Watch Out, Becky!

Spinster Becky is at it again! Her blog should be called Lancaster Independent Speculative Press or LISP! It's all she does! Well, that and make up complete lies!

Her lying is endless, oh my! Please check back later today.


How Hard Can it Be? Lower Than Whale Shit

Seriously, how hard can it be for Becky Holzinger to logout and leave Lancaster alone? She is completely obsessed about it. No arrests were made? So what? And who cares about comments under an LNP story? Doesn't Becky Holzinger have something better to do with her time? Or is she too busy letting her son Chris run around beating up people? What is the deal with this nutty bitch from Philadelphia? Why did she lie about being part of Lipnews? Why did she post that a nine year old child was accidentally shot to death by his father when none of it was even remotely true? Why did she lie that windows at a McDonalds were shot out when they never were? Why did she post the wrong photo of an "armed bank robber"? What is the mental problem, Becky Holzinger? Be gone!

This comment in under the post below: And who would be lower than whale shit to make fun of someone with a gun shot wound? Yeah, Becky Holzinger - again - and her fat man baby associate, Frank Lee / Mark Wolf / Dick Stir. Now there's 2 people with IQ's of below 40.

Dirty Laundry? Becky Holzinger Drives A Car?

Uh, do they ever have to identify the victim of a crime? Nope! And no, the story does not even remotely say a dog drove the car. Maybe you could get that if your IQ was below 40 or if you didn't know English. But it really doesn't say that at all. It either implies there was another person in the car or that the man was driving himself, but it was unclear which scenario it was. Who would be dumb enough to think that a dog could drive a car? Oh wait. Becky Holzinger.


What Does Becky Do?

Was it expensive vodka? Becky Holzinger writes stuff about a town she has never lived in that is in a county she resided in several decades ago. She falsely claimed she was an editor for LIPNews and didn't know how to properly spell Chuck Leayman. That newspaper has been defunct for decades!

Becky Holzinger then proceeded to tell us a 9 year old child was accidentally shot and killed on Easter by his father. None of it was true. The 9 year old is quite alive and the person that pulled the trigger in the (still accidental) shooting was the sister!

What does Becky Holzinger do besides spread rumors and false stories? She drinks lots and lots of booze, that's what! She must, because there is no reporter on earth that would behave this way without being totally liquored up!


Absolutely Unacceptable

First of all, Doug Bleecher helped develop Neverwet - he is not the inventor or "one of" the inventors of Neverwet. This has nothing to do with "special treatment" for anyone. Secondly, Becky Holzinger did not know how to spell "Chuck Leayman" but claimed that she was the editor of Lipnews while he was writing movie reviews. I find this claim highly dubious and my suspicions were peaked by Becky initially reporting "Chuck Lehman" as was printed elsewhere on another website.

This led to my discovery that Becky Holzinger was likely not at all involved with the original "Lipnews". Click here for "Becky Holzinger's Resume is Very Unimpressive".

Becky Holzinger is a pathological liar.

LIPNews Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 5:54:00 PM EST
This is so far removed from what Becky's blog is today that is obvious to me that Becky stole the name and was not involved with the 1969-1979 LIP. I really don't even have to look at the microfilm at this point. Becky is clearly a pathological liar and complete loon. TELL US THE TRUTH, Becky Holzinger! Someone's been telling lies!


Becky Holzinger: What a Hypocrite!

There are three blatant, recent criminal cases where Becky Holzinger has lied about explicit preferential treatment that was allegedly given by the DA and Judges because of political connections – and Becky Holzinger purposely and knowingly flat-out lied to the public:

1) G Scott Davis. Why would DA Stedman "obstruct justice" for an alleged acquaintance's distant relative?

2) Luke Karpathios and Devin Gardill. Becky Holzinger still will not acknowledge that they used bb guns or that the violent part of the home invasion was them getting stabbed.

3) Katie West was in fact charged and Becky Holzinger continues to attempt to perpetuate lies about this case as well.

DA Stedman obstructed justice, Becky Holzinger? He gave preferential treatment to G Scott Davis? How so? Do you have any evidence of this? Or is it just because supposedly he knows someone that is distantly related? Is that your entire "proof" that G Scott Davis got special treatment? Do you have any type of concrete proof whatsoever? If not, you are engaging in libel, Becky Holzinger. You should immediately cease and desist.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous all of your insane conspiracy theories really sound to rational people? Do you have any idea you are insane? I am advising you to stop posting unwarranted and unproven statements and to clarify that your site is not a press website. This is in your best interest, Becky Holzinger. Take this advice and use it wisely. You have been duly advised.


Where is your Follow-up Becky Holzinger?

Didn't you say that the box would remain at the top of your blog until those two murders were solved? Where did the box go, Becky Holzinger? You are a terrible liar! And even much worse, you falsely claimed a nine year old child was accidentally shot and killed by his dad. Get lost, Becky Holzinger! We don't need your dishonesty or your race baiting bullshit in Lancaster!


Afternoon Update - Absolute Overkill

It is difficult to put into words how terrible this "error" in Becky's blog was. She posted that 9 year old Logan was dead - killed by an accidental shooting by his own father. We now know that is not the case.

But that has not prevented Becky Holzinger from comparing this case to the G Scott Davis case. Nevermind that it was actually the sister that pulled the trigger in the Logan case. There are numerous differences between these two cases, but Becky Holzinger loves to make false comparisons and compare apples to oranges. Also, I don't see any preferential treatment for G Scott Davis or any evidence at all that Bryan Cutler pulled strings. And why would he for his supposed "step-brother-in-law"? Why would he risk his career over this? The whole thing is fabricated and has no basis in reality, Becky Holzinger. By all means, please prove otherwise! But I have seen nothing that backs up your account - at all.

Yes, the story does keep getting more and more bizarre. Becky Holzinger says the 9 year old is dead and that there is an "active arrest warrant" for a guy that didn't even pull the trigger. And none of it was even slightly true. Yes, that is a VERY bizarre story, Becky Holzinger. And while you issued a retraction, it should have never been put into print in the first place and you know that. And I do not know why you continue to post about this topic several days after the fact especially after you have already come out with such terribly inaccurate postings about the incident already.

Enough is enough, Becky Holzinger. Take a hike!


*** Breaking News *** Active Investigation - Possible False Reports by Becky Holzinger

Developing story, please read the comments underneath the previous posting. There are no media sources reporting that a) the 9 year old shooting victim has died or b) that there is an active arrest warrant for Jose Rentas. The docket clearly states that the case status is "inactive".


161 Cameras and Becky Never Went to Law School. Or Even College

Once again, Becky does not seem to grasp that her camera map scale is way off. The blue triangle near the bottom is hundreds of feet away from the camera, Becky Holzinger. No, seriously, it is about 800 feet away. That is two football fields away and then going most of the way into a third football field. And these magic cameras are supposed to capture details at these distances, Becky Holzinger? Really? And that is assuming that there are no obstructions like trees or moving vehicles!!! This is outright insanity! While this might look close on your map, in reality, it is not that close!

And Becky is back on the third "anniversary" of the Erma Kaylor killing. Yet she won't mention who helped solve the Nicole Mathewson case or look at how those two similar killings could be related. Does she really want the case solved or not? It doesn't look that way. Especially when she says she will put a petition on change.org and never does. Or when she collects signatures for a "fresh pair of eyes", but lets the signatures sit in a pile somewhere and never follows through.

Becky has even put the name "Markeem Lamar Zink" into publication on her blog and basically accused this person of murder. And let me clarify that I am not making that assertion, just repeating what Becky Holzinger claims, which is usually not the case!

And what has Becky done to help? Nothing! Where did Becky Holzinger go to law school? Oh, that's right. She barely even graduated high school! And as far as I can tell she doesn't have a college degree in anything at all! And this woman, who prints the wrong face of an armed bank robber, wants to dictate to us what ethical journalism is? It's absolutely a hysterical laugh riot!!!


Becky Holzinger Lies Again and Again!

Donations are just like tax dollars!!!!

Here is the Update, Becky Holzinger


Yep, there it is Becky Holzinger. It has been updated for hours. It is still an unintentional shooting, Becky Holzinger. And it still happened in a town you never lived in.

And no, Rosaura Torres never wrote a book about Chief Sadler. She wrote a work of fiction about "Mark". As I have repeatedly shown, Rosaura's stories on her alleged retinal detachment are contradictory and nonsensical. She also posted several threatening messages on Facebook that were clearly aimed at her ex and at men. Becky Holzinger refuses to acknowledge these facts and continues to post with her head up her ass.

Please check back tomorrow.


Becky is Firing Blanks

Becky is outraged that a story about an accidental shooting was pulled off of the main website of a newspaper in a town she never lived in? Oh well! I think this is completely detached from reality and Becky continues to prove it every day! She refuses to mention anyone shot in Killadelphia, which I find extremely biased and bizarre. Also, will Becky ever inform her readers when a shooting injury is NOT life threatening? Do these loons sit around waiting for some random firearm to discharge so they can hoot about "shootings", even when no one is injured and nothing is damaged? Yes, they have actually done that! Insane!!!!


Whose Safety?

Why did Becky Holzinger post all kinds of crap dated April 2nd? Becky, you said you were going to post through Wednesday and then take a break! You already lied because here you are on Thursday ranting nonstop about total bullshit! Becky, you are lying about the cameras and have been called out on it several times. We also know that Gregory Bayne, the scumbag who attacked a cop with a switchblade, is justifiably dead. Maybe you will figure that out one day, too!

Becky Holzinger is reduced to flinging her poop nonstop and pray that something sticks. This is after defending child molestors, drug dealers, thieves and felons. Becky, we don't need you to be safe. We need you to go away and mind your own business!


Breaking News! Not Ten Shootings in March

Will someone please tell Becky that a "shooting" is not every time a gun is discharged. It is when someone or something is actually injured or damaged!

And who is the moron downplaying child molestor Jerry Puryear's year long prison stay? He wasn't caught "dumpster diving", he was caught with a metal tool used to break and enter! And he appears to have pled guilty! I am curious if property was seized and what stolen property might have been found, because right before his arrest I had notified authorities of his attempt to sell copyrighted movies online for $5 apiece "hmu" (hit me up).


Does This Sound Familiar?

Boingboing.net? An Iowa newspaper? No, none of this sounds vaguely familiar except for Becky's constant whining about non-existant problems. Oh, Becky has provided numerous examples over the years? How about a link? How about a name? Got nothing? Just articles on Boingboing.net about Iowa?

Oh, and so well deserved? What in the hell are you even talking about? You will be taking a vacation after Wednesday until next week? A vacation from what? Posting stupid shit on the internet all day? Any wagers on how long this break will last? I give it 36 hours!


It Is Criminal!

March 8th, Becky Holzinger? Here is my comment from that day:

Update: Bullshit "story" from Becky Holzinger. No damage or injury in 500 blk of St Joseph St shooting - descriptions of suspects and car involved are all contained in the article Becky linked to. She is nuts! It is an active investigation and police are not obligated to release video.

In her most recent article about cameras, the camera could not have even possibly involved as the shooting occurred indoors!

Yes, Becky has often repeated the same line about cameras, and as I have demonstrated, she is almost always completely wrong! She does not understand basic concepts about cameras! Just search this blog for "cameras" to see how many times she has been wrong! This latest time is no different!

There was no reason for her to call Wes because the camera at King St. does not have X-ray capabilities, Becky Holzinger! You're a fucking idiot!

First Loyalty to Citizens

A newspaper should be a watchdog for the public. A newspaper should protect its citizens. A newspaper should bring truth to power. Three of the nine PEW “Principles of Journalism” are:

1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth, which Becky Holzinger does not do.

2. Its first loyalty is to citizens

5. Why is this number five? Can't Becky Holzinger count to three? Why did she bring up a camera at King St and West Strawberry St. when this incident had nothing to do with that camera?

This is absolutely despicable reporting by Becky Holzinger and this is why she does not qualify as a news organization.

Please check back later today.


It Happened Inside!!!!

All that whining and griping and bitching about "a camera being right there" and it happened INSIDE? Seriously? Is this an insane person's idea of ethical journalism?

From the police press release: During the investigation it was determined that Alfred Hicks, who is a friend of the victim, shot the victim in the face while the two of them were alone in a bedroom inside Hicks’ residence [in the 300 block of West King St.]

And let me just point out- again - that this location is likely outside of the camera's field of view!


What About Lancaster's Cameras?

I don't know, Becky Holzinger. What about them? Clearly, the camera is over 100 ft away from that location and its field of view is in the other direction. So, what about it? Who cares? You don't live in Lancaster, why are you calling the Lancaster Safety Coalition? Are you nuts? Yes!


The Camera is Right There - Behind a Traffic Light Pole!

Yep, the camera is right there! Right behind that traffic light pole! This is the Google Streetview from Strawberry St. The camera is that obstructed white object on the corner of the building. Oops!

Guess where it is probably pointed? Across the street? Nope, probably at the five point intersection, you damn dope! Grow a brain, Becky Holzinger!

At over 100 ft away, you are not going to have a discernable face captured on camera. Period! And no one even seems to know if this happened outside or not? Any guesses why, Becky Holzinger?

Click here for "Why Does Becky Holzinger Continue This Lie" from January 2015.

Where is the Correct Information?

Have you noticed Becky's maps are all wrong? According to LNP's description of the location, it is on the opposite side of the street, Becky Holzinger! Both of them, actually. And the camera is actually attached to the corner of the Ganse Apothecary building and the angle may be obscured by a traffic light pole.

And of course, no mention that the gun shot wound is non-life thretening! This was not "some one was shot in the face!". This was misrepresented and overblown - again! This was someone that had some injury to a face and finger. For all we know, this was an accidental misfire and the wound could be nothing more than being grazed!

Is this an insane person's idea of ethical journalism? Screaming that someone was " shot in the face"? I will be reviewing camera angles later today because Becky Holzinger has been caught in several lies about cameras downtown. Check back later.


No PSP Application

So let me get this right. There is no application for CRIZ money? What has Becky been bitching about for the past several months? There isn't even a freaking application for the CRIZ money? Becky, there is no story here, you now freely admit this is a Non-issue!!!!

You are wasting your life putting in right-to-know requests for a town you don't even live in! Get a grip, Becky Holzinger! You are clearly a deranged nutcase!


Another CRIZ Non-issue

Becky just got schooled in a recent comment regarding her lies that the police are not making arrests! Becky's false claims are tiresome and wrong.

And I do not know what Becky thinks she would do at a CRIZ meeting. Probably get hauled off to a Looney bin in real time! If CRIZ people want to hold a private meeting, what is the problem? Maybe they don't want some loony bitch from Philly interrupting their conversations every couple minutes! Can't blame 'em on that one!!!


Becky Holzinger, Bird Brain!

Wow, someone was shot and in a "non-life threatening condition"! Of course, there is not one mention of this on Becky's blog! Not one!

Yes, we can hold Becky Holzinger accountable. Speaking of bird brains, let's recall that the Stormygirl story was a complete fraud. Read the LazyLancNews link for more information. But Becky Holzinger and a few loons were marching around outside the PGC harassing Jerry Feaser for Ron Harper Jr, whom I believe was working for Steve Mohr - a man who made up mountain lion attacks in the past.

Becky Holzinger is such a birdbrain, she must have just forgotten that the person - whoever it was that was shot - is in a non-life threatening condition! Oops! Becky, you are a really horrible liar and tried to characterize this as something much more significant than it really is. There will be more on Becky Holzinger's pathological lying about a town she does not live in (and never did) later.


George & George

I hate to tell Becky, but Hanover Eagles have nothing to do with Lancaster. She is only mentioning it because LNP covered it. Pretty sad that she cannot come up with anything original! The other day, she insisted a story from Akron Ohio had something to do with Lancaster! It looks like her insanity is spreading its eagle wings across state lines!

This "LIP" blog is an embarrassment to the real LIP which became defunct decades ago. This is an insane woman living in the past babbling about things she could not possibly know about!

Get a grip! Stay safe and warm and please check back tomorrow. And that is too many "ands" in one sentence, Becky Holzinger! Your "journalism" skills suck!

Horror in a Family: Becky Holzinger!

Becky Holzinger falsely claimed she was the victim of a child molestation by her dad! Incesttragedy.com is still up, even though both of her parents have passed away and were never convicted! I know her molestation claims are false because she gave convicted child sex abuser Jerry Puryear a free pass!

And, no, Becky Holzinger! You are not "familiar" with these people! You've never once met them and you can bank on it! You live over an hour away and there is no way in hell they would associate themselves with a total nutcase!

Please don't check back later today on five "shootings" where no one was injured and minimal damage occurred. It is not a big deal, Becky Holzinger! Mind your own damn business, bitch!


What is Becky Holzinger Doing?

Absolutely nothing! Five "shootings" and zero injuries? So what? Those are not really "shootings", are they?

There is absolutely no need for you to link us to Lancaster Online stories! You see, they are already online. If I want to read those articles, I can go to their website and read them! Are you understanding this internet thingy yet, Becky Holzinger?

Your obsession with Lancaster is bizarre and disturbing! Please check back later.


Three Rooftop Bars

Becky Holzinger's obsession with Lancaster is bizarre and disturbing. I would have thought, given the amount of alcohol Becky consumes, that she would be thrilled with three rooftop bars in a town she cannot seem to stop talking about.

And she has absolutely no sense of accountability! She refuses to address why she supported felon Jerry Puryear as her photographer. We are owed an explanation, Becky Holzinger! You will be held accountable!


We Are Watching You

Wow, even "Frank Lee" called Becky out on her latest bullshit about using the word killer - on a guy who confessed!

And no word on what conflict of interest or misconduct is involved with owning several properties. Does anyone have even the slightest idea this crazy woman is ranting about?

And, as a commenter mentioned, why would LNP have put Powell Steel out of business? Are they in the steel business? Please check back later.