Becky Holzinger's Incest Story is Still Bullshit

Her incest story is a complete and total lie. Just look at how she complains about LNP not putting in something about incest. She should know that revealing the incest charge up front would pretty much ID the victim. Doesn't she constantly complain about journalism ethics? Yet, when LNP shows some, she throws a bitchfest! What the hell, Becky Holzinger? If she was really molested, which I doubt she ever was, she would know full well this first hand, right?

She constantly and pathologically lies and should not be considered a valid news source. Please check back later today.


Update: G. Scott Davis is Not Bryan Cutler's Brother-in-Law

According to Becky Holzinger's own blog, he is Bryan Cutler's STEP-brother-in-law. There is literally no blood relation between Bryan Cutler and G. Scott Davis. And there is certainly no evidence at all that DA Craig Stedman and Bryan Cutler coordinated or collaborated in any way, shape or form. Zero. Nothing. There is literally no story here except that Becky Holzinger FUCKING MADE IT UP. The whole thing is made up in her head with absolutely no evidence at all! Is this ethical reporting? Is this what Becky Holzinger considers ethical journalism? Is it?

Then someone makes the false claim that G. Scott Davis intentionally pointed the gun at his own daughter and blew her away. Of course that is an idiotic and absurd claim. The shooting was obviously accidental. But Becky Holzinger publishes it to her blog and lets it be approved. Ethical journalism my ass, Becky Holzinger. You and your blog are nothing but trash.


Becky Holzinger Does Not Have a Reporter Card

Ok, so what prevents anyone from typing the name into Facebook and finding the same exact pictures Becky Holzinger found with the safe? It is not "cropped out" carefully in the picture, it is just simply not important or relevant to the case. Doesn't Becky Holzinger have a single brain cell in her head? There is literally no relevance to a "huge gun safe" - which isn't all that "huge" at all. And why does she speculate that DA Stedman is asking for it to be cropped out of the picture? What purpose would that serve? And of course, once again, she provides no evidence to support her absurd speculation.

Becky Holzinger just can't get over that DA Craig Stedman handed her her ass over public access to autopsy reports and she refuses to let it go. Get over it, Becky Holzinger! Let it go!

She even insists that the photo of the "huge gun safe" is visible to "1 billion" people on Facebook. Then who attempted to hide anything at all? How would that even be possible if a billion people have access to the Facebook photo? What does a gun safe have to do with a homicide, anyway? Hand in your reporter card, Becky Holzinger. Oh wait, you never had one in the first place! Where did you get your education in journalism? The slow-learner ward at the high school you flunked out of?

Don't go away mad, Becky Holzinger. Just go away, trailer trash.


Becky Holzinger: Bottom of the Barrel

This G. Scott Davis bullcrap has been debunked for years, years!! There is no evidence and this was one of Becky's psychotic "stories" about Lancaster that NEVER HAPPENED. This psycho bitch just cannot stop flapping her jaw about Lancaster! It is a deeply routed mental illness. There is literally zero evidence of anything Becky Holzinger posts about Lancaster and she literally does not have a clue because she lives hours away and is completely out of touch about anything happening there. She should seek immediate therapy for her mental issues.


Becky Holzinger Takes It In the Rear

How does one get rear-ended by a Fed-Ex truck? Word is that Becky took it pretty rough up the backside. Is Becky Holzinger getting too old to drive? Will she soon be placed into an old folks home? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Wants Some!

Lying sack of garbage Becky Holzinger still has 7 denied, dismissed, withdrawn or transferred "final determinations" on the openrecords.pa.gov website. She really has quite a serious mental problem to be doing this for years and years and she never ever accomplished even one thing! Get mental help - NOW!


Becky Holzinger Will Not Correct Huge Errors

Is this the same person that falsely claimed the windows at a Lancaster McDonald's were shot out? And when I pointed out that those were just reflections of police beacons in the windows and not bullet holes, there was no response? Is this is the same person? Becky Holzinger from Philadelphia, right?

Is this the same Becky Holzinger who posted pictures of Gardill and Karpathios with Airsoft pellet guns, strongly implied that they were real and never retracted that false story?

Is this the same Becky Holzinger who screamed "show us his face" for months and never once uttered the name Jason Jarvis in the J&K Supermart story?

Is this the same Becky Holzinger who worked for years with a convicted felon photographer and then stuck up for him when the information came to light?

Is this the same Becky Holzinger who claimed she was associated with LIPNews, and then tried to claim is was her father (yes, the one that supposedly molested her) was the one that worked for LIPNews and a search of the archives of Lancaster Independent Press does not contain the phrase "Holzinger" at all? Ever? This is the same Becky Holzinger that is now worried that 2015 isn't in an article about some dude that broke into a garage?

Oh, but the "incident date" is right on the docket sheet. And a link to Crime Watch PA is right in the article. So if you bother to look at the link that is right in the article, you can immediately figure out that it occurred in 2015. Or if you search the name that is in the article, find the docket on a website online. Wow, what a huge error - when the reader would assume something. Oh wait, that isn't an error at all. It is just an assumption that someone might make if they don't bother to check anything. And it is completely and totally irrelevant. Get a life, Becky Holzinger.,


Becky Holzinger Dropped the Ball

So two white guys were charged by the Northern Lancaster County Regional police, initially with third degree felonies and were charged $5,000 bail each. Yes, the felonies were later withdrawn. But Juan Delvalle was charged with two misdemeanors (no felonies) and does not appear to have a bail amount even set. And he is listed as "white" at the top of the Docket Summary. Oh, and it was a different police department. So, what is the issue, Becky Holzinger? Imaginary racism again? Racism that doesn't exist and is easy explained by simple facts and circumstances in the case? Get mental help, Becky Holzinger. For the sake of humanity. Please check back later today.


Oh, It Fell

HAHAHAHA! This just cracks me up. This tree fell on a house and caused a buttload of damage. Oh, hahaha. My sympathies to the owner of the house. Hold on while I continue laughing at this. This just cracks me up!!!


Maybe Because He's Accused of a Third Degree Felony, Becky Holzinger

Becky Holzinger asks "Why has Shaw-Cannon been sitting in jail for five months? Demand answers!" Probably because he's accused of a third degree felony offense, Becky Holzinger. Ya think? Becky Holzinger spins this and calls this felony a "minor offense".

If you can't do the time, don't do the crime! Is Becky Holzinger really defending an accused arsonist that caused severe damage to US flags and a veteran's memorial? If you don't like it, Becky Holzinger, move your crazy ass to Canada!


Don't Forget Kids, LazyLancNews is Back Up!

Click here for the original post.


Read all about how Ron Harper Jr. posed as Aaron Guhl and even published a letter to the editor in LNP! Harper sent me several messages posing as Aaron Guhl and originally created "LazyLancNews" on Webs. After exposing him on several message boards as Aaron Guhl, he closed the site. I reopened it and created my own Webs page!

The response I got when I told Webs.com I forgot the password for LazyLancNews. It sent an email response to the creator of the page, ron@seey.com! It was a page supposedly created by "Aaron Guhl" about psychology, but it was obviously faked.

Aaron Guhl's Facebook profile says he went to Penn Manor. But Classmates.com and his real addresses seem to confirm he went to a school in Florida.

Below is the article published by Aaron Guhl which appears to have been actually written by Harper titled "Harper has a Flair for the Dramatic".

This is a screenshot of at least five harassing messages I received via Facebook from "Aaron Guhl".


Becky Holzinger: A Disgrace to the Public and to Journalism

Sidenote: Becky Holzinger hasn't resided in Lancaster for over 25 years but notice what she told WGAL.

There is not one ethical bone in this sick, twisted woman's body. I find her claim that there is not one mention of a fatal shooting in the print edition highly dubious. I don't know, because many, many people don't even bother with the print edition and I'm one of them. But for the sake of argument, let's say it isn't there. It's in the online edition at the top of the page. So...so what? It isn't like the story is being hidden from the public. Even if someone didn't have the internet in 2018, I'm sure they could talk to one of their friends and find out about it in an instant. So obviously, this whole crazy idea is a lie made up in Becky Holzinger's warped brain.

All this pathetic hag can do is lie like a dog about Lancaster and it is clear that there is a mental issue at play here. Something is very, very wrong with Becky Holzinger and there isn't one ethical journalistic bone in her body. Please check back later today.


Is Becky Holzinger's Blog a Joke?

"Police put together a photo array, and the witness who drew the sketch picked Nguyen out of the lineup. That's when Rothermel filed a warrant for his arrest."

Does she want photos, sketches and a description released or not? Becky Holzinger is literally the one that posted "Is this a joke?". See the screen capture below of an article she posted a few days ago before she deletes it.

No, it was not a joke. It led to the arrest of this man and Becky Holzinger was very critical of the release of the sketch. In fact, she called it "a joke". It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has no place critiquing the Lancaster police and the work they do. She literally has no freakin' clue! What crime has Becky Holzinger ever solved that lead to an arrest? I can't think of even one.

Please check back later today.


Retinal Surgery Recovery Time is Only 2 to 4 Weeks

Rosaura Torres Thomas English Muffin, or whatever her name is now, and Becky Holzinger are full of shit.

It only takes five minutes worth of research into retinal detachments. You do not have retinal detachments for years. The surgery is simple and the recovery time is only 2 to 4 weeks. The procedure itself takes no more than two hours.

Only about 11% of retinal detachments are caused by physical trauma. And it takes more than a simple punch to the face. I'm talking car crash or a trauma of that nature. Her story was that Officer Suber caused the retinal detachment and her story frequently changed. I have noted this previously on the site and I'm quite sure that you aware that her story is inconsistent and problematic. Yet you still print it and present it as true. You are a digusting and vile human being who should not be allowed on the internet and you certainly are not an ethical reporter or journalist of anykind.

Click here for my Special Report: The Changing Retinal Detachment Story.

Click here for Breaking News and More showing the threats made on Facebook by Rosaura.

Ridiculed Sketch Leads to Arrest

Ridiculed Sketch Leads to Arrest

LOL! Can this whiny fucking hag in Philly just STFU and let police do their job? They know what they're doing! You don't, Becky Holzinger!


Apparently this is "racist" now

You know, we're getting a little ridiculously oversensitive. When you are offended by a smiley face on a receipt, there's a problem. Thank God for great Presidents like Donald J Trump.

Has Becky Holzinger Lost Her Mind? Did She Ever Have One?

First she demands sketches and descriptions. Now she will criticize them when they are released. Make up your mind, Becky Holzinger. And please, don't go away mad. Just go away. Please check back later today.


Does Becky Holzinger's Brain Work?

There isn't one camera within a block! Those cameras are hundreds of feet away. Behind trees. At 5:38pm in the winter, it gets fairly dark. Do cameras work in the dark, Becky Holzinger? Do they see through trees? And around corners? Do the cameras work? Yes. Do they work the way your pinheaded mind thinks? No. No, they do not. Becky Holzinger has been wrong about this for years!

Does Becky Holzinger pay one penny for any of these cameras? No, she does not. It is none of her business. She hasn't even lived in Lancaster for over a quarter of a century. I'm not even kidding. She is not a reporter. And she is certainly NOT a reporter for Lancaster. It is absolutely none of her business what happens there. Go away, now!


Breaking News: Becky Holzinger Continues to Spread Rumors

"Hey, I can't verify this, but here it is!". Who says stuff like that and actually thinks people will respect their "ethics in journalism"? It is ridiculous. Please check back later today.


Let's Count the Secrets Becky Holzinger is Keeping

Has she told us even one time that the photos she showed of Karpathios and Gardill with guns were really Airsoft pellet guns? Has she told anyone? Has she been lying for years that they were real guns? And that is just one of many, many lies from Becky Holzinger! She told us that there were bullet holes all across the front of a Lancaster McDonalds. It was just reflections from the police beacons! She never, ever told us that no one shot the McDonalds at all! It was a hole caused from high winds and it happened before those cruisers were ever even in the picture! The boarded up window was in the picture! There are so many, many lies from this woman, it is pathetic.


Becky Holzinger Disqualified

Four times Becky Holzinger failed to accurately report the news and proved she was a sham:

Becky Holzinger has been disqualified as a Lancaster reporter and has lived in Philadelphia for over 25 years. The above images were from the October 25, 2017 article "REMOVE BECKY HOLZINGER FROM THE INTERNET". Click here.


Katie West was charged for possession of an illegal substance in magesterial court with 35 § 780-113 §§ A16. Police have determined that drugs did not contribute to the crash.

Becky attempted to say DA Stedman colluded with Bryan Cutler to "obstruct justice". And where is Becky's evidence of that? Becky has hemmed and hauled for months over this, saying she would release a list of 20 things showing that DA Stedman "obstructed justice" and that she would write a letter to the Attorney General. Unsurprisingly, the list of 20 things never showed up, nor the letter to the AG.

She took pictures of two young men - Luke Karpathios and Devon Gardill - and tried to railroad them. The only problem? The pictures were not of real guns, but Airsoft pellet guns. Oops! Becky Holzinger has not acknowledged that to this day!

George Rosado will be tried as an adult. Becky Holzinger should answer as to why she needs the mugshot for George Rosado. She lied numerous times about this case and has attempted to deceive the public about it. She is still over 200 signatures short on her petition on change.org. It was never forwarded to the DOJ and is still just irrelevant today as it was several months ago. Becky Holzinger hates DA Stedman because DA Stedman has Becky Holzinger's number and sent this nutty hag packing back to Philadelphia where she lives in her dirty apartment and drives a car from almost three decades ago. This is where Becky Holzinger is spending her money. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger is a Joke

Remember ethics in journalism? Becky Holzinger just tossed them out the window and is going for Stedman. She has hated him ever since he schooled her on public access to autopsy reports. Becky Holzinger has never gotten over it. She has never moved on. She has clung onto this for over a decade. And she hasn't even lived in Lancaster for over 25 years. I think Becky Holzinger should get her own mental disorder named after her. She is a special kind of stupid. I will be doing some research on what mental illnesses Becky Holzinger has. Please check back later today.


Whose Cameras Are They?

Not yours. You've lived in Philadelphia for over 25 years. So why waste your time writing about cameras and making stupid maps with arrows in Paint? Get a life you fucking hag.


You Haven't Lived in Lancaster for Over 25 Years Becky Holzinger

"Unacceptable?" The shooting in Lancaster has nothing to do with you, Becky Holzinger. Not one goddamn thing. You live in Philadelphia. You've lived there since 1992. Police are investigating and will get back to the press Monday. You're just going to have to get over it and accept reality, Becky Holzinger. Is there a danger to the public? No, no there is not. Now go away.

Holzinger Does Something Good, Coincidence?

Wow, Becky Holzinger just said some little kid's paintings are really good. Except for one thing. They aren't good at all. They're pretty terrible, actually. Rest assured, Becky Holzinger will use this opportunity to bash Lancaster city. Simply unbelievable.

This comment in from one of my readers on the post about Becky's home being purchased for $40,000 in 1992. ".....because that's exactly where white trash lives. Only crazy miserable Becky would take a comment about an innocent, sick little boy and turn it into just another way to trash Lancaster police. She is a hate filled bitch."

Todd Dickinson's name happens to be in two lawsuits Becky Holzinger dredged up from months or years ago. Why she brought them up this week, no one knows. You would think you wouldn't want to bring up a case that was basically dismissed with prejudice after reaching a settlement because it wouldn't hold too much merit. And did Becky Holzinger tell you one word about the lawyer, Devon M Jacob, the attorney that announced that the case will settle? No, she did not. (Please scroll down a few stories to read about him). That is certainly disturbing and bizarre as I know for a fact that she reads this site.

The other lawsuit involves Dickinson shooting a convicted felon behind the wheel of a car with a .426 blood alcohol level. Here is one of the quotes that Becky Holzinger won't ever put in print on her blog. "City Officer Todd Dickinson shot Kenneth White to prevent death or serious injury to Officer Adam Dommel, Craig W. Stedman said in a press release." Somehow, despite trying to run over a police officer, White managed to avoid a felony charge and was charged with only misdemeanors. However, he has a prior criminal felony record. So there goes Becky Holzinger sticking up for known felons that attacked cops again. Surprise!


Either Way, Holzinger Must Go

Is Becky Holzinger still pimping the blatant and obvious lie that MAW's assets solely consist of a building valued at $89,000? This is simply unbelievable and ridiculous. I think Becky Holzinger has the intelligence level of a 12 year old girl. It is well established that Becky Holzinger is a former mental patient at Evergreen Counseling Services. That's right, she's a former (and probably current) nutcase.

Who is the world actually believes her repeated and ridiculous lie that the only asset MAW has is this $89,000 building? And if this is such a trivial amount, why did Becky Holzinger pay even less for her current shithole in Philadelphia?

Forty thousand dollars, Becky Holzinger? What a fucking dump! You've lived outside of Lancaster for over 25 years?

Becky Holzinger just cannot stand to see success and progress in Lancaster. She is always attacking everything in Lancaster. And she calls this bullshit "ethical journalism"? Really? Either way, Becky Holzinger needs to go. Oh wait, that's right. She lives in her shithole apartment in Philadelphia! She already did go! Bye!


Breaking News and More!

Guess who is back on Becky's blog?

Good old Devon Jacob!

This is the guy who had this posted on his social media page.

No, this is not a joke. I wish it were. This is the Mechanicsburg-based "attorney" that wants the Lancaster mayor and police chief to resign? Why did my emails go unanswered? Why wouldn't anyone confirm his name? This is the same attorney that a judge referred to as mentally ill. What is going on? Why won't Becky Holzinger or Katelyn Smith do their jobs?

And then we have a post from this mentally disturbed individual who has been posting dishonest statements about the Chief of Police and even threatened to run over him with her car! And then posted a decapitated man's head next to a "female spirit". No, I'm not kidding! Rosaura Thomas was formerly Rosaura Torres, who have written a great deal about on this website.

She has told numerous lies and wrote a fictional book about a man named "Mark" called "Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge". She used a fictional name to avoid being sued because there are numerous conflicts with her "stories", as I've written about five years ago here. Unbelievable! She and Becky Holzinger make a great pair of pathological liars. Please check back later today.


Becky Finally Identifes William Weisser

William Weisser Lied.

On Dec 20, I covered some of Becky's coverage of a City Council meeting where a mysterious, unidentifed man made a speech about MAW Communications.

Either the audio was very poor (which is was), or he lied. His name is not "Bo" or "Beau" Weisser. In his defense, he might have said "Bill". But in the formal setting he was in, you would think he would give his full given name "William". His address given was odd as it sounded like "Three seven East Orange St". I am unable to very this address and I don't believe it is correct. It clearly is not a residence, as it is an office building. He may, however, live farther down the street although I cannot conclusively verify this. I hesitate to defend this person's identification because it appears very deceptive from the audio I've listened to carefully. My question is, why?

He certainly seems to know a fair amount about agreements and arrangements and it is almost like he has a dog in this fight. I wonder what that might be.

I also notice that Becky Holzinger has refused to publish this person's face and it took her over a month to even identify him by name. I think a full investigation into Becky Holzinger's conduct is warranted and I will be in touch with the proper authorities.


Becky Holzinger Thinks Cameras Work at Night

The incident happened at 1 a.m., Becky Holzinger. Do cameras work at night? Yes, there is one street lamp nearby. Do you think that is was bright enough for a camera to capture anything of value at 1 a.m.? Do you think they captured their face through a windshield or glass at night? Probably not. Please grow a brain.

Please check back later today.