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"bWell, well, well", "Gamechanger", Becky Holzinger? This is Not a Game

99.5% of Lancastrians know Becky is a lunatic

The other 0.5% are just as insane!

Maybe Becky Holzinger thinks this is a game, but it is not. Now she has posted an awfully pixelated, blurry image of what looks like an article about a 23 million dollar expansion of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Lancaster. This is in a city Becky has never lived in, as far as I can tell, in a county she has not resided in for two decades! What is mentally wrong with this woman? She demands more punishment for a woman who was already jailed for a drug problem who lost two family members in an unavoidable car crash. Yet she spent the last few months sticking up for suspected drug dealers, some of which were convicted of felonies! Then accuses law enforcement of "theft" and "assault"! This is outrageous and insane behavior! It is dangerous and must be addressed.

Please check back later today.


Special Report: Lipnews Alexa Rank Drops 3 Million in a Month


What is Becky Holzinger Grieving?

Her story being a complete fraud? Her statements being established as malicious lies? The litany of lawsuits she faces for posing as a phony reporter? Is she afraid because the FBI was notified of her defense of convicted felons while accusing police officers of theft and assault while inciting racial tension?

Becky Holzinger, will you miss your blog when you are finally behind bars?

Becky Holzinger Gets Desperate & Her Lies Get Bigger

Wow, Becky Holzinger is in a full blown meltdown and has gone off the deep end! She accuses Brett Hambright of lying, yet she is the one clearly lying since LNP reported almost two years ago that Katie West is Scott Martin's sister, which has absolutely no bearing to any of the actual wreck!

Becky Holzinger has lied a lot about this story and about many other things in Lancaster. She has even defended convicted felons while accusing police of assault and theft! The FBI was notified and hopefully someone will soon be in touch with Evergreen where Becky was (and maybe still is) a mental patient.

Oh and Becky talked to Brad Bridge, but she didn't even need to use her rotary telephone to do it. Becky Holzinger had the entire conversation in her head! What a hoot!


Becky Holzinger Lies Again - 2 Billion!

Phone calls will be made! LOL!

Becky's latest full blown bullshit is that no one at LNP reported that Katie West is Scott Martin's sister. This is not true, as I reported in a previous comment. LNP did report that Katie West is Scott Martin's sister in an article by Brett Hambright!


This was not added as an afterthought, this was part of Hambright's article from 2013!

(Katie West is the sister of Lancaster County Commissioner Scott Martin.)
And, yes - she was charged for possession of an illegal substance in magesterial court with 35 § 780-113 §§ A16. And, yes - police have determined that drugs did not contribute to the crash, Becky Holzinger. Heroin does not impair you until the effects of the drug wear off.

Becky gets these crazy ideas in her head and will not let go of them! This person lost her spouse and son and was seriously injured herself. She was charged with possession. I really think Katie West has been punished enough, Becky Holzinger.

Can you show even one other example where someone was charged for heroin and they lost two close family members? No, of course you can't. You will just yell about how this is so unfair like a little child without looking at the facts. Grow up, Becky Holzinger. You're 63 years old. Act like it.

By the way, you don't live in Lancaster, in case you forgot again.


What Does Becky Holzinger Do?

First and foremost she pretends to be a reporter and is nothing of the sort. Newsflash: wild accusations and innuendo are not news!

This is beyond ridiculous! Now a step-sister of Scott Martin does heroin and got out of charges in an auto accident? Where is the evidence of this new gossip piece? Ever heard of a verification or fact check, Becky Holzinger?

This is very out of control and in the hands of federal investigators now.

Updated - Two Suspects Jailed

Looks like Becky jumped the gun on Brandon Bleecher and his unsecured bail. It was changed to cash bail and he is in jail.

Have you ever seen Becky Holzinger backtrack so fast in your life? The other day she was posting falsehoods about the guy's entire family until she got called out on it and made herself look like a fool.

Still no mugshot and barely a mention of the brutally beaten and hidden baby because the alleged perp is a black woman! Shocking!

And someone caught a robber in a park. Becky Holzinger reportedly called to have security walk her through Lancaster but feels so much safer living in her rundown section of Philly where everyone but her has bars over their windows and doors! I'm not kidding!

Here is 100% proof that Becky Holzinger did not know Chuck Leayman and carried over the same misspelling of the name from a podcast!

Update: Just curious if Becky Holzinger is looking at the Marvin Green Jr with the correct birth date? There is quite a list, I admit. But the most recent charges related to theft are five years ago in 2010! There are charges for him in 2011 and 2014 for public drunkeness. Also, there appear to be some serious felony charges in the past. But wasn't it Becky Holzinger that wanted us to forgive Jerry Puryear's felony charges, because "people change"? That is what you said, right Becky Holzinger?

So are you now retracting those statements or continuing to stand by them? Just curious.

And who does Becky Holzinger think she is? She is not a judge nor does she dictate sentences for people in Lancaster. Becky Holzinger, GET LOST!


Updated - Becky Holzinger Looks Out a Window! Wow!

Wasn't it Becky Holzinger using the "b-word" the other day? You know, she was going to get bread, eggs, and milk and was her excuse for barely mentioning the one year old child killed and never posting a pic of the perp due to her black complexion?

Now Becky is complaining because of a spelling error? This from the woman who just the other day misspelled "it". Two letters, Becky Holzinger, and you screwed " it" up!

The dead baby is now an "unfolding" story. Becky, you didn't post one word about that story for a full day and you still have not published the mugshot. This is unbelievable! Then she had a full blown meltdown after Doug left a comment on her blog after she trashed the guy's entire family. But, no - it couldn't possibly be the real guy, right?

And so begins another week and the continual defense of suspected Lancaster drug dealers! What a hoot!

Update: Becky brought up the six months it took to determine carbon monoxide poisoning for the Mortons. This was because toxicology reports can take up to three months. If there was a backlog, I don't see anything unusual in results being delayed a few more months. And how does this relate to two people found dead in Lancaster? It doesn't, unless you run it by crazy Becky! Then it totally relates!


Updated: On the Run

Becky Holzinger has to run to the store! She will be back this afternoon! A one year old baby was brutally beaten, killed and the body was hidden! Gotta get my eggs, milk, and bread while I continue to ignore black crimes, right Becky Holzinger?

Update: Yep, Becky Holzinger would rather shovel snow than post a mugshot of this subhuman filth that killed her infant! She has now come up with this "developing" story - haha yeah OK! It's dated yesterday, Becky Holzinger! Is Becky playing the race card to defend this baby killer? It wouldn't surprise me one bit! Send in the paddy wagon, there is a lunatic with a blog in Philly!


Special Report: Where is the Mugshot, Becky Holzinger?

Full Story - Mother Killed and Disposed of Baby

Where is the photo, Becky Holzinger? I guess you only post photos when it is a white person that you think is tied to some official?


Updated: Calling All Lawyers! "Doug" Goes Off on Becky!

A commenter on Lipnews said this:

Becky, you’re an idiot! Brandon is my son, and nothing other than that. If you could only find a way to use your time and efforts to help others instead of providing untrue facts to the public. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Charles (Chuck) Leayman and those who’s lives have been affected by his passing.
Becky seems to doubt that the commenter was really Doug Bleecher, but I don't see any reason to believe it is not. And Doug is spot on!

I mean, Becky's topics are not even on Brandon now! They are about his family, who literally had nothing to do with this individual's poor decisions of driving without a license and causing an accident. You can't blame officials here either because they had revoked his license! This is literally the fault of one person, Brandon Bleecher! Stop blaming others and writing about family members that had NOTHING to do with this, Becky Holzinger!

You didn't even originally spell Chuck Leayman's name correctly and had it as "Lehman"! How well did you even really know this man? I haven't seen even one of these movie reviews you keep talking about on your site in over a decade!

Enough is enough, Becky Holzinger. You don't even live here, so do Lancaster a huge favor and GET LOST!

UPDATE: Here is Becky's childish response which I am only reposting because I am afraid she might delete it. It is hardly worth reprinting except that I have some more to say in response.

Becky : Doug – obviously I have no way of verifying you are really Doug Bleecher and what do I have wrong (and I don’t appreciate being called an idiot ;-) ) ? Was Lisa also married to your brother Thomas (now deceased – my condolences) or not? Hmmmm… And quite seriously, who are you to tell me how to use my time and efforts? You might want to devote some time to your son – if you are Doug Bleecher!
Becky, you do realize Brandon Bleecher is 23 years old, right? Your comments are childish and absurd. And if you are so worried about Mayor Gray's $7,500 in contributions, why don't you keep us up to date on that $5,200 that you allege police "stole" from accused cocaine distributor Eric Tittel? Also, let us know how those two minor scrapes on the guy caught with 434 packets of heroin is doing. Doug is right! You're an idiot!


Douglas Bleecher Was Not an Inventor of Neverwet - This Takes Stupidity To A Whole New Level

Becky Holzinger's latest lie is that Douglas Bleecher invented Neverwet. He is not the inventor of Neverwet, although he does say he "was involved in the development". This is a huge leap in logic and I have already found out another name that carries far more signifigant weight in the " invention" of that product!

Materials scientist Vinod Sikka, Ross Nanotechnology's director of research and development, played a key role in inventing NeverWet, Jones said. Source

"Inventing" and "developing" are two very different things, Becky Holzinger! Also, her leap in logic is that since Brandon Bleecher is either Douglas Bleecher's son or step-son, which I haven't seen her produce any direct evidence of, that somehow he got a reduced sentence.

So, if this is true, Becky Holzinger, where is the proof? Where is the example of someone else that did similar acts and received different charges? $20,000 is nothing to sneeze at!

So Becky Holzinger basically knows nothing about the specifics, but has essentially jumped to all of these bizarre conclusions and it is just sickening!

She can't even spell the guy's name correctly (that was hit in this unfortunate accident) and hasn't posted a single movie review on her website in over a decade (that he used to write, supposedly), but now this somehow involves YOU, Becky Holzinger? You're nuts! And then you say "you don't mean to detract" from these nice statements, yet you clearly are, Becky Holzinger!

This has been one of Becky Holzinger's most truly bizarre weeks of posting and it has just gone downhill year after year. Hopefully someone will soon do something and have this lunatic taken off of the computer.


Special Report: No Followup on Pro Bono Firm?

Just wanted to correct the phony narrative Becky is trying to make on that pro bono law firm.

Pro bono law firm is the Brady Center


Updated: Becky Released Wrong Name of Victim in Critical Injury Hit-and-Run

This is absolutely unbelievable and unimaginable. How could someone let this happen? This is highly unprofessional and outright cruelty! Please check back later for more details and read the comments on the previous post.

Update: LNP issued a correction, Becky Holzinger? Probably just to shut you up, Becky! When will you issue a correction for reporting the incorrect name "Chuck Lehman"? Yes, now you have the correct name, but yesterday for a lengthy amount of time, you did not! There should be a correction, Becky Holzinger! I sure hope no one related to Charles Lehman, who is approximately the same age, saw that, Becky Holzinger! Can you imagine?

For fuck's sake, you are not a reporter and if I have to wait for 24 hours until someone's name is released in a hit and run, I don't really give a shit! And no one does except you, for some bizarre reason. Let the police handle it and let the actual reporters report it, Becky Holzinger! One of these days, this is going to come back to bite you and don't say I didn't warn you! Now, get lost!

Becky Holzinger Needs to Clarify

Becky Holzinger apparently cannot figure out for days what "pro bono" really means. In Latin, it is shortened from pro bono publico and means "for the public good". It can mean free OR it can also mean at a reduced fee.

Pro bono publico (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. Source
After some short amount of research, I found the name of the law firm that will take the case "pro bono", and they have specified that they do mean free of charge. Still, Becky Holzinger needs to clarify this. She has not articulated this very well. I also have to wonder what kind of "investigative reporter" can't figure this out in two minutes with a quick Google search!?

Well, at least she is not defending a guy who was found with over 400 packs of heroin, two guns, and a set of brass knuckles. Oh, wait...


Becky Defends Drug Dealer Again?

Unbelievable! Here is a link to the story where police obtained 434 packets of heroin! When you look at the picture, Chris Guido does not appear to have been beaten. He has some light abrasions and what appear to be older bleeding around his lips from either drug use or cold sores. He definitely does not look beaten or abused at all. This is unreal! This guy's rap sheet is absolutely stunning! This is absurd and indefensible, Becky Holzinger!

Last year, Becky Holzinger falsely accused the police of stealing money from Eric Tittel in three separate articles! There has been no follow up on the $5,200. This has resulted in a formal complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Martin Luther King Day

In Lancaster, this day was celebrated at the "Crispus Attucks" Center. Crispus Attucks is the black man at the center of this historical painting of the "Boston Massacre".

Not many people will tell you this but Crispus Attucks was part of a mob who were throwing large chunks of ice at British soldiers. The shooting occurred when Attucks attacked and knocked to the ground a British soldier and was raising the wood club to attack the soldier.

"According to eyewitness testimony, Attucks fanned the flames, calling the soldiers "Lobsters!" and telling the crowd that the soldiers dared not fire. Then, according to one witness, Attucks took hold of a bayonet" of one of the soldiers, Hugh Montgomery, knocking him down with a club (or "cord stick") in his other hand."


He was noted for his troublemaking and his fondness for drink. He was enjoying both as part of the crowd throwing curses at the British sentry.


Many have treated this man as a historical hero, but that may be historically inaccurate! I recommend Hiller B. Zobel's book titled "The Boston Massacre".


Becky Holzinger Needs To Clarify: Why is a Legal Defense Fund NOT Needed?

Guess what, Becky Holzinger? Pro bono could mean a reduced fee and does not only mean "free"! Is this an error by Becky Holzinger? Becky Holzinger needs to clarify this immediately! But she won't, so...

Please check back later today for the very racist video posting of Bennett Vonderheide at DaddyJustice.com titled " Judge Ballantine [sic] Did Us Grimy"! As one poster put it, they've been bashing this judge for years - is it because she is black? Suddenly "Race Card" Becky Holzinger has nothing to say about racism! Amazing!

Screenshot from DaddyJustice.com in 2012 in a video discussion about judge Ballentine! Audio clips in the video come from a band called "Testicular Reclamation Society" (TRS), who have another song on Reverb Nation titled "Sasquatch". It is a song about a woman! Disgusting, not-so-subtle racism?!


Breaking News! Becky Holzinger is Insane!

Resign, Becky! She writes about Lancaster and isn't even a resident of the county! Someone get this insane person off the internet before she harms herself or someone else. She has been pretending to be a newscaster for years!!!! Please donate to the mayor's fund at http://commonsenseLancaster.com.

** Updated - * Let's chat

Looks like lunatic Becky Holzinger is still having a massive meltdown about Lancaster. Someone is "grandstanding", Becky Holzinger? I'll say! Becky Holzinger grandstands every single day (unless she catches a cold)! Give it a rest, Becky Holzinger! You've been called out on lie after lie and now YOU will be held accountable!

I wonder if Becky Holzinger will have an ambulance on standby!


Listen Up! Gun Fight!

No, Becky Holzinger! There is no gunfight! She is ALWAYS making up lies about guns. Karpathios and Gardill never even used real guns, but Becky lied for months about it! Bryan Cutler does not legislate in the location of G. Scott Davis' home! Charlie Smithgall does not sell illegal military-grade assault rifles from his pharmacy! And, no Becky Holzinger, Adam Lanza did not use a "Bushman" rifle!


Her Face Looks Familiar

I know I saw this face somewhere before - oh yes! Everyday in the mirror! I am Becky Holzinger and I am starting to go senile! I have broken a major scandal - Naomi changed the spelling of her name from Noemi. This one should get me that Pulitzer fo' sho!!!

... Wow! And, no, Becky Holzinger. Your site did not cover this woman. You reposted something you read in Lancaster Online four years ago. You are not a reporter when you read about it online and then retype it on a blog. Sorry, that is NOT, nor will it EVER BE a "reporter"!

Please check back later today for more kooky, insane posts that are completely irrelevant to Becky Holzinger's life in Philadelphia!


Follow the Money

This excellent comment in from Brenda Hollinger:

Have you ever known anyone to be as sickly as Becky? And why does she think anyone gives a rat's ass? Hey Becky, maybe if you actually stepped outside of your ghetto apartment and got some fresh air, instead of sitting behind a computer, chain smoking all day and trying to figure out who to trash next, maybe you wouldn't be physically ill all of the time. But....even fresh air wouldn't cure your mental illness. Hey - here's an idea! Why don't you call Jeff Conrad and see if, because you are a lifetime smoker, you can sue the tobacco industry. I heard he takes on cases from low income, low intelligence assholes, just like you. BUT - two thoughts for today. Doesn't Becky ever brush her teeth anymore? - Is she taking her meds on a regular basis or what? What kind of crazy person is she? What a hoot! Please check back later to see how retarded minds like Becky Holzinger's operates (or doesn't)!


Becky, Again!

Apparently a cold will now take out the "one writer" on Lipnews for days at a time. I had noticed the lack of posts and was hoping the FBI had seized Becky's computers, but no luck! Oh, but Lipnews used to also have a photographer - until it was discovered he is a felon and currently sitting in Lancaster County Prison for robbery-related crimes!

Today's piece comes across as the rants of an insane person. But it's OK! Becky will come back to "serious news" tomorrow. I sure hope Becky does not quit her day job and become a comedian. She seriously sucks at it!

And did you ever notice that she will not cover Obama and his miserable failures? So much for holding people accountable! And I almost passed out when she posted the mugshot of a black man! When is the last time she did that? That must be one serious cold! Please check back later.


Safety is Priority and Becky "Losses" It! LOL!

Nothing like royally screwing up your headline, huh, Becky Holzinger? And this was the most random and bizarre post about the police log. A couple of burglaries where nothing was taken and a guy who allegedly pointed a gun but did not shoot from an unknown make and model of car? If anyone is "lossing" it, it is Becky Holzinger! OK, I have to take that back because how can you "loss" something you never had to begin with! Ladies and gentlemen, we are obviously not dealing with a rocket scientist here! LOL!


Does Becky Work Everyday?

Work, work, work. No, she doesn't do shit. In fact, her recent antic got her a tip sent to the FBI. You see, when you defend a man who threatened to kill cops, falsely accuse police of committing crimes and essentially blame them for criminal acts, that will generally alert law enforcement that there may be an issue that should be addressed. And, no Becky. WGAL and LNP do not just print whatever the police tell them to. However, they do cooperate with their requests as to not interfere in active police investigations. Perhaps you should be whining less and taking notes on how professional news organizations act? Just a thought! Good luck with the FBI and anyone else posting inciting comments online. Expect a visit - soon!


Becky Holzinger:Do Some Investigating!

First she blames crime on cops and now she defends those accused of threatening to ambush them. Becky needs a mental evaluation stat! Pretty bad when your own readers call you out, moe-ron!!


Blame the Cops and Officials for Crime - AGAIN!

Here is a photo of pathological liar, Becky "butt-fucking idiot" Holzinger. She is back to blaming the criminal acts of people like her former photographer on officials and cops. This subhuman filth infests the internet from her rathole in Philadelphia.

Please report any illegal activity you observe her doing to the FBI. Like if she is trying to sell illegal copies of DVDs on Facebook, make sure to submit a complaint. Maybe they will also pick up Becky rummaging through a dumpster while listening in to police scanners.

Click here for "Is Jer Wright a pirate?".


Sweet, Sweet Deals for Becky

Can anyone tell me why Becky Holzinger is calling the public defenders office over Thomas Moore? This is very strange and bizarre behavior. Late November, early December is not "recent", Becky Holzinger. This was LAST YEAR! This is very old in terms of "news"! I noticed there is still not a mugshot of any of the recent shooters. I suppose you have to be the son of a West Hempfield police officer before she will publish your picture. Genius!