Breaking News. Becky Holzinger Pathologically Lies About "Breaking News"

No, Becky Holzinger. You did not "break the news". This is all rehashed and reposted from various actual police or news websites.

How is this terrible police work? How can you blame this shooting on any local official? This is the terrible behavior of those responsible for shooting other people, Becky Holzinger! The police and officials are obviously doing everything they can, as you should be well aware since you just reposted all of the information they released. And then you lied and claimed you are "breaking news"? What is mentally wrong with you, Becky Holzinger? Is there a clinical name for this Lancaster obsession?


Four Stories - Updates Needed Now

Why would the police or DA need to update us on someone accidentally shooting themself in the crotch? Would Becky Holzinger like to explain this new level of craziness to me?

Oh, and Becky ran out of time again in the afternoon. What does she do that takes up hours upon hours of her evening? Is there something here I am missing? How is it that she can suddenly "run out of time" with plenty of time left in the day? Is it that she is accessing a work computer to make these blog posts? Does Becky Holzinger know that I know where she works? She once forced me to remove the name of her place of employment because I unwittingly posted it. I used to track my visitors and she was visiting my blog from her workplace. When I traced the IP address, it came up with the business in the WHOIS. Perhaps they would like to be informed of the kind of crap their work computers are being used for?

Can you hear me now, Becky Holzinger? LMFAO!


Becky Holzinger. This is Unacceptable

This will stay at the top of this site until tomorrow morning. After that, I will end my faux outrage and write about something completely ridiculous.

Will Becky Holzinger ever explain why she was working with a convicted felon, Jerry Puryear aka Jerri Wright? Will she ever follow up on Eric Tittel's cash? Did he get it back? What happened to that story, Becky Holzinger? Why don't you fill us in?

Why is Becky Holzinger obsessed with Lancaster? How is it that "she is in shock" when she writes this type of stupid blog posting every day for like the last decade? Will Becky Holzinger please get a psychiatric evaluation? Please seek mental help, kook!


Strange Timing

The DA is holding a press conference but isn't telling you anything (according to Becky). Does that make any sense?

Becky read all about this story in the newspaper, but it was "never reported". She tried to place the scene of the crime underneath two cameras when it was reported exactly where it was - over 200 feet away from any camera.

That reminds me, Becky's "promised" stories never come on time. She always puts things off. Do you know why? Because Becky Holzinger is a delusional kook. She is mentally deranged. She has a screw loose and has a hard-on for Lancaster. Do you know why? Because her fabricated molestation story about mommy and daddy was tossed out of court. That's why.

So, Becky Holzinger is telling the public absolutely nothing about the killing while blaming the police for not being able to solve the killing. This is absolutely reprehensible journalism. Please check back later today.


Second Update Updated Lipnews is Calling, I Hung Up Like Most Normal People

And no one cares, because it is irrelevant and based on a defunct newspaper from decades ago that Becky Holzinger was likely never even involved with! Why can't they put up pictures of killers/shooters, Becky Holzinger? Probably because the shooting happened during the night when it's dark, Becky Holzinger. Or there were trees obscuring the view, Becky Holzinger. Like you've been told seemingly hundred upon thousands of times.

There is no big conspiracy here. Cameras simply do not capture everything and so what? Who cares? And if it does capture something, there is no rule that says that every picture or detail has to be publicly released. The police will decide when it is appropriate to release these pictures, Becky Holzinger. You - a nonresident of Lancaster - do not get a say in this. Period.

Why would they talk with you, Becky Holzinger? You are a proven pathological liar. Time and time again you were caught fabricating "stories" about Lancaster that simply were unfounded and not true. Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough yet? Or are you too stupid to realize what an idiot you making out of yourself? Either way, you're in obvious need of a psychiatric evaluation.

You've never resided in the city of Lancaster and you briefly resided with your parents in Lancaster county - which you later falsely accused of molesting you. I know it is false because a) your case was dismissed and b) you gave Jerry Puryear a free pass for his conviction on child sex abuse. If you were ever sexually abused, you would have never given that a free pass, Becky Holzinger.


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger Ignores the Obvious

I have had posted for several weeks why the crime involving Julio is not on video camera. For one thing, it happened after dark. And secondly, the angle that the camera is mounted on the closest pole would not provide even a somewhat decent vantage point. Still this pole is over 200 feet away, nearly reducing the prospect of capturing a detail such a person's face or license plate. And the cameras were probably faced away towards traffic intersections. But Becky Holzinger just knows that there is hidden video out there!

And why, Becky Holzinger, would anyone hide the video of this crime? What would they possibly have to gain in hiding all of this video? The fact is, that there is not video due to simple explanations. If she had just taken two minutes to look into this, Becky Holzinger would immediately realize why there is not video. But instead, she continues on with this ridiculous notion that video is being hidden.

If ever there was a conspiracy kook, Becky Holzinger is it! Please check back later.


His Name Removed

So, is Becky Holzinger's blog now about York city police officers? What does a York City police officer have to do with Lancaster? Just curious.

And Becky Holzinger has never mentioned this person's name before. She had nothing to do with this story or having a York police officer suspended, as far as I know. Is she trying to take credit for it? It suspiciously looks that way.

There is still nothing posted on Becky Holzinger's website that indicates to me that the poster Maffimuk (whoever it was or is) is "racist". I have not looked through all the postings of "Maffimuk", but I am sure it would not be difficult for Becky to post a racist comment as an example if her claims are true. No, "it is a fucking disgrace how these people act" is not racist. That is a statement about "people" and the way they act. Which people - the people who behave in a particular way. It's not about skin color when it's about how "people" are acting.

Certainly, Becky Holzinger can print a better example that exemplifies this alleged "racism". And what about her trying to railroad Conestoga Home & Window Cleaning? Will she provide any examples of this alleged "racism"? Will she give us a valid reason why this place of business should be boycotted? If she is going to intimidate the financial livelihood of a business, she better have more than "it is a fucking disgrace how these people act". I for one, have no intention of boycotting that business and any rational person would have no reason to do so either - based on the fabrications of well-known pathological liar, Becky Holzinger.


Absolutely Unacceptable: Becky Holzinger

Nothing posted connects Joshua Whiteside to the posts of "Popeye". Also, nothing obviously racist posted, either. Hope BH has a good lawyer and lots of spare cash.

Change Did Come, Not By Becky

So the jury pool methods have now changed. So what? Becky Holzinger is convinced she did it because she wrote some blog post three years ago. What a deranged kook! There is zero evidence Becky Holzinger had one thing to do with the way jury pools are selected.

Also, will Becky respond to any of this?

Mr. Watson has four pages of traffic violations! And he didn't pay hundreds of dollars in rent, either! Will Becky, in fairness, hold Blanding Watson accountable? Or just the white folk in Lancaster county she is biased against? Just curious. Please check back later when Becky Holzinger develops a sudden case of total amnesia!


Investigate Becky

She is now accusing people online of racism and attempting to harm businesses. The proper individuals have been notified of her activities. Becky's anti-Semitism and racist attitudes are quite apparent in her most recent post. She is also accusing people of belonging to the Klan. Becky Holzinger will be investigated and will probably be sued for attempting to damage a business's reputation. I hope she can afford a good lawyer. Please check back later.


Do Not Use LIPNews

It is owned by a virulent racist, Becky Holzinger. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Empty Words

No follow up whatsoever - taking the rest of the afternoon off. Damn, these jokes write themselves!


Becky Holzinger: Failing to Protect and Serve the Public

Who appointed Becky Holzinger to be a reporter? Who made it her job to hold people accountable in Lancaster? Is she still in Minnesota, or did she crawl back to Philadelphia?

None of Becky Holzinger's postings have done one thing to solve any of these crimes. She is failing to protect and serve the public - not that I really care - because that is not Becky Holzinger's job! It is not her job to protect and serve Lancaster.

And it's a good thing, because she really sucks at attempting to do so. She is a complete and total failure that has never solved even one crime. She is a lousy "reporter" who is not even on location! Everyone knows Becky Holzinger is NOT a reporter!

She is just an annoying internet kook obsessed with a city she never even lived in. From what I am told, she is just bitter about being fired from Lancaster Newspapers. She even tried to associate herself with the Lancaster Independent Press (a relic from the 60s), a "newspaper" that hasn't been in circulation for decades! It was all a lie to attack Lancaster! How sad and pathetic can one person be?


Becky Holzinger: Derelict in Her Duties

"This is ridiculous".

Yes, it is. Who did you talk with, Becky Holzinger? For all we know, you held another conversation in your own head. No one would say that there are two cameras that should have caught this crime. There are several reasons. One is because the two cameras are a block away from the crime, more than 200 feet. And the camera that is closer is mounted on the wrong side of the telephone pole. These cameras were more than likely pointed at traffic and away from the crime scene.

What is so difficult to understand about this? A camera two hundred feet away is not going to capture faces or license plates. Another reason? This crime occurred at nighttime - the cameras may not have captured much at all since it was DARK, Becky Holzinger. Light tends to help when taking pictures, Becky Holzinger.

Yes, this is completely and utterly ridiculous and I don't think you talked to a damn person in Lancaster. It's just another one of your "stories" full of fantasy and fallacy. It is incomprehensible and unconscionable. You also tried to locate this crime at two different locations, even though it was clearly announced in the news story where the victim was located.

Seek mental help.


Becky Holzinger Lets Her Readers Be Killed, She Doesn't Care

Becky Holzinger refuses to accurately report that the victim was not found within 200 feet of a Safety Coalition camera. She will not report that it would not capture a face or license plate on a vehicle at that distance. She will not report that the closest camera is on the opposite side of a telephone pole.

She will keep her readers in the dark and not report the truth. Her readers could potentially be killed if they have the wrong information. That makes as much sense as LNP readers getting killed.

This disgusting political showboating over the tragedy is an even bigger tragedy. Becky Holzinger should be ashamed of herself. She attempted to place this crime scene in two different locations that it clearly did not happen in. She is a mentally disturbed person that needs to be removed from the internet for the safety of everyone involved.

Let's all hope that soon happens.


An Incompetent Liar. Resign Holzinger

Sadler said it was too early to tell if a van was involved. Indeed, if I had been in the vicinity driving a van and heard gun shots, I would have peeled my tires and drove away quickly as well. It doesn't mean that the shooter was in the van. Also, Becky Holzinger has lied about a camera being over the scene of the shooting. She attempted to move the location of the actual shooting victim twice.

Obviously, by admitting that she did not know which end of the street the shooting occurred, she is proving that she is not corroborating her "press" information - a basic step in journalism. And the location of the victim ended up being in between Becky's two "guess" locations (which was published right in the LNP article for crying out loud!).

There is not a camera within 200 feet of where the shooting victim was found. Which eliminates faces or license plates showing up due to the nature of cameras and the level of detail they can obtain. Becky also neglects that this occurred late at night, so that darkness could have played a role in the quality of video - if the camera was even pointed in that direction at all! It's possible the vehicle went down Lafayette St. and the camera was pointed elsewhere.

The reality is, is that this incident did not happen right underneath a camera and Becky Holzinger does not have even a basic understanding of cameras, camera angles or how they work. Why would she? Did she even graduate high school? Did she drop out? She certainly did not go to college.

The fact is is that Becky Holzinger is not a reporter, not a detective, and does not have a basic understanding of even the most basic aspects of these jobs. She is an incompetent liar and should resign.


Camera Located a Block Away, Wrong Side of Telephone Pole?

The victim was found at New Dorwart and Lafayette St.

"He was lying in the middle of the mostly residential street between Weiss Cleaners at 24 New Dorwart St. and Premier Cuts at 23 New Dorwart St."

There is not a camera within 200 feet. The camera that would have been closer (but still over 200 feet away) would be at New Dorwart St. and High St. It is angled off a telephone pole away from the shooting scene.

The person was reported to have been found in the middle of the street approximately where the light green building on the left is (the cleaners). On the other side is Premier Cuts just in front of the red building. Again, this is over 200 feet away. A discernible face would not likely be obtained from video footage at that distance. Also, a vehicle could have driven past undetected depending on the direction the camera was pointed, which was probably faced away from this scene and faced towards a three point intersection.

This is yet another false and misleading report from Becky Holzinger regarding cameras. Unbelievable! Get lost, Becky Holzinger! She has attempted to make this appear as if it is right underneath cameras and it is not! She lied twice now about where the body was actually found! This is inexcusable and in extremely poor taste. This is outright unacceptable, Becky Holzinger!


Not Breaking News!

You didn't post that "news", Joshua Prince did. He "broke the news", Becky Holzinger. You did not. So right away, you lied in the title of your post. Joshua Prince carefully omitted in his quotes that the "final determination" can still be appealed within 30 days. But when you go into his link, you can find that information right after his quoted text. Why was this omitted, I wonder? Check your facts, Becky Holzinger. And stop spreading disinformation and lies.


Why is Becky Holzinger Watching You?

A whole new level of crazy. The following right to know request was reportedly sent by Becky Holzinger.

"The following Right-To-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster this afternoon: Please provide Lancaster Safety Coalition video from every camera in the City of Lancaster for the 24 hour period of Friday, June 5th, 2015."

And what makes Becky Holzinger believe she is entitled to view a 24 hour period of all video cameras in Lancaster? Hey, let me know how that one turns out, crazy Becky Holzinger, will ya?

For 5 days now, I have been running pictures of the camera in question and it does not have a clear view of the alleged crime scene Becky Holzinger is talking about. Yet she insists relentlessly that police are hiding videos. They are not. Becky Holzinger is an insane person and she continues to prove me correct every day by making absurd and ridiculous posts.

This one may be the topper on the cake. What a hoot! Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger. There is a Fucking Tree in the Way. Get Over it.

I posted this originally four days ago. The scene of the shooting is obscured by a huge tree.

Opposite view. The scene of the shooting is near the diamond-shaped "stop sign ahead" sign.

The tree obscures the view, Becky Holzinger. Duh.

Notice the bottom of the sign post?


Becky Holzinger: Catching Every Move Through a Huge Tree!

Wow, if you scroll a few posts back, you can read Hurry Up, Becky - 2: Tree Branches Obscure View

Unbelievably, Becky Holzinger has not yet realized that there is no possible way the camera could have seen the shooting location on this street. That's because she doesn't live here! What an absolute idiot!

Also, do we really need weather reports for Lancaster from Becky Holzinger? Oh, be careful - there is a tornado watch - well no kidding, Becky Holzinger! We live here and we can tell YOU what the weather is here, Becky! A-duh! Would you just give it up already and get lost?

Becky Holzinger Reprints Support for Killer?

First Becky Holzinger wants criminals arrested, now she wants them released? Am I reading this correctly? I am presuming that she supports this article since she reprinted it (without permission) on her own blog. Have the Lancaster police improved since 35 years ago? Well, duh - Becky Holzinger. I wonder if there is anyone that has even served on the police force that long. I suppose it is possible, but I wouldn't think it is many of them! You didn't have most of the electronic devices you do today in 1979 - at least not nearly as advanced or as popular. How can you even compare the two police forces, it's not possible! Of course things changed in 35 years, Becky Holzinger! Sheesh! What a ridiculous thing to ask!


Becky Holzinger Defends Man Who Threatened Baby and Cop!

Here is where I previously reported that Thomas Greene threatened to kill a baby and his arresting officer. Has Becky Holzinger paid attention? No.

Also, she attempted to railroad two white kids because one of them had a father who was a police officer. Yep, Becky Holzinger specifically targeted these boys because of who they were related to. And she refuses to acknowledge that Karpathios and Gardill used Airsoft pellet guns - they were not armed with real weapons. Unbelievable bias that makes me sick to my stomach!!!


They Pulled From the End of the Line

And they didn't bake you a cake, Becky Holzinger. There goes another wacky conspiracy theory from Becky Holzinger down the drain. Just read the story below, she apparently believes cameras should now have X-ray capabilities? The stuff this woman puts into print is just amazingly dumb.

She calls herself a news blog? Seriously? Fake news editor Becky Holzinger should hang her head in shame. Can you survive another ridiculously stupid post? Please check back later today.


Hurry Up, Becky - 2 - Tree Branches Obscure View

The article says the man was near Locust St., Becky Holzinger. Do you see the stop sign at the end of this road? Do you understand what the problem is here? Try to join us in reality, Becky Holzinger. And stop being stupid.

The stop sign is near the white arrow pointing to the right. The tree is clearly obstructing the view, as well as parked cars. Get a grip.

Here is the reverse angle from the 400 block of S Lime St looking towards the camera, which is completely obscured by the tree. Do you get it yet? This is not rocket science, Becky Holzinger.

Hurry Up, Becky!

Now Becky is claiming based on online comments that Lancaster is hiding shots fired incidents. Really, Becky? They are not reporting on unsubstantiated claims of shots fired? Please, tell us more. You see, when you do reporting, you do this little thing called "confirmation" or "verification". You don't just put anything out there without checking it, Becky Holzinger. Aren't you a "reporter"? Shouldn't you know this basic fact?

Is this really difficult to figure out? I will ask again. Who was shot that the "shooting" was not solved? Are you counting in your figures of "shootings" shots fired incidents in which no one was struck and nothing of signifigance was damaged? Are you? Because that sure is what I seem to be seeing on your blog. Who do you think you are fooling with this nonsense? Are you going to list the ten shots fired incidents and the victims of these allegedly "unsolved shootings"? Were you really worried about Kenneth White? Do you know why he was shot by the police? I found this about the incident and it is unbelievable that you would think that this incident is being hidden because poor Kenneth White was shot. You should read that link, it is unbelievable and unimaginable that anyone would cover this up. It's utterly ridiculous!

And then you have the audacity to accuse people of covering up crimes, when you have done the same exact thing for other people! Now you are just being a hypocrite! Many shootings are being solved, Becky Holzinger. Why do you insist on "reporting" on a town which is hundreds of miles away from your current location? Anyone with half a mind knows you cannot possibly and objectively accomplish that!

Get lost! Beat it! Log off and while you are at it, get a clue! Take care of your family crisis and log off for a few weeks! You have serious mental problems if you cannot achieve that!


Becky Holzinger Covers Up For Ron Harper Jr and Rosaura Torres

Becky Holzinger has never reported Harper's convictions for harassment and will not acknowledge Rosaura's Facebook threats against her ex.


Arrest Becky Holzinger

Why is Becky Holzinger still on the internet? She keeps claiming there were 10 shootings in Lancaster in March, but - and correct me if I am wrong - I believe she is counting shots fired incidents in which no one was hurt and there was no significant property damage.

Does she realize how many shootings there were in Philadelphia in March? I'm sure it is a lot more than 10. Yet notice how she doesn't mention that or seem to care? And how many shootings were there in Minnesota? Probaby more than 10 as well.

Becky Holzinger is so transparent, it is an absolute shame. Why is she still allowed to be on the internet? Why is she not in prison? I have documented online threats made by Rosaura Torres against her ex. Why is nothing being done? Please check back later today.

Exclusive! Tom Knapp Reveals He is Being Stalked by Becky Holzinger

This is unbelievable! I just got off the phone with Tom Knapp and he is very concerned about Becky Holzinger's stalking activities! He revealed that she has been stalking him and his workplace for months. This is bizarre and disturbing behavior from Becky Holzinger, who has also aided and assisted apparent harassment of Lancaster's police chief Keith Sadler!

Becky apparently is also stalking Tom Knapp's Facebook friends. She is one sick ticket! Lock her away now!


Becky Holzinger is Out of Control

Becky Holzinger has lost her mind. She knows that Rosaura Torres' allegations are conflicting and refuses to address the threatening Facebook messages found on Rosaura Torres' Facebook page.

Domestic violence is not out of control and there is zero evidence that Sadler ever committed domestic violence. Not one single shred of evidence, Becky Holzinger!

How is it that the police chief of Lancaster is allowing this to go on? Charges need to be made and Becky Holzinger needs to be immediately placed in prison alongside Rosaura Torres. If this book is everywhere, Becky Holzinger, how do people not know about it? That makes no sense. The truth is that the allegations found in the book are very circumstantial, conflicting, and not even slightly believable!

Becky Holzinger made a bunch of racist comments about toast! Do you know who will soon be toast? Becky Holzinger's blog! It will soon be toast!