Where is the Pothead Pagan Story??

This "explosive video" has been a complete dud! Day after day Becky promised more on this and today she is worried about an irrelevant check box on a job application? Where is this story that Becky keeps lying about publishing? Where is it? It has been 8 days, Becky Holzinger!!!!


Here We Go Again

Full Story

This is NOT a "racist" cartoon and was not created to offend. No, this is NOT a "national story" because the person who notified the Guardian (a UK newspaper) was none other than Chet Williamson, who I believe may be a pasty old white guy from Lancaster and is not at all black!

Lancaster Newspapers made a serious mistake conceding an apology for this cartoon!


Updated - A terrible lying start

I just checked Becky's site and she is delaying this Wayne Pagan story - again! How many days has this been since she first mentioned this? I believe it will be a week tomorrow!

First of all, this "explosive video" has been brought to us under another assumed name of convicted child sex abuser "Jerri Wright" aka "Jerry Puryear", aka "Jerry Richard". So right of the back, this "explosive video's" source is a felon.

And Wayne Justin Pagan has a few misdemeanor convictions of his own for marijuana in the past five years. So, you know this "story" is really going to be a doozy!

Yes, we know domestic violence is terrible, Becky Holzinger, but you have absolutely no solid proof other than the inconsistent story of an ex-wife that chief Sadler ever engaged in it. In Rosaura's own words, he never physically injured her but she felt "abused" because he financially stopped supporting her. Is this, or is this not the case, Becky Holzinger?

Because the retinal detachment story has way too many holes and inconsistencies, a 10 year old child could tell you that there is no legitimacy to these absurd allegations. Yet Becky can't seem to figure out that this is all made up, despite Rosa using a fake name for her book. Oh, and also her bizarre, violent Facebook posts threatening to run over her ex with a car and another with a decapitated male head hanging behind a "female spirit" wielding a sword.

If Becky Holzinger wants to talk about "not mentioning" certain facts, let talk about Becky Holzinger refusing for years not to acknowledge or mention these points, shall we? Pot. Meet Kettle!

Please check back tomorrow and maybe Becky will finally post something about this Wayne Pagan fellow and we can all have a good laugh.


More Becky Holzinger Nonsense

I honestly did not expect to see Wayne Justin Pagan's name again after I revealed on Sept 8 that he was convicted of delivering cocaine! But Becky will have more on this "story" tomorrow. I guess she has no problem contacting people charged with felonies? WOW! Seriously, Becky Holzinger???

However, I did notice she managed to drop one of his names. Nice cover up, Becky Holzinger!


Becky Holzinger, an absolutely worthless "reporter"

Who posts the wrong photo of someone and falsely accuses them of being a child molester? Who calls the "Bushmaster" series of guns "Bushman"? Who posts the wrong photo of an "armed bank robber"? Who posts a link to a donation site created by someone using a hacker character's name? Who posts lies day after day and calls it news? Becky Holzinger! This is only a very small portion of the bullshit Becky Holzinger posts on her blog almost every single day of her miserable, worthless life.

Becky Holzinger calling someone "scum" is pure hilarity and total hypocrisy. She is doing scummy stuff everyday! She promoted a 50/50 raffle for someone charged with a felony! She ignored Jerry Puryear's child sex abuse convictions! If you want to talk about "scum", there is a real big one sitting typing garbage on a computer all day in Philadelphia!

Do you really need to ask why no one is repeating information found in a tabloid newspaper, Becky Holzinger? You clearly know that the Philly Daily News is a tabloid newspaper. Yet you won't tell anyone, will you, Becky Holzinger? You, Becky Holzinger, are white, wrinkled trailer trash scum! And that is putting it kindly!

Special Report: Donation Page Creator Using Computer Hacker Moniker

"Daniel Flatline" created the page for Annika Horn and is using an interesting moniker for his Facebook page.

"Dixie Flatline" is a character in this book that is a computer hacker. In the URL of the Facebook page, he is using "Dixie.Flatline717". Who is "Daniel Flatline"? Where is this money going? His page says he lives in Philadelphia?! Has Becky followed up on any of this? Please check back later today.

Becky Holzinger Must Begin Immediately!

It is one thing to let something slip through that someone might interpret as subtle racism. It is entirely another to print the wrong person's picture and falsely accuse them of being a child molester. Although Becky Holzinger admitted her mistake and appeared to show some remorse for her error, I don't think she has learned her lesson and I am positive she will do it again at some point in the future.

Actions speak louder than words. So far, she has continued in her blogging habits and I am sure she will "latch on" to more false information and publish it as real. She has already put forward a tabloid article and presented it as fact.

Becky Holzinger's half-hearted apology will not be enough. I hope that the living Donald Reinmiller will take full legal action against Becky Holzinger and teach her a legal lesson she will not soon forget. You can't engage in this kind of gaslighting "journalism", just delete and hope it makes things OK! Becky Holzinger must hire non-felons for her writing staff and stop raising money for them in 50-50 raffles.

Becky Holzinger must begin immediately. Please check back later today.



Actually, the link Becky provided says the woman was assaulted on Saturday, September 6th. So wouldn't we be donating to help Saturday's stabbing victim? I am always hesitant to donate to this type of thing because who knows where this money is really going? Isn't Becky the one that tried to promote a raffle for a felon under questionable circumstances? Yes, I believe that was her that was trying to raise money for Karina DeJesus who is charged with a felony. They have raised quite a bit of money for the stabbing victim, so good for them. I am always just a little hesitant and it is a good idea to be wary of internet scams that take advantage of tragedies such as this!

So James Burchik is apparently fired or took an early retirement. Sure would make quite a difference which one it is, Becky Holzinger. So which is it? Was he fired or did he retire early? His bio is still online, Becky Holzinger. He joined the paper back in '96 and spent 17 years at the Lebanon Daily News before that, so a retirement might not be so "early".

Becky claims Burchik is "nasty and racist", but I don't recall him being nasty or a racist. He seemed to me like a very pleasant person when I corresponded with him. The "racist" cartoon wasn't drawn by anyone at LNP and I have yet to hear why it was "racist" when all it was doing was comparing slave ship conditions to airline seating. I don't see anything openly offensive or racist about that unless it was the way it was done. But just simply comparing two seating scenarios, to me, does not sound "racist". It is as if the mere image of the layout of a slaveship is "racist", which just is not the case. If you can't even publish that type of image, people will forget and history will be forgotten.


Updated - Rosaura Torres Wrote a Work of Fiction! The Daily News is a Tabloid!

Becky is back supporting Rosaura Torres. All I can tell you is what I have seen this woman post on her Facebook page in the past and it is deeply disturbing.

Please read my Oct 2013 post complete with screen captures of what appear to be not-so-subtle threats directed towards men and her ex! This is deeply troubling! This is not OK and not acceptable! Just look at these shocking posts screen captures from Rosaura Torres' Facebook page!

Also, as I've noted in the past on this site, Torres' story about a retinal detachment keeps changing. Read this story from Oct 2013 about how the retinal detachment was initially blamed on a different officer! And the story that is allegedly about Sadler, as Becky Holzinger claims, makes no sense at all!

The allegations are nonsensical and don't add up. It isn't that people aren't going to believe your story, it's that the way it has already been told is already highly suspect and doesn't make any sense! If Rosaura Torres would come forward with a believable story and some evidence, it would make more sense. But so far, she hasn't even disclosed who the book was really about! She used made up names! So why should we think that any of the rest of the story is not made up as well? I've been keeping a careful eye on the situation only because Becky Holzinger has been talking about it on her blog and I researched it myself and found a lot of problematic, troubling aspects to this story. To me, this sounds as if there are some really big tall tales being told here! Torres herself even is claiming now that the only "abuse" she suffered was financial! Supposedly, Sadler would not pay Torres money for bills and things unless she dropped her absurd charges. And guess what? Rosaura Torres dropped the charges and has absolutely no proof of any of these allegations!

I think Lancaster should stand by police chief Sadler and it would be right for the city to denounce this type of tabloid journalism. I don't believe for a minute that Sadler ever touched Rosaura Torres in a harmful way. It looks to me like Sadler here is the victim of bullying by his ex-wife aided once again by Becky Holzinger!

This is shocking and unbelievable!

The Philly Daily News is a tabloid newspaper, Becky Holzinger!


***Breaking News*** - Updated - Where is the Mugshot?

Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay Holzinger just posted a photo that no other news organization appears to have posted - and it is of a black man that Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay says she feared for her life hundreds of miles away! My sources that say Beck-Kay-Kay-Kay Holzinger is a Grand Cyclops could be correct!

Where is the mugshot? Looks like it's on JustMugshots.com. Why do you ask? Becky Holzinger told us this guy was on the loose when he was actually in custody for almost a full day. Why did you lie, Becky Holzinger? Becky was concerned and needed to protect herself from a man who was in custody? Really? Is she that afraid of black people?

Also, she told us a guy was protesting outside the police station about "racism". It turns out he is a convicted felon involving drugs. How is that story coming along, Becky Holzinger?

It turns out both of these people were involved with drugs. Becky Holzinger, are you a crackhead? You seem very concerned. A little too concerned...


"Explosive video" Implodes

The video is of a man named Justin Wayne Pagan and he has several felony arrest records including cocaine and marijuana use. The explosive video just imploded! Oops!

In the video, the man appears to make several vague statements to Jerry Puryear, a man convicted for felony child sex abuse and had a recent run in with the law for an attempted burglary of a mini mart.

As one poster noted, "Who is he talking about? I didn't catch a name". None of his story is able to be verified and given his history of drug abuse, I find it hard to believe that Becky Holzinger would call this video "explosive".

Updated - You Have the Info, Stupid!

No new info? There is ton of new information and plenty of information available to protect herself and anyone that is actually a citizen of Lancaster! This guy is clearly on the run and if he stabs someone else, I would be highly surprised! Becky Holzinger, you will NOT publicly release information that could jeopardize this investigation and if you do, your wrinkled ass should be sitting in prison!

What kind of retard is Becky Holzinger? We know the guy's race, what kind of car he has, the type of damage it sustained, we know what he's wearing...what else do you need to know to protect yourself, Becky Holzinger? There is an active investigation and not all the details need to be released, Becky Holzinger. Obviously, sitting in Philadelphia reading about all this on the news, you have no idea firsthand what is actually happening! You haven't the slightest clue, Becky Holzinger!

The police will release details in a manner that they see fit. Not the way Becky Holzinger sees fit. Because Becky Holzinger posts massive errors on her blog, such as pictures of the wrong people. Also, I think she might have her head stuck up her own asshole.

2014 award recipient, Becky Ass-Holzinger!

You don't even realize you have all the information you could possibly need to protect yourself! If you see a damaged black Honda Civic with a black guy wearing a white T-shirt, run away Becky Holzinger! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out! A-duh!


Becky Holzinger: Release More Information

Becky Holzinger, you are the Lancaster Independent Press. Why don't you release more information?

Guess what? LCP has released all of the relevant information that the public needs. If they need more information, they will provide it. In the meantime, you will sit on your fat ass making up bullshit posts about Donald Reinmiller. You said you would come back to his story today and so far, you never did. In fact, now you say you are "done with it".

No, Becky Holzinger, I suspect you are NOT done with this. I suspect that you will be held accountable for your irresponsible reporting. I think you are refraining from printing more about this because you are in some serious legal trouble over this. I certainly hope it is true and that someone will hold you accountable. Because while you claim you "learned the hard way" that your posts were wrong, I don't think you've learned a thing.

Hold Becky Holzinger accountable now!!!


Cleaning the Slate?

I don't think so, Becky Holzinger! A commenter into this site insists that your statements and removing some post's content are not enough! I have to agree. I did not initially realize the magnitude of this screw up, but I can tell you it must have been truly massive judging from your reaction. Never in ten years have I seen you pull a story so fast and act so contrite and apologetic!

You have not cleaned the slate, Becky Holzinger. I believe that this person intends to hold you accountable! And honestly, I can't blame them. Your pattern of behavior online is unacceptable, Becky Holzinger. It truly is. To be honest, this isn't the first time you've made a massive, purposeful screw up with pictures on your site. You also posted the wrong photo of an "armed bank robber"! Becky Holzinger, someone could have gotten shot by your irresponsible journalism!

And it isn't just pictures you screw up. You maliciously slander people routinely on your site and I have much of that documented on this blog. You told us the windows at a Lancaster McDonalds were shot out and it was nothing more than the reflections of police car lights. You told us you found a Sonata and it was an Elantra! You told us a cashier was the owner of the J&K Supermart and he was not!

Becky Holzinger, this is obviously intentional and malicious and it MUST STOP!!!!


* The Correct Donald Reinmiller - Posts Taken Down

I have to give Becky Holzinger credit for removing those posts realizing that they were mistaken. In the past, Becky Holzinger usually justs sweeps it under the rug or continues on with the same false premise. So kudos to Becky Holzinger - there just might be hope yet! Or not.

She really stuck her foot in her mouth on this one! This one was a doozy!

I really encourage everyone to read the comments under the previous posts and to realize the gravity of the situation. When you claim to be running a press website, you should really be held to a higher standard and mistakes like this can not only be disasterous to the person making the posts, but it can also really have negative effects on a lot of different people and their lives as well.

On the other hand, when you run a parody site, you aren't really held to the same standards. It's just a joke, and I am trying to make this site humorous but also informative. I can get pretty provocative but please don't take it personally. Becky's post was pretty out there and I am glad she realized it needed to be removed. But it shouldn't have happened to begin with.


***Breaking News*** Becky Holzinger...ask your baby daddy

about Christopher Holzinger-Kingsboro and his assault charges from 2005-2007. Besides, that is much more recent than the arrest dates Becky Holzinger has for Donald Reinmiller which were way back in 1996 and 1997! Becky, that is over fifteen years ago!

Why does Becky Holzinger even have to ask if his murder was related to sexual assault charges from 15 years ago? Is she that dense? Does she really think she's onto a story here? Is she going to come up with facts or just continue with absurd innuendo?

Oh, I just figured it out. Donald Reinmiller is Lt. Todd Umstead's wife's step-brother's third cousin. Right, Becky Holzinger? Oh, the corruption! Clearly, Bryan Cutler is also somehow related to all of this, so let's drag him and his children into this story, too, while we're at it!

Becky Holzinger is absolutely out of her mind and I can guarantee Becky Holzinger doesn't know squat shit about happenings in Lancaster. She doesn't live here and it is none of her business! Now, go away you old bag, and leave Lancaster alone!


2nd update updated Multiple Shootings in Philadelphia

I will repeat what I said earlier. Becky Holzinger will not mention any of the hundreds of yearly homicides in Philadelphia. This is unacceptable.

None of them appear to be Becky Holzinger. She is still sitting like a sponge on her filthy couch talking shit about a town she doesn't live in. I guess she is too blind to see that Lancaster is much less violent than the events going on right outside her own window in her own town.

Shootings in Philadelphia that Becky will never mention


Updated: Becky Holzinger:Intolerable Conduct

Oh noes! Becky Holzinger was sent to voicemail at 3:06pm! Oh my god! AYYYYYEEEEEEEE

So Becky Holzinger is outraged when an infant is accidentally killed, but furious when they jail someone who intentionally killed their baby? You know what it is? Her skin is black, so Becky will come leaping to her defense. Becky Holzinger's disgusting anti-white racism is bizarre and out of control!

Becky Holzinger is obsessed about skin color! I think it's all she ever talks about besides bashing LNP and the Lancaster police on a daily basis! Every single week there is another ridiculous "article" about the color of someone's skin. Apparently, if you are black, you can do just about anything! It is even perfectly fine if you are a convicted child molester! The sad part is, that isn't a joke! She actually defended a convicted child molester on her site and it was all because he is black! Yes, she is that mentally ill!

Oh, and apparently there was some huge mistake about a quote on CBS-21. So what? Why does Becky Holzinger believe it is a misquote, was she in Lancaster to get the right quote? Or did she harass these poor people on the phone and badger them about their personal lives? I highly doubt Becky Holzinger has firsthand knowledge about any of this! Where is Becky Holzinger's evidence that there was a misquote and why would it matter? Please check back later today.


Are You Serious?

On August 28th, Becky posted two separate times that she was going on "vacation" until September 2nd and that LIPNews would not publish. Twice! I am now becoming highly concerned that Becky Holzinger may, in fact, have Alzheimer's as she posted "Ebersole for Mayor & Do You Have a Bumble Fetish" - a title that barely sounds cohesive and is a nonsensical rant about a newspaper for a town she lives hours away from! Instead of relaxing and enjoying her vacation, she is babbling on about the weather and sports columns. Seriously???

Becky tells us "five" things about LNP, that end up being six. This site has seriously gone off the deep end and Becky Holzinger is clearly an internet addict and stalker. She swears she is going off the internet not once - but twice - and posts anyway! Who can believe anything at all this woman says?

She is a pathological liar and internet stalker. Becky, get mental help now!


Three Bad Posts or Only Two?

Looks like Becky Holzinger is all bent out of shape because she "has" to spell three different police officer's names! Oh, yes - she "has" to because she couldn't just not post about some police officers for one day.

My only question is, how many different variations of spellings did she end up using? I noticed right away that she called one "Jarred" and later referred to him as "Jarrad". Oh, this is such hard work ragging on police officers for no apparent reason, Becky Holzinger needs to sit down and catch her breath! And the spelling of names and words is SO difficult! Ugh!

Ok, so one cop had a DUI but what did the other two do? Apparently, they did not solve the crimes that Becky Holzinger also has failed to solve. For example, Becky Holzinger has still not done anything about Erma Kaylor's murder. She said she would put up a petition on Change.org and never did. Of course, she had to mention Gregory Bayne and fail to mention his switchblade attack. I'm surprised she didn't pull out the old line "he was killed for taking a pee", even though it was repeatedly and thoroughly debunked.

And who are these three thuggish looking gentlemen in the picture above and what do they have to do with Becky Holzinger?

Any bets on if Becky keeps her promise to stay logged off until September 2nd? I don't think she'll be able to do it! She's an internet stalker, addict, and junkie all rolled into one!


Mayor Rick Gray Receives His Award FROM SOMEONE ELSE! OOPS!

Images courtesy of the Pennsylvania Municipal League website.

PDF Press Release

Becky Holzinger, you are a terrible liar! Get mental help, now!

This Has to Stop!

Yes, Becky Holzinger's insane blogging needs to stop. And it will. Soon.

The "shooting" injury was non-life threatening. This type of violence happens in "Philadelpia" every day on a much larger scale. And not everyone walks away or heals up in a few weeks time.

Will Mayor Gray still receive his award from that organization? Yes, yes he will. And Becky Holzinger will continue to be miserable, wrinkled white trash. Who knew? What a hoot! Check back later today.


I Knew Becky Holzinger was white

But I didn't know she was so old! Being that old, Becky forgets things a lot. Like this is the Ephrata police, not the Lancaster police. Or does Becky Holzinger also now have an issue with the Ephrata police? How curious, perhaps I will have to investigate this further.

Maybe I can drop them a line and let them know this old woman from "Philadelpia" has an issue with the way they perform. Or maybe I could contact Tandi and hopefully the next person she plows over is some crazy lady.

I am sure both would be really interested in what this wrinkled windbag has to say. Does Becky Holzinger ever check her own archives? Unbelievable! Simply unbelievable!

Becky Holzinger Doesn't Get Any Award and Never Will!

Because her blog is a pathetic piece of junk! Does it get any more ridiculous and pathetic than this?

Lancaster receives an award from a statewide organization and Becky Holzinger and Co. can't deal with it! Yes, Rick Gray is Vice President of that organization, which anyone can look up and confirm! Yes, his chief of staff Pat Brogan made the organization's press release. But he did go through the organization and received gold level certification based on 131 policies and procedures!

Is there any evidence that supports Becky's claim that this was "an award given to himself"? Nope, absolutely nothing from Becky Holzinger other than "he is the Vice President"! So? Obviously, there are several others above him that would have called him out! Becky's suggestions are ridiculous and pathetic.

Blatant Hypocrisy from Becky Holzinger

Becky Holzinger has been harassing a sitting Lancaster judge since at least January of 2012 when she composed this disgusting blog post. Click here

Becky and her posse's cry was "save the children"! But I notice that Becky has largely ignored the felony conviction of "Jerri Wright" aka Jerry Puryear. What about those children, Becky Holzinger?

Yes, this entire allegation against Margaret Miller has been contrived and stems from Becky's anti-Lancaster bias! It completely violates the most basic rules of journalistic integrity! Is Becky Holzinger nothing but wrinkled white trash and a total hypocrite!? My source that is very knowledgeable about hypocritical white trash says "yes"!


Breaking News, Becky Doesn't Know Her Ass From A Hole in the Ground

In Becky's latest debacle, she once again "breaks the news" that LNP already did. "Hambright doesn't even know he's in custody!" proclaimed Becky! However, his article clearly states that he does know and that he was picked up on Aug 19 by a federal task force. Becky Holzinger, stop leeching off of LNP news stories and making shit up!


It's none of Becky Holzinger's business!

Give this man an award! He just kicked Becky Holzinger's nonsense and garbage to the curb!

Also, Becky Holzinger is back to the lie that this broken window had anything to do with the shooting that occurred there this past summer.

That board over the window was there prior to the shooting as I personally witnessed it being there weeks before this incident. It is also in the photographs that Becky Holzinger's felon friend posted to his Facebook page which Becky Holzinger directed us to view! It's right there in front of Becky Holzinger, the board is in the window as the police arrive on scene! If you want to read about it, just search this blog for the story, I went into very specific and clear detail proving that Becky Holzinger is a full blown liar!

Will she please stop implying that this board had anything to do with that shooting that occurred outside of the McDonalds restaurant? And no, Becky Holzinger, absolutely none of the windows at that McDonalds were shot out, contrary to your erroneous "reporting"!

Becky's irresponsible journalism needs to stop! Send this old lady packing! Her email address is beckyh209@aol.com.


Deeply Disturbing Facebook Stalking by Becky Holzinger

Now Becky Holzinger is monitoring the Facebook pages of House member Bryan Cutler and still falsely claiming that G. Scott Davis is Bryan Cutler's brother-in-law! In fact, he is not. He is not Jennifer Cutler's brother, he is her step-brother - meaning that he is not in Bryan Cutler's immediate family and is once removed!

Even more disturbing is that she is not only monitoring his Facebook page, but admits to monitoring the Facebook pages of his family! She admits to monitoring his wife's Facebook page and she has, in the past, admitted to tracking Facebook pages of other members of his family! This is out-and-out stalking, period!

Holzinger has gone as far as to publish photos of Cutler's children without his consent. And while they might be published publicly on someone's Facebook page, that does not give Becky Holzinger the right to grab those photos and reuse them on her blog. Anyone that knows anything about copyrights on photos should realize that instantly.

Then what is even more disturbing is that Becky seems to make a thinly veiled threat about Cutler "not learning his lesson" from G. Scott Davis's tragic gun accident that had absolutely nothing to do with Cutler. This is deeply troubling and disturbing. There should be prompt police monitoring of Becky Holzinger, as she has also worked in collaboration with several known felons.

This really makes me speechless. Becky Holzinger lacks any common sense and decency and it is long past time that this woman should give up her blogging and be sent packing!

Justice in "Philadelpia" - Part 3 in a Series

One drunk blogger; no arrests.

Becky Holzinger will compare apples and oranges later today.


Where are Becky's Assault Charges?

Where is her mugshot? She clearly hit those police officers and this is elevated for some reason to the level of aggravated assault! Becky will come back to these three police officers tomorrow and hit them again. Because she is doing "hit" pieces on police officers that make no logical sense. You see, they can't live outside of Lancaster unless it is within the first year of their hiring, which it is...so...there is no story here.

As Robert pointed out, it does not say anything about this person hitting police officers. Not one word. Why is Becky pimping this latest lie? Who knows? She obviously was not there and has no first hand information about any of this, so why does she spout off about it like she knows everything? Because she's a raving online lunatic, that's why!