It Is Criminal!

March 8th, Becky Holzinger? Here is my comment from that day:

Update: Bullshit "story" from Becky Holzinger. No damage or injury in 500 blk of St Joseph St shooting - descriptions of suspects and car involved are all contained in the article Becky linked to. She is nuts! It is an active investigation and police are not obligated to release video.

In her most recent article about cameras, the camera could not have even possibly involved as the shooting occurred indoors!

Yes, Becky has often repeated the same line about cameras, and as I have demonstrated, she is almost always completely wrong! She does not understand basic concepts about cameras! Just search this blog for "cameras" to see how many times she has been wrong! This latest time is no different!

There was no reason for her to call Wes because the camera at King St. does not have X-ray capabilities, Becky Holzinger! You're a fucking idiot!

First Loyalty to Citizens

A newspaper should be a watchdog for the public. A newspaper should protect its citizens. A newspaper should bring truth to power. Three of the nine PEW “Principles of Journalism” are:

1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth, which Becky Holzinger does not do.

2. Its first loyalty is to citizens

5. Why is this number five? Can't Becky Holzinger count to three? Why did she bring up a camera at King St and West Strawberry St. when this incident had nothing to do with that camera?

This is absolutely despicable reporting by Becky Holzinger and this is why she does not qualify as a news organization.

Please check back later today.


It Happened Inside!!!!

All that whining and griping and bitching about "a camera being right there" and it happened INSIDE? Seriously? Is this an insane person's idea of ethical journalism?

From the police press release: During the investigation it was determined that Alfred Hicks, who is a friend of the victim, shot the victim in the face while the two of them were alone in a bedroom inside Hicks’ residence [in the 300 block of West King St.]

And let me just point out- again - that this location is likely outside of the camera's field of view!


What About Lancaster's Cameras?

I don't know, Becky Holzinger. What about them? Clearly, the camera is over 100 ft away from that location and its field of view is in the other direction. So, what about it? Who cares? You don't live in Lancaster, why are you calling the Lancaster Safety Coalition? Are you nuts? Yes!


The Camera is Right There - Behind a Traffic Light Pole!

Yep, the camera is right there! Right behind that traffic light pole! This is the Google Streetview from Strawberry St. The camera is that obstructed white object on the corner of the building. Oops!

Guess where it is probably pointed? Across the street? Nope, probably at the five point intersection, you damn dope! Grow a brain, Becky Holzinger!

At over 100 ft away, you are not going to have a discernable face captured on camera. Period! And no one even seems to know if this happened outside or not? Any guesses why, Becky Holzinger?

Click here for "Why Does Becky Holzinger Continue This Lie" from January 2015.

Where is the Correct Information?

Have you noticed Becky's maps are all wrong? According to LNP's description of the location, it is on the opposite side of the street, Becky Holzinger! Both of them, actually. And the camera is actually attached to the corner of the Ganse Apothecary building and the angle may be obscured by a traffic light pole.

And of course, no mention that the gun shot wound is non-life thretening! This was not "some one was shot in the face!". This was misrepresented and overblown - again! This was someone that had some injury to a face and finger. For all we know, this was an accidental misfire and the wound could be nothing more than being grazed!

Is this an insane person's idea of ethical journalism? Screaming that someone was " shot in the face"? I will be reviewing camera angles later today because Becky Holzinger has been caught in several lies about cameras downtown. Check back later.


No PSP Application

So let me get this right. There is no application for CRIZ money? What has Becky been bitching about for the past several months? There isn't even a freaking application for the CRIZ money? Becky, there is no story here, you now freely admit this is a Non-issue!!!!

You are wasting your life putting in right-to-know requests for a town you don't even live in! Get a grip, Becky Holzinger! You are clearly a deranged nutcase!


Another CRIZ Non-issue

Becky just got schooled in a recent comment regarding her lies that the police are not making arrests! Becky's false claims are tiresome and wrong.

And I do not know what Becky thinks she would do at a CRIZ meeting. Probably get hauled off to a Looney bin in real time! If CRIZ people want to hold a private meeting, what is the problem? Maybe they don't want some loony bitch from Philly interrupting their conversations every couple minutes! Can't blame 'em on that one!!!


Becky Holzinger, Bird Brain!

Wow, someone was shot and in a "non-life threatening condition"! Of course, there is not one mention of this on Becky's blog! Not one!

Yes, we can hold Becky Holzinger accountable. Speaking of bird brains, let's recall that the Stormygirl story was a complete fraud. Read the LazyLancNews link for more information. But Becky Holzinger and a few loons were marching around outside the PGC harassing Jerry Feaser for Ron Harper Jr, whom I believe was working for Steve Mohr - a man who made up mountain lion attacks in the past.

Becky Holzinger is such a birdbrain, she must have just forgotten that the person - whoever it was that was shot - is in a non-life threatening condition! Oops! Becky, you are a really horrible liar and tried to characterize this as something much more significant than it really is. There will be more on Becky Holzinger's pathological lying about a town she does not live in (and never did) later.


George & George

I hate to tell Becky, but Hanover Eagles have nothing to do with Lancaster. She is only mentioning it because LNP covered it. Pretty sad that she cannot come up with anything original! The other day, she insisted a story from Akron Ohio had something to do with Lancaster! It looks like her insanity is spreading its eagle wings across state lines!

This "LIP" blog is an embarrassment to the real LIP which became defunct decades ago. This is an insane woman living in the past babbling about things she could not possibly know about!

Get a grip! Stay safe and warm and please check back tomorrow. And that is too many "ands" in one sentence, Becky Holzinger! Your "journalism" skills suck!

Horror in a Family: Becky Holzinger!

Becky Holzinger falsely claimed she was the victim of a child molestation by her dad! Incesttragedy.com is still up, even though both of her parents have passed away and were never convicted! I know her molestation claims are false because she gave convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear a free pass!

And, no, Becky Holzinger! You are not "familiar" with these people! You've never once met them and you can bank on it! You live over an hour away and there is no way in hell they would associate themselves with a total nutcase!

Please don't check back later today on five "shootings" where no one was injured and minimal damage occurred. It is not a big deal, Becky Holzinger! Mind your own damn business, bitch!


What is Becky Holzinger Doing?

Absolutely nothing! Five "shootings" and zero injuries? So what? Those are not really "shootings", are they?

There is absolutely no need for you to link us to Lancaster Online stories! You see, they are already online. If I want to read those articles, I can go to their website and read them! Are you understanding this internet thingy yet, Becky Holzinger?

Your obsession with Lancaster is bizarre and disturbing! Please check back later.


Three Rooftop Bars

Becky Holzinger's obsession with Lancaster is bizarre and disturbing. I would have thought, given the amount of alcohol Becky consumes, that she would be thrilled with three rooftop bars in a town she cannot seem to stop talking about.

And she has absolutely no sense of accountability! She refuses to address why she supported felon Jerry Puryear as her photographer. We are owed an explanation, Becky Holzinger! You will be held accountable!


We Are Watching You

Wow, even "Frank Lee" called Becky out on her latest bullshit about using the word killer - on a guy who confessed!

And no word on what conflict of interest or misconduct is involved with owning several properties. Does anyone have even the slightest idea this crazy woman is ranting about?

And, as a commenter mentioned, why would LNP have put Powell Steel out of business? Are they in the steel business? Please check back later.


What About Jerry?

What about John Mongiovi? I don't know! Why don't you tell us, Becky Holzinger? This is your big story? This was the hugely important omission? Really? When are you planning on revealing the big news? Please tell me this is not it!

What about Jerri Wright, aka Jerry Puryear, who is sitting in Lancaster County Prison? You know, the Megan's Law sex offender who you befriended and supported throughout his criminal career? The one who was snapping photos for Lipnews?

What about Jerry, Becky Holzinger? Is he enjoying his stay?


What Holzinger Didn't Tell You

Apparently, there is a very important fact that LNP didn' tell us. And neither did Becky Holzinger! I can hardly wait for this one! Does it involve Akron, OH, Becky Holzinger? Lol!

To be continued...


Afternoon Update: Not Smart at All

Becky Holzinger really is full of shit! As a commenter pointed out, this is not the Akron, PA police! This is the Akron, Ohio police! This has nothing to do with Lancaster, PA Becky Holzinger!

"Furgeson", Becky Holzinger? Really? You are not smart and neither is posting that your website might be down for ten minutes. Just do the maintenance, Becky Holzinger! You are a dumb fucking bitch!

Oh, and Grand Dragon Becky Holzinger supports KKK marches! Who knew? What a hoot. Please check back later. And if my site is down, check back in 10 minutes because I am doing some spring cleaning website maintenance. Derp!


Updated - & Blatant Racism & the Bird

Becky has approved some of the most racist comments I have ever seen!! She recently held a "rap contest". This is just shockingly racist!

Sorry, but there are no people in Lancaster that think police will not solve crimes. This is just another Becky Holzinger paranoid delusion! There is no one on the street committing unquestioned crimes. Becky Holzinger is quite simply a kook!

And Becky Holzinger keeps bringing up the unsubstantiated claims of Rosaura Torres, who never named Chief Sadler as "Mark" in her book. It is quite simply a work of fiction! Notice how she neglects to inform her readers of Torres' Facebook threats against men and her ex! This is lying by ommission, Becky Holzinger! Tell your readers the truth, you lying cuntbag!


Investigate Now!

Priceless! Becky Holzinger tells someone to write about something else? Why don't YOU write about something else, Becky Holzinger? Investigate police because some drunk guy passed out and bumped his head and died a year later? How many more times do you think drunky passed out and banged his head, Becky Holzinger?

If anyone needs investigated, it is you, Becky Holzinger! You attempted to aid accused drug trafficker Eric Tittel who is jail for a conviction for a stabbing! You stuck up for kiddie-diddler Jerry Puryear when he attempted to rob a store. You hang out and get your photo routinely taken with felons while you relentlessly bash the police force of a town you never even lived in - ever!!

Seek mental help, Becky Holzinger. You are one sick bitch!


Becky's Head is Spinning

This "rap contest" is so racist, it is making my head spin! How could Becky Holzinger post something so lame and racist? I am stunned! What is going on with the cameras? They are solving crimes, Becky Holzinger. There is no obligation to release video in active investigations, period.


Becky Holzinger Does It Again!

By day, she trolls on her blog. At night, she drinks her share of alcohol alone in her trashy Philly apartment. She doesn't really have any talents and is obviously jealous of Todd Umstead's and LNP's success as she wallows and belly-aches on her WordPress blog for decades!

Please read about Becky's insane online antics and check back later today! A great performer? Not so much!


Becky Holzinger: Obscure the Truth!

Talk about obscuring the truth, click this image!

OMG! LNP used the word "a" instead of "only" - but they are covering up...nothing at all! But Becky Holzinger acts like this is a huge coverup! She is a delusional nutcase!

Becky Holzinger, why do you still care about rooftop gardens? That is absurd and ridiculous!

And is Becky Holzinger able to read and comprehend a story about three teens involved in a shooting in which no one was hurt and nothing was damaged? Apparently not! After all, she is a complete mental case and has nothing to do with being an actual reporter!

Please check back tomorrow to continue wasting your time this weekend! Becky has a severe case of HUTA!


The Storm is "Here"... in Philadelphia?

Yep, the storm is here and none of it was caused by Becky Holzinger! Oh noes, an editorial did not state a fact anyone could easily read for themselves? Wow, it must be another one of those "coverups" - aka paranoid delusion of Becky Holzinger! Becky has a few things to say about stopping crime in Lancaster? No one cares! Becky Holzinger never stopped a crime in Lancaster! She never helped solve one either! I, on the other hand, did! Becky actually tried to aid several felons!

I will come back to that this afternoon.


A Storm is Coming

And it is not coming from Becky Holzinger! She was caught in traffic this afternoon and will be taking the rest of the day off...to post about wine. Because Becky Holzinger is clearly a drunk! Crybaby Becky is still whining about being called out on her online stalking activity. Wahhhhh!


Outrageous Becky Holzinger Misconduct

I suppose stalking an LNP reporter just isn't enough for Becky Holzinger. Police inaction on this insane person is a slippery slope because she thinks she can just cry "mental disorder" and get away with it! Lock her up, now!!!

Why do "WE" have cameras, Becky Holzinger? "We?". I must again remind Becky Holzinger that she does not live in Lancaster! You've been proven wrong time and time again about the cameras. I have still shots of you using wrong perspectives at too great of distances! Becky Holzinger, you are simply wrong.

The cameras were obviously used to catch Nicole Mathewson's killer but you refuse to talk about it. In fact, you just cherry pick anything that doesn't fit your phony narratives. The reality is that your site is not news and you have to fake commenters giving you praise - because no one in their right mind would find your shitty blog informative or useful.

You will immediately cease and desist stalking people in Lancaster or you WILL go to jail.


Ice in Her Brains? Er, Veins?

Update on the frozen bitch found in Philly. Still hasn't found those CRIZ people!

Becky Holzinger is now attempting to rationalize stalking LNP reporters like Tom Knapp - whom she claims reported her to police for stalking! I have received multiple reports that Becky Holzinger is harassing and stalking people online as well as by telephone. Why won't the Philadelphia or Lancaster police take action?

Tom Knapp will hopefully send a strong message. Your illegal behavior will not be condoned, Becky Holzinger. Give her three hots and a cot! Now!


Special Report: Becky Holzinger Claims LNP Reporter Accused Her of Stalking

Becky Holzinger has claimed on her blog that LNP reporter Tom Knapp reported her for stalking to the police. I am receiving multiple reports that Becky Holzinger has been stalking and harassing people online. If you are harassed or stalked by Becky Holzinger, please immediately contact either the Lancaster police department or the Philly police department and provide them documentation.

Becky Holzinger is not above the law. I will be making phone calls tomorrow. Please check back later.

Becky Holzinger: Terrible Reporting!

Wow, they did not release the names Saturday due to family not being notified, but did print the names in the next day's obituaries? So fucking what, Becky Holzinger? Is there a story here? People in the family had to be notified of the deaths. Big. Fucking. Deal! Get a life you old wrinkled loser! It's in the newspaper, there is literally no need for you to republish this information. Get lost!

Grow Your Garden - 2

How sad and pathetic is your life when you are worried about rooftop gardens in a city you have never lived in in a county you haven't lived in for decades? Think about that for a minute. Is that messed up or what?

Becky Holzinger must be a very sad and lonely person. And she has wasted years on this blog! This blog hasn't done one thing except be a constant droning whine about Lancaster and it stems from pure jealousy of its success!

Are the commenters even real people or are they multiple on line personas of Becky Holzinger? If they are real, do they even live in Lancaster? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger is a Sad Joke

Sometimes I wonder if any of the people posting on Becky's blog are really from Lancaster or if they are just a bunch of like-minded lunatics - maybe even multiple personalities of Becky Holzinger?

Becky has fabricated so much "news" on her "press" blog that it can be difficult to tell the difference. Becky Holzinger now has such a poor reputation it is almost impossible to fathom! How can this woman continue to keep posting this garbage and still have supporters? It is getting really deep, Becky Holzinger! Should I put on some wading boots?

Becky Holzinger knows nothing about guns. That much is obvious. She claimed a "Bushman" was the gun Adam Lanza used. In fact, it wasn't! She also erroneously claimed Charlie Smithgall was selling illegal firearms from his pharmacy. That was another made up story. In fact, most of what Becky Holzinger prints are the delusions in her insane mind!