bryan Cutler's immediate family and is once removed!

Even more disturbing is that she is not only monitoring his Facebook page, but admits to monitoring the Facebook pages of his family! She admits to monitoring his wife's Facebook page and she has, in the past, admitted to tracking Facebook pages of other members of his family! This is out-and-out stalking, period!

Holzinger has gone as far as to publish photos of Cutler's children without his consent. And while they might be published publicly on someone's Facebook page, that does not give Becky Holzinger the right to grab those photos and reuse them on her blog. Anyone that knows anything about copyrights on photos should realize that instantly.

Then what is even more disturbing is that Becky seems to make a thinly veiled threat about Cutler "not learning his lesson" from G. Scott Davis's tragic gun accident that had absolutely nothing to do with Cutler. This is deeply troubling and disturbing. There should be prompt police monitoring of Becky Holzinger, as she has also worked in collaboration with several known felons.

This really makes me speechless. Becky Holzinger lacks any common sense and decency and it is long past time that this woman should give up her blogging and be sent packing!

Justice in "Philadelpia" - Part 3 in a Series

One drunk blogger; no arrests.

Becky Holzinger will compare apples and oranges later today.


Where are Becky's Assault Charges?

Where is her mugshot? She clearly hit those police officers and this is elevated for some reason to the level of aggravated assault! Becky will come back to these three police officers tomorrow and hit them again. Because she is doing "hit" pieces on police officers that make no logical sense. You see, they can't live outside of Lancaster unless it is within the first year of their hiring, which it is...so...there is no story here.

As Robert pointed out, it does not say anything about this person hitting police officers. Not one word. Why is Becky pimping this latest lie? Who knows? She obviously was not there and has no first hand information about any of this, so why does she spout off about it like she knows everything? Because she's a raving online lunatic, that's why!


Breaking News! Lancaster police don't have to live where they work!

Oh my God! The corruption! People don't have to actually reside in Lancaster to be on the police force! This is earth-shattering news! I had NO idea! Someone get me a Gatorade! The sweat is rolling off my forehead. It takes a lot of effort to come up with posts that are this bone-crushingly stupid!

Jesus Christ, Becky Holzinger. You've made some stupid posts in your day. But this one just might be the "topper on the cake"!


Updated - Does Holzinger Ever Tell the Truth?

Karina Dejesus is back home? Will Becky tell us what her felony charge is or its status? Just wondering, because I believe it was hindering apprehension/prosecution. Becky also then used an alias for "Millie Dixon" who is actually Quiana Dixon, who has a felony record.

Lying, Becky Holzinger? You lie on blog almost every single day. When are you going to stop lying, Becky Holzinger?

No, G. Scott Davis is still not Bryan Cutler's brother-in-law, Becky Holzinger. You have repeatedly posted conflicting information about this since you started posting about it. According to what you've previously reported, he is Jennifer Cutler's step-brother - meaning he is not a brother-in-law since he is one step removed from the family. As I understand it, according to what you originally posted, Davis's father and Jennifer Cutler's father are two different people.

You have repeatedly failed to show what special treatment Davis has received or provided even any type of motive. You have not produced any letter you wrote to the AG. Becky Holzinger, you are flat out making this up as you go!


Updated * Nobody Gives a Shit!

Seriously, why is this news, Becky Holzinger? People drive drunk. They also make posts when they are drunk. I am really starting to wonder how many Becky has had before posting this horrible monstrosity which rehashes an already existing LNP news story. Yet Becky Holzinger once again wrongfully takes credit for "breaking news". Maybe Becky Holzinger should crack open a dictionary and look up that definition, for once?

It is not breaking news when all of your information is coming directly from LNP! I believe that is called "plagiarism", if I am not mistaken.

This is simply unacceptable. The public deserves answers.


Lancaster is NOT Ferguson

And "Philadelpia" is NOT Lancaster! Lancaster is nothing like Ferguson, nothing at all. The police chief is African American and it is Becky Holzinger who questioned the police chief's race on her blog. It is Becky Holzinger who publishes pictures of an African American convicted of felony child sex abuse! It is Becky Holzinger that is the biggest racist I've ever seen in my entire life and all she posts about is the color of people's skin! She will not post about whether or not they actually have worked towards or earned a position at the Lancaster Newspapers. All she will say is that since they have darker skin, that there should be a certain percentage of dark skinned people that work there! That is the most disgustingly racist thing I've ever heard anyone say! And it came from Becky Holzinger, who my sources claim was once a Grand Cyclops - although I have not confirmed that and I have put in a right-to-know request with the city of Lancaster.

Becky Holzinger does not have a clue about Lancaster. She has barely been here and when she has, she has been looking at camera angles cock-eyed and yakking it up with a guy with the word "Bitches" plastered across the front of his shirt! Also, she spent three days marching around downtown making a fool of herself while being photographed with several different African Americans who are suspected of having felony records. This is not how you soothe race relations in Lancaster County, Becky Holzinger!

Ferguson happened because the media spread disinformation and lies, Becky Holzinger. There were rumors that ended up being totally false. Kind of like you do everyday, Becky! Do you know what the problem is, Becky Holzinger? You are the problem. You and anyone else that publishes misinformation in order to create division and create a false narrative for some kind of sick personal agenda.

Becky Holzinger is from Philadelphia and it would be in her best interest to stay in "Philadelpia" and mind her own damn business for a change.

Blatant Distortion by Becky Holzinger

Holy shit, this crazy old lady from Philly does this every single day! There is nothing distorted about this story! What is distorted is saying 200 people are going to show up to a rally - only 20 show up - and you say absolutely nothing! That is distortion, Becky Holzinger! You do it every single day of your life! Get mental help, now!

Not only do you blatantly distort in your daily hit pieces on random people in Lancaster, you print the photos of a convicted felon/child sex abuser! How do you think that makes the victims of the child sex abuser feel, Becky Holzinger? You are disgusting and there is not an ounce of journalistic integrity in your bones!

There is also an excellent point from Brenda Hollinger in the comments in the post below. You were writing an article titled "WOOF WOOF" criticizing dog stories in LNP just a few months ago! Now you are running dog stories daily, Becky Holzinger! You're a hypocrite and a liar! Don't go away mad, Becky Holzinger, just go away!


Lancaster or "Philadelpia"?

Where does Becky live? Maybe we could send Becky to Ferguson and have her question the color of that police officer's skin like she did to chief Sadler!

Becky says nothing

Becky doesn't live here, so go pound sand! What a pathetic joke!


Dog Rally 90% Fail?

Becky said 200 people were planning on showing up. It looks like 90% of that amount bailed on the rally which has been sensationalized and propagandized into a fantasy world storyline about events which did not occur.

Many of these pics show signs telling a story which just simply do not match up with reality. It is probably the only reason these 20 people showed up - they believe a story that is just not what happened.

This dog story has been over for some time and I think these senseless attack dogs have seen their last days here in Lancaster. These photos prove it.


It Gets Really Ugly

Becky Holzinger

Wow! This is just really nasty Becky Holzinger! She will speculate, gossip, and create more random innuendo later today about a situation she cannot possibly have firsthand information about! Oh this is ugly!

Please don't check back later today.


Racism Begins With Becky

This woman is obsessed with skin color and making phony allegations of "racism", while posting and approving some outright racist comments on her own website. Becky Holzinger once posed the question about police chief Sadler "Is he black or is he Gray?" and approved comments about his "light-skinned" appearance.

I suppose this is why my sources have suggested that Becky Holzinger was once a KKK Grand Cyclops, but I have been unable to confirm this so I have put in a right to know request.

Becky's racism is unconscionable and unfathomable and it simply has to end!

I've said it many times before - racism on LIPNews begins with Becky Holzinger.

You Admitted to Breaking the Law? I'm Sending You to Jail Anyway!

So someone admits to breaking the law to the judge and Becky Holzinger is surprised that he got jail time? Wow, I guess she also doesn't mind supporting a convicted child sex abuser either. Or sticking up for the gal with the felony charge for hindering apprehension/prosecution.

Why should I really be that surprised, huh?


Rally at the Dog Owner's House?

The rally scheduled for this Saturday outside of the police station should be moved to a more appropriate venue - the dog owner's house.

Becky Holzinger once again posts an unverified name on her website! I did notice that someone kept insisting on Lancaster Online that "Officer Hayden" was the one that shot the pitbull. Of course, there is no "Officer Hayden", so Becky has presumed that the actual person who fired the rifle is "Officer Hagen". Actually, I have no idea who shot the dog, but if I knew - I would congratulate this man for keeping the people of Lancaster safe from irresponsible dog owners. It's unfortunate that this dog needed to be put down, but this officer did exactly what was right and the chief of police has indicated that nothing inappropriate was done.

I am not a legal expert, but in reviewing the law regarding the shooting of a dog, this situation certainly and easily seems to have been warranted.

There is no reason to have an event at the police station, where the rally should really be held is at the dog owner's house. If he had not been irresponsible and created the unsafe situation in the first place, this incident would not have occurred. Also, I have to question why the police were called in to handle this situation? Was the dog in a no barking zone? What law did the dog break, exactly?

Yes, Becky Holzinger is still trying to make something out of this non-story. It's ridiculous and absurd! What a hoot! I admire that people want to stand up for their pets. But if they really want to do that, they should know all the facts and realize that this dog was in fact biting at people and was a threat.

Penn Live Report - Dog was Biting and Bit a Person's Carry Bag

Breaking News! Becky Holzinger is out of jail

That's right. Becky Holzinger is currently out of jail. Even though she tried to pull one over on Lancaster about a woman that was supposedly abducted, yet ended up being charged with a felony for hindering apprehension/prosecution. Then Becky Holzinger advocated a possibly illegal "raffle" which was being held as a "50/50 split" to benefit felony activity. Should Becky Holzinger be charged as an accessory to crime? Her story was covered because Reid was a suspect in a York murder. None of this story involved anyone from Lancaster except for Karina's family, who ended up making a story about abduction obviously to cover for her criminal behavior of hindering apprehension. And Becky Holzinger didn't realize it for at least a full day!


Final Update - Updated - Becky Holzinger is a very sick woman!

Updated: A Nice Response from Jim Burchik

Becky Holzinger howls like a dog!

Funny how Becky is allowed to post what ever editorial she wants to, but LNP is not allowed. In fact, Becky Holzinger can post flatout lies and post photos from convicted child sex abusers and she is not responsible for any of it! It's her freedom of the press! Is this unbelievable hypocrisy or what?

So Becky is still trying to dog the police with this unfortunate incident with the pit bull in downtown that was, in fact, biting at people. So far, all we've been told is that the dog wasn't doing anything, but scroll down and read about the Pennlive link that says the dog bit a person's carrying bag! Why is this fact still being withheld from Becky's blog, I wonder?

So we all now know that what the officer did was appropriate and the case was closed. But Becky just can't let it go and wants to whimper about it some more. By all means, please continue to act childish and whine about it some more, Becky Holzinger. Please continue to demonstrate your 12 year old mentality so that people can understand who you are and what you do.

Please call or email James Burchik and tell him this article was awesome!

* James Burchik - (717) 481-6006; email - jburchik@lnpnews.com


Cameras Can't See Through Masks, Hoods, or Disguises!

Breaking news! Cameras cannot see through the following items: masks, hoods, and disguises. Will someone please inform the retarded lady from Philly that cameras cannot, I repeat, cannot see through those? That would be great. Thanks!

Updated - A Whole Lot of Mopping. That is what the HTML coders would be doing if they had to fix Becky Holzinger's Wordpress website, which by the way, is an obsolete version which could be crashed using Backtrack 5 R3.


2nd Update - STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN - The Truth Emerges - "Harmless" Dog Attacked Person, Bit Carrying Bag

Dog Shooting Case Closed - was justified

Pennlive Report

"At one point, the dog bit a bag an individual was carrying." Well there you go. I had no doubt that these officers were quite familiar with the law and they made a tough decision based on these unfortunate circumstances caused by the irresponsible dog owner.

Police are calling the action "justified", according to a report from Pennlive. Police feared the dog would attack and the shooting appears to be legally justified under the law.

There will be much more on this later today.


2ND UPDATE - * UPDATED - The Lancaster Police Release a Photo

Enough is enough, Becky Holzinger. We don't know any of the facts or circumstances around this dog incident. And we do know that the shooting of Gregory Bayne was 100% justified and he is the one that attacked cops with a switchblade and it was NOT a "minor altercation". Someone's life was in serious jeopardy and they defended themselves appropriately.

Yes, the Lancaster Police felt releasing this photo the best choice in solving a crime, which isn't always the best option. But in this case, in was. So they released a picture. If they did not release a photo for purposes of an active investigation, that would be perfectly fine.

Becky is trying like hell to twist this dog story and make it a dog other than a white pitbull. But unfortunately for her, it was. I have no doubt that the officer used his gun appropriately and these pitbulls can be very dangerous. I have no doubt the gun was used as a last resort and the real shame belongs to the owner of the dog that let it run around the city unleashed.

If that dog attacked one of those elderly people or had attacked a child, we would have heard nothing about how the Lancaster Police failed to protect the residents from this dangerous dog. But now that they did their job, Becky will tell us how cruel it was to kill this animal.

Did you ever notice that no matter how it turns out, that Becky will throw a fit about just about anything? One way or another, it was the wrong thing to do and she will just stomp her feet about every single thing?

I think it is very unfortunate that she has to take someone else's irresponsible actions and attempt to make this the police's fault. Well, sorry. But it doesn't look to me like it was. When this officer is cleared, will Becky continue stomping her feet and acting like a spoiled little child?



Justice in "Philadelpia" - Part Two of a Series

Ok, so who's life did Barry Shue end? Oh, none? He wrote some forged checks and this is a serious offense? Burglaries are now serious offenses? I thought when it was a convicted child sex abuser, it was not burglary, it was just some guy rummaging through dumpsters? What happened to that line, Becky Holzinger?

Funny how this woman wants to point out the supposed "hypocrisy" of others, but routinely ignores her own.

And is this picture of Barry Shue fom the Potter House the same guy as these dockets? It doesn't seem that way because the Potter's House is a residency. So this guy's docket's should all say that he lives in Leola, but the dockets all say he lives in Ephrata. So I am wondering whether or not Becky Holzinger has the correct image of this guy, because one time she posted the wrong picture of an "armed bank robber". That was pretty embarassing, wasn't it, Becky Holzinger? In fact, I believe I have located Barry Shue from Ephrata on Facebook and it is not this guy at all. Oops!

A Real Rocket Scientist

Wow, Becky Holzinger must be a real rocket scientist to think that the reflections of flashing police lights are really bullet holes in the front windows of McDonalds. She must be a real genius to think they slapped that board over the window in less than two minutes to have it show up in photos of police arriving at the scene.

And what do cameras at a McDonalds restaurant have to do with cameras set up in the city by the safety coalition? Nothing? Wow, Becky Holzinger must be at the top of her class in rocket science!

Why are there no photos, Becky Holzinger?

And why did you falsely claim that the windows of that McDonalds were shot out and are still posting the suggestive photo of a board that was actually already on scene when officers arrived?

Why are there no photos of the shooter? I can think of two logical answers. One is that they don't exist. Why would they not exist? Perhaps the cameras were at the wrong angle or not functioning at the time of the shooting.

The other option is that police are holding these photos during the course of their investigation and there is absolutely nothing - I repeat - nothing wrong with that.

If the police determine that releasing the photos - if they exist - will be beneficial to their investigation, I am 100% positive that they will take that course of action, Becky Holzinger.


Justice in "Philadelpia"! An Ongoing LIPNews Series

Who the hell sits around all day reading every court docket? Especially for a location they don't even live in! And guess what, Becky Holzinger proved herself wrong about someone else having their bail set at $150,000. Wow, talk about someone who has no life and sits around at a computer all day, huh?

This is series is ongoing. And ongoing. And ongoing. And it never stops! This has been going on for ten plus years and you would think that Becky Holzinger would have a friend to tell her to stop and have her mental condition evaluated. But she doesn't have any friends and has no life, so this is what this 60 something year old woman does all day! She is the only senior citizen I know with the mentality of a child!