Becky Holzinger: No Legitimate Purpose

Oh look. Becky Holzinger is still trying to play the race card on the "driving force" behind a crime spree which led to Thomas Greene being charged with eleven felonies. I wonder if Becky Holzinger has been chit-chatting with this guy on the phone, too? I guess this "story" didn't stick the first five times Becky lied about it, so here we go again! If you repeat it often enough, eventually people will believe it, right Becky Holzinger?

Wrong! Seek mental help NOW! Any word on that $5,200?


Wasting Time - 2 - Civil Service Board was Already Publicly Named

It's great Becky Holzinger wasted everyone's time about who was named to the Lancaster City Civil Service Board! Here are the names in a document from three months ago! Oops!

August 12, 2014 PDF

Just check page two under the paragraph that starts with the word "personnel". Wow!


Stuffed Shirt?

I don't mean to be mean, but how does Becky write week after week and not get paid for it? This garbage is comedy gold! All she does is rehash and spin real news articles and then tries to take credit as she sits in Philly on her fat, wrinkled ass!

What an inflated ego! I could care less what Becky Holzinger types on her blog everyday other than to get a good laugh at a nutty old bag who is completely full of shit!

Special Report: Where's the Photo, Becky Holzinger?

Here is a photo of the most recent shooter. Where is the photo, Becky Holzinger? Do you only publish photos if they are the son of a Hempfield police officer or the step-brother-in-law of a local official? Is this preferential treatment, Becky Holzinger? Since the shooter is not some white guy, you won't publish the photo, will you Becky Holzinger. Investigate Becky Holzinger now!!!


Breaking News Becky Holzinger is Wasting Her Time

I heard about this shooting long before Becky read about it in the Lancaster Newspapers. I was on King Street. I saw the crime scene tape go up. You see, I don't get this information second or third hand and then misrepresent it to others as a first-hand "report". And must I remind Becky again of where she lives? Here's a hint, it's Philadelphia! Butt out, Becky!


Three Hots and a Cot

Now Becky Holzinger is helping another convict - Ron Harper Jr! He was convicted in Norristown and also received citations from city police for harassing a woman. Click here to see his citations. Are there any other convicts Becky Holzinger would like to associate herself with before she is locked up in the funny farm? And who uses the phrase "three hots and a cot" anymore? Nobody!

I think it is completely hilarious that Becky Holzinger is receiving threats and people are trying to knock her obsolete blog offline. You'd think eventually that she would get the message. Sorry, knocking Lipnews offline is NOT a federal offense and if anyone were able to do so, I would recommend them for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Any word on that $5,200, Becky Holzinger? How's that working out?


* Updated - Holzinger Has a Memory Lapse?

What "special treatment", Becky Holzinger? She is constantly pulling this " where is the mugshot" crap and then essentially taking credit when it is released. And, of course, the mugshot release had nothing to do with Becky's posts on her blog, it just takes time for photos to be released to the press!

One time, Becky Holzinger tried to take credit for a press release at 8:30am because of a 9:40 email she sent! Obviously, her email had no influence on past events, but she literally did try to take credit for it! And she was serious!

And so what if those two guys are brothers? That has absolutely no importance or relevance to anything! Is this news or innuendo and speculation? This is just another thinly veiled insult directed at a Lancaster police officer! It is inappropriate and disgusting "journalism", Becky Holzinger! Grow up!


A Deranged Investigation - 3

Darryl Morton and Judy Cora both died from carbon monoxide poisoning. We've known this for months. Becky insinuated for months that they were murdered but never provided proof of anything nefarious. Nothing will change? No, it won't change based on your vivid imagination, Becky Holzinger. I also am very suspicious of your claim that convicted child sex abuser and attempted burglar Jerry Puryear was related to Morton, but maybe he was the one trying to break in? Maybe there should be an investigation into why you are still supporting a person in county prison. Just saying.


Wowza, how many people have to tell Becky Holzinger she is a nutcase until it finally sinks in? Now she is concerned because Melissa Byers schooled her on Facebook. Here's an idea, Becky Holzinger! Stop trolling people's Facebook pages and trashing everyone in Lancaster on a daily basis! Just a thought.

Becky will now play the victim - wahh poor me, just an "innocent" on Facebook. What kind of delusions is this woman living in? Is there medication or therapy that might help this special kind of crazy? Check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: A Cruel Joke!

Here is a woman banned from many different forums that routinely posts the wrong information about Lancaster. Does she really expect any of us to believe that she is competition for LNP? Their Alexa global ranking was recently above 30,000. Becky's global ranking is over 5 million. I think that really says it all. It's not even close and I find it completely hilarious that Becky Holzinger thinks that her worthless, inaccurate blog amounts to anything other than a source for comedy gold!

People are laughing, Becky Holzinger, and they are laughing at you, not with you! Tell us, Becky Holzinger. Where did you go to school for journalism? Detective work? Name one scoop you've had on LNP in the last decade. Having trouble coming up with any answers? Congratulations, you're a kook!

Becky Holzinger, please never ever embarrass yourself by referring to yourself as "an innocent" on Facebook. Everyone knows better!


Becky Blocked by LNP Executive Editor

Apparently Becky has crossed quite a few boundaries in regards to LNP. Talking about someone's Asian daughter or someone's personal divorce is way over the line, Becky Holzinger!

Which is why I routinely bring up Ron Kingsboro and your violent son, Christopher Kingsboro, who seems to have dropped the Holzinger part of his name! It is such a joy to give back to you what you do to other people every day and give you a taste of your own medicine. It would appear that you are not quite enjoying yourself, Becky Holzinger! I applaud Barb for blocking Becky on Facebook! More people should. She routinely stalks people online! She is a well known internet stalker among the community!

I enjoy that! Grow up, Becky! Check back later today.


Questions, Questions, Questions, Questions, Questions...

Becky Holzinger always has questions. Now she wants to know if a security guard was shot almost a month ago at the Garden Court Apartments. I knew I remembered this place because last November there was an incident near there with Edward Monroe Street.

Becky had tried to scoop LNP by getting the name first, but failed miserably by calling him Jeremiah! Story Link Please read the comments below the story and keep in mind we didn't yet realize Jerri Wright was convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear or that he would be convicted of felony attempted burglary just this month!

Second related story link

Here is a question. Why is Becky Holzinger's reporting so bad and often so wrong? Here's why. She was never trained to be a reporter, she is just living out some kind of demented delusion online! And just for the record, Becky now clearly knows Jerri is a felon yet she still defends him! Unbelievable!


Updated - This Has Nothing To Do With Race!

I called Becky Holzinger out on this days ago, showing the 2010 article that clearly states Thomas Greene was the "motivating force" behind these felony crimes. Becky Holzinger has basically ignored reality and has been continuously spinning non-stop ever since! This is ridiculous and absurd! The guy is charged with something like 11 felonies and Becky Holzinger wants to defend this guy by playing the race card? Becky Holzinger is mentally sick!

There is not one single thing Becky Holzinger can point to that demonstrates that this had anything to do with race! She tried to say his docket was hidden while openly stating that he was 17 at the time! She also alleges another perp was underage. What's his name or birthdate? I am unable to verify this because your reporting is incomplete and inexcusable, Becky Holzinger! Why is she aiding and abetting criminal acts in Lancaster? Please check back later!


Second Update! Updated! Breaking News! Becky is still a Mo-Ron!

I am able to see the charges for Thomas Greene under the Magisterial Criminal Dockets. No, this does not need "fixed" because the website clearly explains that this situation could exist.

Can Becky Holzinger not read? Has she not seen the eleven felonies this guy was charged with? Yes, some of them were withdrawn. But still, Becky is defending a man with numerous felony charges on the basis of skin color! This is ridiculous and absurd!

Does Becky realize this article is from 2010? Yes, the article says he is the motivating force and yes the person's docket says he is charged with seven felonies - and this total nutjob is trying to play the race card!

Here is a link to why Thomas Greene received a longer sentence, and NO it was not "racism" Becky Holzinger! LOL article

He received a longer sentence for being the "mastermind" and "driving force" behind the illegal activity!

Why is Becky Holzinger constantly and blatantly lying about racism in Lancaster? What, exactly, is Becky Holzinger's mental problem? Maybe Becky Holzinger would like to come and say it to my face? I don't believe she would have the courage to come within 500 feet of me because she knows what would happen.

This spineless coward Becky Holzinger can lie about Lancaster as much as she wants, she is just making herself and her associates (many of which are known felons) look completely and utterly ridiculous!


Updated - Where Was Becky?

Becky is posting videos from a convicted felon child sex abuser! His criminal trial for robbing a Lancaster store is tomorrow and Becky claims he will plead guilty! What is going on with Becky? She has associated herself with charged, and in some cases, convicted felons!

Why is Becky still using photos from a convicted felon child sex abuser whose criminal trial is scheduled for tomorrow morning in front of Judge Totaro at 8:30am? Why on earth would you continue to associate yourself with someone who allegedly plead guilty to robbing a store? The light is on in Becky Holzinger's brain, but no one is home! And why has she been talking on the phone with a man in Franklin County prison allegedly for conspiracy to distribute cocaine? Please check back later today.


Special Report: Investigate Branding P Watson!

Why did Brandon P Watson not pay his rent to Quail Run Apartments in 2011? If you check magesterial dockets and select rent disputes, Blanding P Watson comes up not once, but twice! Did he really owe hundreds of dollars and get a complaint filed? It looks like the plaintiff in the case won!

And why does he have four pages of traffic citations? If you see Blanding P Watson coming down the road, you might want to get out of the way! A guy that can't safely operate a motor vehicle is the leader of the NAACP? This is frightening and absurd!

Becky Holzinger, Are You Paying Attention?

What in the hell does the NAACP have to do with a shooting perpetrated by a black man and a stabbing that nothing is really known about at all? And what we do know, guess where Becky Holzinger read about? The Lancaster Newspaper, of course! So why is Becky pretending like LNP isn't reporting these things? Who knows! She's a kook!

And she is openly online stalking Amber Degrace. It is disturbing and bizarre and serves no legitimate purpose!


*UPDATED - *** BREAKING NEWS Puryear pleads guilty

Becky Holzinger is reporting that Jerry Puryear has plead guilty to his criminal charges. However, his docket still indicates his criminal trial is on November 10th in front of Judge Totaro at 8:30AM. According to Becky, he will spend a year or two in Lancaster County Prison. This is not Puryear's first run-in with the law. He is a convicted child sex abuser felon. This is a close associate of Becky Holzinger, who frequently uses his "Must See Pics An Vids" Facebook page.

Becky Holzinger was also in close contact with Eric Tittel, who faces a felony criminal trial in December and is currently being held in Franklin County Prison allegedly for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

How many felons have you been in contact, Becky Holzinger, and why? Police should investigate immediately!


Becky Holzinger - Another Mess

Becky, are you really still talking about this McDonalds shooting without informing your readers that you are printing false information about it? The windows at McDonalds were not shot out and I have proven with photographic evidence that you are a liar!

Can you be that stupid? Why can you not understand that cameras face certain angles and that their resolution can only make out faces at a limited distance? Why can you not understand that cities are full of traffic, trees, poles and other obstructions? Why do you have to ask the same stupid question every time? Try learning about how a camera operates, Becky Holzinger! They do not have a 360 degree continuous view!

It doesn't take a genius to figure this out and you would think that eventually a light bulb would go off in your head. But, in your case, it doesn't seem to. Why is that, Becky Holzinger? Do you have limited mental abilities, Becky Holzinger? Do you know you are a retard or did no one bother to tell you? Maybe you were too busy falsely accusing your dad of groping your breasts?

If you haven't figured it out by now, Becky Holzinger, you should!


A Driveby Shooting in a City Becky Doesn't Live In!

Oh no, there was a shooting in Chicago! Who cares? I don't live there or know anyone there and it takes hours to get there! Who cares???

Oh goodie, another pic snapped by the convicted felon child sex offender Jerry Puryear! Looks like taking pictures is what got him in trouble! Oops! Jerry's criminal trial is in 5 days. On November 10, he will be in Judge Donald R. Totaro's courtroom at 8:30am. Will Becky cover this or just sweep it under the rug? Get some popcorn and enjoy the show!


Why Not Bust Becky Holzinger?

Why not bust Becky? Police probably have more than enough evidence after listening in to Becky's phone conversations with a man allegedly charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine!

Becky does not seem to grasp the concept of the internet. Becky, you do not need to tell us what is posted on a Facebook page or under an article. We all have the internet and are quite capable of looking for ourselves. Most people don't really care, because just about any yahoo can make an anonymous comment! If there is no name associated with the comment, it is rather ridiculous to claim that you are "reporting" on what was said. It amounts to anonymous hearsay and conjecture, Becky Holzinger! Don't you have something better to do than waste your time reposting things anyone could see on the internet for themselves? It's ridiculous and absurd!


Becky Holzinger Race Baits Hispanics

Becky Holzinger must have received her talking points from Debbie Wasserman Schultz! In typical DNC fashion, Becky Holzinger attempts to race bait Hispanics! Here is the problem, Becky Holzinger. If you asked a Hispanic person about what Pitts said, they would probably agree! Of course, you actually have to talk to a Hispanic person first, Becky Holzinger!

Pitts' comment is seriously and blaringly taken out of context. I guess Becky Holzinger is feeling the pressure to generate splashy headlines to gain readership. I noticed her Alexa page ranking took a recent nosedive while AlwaysLancaster.com maintained its level. Lipnews was actually a worse global rank than AlwaysLancaster if you compare different months. For example, Lipnews in September was at a worse point than AlwaysLancaster in part of October. And all it is is an announcement about a slogan! How pathetic is that? All that mocking signals to me that Becky Holzinger was seriously concerned about competing with an actual website!

Becky's whole obsession with Pitts is just childish and petty. I don't think this woman has two functioning brain cells in her entire head! Hey, did Tittel get back his $5,200 yet? Check back later today! What a hoot! Pass the cocaine!


Fire Becky Holzinger!

What does this woman do all day but make up insane stories? Remember Stormygirl? That was a made-up story promoted by Becky! She helped promote an abduction in a car trunk that was made up! She said windows were shot out of a McDonalds and it was made up! She posted a picture of "an armed bank robber" and it was made up! Becky Holzinger needs to be locked away in Evergreen and she needs to be locked away NOW!

She aided and abetted several felons! A child sex offender! A woman who hindered apprehension of a murderer! She even tried to help an accused cocaine distributor on trial for a felony stabbing! What is wrong with this woman? A homeless guy tried to stab a cop with a switchblade but he was "killed for only taking a pee"! This woman needs her head examined stat and her dangerously irresponsible blog needs to be shut down immediately! Check back later today!


Cooking In A Storm

Still no word on what Pitts said, huh? Now Becky is back on Eric Tittel and civil forfeiture. But still no mention for days that Eric Tittel's bail is revoked, according to a docket from March 2014 that alleges Tittel committed a felony level stabbing of a truck driver. Notice how this part is carefully omitted?

Now Becky Holzinger believes she took part in a telephone conversation monitored by the feds. Hey, there is something great to put on your resume, Becky Holzinger! Aiding and abetting cocaine distribution!

I, for one, encourage the feds to carefully monitor the conversations of Becky Holzinger because I have personally witnessed her on numerous occasions assisting perps! She even promoted a 50/50 raffle for a woman that was charged with felony hindering apprehension! It doesn't get much more obvious than this!

Oh, and why did Tittel's arrest not make the local news? Because you live in Philadelphia, Becky Holzinger! And why did it not make news in Lancaster? Because the incident happened in Lebanon County! And it did make the local news in Lebanon - and Lancaster as well! Tittel was briefly placed in Dauphin County prison and moved to the Franklin County prison. None of which are in Lancaster, Becky Holzinger!

Will Becky Holzinger ever report Tittel's bail was revoked or why? Please check back tomorrow.


An Atmosphere of Stupidity - 2

Lawlessness, Becky Holzinger? Like demanding $5,200 be given back to someone in jail allegedly charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine? Everyone is out enjoying a wonderful trick-or-treat night and there is no atmosphere of lawlessness, Becky Holzinger!


Yo, Cameras Don't Catch Everything, Becky Holzinger

What's wrong with this picture, Becky Holzinger? The shooting occurred on the northwest corner of the intersection ( right far side). The camera is on the opposite corner, Becky Holzinger! Guess what might obstruct the camera from a full view of the opposite corner of the intersection? Traffic!? Maybe the camera was not pointed at the far corner, Becky Holzinger. Did that thought ever enter your mind?

Becky has been screwing up this camera thing for years! She doesn't understand a single thing about cameras, distances, angles, and how far you can catch details like a person's face. She simply does not have a single clue! To truly understand just how clueless she is, just search this blog for the term cameras. I have it all laid out and explained in full detail about how screwed up in the head Becky Holzinger is about cameras.

This total nutbag from Philly insists cameras in Lancaster could see an arsonist from 4 football fields away! She's a kook and has zero expertise on cameras! Next!!!


Grill Becky Holzinger - 2

There is a meeting at 6:30 tonight! Do you think Becky Holzinger will be there? It's a Neighborhood meeting, so Becky Holzinger is not invited! Oh, and apparently Becky's insane blog now provides job listings. But only for people way more successful than blog troller Becky. Who knew? What a hoot! Check back later today!

Becky Holzinger Had a Little Too Much to Drink

Oh,so Matthew Reever of York County is charged with felony assault. Well so was Eric Tittel, Becky Holzinger! And guess what? You demanded the return of $5,200 "stolen" by the police! And where is Eric Tittel now? Still in jail on federal warrants? Why did Becky Holzinger give Eric Tittel a free pass but is giving Matthew Reever a hard time? Does Becky Holzinger discriminate against white people? Does she know SHE is white? Does she know which planet she is on? Sometimes I wonder!


Just as Free as Can Be

Why in the hell would Becky Holzinger call about two people who have absolutely no impact on her life whatsoever? They are being charged with misdemeanors? So what?! It's none of your business, Becky Holzinger! Even if you think this somehow demonstrates "discrimination", which it does not, why would you insert yourself into this and start calling people in Lancaster? Are you really that lonely, Becky Holzinger? Wow!

Also, I really doubt that a phone call from Becky Holzinger resulted in the posting of a docket. This is certainly what Becky Holzinger implied and it is just silly! I can guarantee that Becky had nothing to do with this and she is always attempting to take credit for things! Newsflash, Becky Holzinger. You don't do anything!

If Becky Holzinger wants to post her opinion, fine. But your opinion is not " news", Becky Holzinger. So please do the world a favor and stop misrepresenting it as such! You are a terrible liar and most of Lancaster knows exactly what you are. You live such a sad and miserable life that you want to pretend you are an important reporter or detective. It is quite obvious you are not and it is just pathetic. Get a life you old bag!


Another Tall Tale From Becky Holzinger

"I could not find any prior charges for Velazquez accept for a stop sign violation in Berks County this year.". That is a bold faced lie. I looked under Magesterial dockets and found a prior in Lackawanna that was a lot more than running a stop sign. Will this woman's incessant lying ever cease!? I can just stop right there and discard this whole pile of lying garbage, Becky Holzinger! Apparently you have not learned your lesson and continue to make an utter fool of yourself online daily. Please, be my guest!