Special Report: Alexa Global Rank For Always Lancaster Higher Than LIPNews in September!

Well that did not take long! AlwaysLancaster.com's global rank this month has surpassed the global rank of Lipnews last month! That is pitiful since the site still does not really have any content other than announcing a tagline! Just look where the dark blue line was during most of September compared to where the light blue line is today! Wow!

Tell Me Why? Someone-Anyone-Please

Why is Becky Holzinger babbling and carrying on like nothing happened? What about Eric Tittel's $5,200 that the police "stole"? She did at least three pieces on this guy and now nothing? Really? Now she is reduced to discussing Gil Smart's blog and a Facebook picture of a winter hat!! This is epic! And completely hilarious! This is terrible blog work and who will hold Becky Holzinger accountable? Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger Gone to the Dogs- Again!

Becky Holzinger is working on a project and will be back tomorrow! This is beyond ridiculous! Whoever is making these blog posting decisions is out of touch with reality. Becky Holzinger is obsessed with dangerous dogs when they are shot in the city, but now dogs are an irrelevant topic! Becky's blog is a mockery of journalism and it's reader. Please check back later only to discover I won't be posting anything else because I'm working on an unnamed project! I'm Becky Holzinger and I am an idiot!


Doublespeak by Law Enforcment [sic]

Main Entry: dou·ble·speak
Pronunciation: \ˈdə-bəl-ˌspēk\
Function: noun
Date: 1952
: language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth ;

Becky Holzinger, this word is almost as old as you are! And it perfectly describes the content found daily on your tabloid blog! Just think! You used doublespeak to help a man allegedly charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and then lied and claimed to be "duped"! You concealed and misrepresented a lot and then attempted to play dumb.

Did you know what doublespeak even means, Becky Holzinger? Because nothing you've published demonstrates to me that he ever used it. Are you on cocaine? Sometimes I truly wonder.

Did you notice Eric Tittel was moved to Franklin County Prison yesterday, Becky? Did you follow up? Or did you drop this story like a hot potato? Did Eric get his $5,200 back? What's the status?

Did you submit your petition to change.org about Erma Kaylor? Did any of those signatures that you gathered change anything? Or are you wasting all your time and effort aiding drug dealers, Becky Holzinger???

Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger Lies

Every single day!!!! She was helping a guy who is allegedly charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine! For God's sake, this chat was a walk in the park! Can anyone tell me which planet Becky Holzinger is on? John and Barb did not tell any lies, but Becky Holzinger tells at least one everyday! Becky Holzinger needs to go!

Becky Holzinger is duped by crack heads and is a worthless source for news! She's a failure of epic proportions and a terrible liar! She helps felons and her irresponsible journalism is a danger to public safety!

The Becky Holzinger Show

I love how she just continues on with her tirades despite her major error over the last week or two of supporting a man that is now incarcerated in Dauphin County Prison over drugs. This is absolutely hilarious! What universe does Becky Holzinger live in???


Porn & Egregious Racism

Back to the boring porngate "scandal". I still have not seen one shred of proof that this was anything more than spam emails that were received. Supposedly, some of these emails were forwarded, but I have not seen in what context. Was the forwarding accidental? Were there comments added? What did they say? There are still a lot of holes in this porngate "scandal" that leave me unconvinced that anything illegal was taking place. In fact, I am hearing more and more that this is just a political game before the midterm elections. And it isn't a very well planned game, because these emails occurred under the governorship of Ed Rendell.

Now back to the explosive Tittel fiasco! Why was Becky Holzinger aiding and abetting a man now in Dauphin County Prison? Are feds now investigating Becky Holzinger? Maybe they should! She was making up stories and accusing officers of theft! Oh, and the DA moved to revoke bail for Tittel on 10/17! Any follow up Becky Holzinger?

One of Becky's commenters actually posted that this was a "set up"! Yes, it was a set up alright. And Becky Holzinger set herself up!


Tittel Arrested by Feds

This is all absolutely unbelievable! Becky Holzinger now claims she was "duped". I don't believe this to be the case at all! She openly fabricated a story about Anthony Lombardo and a son with the same name. She intentionally omitted many key facts in her reporting. This has all culminated over the past several days and ended as one of the most embarrassing moments on LIPNews in all time! And believe me, that is quite an accomplishment!

She actually wanted to give the money back to a man who was transporting cocaine and a person known to the feds as " the Chemist"! You can't even make shit up that is THAT ridiculous and absurd! Yes, she was actively running cover for someone who is now jailed by the feds!

No, Becky Holzinger, you were not "duped". No one could possibly be that stupid. You come close, but even you couldn't be THAT stupid! This was intentional and malicious reporting and it is what I've observed you doing in varying degrees for a decade or more! Enough, Becky Holzinger! ENOUGH! Someone needs to hold you accountable and they need to do it NOW!

Updated - Warning, Warning, Warning

Becky is off her meds! Please see the breaking news below and the comments. Eric Preston Tittel went into Dauphin County Prison yesterday! Becky did not immediately acknowledge the arrest, but has now falsely taken credit for "breaking news" about it.

A few broken links will not break your computer, Becky Holzinger. As soon as I saw Becky's article, I went to LNP to find LNP's article. The story was nowhere to be found and none of the articles contained any of those blue lines. I don't want to say Becky added them in with MS Paint, but that is kind of what it looks like! I eventually determined that the article was located in the eEdition. That is a site designed for tablets and mobile devices - not laptop PCs! Also, the source of the bad coding is likely from malware installed on Becky's computer, as one commenter pointed out.

Is this a diversion from the fact that she wrote at least 3 stories about Eric Tittel and now he is in prison? Wow! Becky Holzinger has some 'splaining to do! Spin that!


Eric Tittel Confined to Dauphin County Prison

Eric P Tittel's docket sheet for an incident in March 2014 indicates that he was confined to Dauphin County Prison on October 16, 2014. More information will be released soon. Stay tuned.

Becky Holzinger punk'd by LNP!

OMG! Becky Holzinger just got played by LNP! I love it!


The Police Still Didn't Steal Any Money - 3!

How many different ways can I say this? There is an active investigation! Yes, Anthony Lombardo is a name that has been reported in LNP as a countywide detective on a drug task force. I have been unable to verify the story that there is a father-son set of officers involved in this. That appears to have been an open fabrication by Becky Holzinger! Yes, you have left out several key details about this person's criminal history and active criminal trial on a felony level! Wow! I have to ask why this obvious deception has been made?

Yes, Becky Holzinger, your questions are not appropriate and your basic lack of intelligence is very apparent. You are way out of bounds attacking the character of these police officers and falsely accusing them of "highway robbery"! They are well within their rights and I provided a link in the comments under a recent post to lawyers explaining it all in plain English! Perhaps if you knew half of what you were talking about, you would know by now that your story is a complete fabrication and highly inappropriate!

You are literally defending someone who is on trial for a stabbing! And who is apparently being investigated for drugs by a countywide detective! Is any of this sinking in yet, Becky Holzinger? I know you are a bit slow, but this is ridiculous and absurd!

Please check back later.


Outrageous & Intolerable

Becky Holzinger needs to stop interfering in active police investigations and she needs to stop now! These despicable attacks on the police are unwarranted and uncalled for. I have clearly posted proof that these police officers are well within their rights to seize this money with probable cause 1) that there was an odor of marijuana and 2) that a drug sniffing dog alerted. See the comments under a recent post.

Becky is wrong that this money was "stolen" and also tried to cover up who Anthony Lombardo is - a county detective on the drug task force. She came up with a story that does not match Intellius records and sounds patently absurd!

She also has not informed her readers of this person's past criminal history in theft and fighting. And has also conveniently left out felony assault charges and an approaching criminal trial! All of this is highly inappropriate and well out of the bounds of journalistic integrity!

This is intentional deception on the part of Becky Holzinger. It is purposeful and malicious. And it serves no legitimate purpose. It is ridiculous nonsense.

Becky Holzinger says she will follow this until the money is given back to the accused felon! Ultimately, the guy might get his money back. But only after a thorough investigation is conducted and if he can prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he is NOT doing anything illegal with $5,200 cash. The burden of proof is on him!

When you think about it, why didn't he write a check? Clearly, he did not want to leave a paper trail for whatever he was about to purchase!

Serve and Inform Lancaster County? Becky Holzinger is an Extraordinary Liar!

Wow, Becky Holzinger has some nerve! She was caught in a huge lie about a drug task force detective! What on earth is Becky Holzinger doing constantly lying about news in Lancaster? The list is enormous! Windows were not shot out of a McDonalds! The car was not a Sonata! Donald Reinmiller was alive and falsely accused of child sex abuse while a black man's child sex abuse was overlooked! She told us some cashier at the J&K Supermart was the owner and that it closed over a few minor robberies! Now she is defending people being investigated for trafficking drugs? It was all lies!

Most normal people would have logged out long ago or at least would not STILL be claiming to be "the press"! Becky's website is a terrible disaster and puts people's safety in jeopardy! Will someone please get this raving lunatic off the internet before someone gets hurt? Thank you.

What a sad and terrible joke!


2nd Update ** Updated - A Family Affair?

This is bizarre! Becky tried to hide that Anthony Lombardo is a county detective on the drug task force! There is an investigation! Becky Holzinger must immediately cease interfering in this police investigation! She lied and said there were a father-son pair of officers? Why? Investigate Becky Holzinger now!

The Always Lancaster meltdown continues! Becky is now melting down because - get this - the countdown clock was adjusted by 3 hours! Gasp! At least LNP can count to ten, Becky Holzinger! Unlike you!

There has been some dispute about the accounts of talking with "Anthony Lombardo". He is a patrol officer with the East Hempfield police. Link

Becky now claims he has a son with the same name at Manheim. So far, Intellius records don't seem to match this claim and there may be different middle initials. Whether or not these claims by Becky are true, there are still massive holes in this story.

(This may be explained by articles referring to a countywide drug task force detective with the same name!)

For one thing, there is nothing mentioned about this person's criminal trial scheduled December 1, 2014 for a stabbing. This is outrageous and unacceptable. We should be made aware of the felony criminal charges against this person. Also, there is nothing mentioned about this person's past criminal convictions which are numerous and relevant.

And the biggest problem of all us that the cops were well within their rights to seize this money under the account provided by Becky Holzinger! And the stabbing incident from February is a very important part of this story which Becky is intentionally omitting!

ALSO, I would be none too happy if my personal cell phone number were published on the internet, as Becky Holzinger has done on her carbon copy of the receipt. The public deserves answers, Becky Holzinger! Isn't it ironic that the person complaining about hiding stabbings is hiding the stabbing???


Becky Defends a Man Charged in Stabbing - 2

Clearly, there is more to this story than Becky is letting on. Google this guy's name plus the word "stabbing". Why is Becky Holzinger sticking up for a guy whose money she confesses tested positive for drugs?

I mean, duh! Are you kidding? Why has this information been conveniently left out? The guy is accused of felony aggravated assault! He allegedly stabbed a truck driver and put him in the hospital! He is undergoing a criminal trial, Becky Holzinger! The man gave permission to be searched! There is no story here, Becky Holzinger! No matter how much you try to twist the facts!

You also are defending a convicted child sex abuser! And promoted a 50/50 raffle to pay off felony charges for someone! Something is seriously wrong with your head, Becky Holzinger! Get mental help, NOW!


Breaking News! Holzinger Defends Man Charged With Felonies, Convicted of Misdemeanor Theft by Deception?

Seriously, Becky Holzinger? Is THIS your friend from courtroom 8? The guy on trial for aggravated assault? The guy previously convicted of theft by deception?

The guy running around the county stabbing people???

Honestly, this receipt seriously looks like it said $52.00 and someone photoshopped out the decimal! FOR REAL! The police would clearly have put a comma after the 5! And likely would have written out $5,200.00!

Why would the police have taken his money? Is there any proof that the police have taken his money? Have you talked to any of the police officers about this money? These are serious allegations, Becky Holzinger! I hope you have something to back up your claims or you are just setting yourself up!

Explosive story, Becky Holzinger? Oops, it just imploded. And your photo of this guy looks like he is about to stab me! Yikes! Did you crop out the knife?


Yes, an All Stupid Affair!


Wow, did Becky Holzinger just show us a graph of the Alexa global ranking improving and she mistakenly thought this was the number of visitors to the site decreasing?

Your governor is not a moron, Becky Holzinger. But you sure are!


Shadows of my Ass!

So still no link to any of these dirty emails, I see. All I have seen to date are some juvenile joke emails and it is unclear what the source is. Also, there is no proof that any of these emails were ever viewed! Also, I would like to know if any of header information in the emails is forged, because it is possible for hackers to bounce emails and make them look they came from somewhere else!

And where are those court records Becky said she would publish? Not that I care, but she did say she would post them, right? And Becky is still whining about some legal letter she got! Maybe if she didn't engage in constant libel everyday, she wouldn't get those types of letters! Just sayin'!

Anyway, Rick had to resign over the kiddie games so I hope these people are satisfied that they made a good hard working guy quit. Just tally him up with the record number of unemployed people!


#69 to 209 in one afternoon

And Becky Holzinger seriously sat there all day and jotted down notes? Really? There are so many better things to do with one's time I literally don't have time to list them all! Get a life! And why are you still referring to a convicted felon child sex abuser as your friend? Is there something more to the number 69? I just threw up a little in my mouth. Please check back later!

Special Report: Hardcore pornography or juvenile joke?

Google Search Result

This is "hardcore pornography"? Experienced people with years of experience were forced out over these juvenile jokes that there is no evidence were even opened? This is outrageous! The public has a right to know, was this withheld since 2009/2010 for political fodder? Who sent or received this email? We can't even tell! This is absurd!

Becky tries to take credit - again!?

I correctly pointed out that the LNP October 3rd posting was correct information at the time and was appropriately updated in LNP after the October 3rd date. There is absolutely nothing that LIPNews or comments from huh? did to cause Sheetz to resign! Not one single thing! This site printed a copy of one of the emails long before Becky Holzinger! There is no copy of any email that I have seen to date that could be interpreted as "hardcore pornography". Zero. None. Not even a blurred copy. What has Becky Holzinger looking at? Will she provide proof to back up her comments? I doubt it!

To date, there was nothing illegal about any email exchanged. I do agree that it is not appropriate for the workplace but would like to point out (as is so often missed) that these emails ALL occurred under the governorship of Ed Rendell (D). These are all emails sent in 2009 and 2010! Also, there is no proof any of these men even looked at these emails! It may be true that some were forwarded, but to whom? Was it intentional? Have you ever accidentally clicked on the wrong message? Was it a mistake easily made in the course of conducting valid business? All important questions and no one seems to have the time to ask?

Sandusky was convicted two years ago! I have to ask - what did Ed Rendell know and when did he know it? Was this planned on being used as an " October Surprise"? This is all very suspect!

If information was withheld and this activity was left intentionally unhandled by the Rendell administration for years for mere political drama queenery, the public has a right to know!


The Public Has A Right to Know

But not if you settle out of court! When you settle a case, most of the details are left out of public records. Many settlements involve confidentiality agreements as part of the settlement! So good luck with that "right to know" request, Becky Holzinger! Let us know how that turns out, OK?

And I presume your "friend" that had the pretrial conference was Jerry Puryear, the convicted child sex abuser? Or did you have another criminal friend, Becky? His docket does list Courtroom 8 but gives an earlier time. What are the odds, huh? Perhaps you are too embarrassed to reveal the name now.

Anyone that is going to call a convicted felon child sex abuser their "friend" clearly was never a victim of molestation. Therefore, several of Becky's blogs have proven to be fraudulent - particularly incesttragedy.com! There is simply no way these things happened to you and you would refer to him as a "friend"! It's impossible!

Updated! Always Insane - 2

Becky Holzinger asks why LNP is "pushing" their blogs on their website, so what does she do? The exact same thing! She reposts their logo and pictures of what the blog posting is about! LNP is going to have to start paying Becky Holzinger for all of the free online advertising she gives them!

Becky Holzinger is just obsessed with this "Always Lancaster" ad campaign! I should have figured since she is obsessed with Lancaster Newspapers, the Lancaster police, Lancaster City and even Lancaster county!

So is Becky still counting down the days? Is it only 8 days until the 16th, Becky Holzinger? Is she even aware that she made an embarrassing calculation? I kind of doubt it! She looks half asleep in most of the photos I've unfortunately have seen of her!

Also, I believe Becky's reference to song lyrics is a little off. It is "Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs"! Not " Sign, sign everywhere a sign". Oops! So she just embarrassed herself yet again unsuccessfully attempting to make LNP look bad! Oh, the irony!

Her blog is clearly written by an insane person with an unhealthy obsession about Lancaster! And she can't count or even recite words!! This is so embarrassing. Please check back later today.


Always Insane!

So today is October 6th. How many days until the 16th, Becky Holzinger? Sixteen minus six equals nine? REALLY?

Becky Holzinger just made a complete idiot out of herself! She can't do basic math!

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

Becky Holzinger continues pushing false narratives on the "email scandal". She points to an October 3rd blog posting that says Sheetz did not forward any of the emails and implies an LNP cover up because on October 4th, Pennlive reported that he did forward some emails - but only to two people and one name is conveniently redacted.

Look carefully at those dates. Yes, this is just a case of updated information, Becky Holzinger! October 4th is the next day! The October 3rd posting could very well have been correct information at the time!

Also, who received the forwards? In what context? Was he reporting the emails to superiors? This all remains highly suspect because if these emails were discovered in the course of some Sandusky review, they should have been uncovered several months ago - not as a 2014 October surprise! Sandusky was convicted two years ago to the month! Two years? Some of these alleged emails are even from five years ago! Where were Democrats on this for five years?? Ed Rendell was the PA governor in 2009! This happened during his watch!

And what is with the sudden concern over sexual material? Democrats turned a blind eye to President BJ Clinton and railed against Ken Starr! Now, all of a sudden, they are engaged in their own witch hunt? How ironic and two faced is that?

Becky Holzinger, leave your principles & truth at the door. Be afraid, be very afraid. Becky Holzinger's false narratives might make you laugh to death!!


The Roseboro Murder

This is ridiculous and absurd! Becky received a letter about comments made on her website five years ago? I still find this incredibly difficult to believe!

The funniest part is how offended Becky Holzinger is that someone asked for the IP addresses of some of her commenters. Should Becky refuse, I am sure they could obtain the records with a subpoena. If Becky is uncooperative, perhaps they could charge Becky Holzinger with "obstruction of justice"!

How ironic, since she once falsely accused DA Stedman of that over the G. Scott Davis incident. Still no word from the AG, Becky Holzinger?

Apparently, Becky Holzinger will return to this tomorrow, so don't expect to hear anything about it for a few days!

A Total Becky Holzinger Breakdown

Becky's whole post is dedicated to some allegedly "pornographic emails", most of which have no proof of ever being viewed and are from five years ago! Where was this story in 2009 or 2010? Supposedly this resulted in a search from the Sandusky conviction, but that was a full two years ago? Where were these stories in 2012 or 2013 or earlier this year? How convenient it comes out as a sort of October surprise. This is just low down dirty politics and if a few porn emails got accidentally opened or even accidentally forwarded, I don't really care! It's just another pathetic left wing attempt to cling to power which they have abused and should lose!


Becky Holzinger is a Pig! She Should Be Fired Today!

So Becky is trying to tell us porn on the internet is bad? But I guess a guy like Bill Clinton can get a blowjob in the oval office and it's no problem? These self righteous idiots crack me up!

Now onto the limited resource error Becky is getting. It is occurring because Becky is mostly clueless about how to operate a website and utterly uninformed on coding. This is what happens when you fail to get a college education and waste it on consuming booze, Becky Holzinger! We've all seen the pictures, Becky!

Just check these comments about the error.

On one final note, I find it completely comical and hypocritical that Democrats are acting so concerned over porn emails but gave Bill Clinton a free pass! I also find the timing highly suspicious. Many of these emails are supposedly from 2009! Five years ago? How convenient these allegations come out ahead of an election. The whole DNC should be flushed for these dirty tricks!


Yes Becky, Tell the Public What is Going On!

Gee, Becky Holzinger. I just went on the Lancaster Police website and clicked on the first link and found the answer posted three days ago. A guy on Prince St named Oneximo has a bench warrant. A-duh!

Even if that is not who they were looking for, it's really none of your business what every police movement will be. It just isn't, Becky Holzinger. Did you forget that because you are senile or because you've been drinking?

And are you positive those are rifles? You thought the "Bushmaster" series of guns were "Bushman" and tried to tell us Airsoft guns were real ones! You are not the best source for information about guns! You also lied and said Smithgall was selling illegal military grade weapons from the back of his pharmacy and that windows were shot out at McDonalds when none ever were! Just saying!