Update: Becky Trolzinger Gets Corny

Why hasn't Becky Holzinger updated us on Officer Toilet Bowl?

Philadelphia police officer "Sterling Stanton", 30 years on the force! LMFAO!

Which Facebook page did Becky Trolzinger swipe that photo of Mayor Gray from? Or did she send her felon child sex abuse photographer downtown to harass the Mayor and his wife? Say cheese!

Please check back later today.


Lancaster Deserves Better!

...than this wrinkly, ancient trash monitoring Lancaster Facebook pages. Absolutely none of this is any of Becky Holzinger's business. Why in the hell would she spend her LIFE going through Lancaster Facebook pages and writing "articles" about what is already on the internet that anyone can see for themselves? Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? I guess not since her quarter of a century old car is probably still stuck in the garage.

And did you see the ridiculous comment about how she was able to create a hyperlink in the comment section? It took her five years to figure out how to put a hyperlink? This is ridiculous and absurd!

What an awful "reporter" and "writer"! Is this a joke? Would someone “tweak” Becky? Please! Lancaster deserves better than this!


Afternoon Update - COMBAT, PIZZA & CELEBRATE!

I think Becky Trolzinger knows more about Lancaster than 99% of people in Lancaster! And not firsthand knowledge, it's just because she's trolling the internet the entire day. This person's obsession with Lancaster is beyond bizarre! Tell me, is Becky Holzinger planning on attending a single one of these meetings? Is she going to be driving multiple hours on the road with that stone age hunk of metal Chevy Caprice from the early 90's? I hope not, for the safety of everyone involved! What is with the brick behind the back tire?

Please check back later.

Throwing Away Time

It's a lovely day outside and Becky Trolzinger is sitting in her trashy apartment in Philly reading about...Lancaster? Really? Why read LNP every day if it is such a terrible newspaper? This has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever!

Please check back later today.


How Low Can Becky Go?

Pretty darn low. Why is this surety bail bond thing still an issue? Becky Holzinger printed on her blog in 2013! It is all documented on every docket that it is 10%! It's all a public record! There is nothing to hide! Yes, the "bail" amount is $1,000,000 according to the dictionary definition of "bail"! Learn the meaning of words, Becky Trolzinger! And stop slithering around like the lying slime you are!

Becky Holzinger is a very dangerous person that falsely claims she is a reporter and Becky has completely lost touch with reality. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Losing Her Mind

Dictionary: Bail: money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial. So the bail amount is $1,000,000. Why is this an issue? Becky Holzinger described surety bonds on her own website two years ago! Is she losing her mind? No, Nephin is not wrong. The bail amount IS $1,000,000! That's why the docket that Becky Holzinger posted says "Bail", then "Amount", then $1,000,000!

And perhaps Becky Trolzinger missed this part "...Attorney David W. Heckler said Monday". So why should Dan check the docket sheets? Perhaps Attorney David W. Heckler should have. But did it even say that on Monday? Is Becky Holzinger feeling OK? Her posts seem to be deteriorating. I think Becky Holzinger is going deeper into insanity with every post.

And don't even get me started on Becky Holzinger not understanding camera basics. Becky Holzinger is an absolute nutcase. Log off now.


10% of $1 million equals $100,000

Which is exactly what it says on every docket, so how can you conclude that LNP reads LIPNews? You can't! Becky heard from several news groups that bail was set at $1 million and that is NOT wrong, Becky Trolzinger! The bail amount IS $1 million.

As Becky Holzinger explained before, a surety bond is usually 10% of the bail amount. So did she forget? Is she just trying to smear LNP? So the bail amount is absolutely correct and the dockets accurately reflect the 10%! Is every news organization out there spreading an intentional lie? Of course not! It's just Becky Trolzinger's insane paranoia acting up again!

This alleged crime (the selling of this daughter to the Bucks County man) is being handled by Lower South Ampton police and appears to be in Bucks County - not Lancaster county! The only thing that possibly ties this to Lancaster is that the victim's family allegedly lives in Lancaster. But they are all being held in the Bucks County jail. So is Becky's blog now the Bucks County Independent News?

Oh and I can't believe Becky Holzinger just went there on child sex abuse. Do you know that for years she used a photographer that was convicted of felony child sex abuse and never told anyone? And after it was exposed who Jerry Wright aka Jerry Puryear was, she defended him! And then tried to help him steal a refrigerator from behind Aaron's! What an absolute disgrace for an alleged news organization! What a lying, two-faced, hypocritical and sick Becky Trolzinger!


Owlets in Becky Holzinger's Skull?

Is Becky Trolzinger dense or what? It says right in the Insider quote that the content will be "nonexclusive". Can Becky Holzinger read and comprehend the English language?

Oh, and Becky Holzinger promotes porn! She posted the image, the link, and the quote all on her own website! Why complain that someone else did it...and then you do it? It's absolutely ridiculous and absurd.

Gasp! Is this what it really means to be an LIP “insider?”

Please check back later today.


Becky Trolzinger's Blog, A True Horror Story

Yes, Becky Trolzinger is posting all about a case that happened in Bucks County. Who cares? Isn't this supposedly the "Lancaster Independent Press"? Once again, Becky Trolzinger has strayed to just rambling about anything unrelated to Lancaster! This is unbelievable! The name of this blog needs to be changed, NOW!

Update: This just in. Becky Trolzinger's blog is still a true horror story. And her car is a quarter of a century old.


When Will Change Come?

Probably when you turn off your damn computer and work for a living. Your car is broken down. Good God, is that an actual picture of the muffler on your car? What the hell did you do to it? Your car is a lemon! It's two decades old! You thought you could get a car fixed for under $300? And someone actually did it? Don't expect that "repair" to last very long! Your phone had your password to the website? Anyone with WPScan and a Linux virtual machine can find the password to your website, Becky Trolzinger. It's vastly obsolete and is very vulnerable. If I wanted to, I could rip apart your website and shred it into little pieces. But then I wouldn't have anything to laugh at or make fun of.

When will change come? Probably when you get off your damn stupid blog and stop putting bricks under the tires of your car. This is absolutely unreal and unbelievable! Get mental help, now!


Becky Trolzinger Will Be Removed. In a Strait Jacket

Becky Trolzinger's 90's era Chevy Caprice is in the garage getting work. Imagine that! It's only 20 years old!

Is that a brick under the back wheel? WTF? LMFAO!

And her phone (probably from the 1970s) is now out of service. I am shocked! Maybe if she didn't blow ten years on the internet being a troll she could have saved up and bought an upgraded vehicle or telephone. Oh well. I guess that what Becky Trolzinger gets! No car and no phone! Next, it will be no internet! Because Becky Holzinger will be removed. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: 20 IQ

No, an AR-15 rifle was NOT used in the Orlando shooting. Click here for Orlando Shooter Did Not Use AR-15 Rifle Despite False Media Reports.

This is what happens when you read a tabloid magazine and think it is news, Becky Holzinger. Also, she is still trying to take credit for a story Tom Knapp did because Becky Holzinger wrote an email almost two weeks ago. No, your email and blog did not lead to Tom Knapp's article, Becky Holzinger. But thanks for playing.


Suddenly the Cameras Work, and Always Have!

Becky Trolzinger: "Gee, do you think the fact that I sent an email to all of the board members of the “safety coalition” on June 2nd has anything to do with this (click here for “SPY CAMS FOR THE STEINMANS?” and the email that was sent)?"

Answer: No. You don't have anything to do with Lancaster or safety coalition cameras. In fact, you've repeatedly proven that understand very little about cameras and how they operate. For example, when it is dark - cameras don't work. When they are on the wrong side of a telephone pole, they don't work. When they are over 200 feet away and the feed is not live, they will not capture a face or license plate. When the camera is behind trees, buildings or traffic, they don't work. They are not X-ray cameras. You simply have no freaking clue, do you?

Does Becky Holzinger really think that her insane emails to the safety coalition matter? I am sure she is dressing these letters up all nice and proper and making it look like she really cares. But the instant someone questions Becky Holzinger, look out! She is going to go nuts on your ass just like she does to every other person! She has become infamous for being a stark raving mad internet lunatic! There will be on this later.

Please check back later today.


Stupidity in June

Yes, Julio was shot a year ago. The two cameras "close" to this shooting were at least 200 feet away. And the shooting occurred late at night, meaning it was DARK. Click here for Camera Located a Block Away, Wrong Side of Telephone Pole?

Gregory Bayne pulled a switchblade and lunged at a police officer. As a result, he was shot and died from his wound. If he had cooperated with police, he would not be dead. A very unfortunate decision on the part of Gregory Bayne.

And yes, police officers and investigators frequently do NOT comment on active investigations. When will Becky Holzinger's stupidity end? Why is she commenting about events in a town hours away from her home? How is any of this relevant to her life in Philadelphia? Please check back later today.


It's Time to Arrest Becky Holzinger

OWS is a terrorist organization. A few weeks ago, Becky Holzinger promoted Quiana "Mildred" Dixon, an admitted supporter and/or member of the Black Lives Matter group, which has also been declared a terrorist organization. The shooter in Florida has nothing to do with Lancaster, PA so I wonder why this OWS poster was placed on Becky Holzinger's website? Also, Omar is a registered Democrat that committed the largest mass murder in US history. Perhaps the entire Democrat party needs to be investigated for terror. And Becky Holzinger belongs in prison along with Hillary Clinton. Please check back later today.


Becky to the Defense

of people who commit felonies, threats, and crimes. Constantly berates the police and the chief. Berates the mayor, the DA. Berates just about everyone who is NOT a criminal or crook...is "Lancaster Independent Press" being printed to HELP or to HARM Lancaster county? Please check back later today.


Updated: Becky Holzinger Immediately Provided No Useful Information

There is literally no useful information provided by Becky Holzinger here. The newspaper already told us that the incident occurred and where it was approximately located. OK, so Becky Trolzinger can listen to a police scanner, get the alleged address which probably is not verified, and then provide us the names of people that may or may not be involved in anyway at all in this incident! Do you really think they wanted their names plastered on Becky Trolzinger's blog? Probably not!

Is Becky Holzinger trying to hamper active police investigations? Is she engaging in illegal activity and obstruction of justice? It is clear that she is a phony reporter and not well versed in fact checking and other basic ethical journalism practices. Please check back later today.

Again, the names of the people that own the home are irrelevant. The shooting happened AFTER the party and NOT at the party! And it was two teens, not one person. This is irresponsible journalism and it needs to stop - NOW! Any obstruction of active police investigations will be dealt with severely.


Incredible Corruption ...in Philadelphia?

So today we have: an editorial from the Philly Daily News.

An author will be signing a book at Fairless Hills (Bucks County), Neshaminy (Bucks County) and Plymouth Meeting (Montgomery County).

Then there is a quote from "West Chester Daily Local News".

Do you see what I'm getting at? None of this has anything to do with Lancaster County. So where is this corruption in Lancaster County? This posting just sources a bunch of information from various other counties and never makes a connection to Lancaster. Becky Trolzinger attempts to make a connection by randomly bringing up Michelle Lambert - a case from nearly 25 years ago! And then bring up corruption with cameras, which there is nothing corrupt at all about! Where is the corruption? "Check back later today" when Becky Trolzinger still won't be able to come up with anything, just her absurd allegations with literally NOTHING to back it up!

What an idiot. Crazy Becky has to take the afternoon off from telling lies about Lancaster because a traffic light doesn't work in Philly. Lunatic.



Right back at ya, Becky Trolzinger. No one likes you. Everyone knows you are a fraud and a liar.

Well, it seems an awful lot of people are pissed off and tired of Trolzinger! Imagine that! I am.

Please check back later today.


Free & Stuff

This post is just bad and all over the place. The "letter flap" is totally and completely caused by Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism. But don't worry, she will "redouble" her efforts to be more responsible. What is double of nothing? Still nothing.

I cannot take any more of Becky Holzinger's nonsense today! Again, this is more proof positive that Becky Holzinger does not verify her information. She flat out tried to apologize for not verifying her information! Unbelievable! If Becky Holzinger was a reporter (which she is not), it would be her job to verify everything. In the real world, she would be fired! Not just groveling to a Lancaster attorney who is probably prepared to take legal action.

Please check back later today.



Here is a link to the LA Times story Lancaster PA keeps a close eye on itself. This was a quote taken out of context a you can only capture a face or license plate at those distances if the operator is looking at a live shot.

Also, as I posted on August 11, 2015- that incident did NOT happen directly under a camera. I will repost this below:

One Little Problem, Becky Holzinger - That is the 500 block of Manor Street. The incident occurred in the next block (past New Dorwart Street) in the 600 block. The 600 block actually stretches several hundred feet away from that camera down to Laurel Street. Oops!

Here is a repost of the comment I made at the time:

"Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 6:49:00 PM EDT - You intentionally took that "sentence" out of context, Becky Holzinger. The previous sentence shows they can only see faces and license plates in live camera shots as they receive the 911 calls. You, Becky Holzinger, are not a reporter and can't even figure out where the 600 block IS. Unbelievable!
You can come back to cameras all you want later today. I will be right there to smack you in the face with the irrefutable facts. You are a liar and a dishonest "reporter".

Also, Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism apparently upset Phillip A. Michael, an Assistant Public Defender in Lancaster. Unbelievable! Please check back later today.


Blowing in the Wind?

One. Becky Trolzinger is still reading the Lancaster Newspapers.

Two. Becky Trolzinger is so desperate, she will Google the names of candy that you get coupons for.

Three. "Sour Bite" or "Sour Brite" - an easy mistake that's meaningless because Becky Trolzinger didn't know what they were but found them in a Google Search. Close enough. It's not like they put out the wrong name of an "armed bank robber". Or wouldn't tell you the name of the J&K Supermart robber wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt because you put into print the wrong name. It's a very minor detail blown out of proportion.

Four. Becky Trolzinger makes me realize there are totally nutcases in the world and that's why we have Hillary Clinton as a serious candidate for the DNC.

Stay aware, there is a storm coming, and it's not even Cotober yet!


Becky Fails to Understand...

that she lives in Philadelphia and is NOT a reporter for Lancaster, PA. Is it illegal to impersonate a newspaper reporter from Lancaster, PA when you cannot possibly be giving an objective reporter on a location that you are not even at?! If it isn't illegal, it should be. You have no idea what is happening there, you are operating a rumor mill, Becky Trolzinger! How is officer toilet bowl doing with his claims of racism, by the way?

Where did Becky Trolzinger get her legal degree? Where? Where did she get her journalism degree? Where? This woman has wasted ten years of her life whining and complaining about every single official in Lancaster County that I can think of. The mayor. The police chief. The DA. Practically the entire police force in Lancaster. The courthouse. The Safety Coalition. Is there anyone in Lancaster she has NOT complained about? Besides convicted child sex abusers, Facebook harassers and various felons? Where does Becky Trolzinger stand? I think it's fairly obvious.

Becky Trolzinger, you are not welcome in Lancaster. That probably comes from ten years of trash talking about people that have no impact on your life. Yes, maybe you lived here several decades ago. But you moved to Philadelphia and currently reside there. Do you understand that you don't need to blog about places and pretend to be a reporter for a place that you do not currently live? Is this concept too difficult for your feable mind to grasp? Move on! Go away! Please never, ever, ever come back!

There are 150 unsolved murders in Philadelphia just in one year! Why don't you start a blog about those? You won't because you are clearly a mentally sick person with a disturbed mind that HATES the entire city and county of Lancaster, PA! You say you are going to log off over Memorial Day weekend and then post on your blog ALL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Clearly, there is a mental issue at play! Seek help now!


Where is Becky? Who is Becky?

Random people are receiving strange phone calls and emails from Becky Trolzinger. She lives in Philly, yet many people in Lancaster may be getting contacted by Becky. What is the purpose? She doesn't understand dick about cameras so why have to explain yourself to a butt-fucking stupid retard from Philly when she spends most of her time with her head up her ass?

And what is with all of the old timer cheesy 60 eras music on Youtube? People are laughing their asses off at you, Becky Trolzinger. You are an internet joke!


Becky Holzinger Still Lying About Cameras

See any problems, Becky Holzinger? Between your camera and the Hand Middle School there are TREES! No, the shooting did not happen at Juniata St and S Ann St. And you plastering a cheap blue arrow over a map does not mean that it happened there. It happened "near" there. It was also reported that it happened "near" the Hand Middle School. So, guess what? It could have happened very, very far away from this camera and could have easily been obscured by trees.

Every single time, Becky Trolzinger insists that a camera is "right there". And every single time I show that it was NOT right there! In fact - one time - there wasn't even a safety coalition camera anywhere CLOSE to the incident!

News Alert for Becky Holzinger - you're nuts. Why are you contacting officials in Lancaster about safety coalition cameras when you don't understand simple camera concepts? And you don't even live here and it has no impact on your life? You have the intelligence of a slug.

And yes, Becky Trolzinger, you will shut up. I will see to it personally. And if you continue to impersonate a Lancaster reporter falsely, I will see to it that you are prosecuted and go to jail. Lancaster has had enough. You will immediately cease and desist writing about Lancaster or the Philadelphia district attorney will be notified of your illegal conduct.

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Has No Integrity

Wow, Becky Trolzinger has zero integrity. She wrote a puff piece about a guy who doesn't come up at all on a Google Search. A "30 year veteran of the police force" who actually comes up as the name of a Kohler-brand toilet, a Sterling Stanton. This seems highly unusual and throws Becky Trolzinger's integrity down the crapper. Did she bother to find out anything at all about this supposedly Philly officer?

Did she bother to check one thing? Why does the video seem to say that they are talking about races (such as street races) and not "racists"? Clearly, these are two distinct words and the elderly gentleman in the video is saying "races". Now Becky Trolzinger will just revert to some other story and never follow up on any of this. This is insane and disturbing behavior. This is pathological lying and irresponsible reporting. Who will hold Becky Trolzinger accountable?

Please check back later today.


Becky Trolzinger's Story: Down the Toilet!

Officer "Sterling Stanton", 30 years on the Philly police force and not one story online about this officer? That's amazing!

Breaking News! Becky Trolzinger Should Be in a Mental Institution

Becky Trolzinger clearly lied and said she would post "briefly" Friday morning and then take a break until Tuesday May 31st. She is a pathological liar and proven internet addict. If you are unable to control yourself such as Becky Trolzinger seems to be unable to do, then you have a problem. A very, very serious problem. Please get yourself checked back into Evergreen, Becky Trolzinger. You need it NOW!

Race-baiter-in-chief Becky Trolzinger is on "patroll"! Not only does the video not show anything even remotely "racist", I believe the older man in the foreground is talking about "races", such as street races. Not "racists". Clearly, those are two very distinct words and he is clearly saying "races". There is no racism being charged, you moron!


Is It Tuesday May 31 Already?

Hey, Becky Trolzinger. You posted several times you would be taking a break over the weekend until May 31st. Why are you online this morning commenting on an LNP article about tech issues? You lied. Again. You just can't help yourself, can you? This is a big sign of an unhealthy mental issue.

Please just go away. Lancaster does not want or need you and your sick pathological lies. If you are going to post that you are taking a break over the Memorial Day weekend - then do it. Stop being a lying whore. Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend - hopefully without Becky Trolzinger.


Happy Memorial Day - Get of the Internet!

Latest RSS feed says "pubDate Fri, 27 May 2016 19:06:58 +0000". Becky Trolzinger, you said you were doing one quick post in the morning and then taking a break until Tuesday. Why is Becky Trolzinger advertising for a convicted child sex abuser selling popsicles in downtown? This is bizarre and disturbing. Get off the damn internet already, you're a proven liar!

This excellent comment in: "Shouldn't Jerry / Wright / Jail Bird / Puryear be working at a real job, instead of impersonating an 8 year old with a lemonade stand? Becky, I can not believe you were so freaking stupid as to post that crap on your blog! What a damn idiot!"