Come on Becky! Does She Really Care About Safety?

Didn't a guy featured on Becky's blog as "scum" get killed July 1, 2016? Isn't Tremayne Sherard Jones dead? Didn't Becky accuse his mourning mother of "faking his death"? Didn't she have a photographer for years that was a convicted felon? And once she found out, she defended him? Yes, the felon that took pictures of underage girls and was on Megan's Law list? Didn't he try to rob a store, too? Why was he apparently staking out J&K Supermart, Becky Holzinger? Why was he filming the store's internal security camera system? Why does Becky gaslight on just about every shooting, stabbing or fight in Lancaster? Does she really care about safety?

Why hasn't she mentioned the Facebook threats posted by Rosaura Torres? Didn't she threaten to run over her ex with a car? Didn't she post a picture of a "female spirit" holding a decapitated man's head? Why does she repeatedly mention a book that contains a story so contradictory and conflicting, an 8 year old could tell you it's a fabrication, and yet she defends it and tries to pretend obviously fake stories are true? Just search this blog for the retinal detachment story and how it never seemed to show up in her letter to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. How does Becky Holzinger look in the mirror at herself in the morning? How did she not hang herself yet?

Do you really think Becky Holzinger cares about the children’s and the public’s safety? After all, she lives in Philadelphia.

Please check back later today.


Kudos & Questions

There is something very wrong with Becky Holzinger. Why is she obsessed with Lancaster? Why is she obsessed with two people being stabbed? She sees an actual news article written by Lindsey Blest and then she has to regurgitate every single thing she just read on the actual news on her blog and then pretend to take credit? Yes, I think she really is this mentally ill.

Why is Becky Holzinger obsessed with the Snapchat story? Does she really think Russian hackers were sending messages to this young girl? What is her evidence? Where is she getting this from? This is bizarre and disturbing. Becky Holzinger always thinks she is being hacked and one time she had to admit it was just someone trying to submit a comment in to her website. What is her totally sick obsession with Lancaster and people she thinks are hackers? Will Russian hackers break into Becky Holzinger's computer, or does no one understand Windows 98 anymore?

Please check back later today.


Something is Very Wrong with Becky Holzinger

Why is she obsessed with Lancaster? Why does she care about some kids texting each other "treats"? Why not take one of the most volatile situations you can find and get yourself involved in it? Is Becky Holzinger a masochist? Does she get a sick thrill out of putting herself and others into danger? Did she get Tremayne Sherard Jones killed in July of 2016? Please check back later today.


Where is the Fake Outrage?

Apparently, it is on Becky Holzinger's tabloid blog. Every day. Did she literally just say with this be a story on LNP or just in the police log? Um, if it is in the police log, isn't it...being reported on? Just saying. Wow, Becky Holzinger has been particularly insane lately. Her outrage over any incident in Lancaster is totally fake and you can hear her huffing and puffing after every single post. She is so desperate and lonely. She has no friends. She tried to justify a felon photographer that was in prison for taking pictures of underage girls (weird) and has completely ignored the calls to hold her accountable for the murder of Tremayne Jones...yet she wants everyone to be accountable? She even accused Tremayne Jones mother of faking her own son's death! Where is the outrage for that, Becky Holzinger? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Lies About LNP Reporter

Lindsey Blest seems very qualified, Becky Holzinger

Some problems with your post. For one thing, your Facebook posts are dated November and it is February now. So that was three months ago that she worked there for six months. Another problem, she interned and worked there previously, which you did not mention.

She has also been editor-in-chief at several local magazines and websites, as the LinkedIn profile linked above states. Yes, it does look she has quite a bit of experience and a hell of a lot more than you, Becky Holzinger! Which is pretty sad since you're in your sixties now.

And she did not graduate 8 months ago. May 2016 to February 2017 is 9 months, Becky Holzinger. Please learn to count.


Where is She?

Where is Becky Holzinger? Oh, she is in Philadelphia. And I just realized she has no Right to Know Requests on file for the past four years. And she lost against DA Stedman on demanding to see autopsy reports she was not entitled to have access to.

WGAL is stating the man is listed in critical condition. Police say his injuries are not life-threatening. Someone's medical condition is a complex matter. It's really unrealistic to give a one-word description of how they're doing, but because of restrictions hospitals are under, that's what they do. Definitions vary from hospital to hospital.

Is Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism going to get someone else killed? Please check back later today.


Patently Absurd Claim by Becky Holzinger

For Becky Holzinger to state or infer in any way District Attorney Craig Stedman "lost" is flat-out lying. The DA is quoted as saying that they find the outcome "favorable" and he achieved the Commonwealth's primary interest in this matter. Literally, this is a case over traffic tickets. So regardless of whether or the traffic ticket convictions stand or not is NOT the point. Becky Holzinger seems to be living in another dimension and she is an insane person obsessed with DA Stedman because she lost a case to him in the Office of Open Records many years ago regarding public access to autopsy reports.

Click here for Lancaster County DA:1, Becky Holzinger: 0. Unfortunately, RTKL requests are only documented back to 2014, but there will be more on this later. Please check back.

Breaking News! Update

There is no record of Becky Holzinger filing a Right to Know Request with the Office of Open Records for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Unbelievable! Check for yourself! Office of Open Records Website


Becky Holzinger Loses - 3

"I am going to spend my morning alerting statewide news sources to this case because they rely on LNP to be a legitimate news outlet and to report on critical events in Lancaster County to determine if they should also cover them. " Posted by insane loon Becky Holzinger. So, how's that working out for you? Any news sources following the story yet? ANY OF THEM? None? Really? Huh! Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Loses - 2

"Statewide ramifications"? For a case over traffic tickets? Really? If there was any doubt that Becky Holzinger is off the deep end, I am sure that this will settle it. She has gone completely off the edge over this case over convictions on traffic tickets! It isn't just LNP that hasn't covered this story. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, WGAL, ... literally no one has covered this story. And do you know why, Becky Holzinger? Because it is literally NOT a news story. But please keep continuing to make yourself look like that absolute boob that you are. You are just bitter because Stedman beat you in your Office of Open Records demand to see autopsy reports that are not released due to being part of active investigations.

Stop interfering in active investigations in Lancaster and then pretending to "report" that Lancaster isn't doing their job. No, you're actively interfering in other people's jobs, it is painfully obvious what you are trying to achieve. You are not a reporter. You are a mentally sick individual that should be placed under careful observation.


Breaking News: Becky is Still Obsessed with Stedman

And do you know why? It's because Becky challenged DA Stedman at the Office of Open Records over an autopsy report and lost miserably. I believe it was the autopsy for Olga Sanchez-Reyes. And she goes around claiming that David Cedeno is the arsonist. Let me stress that I do not know David Cedeno and I have no idea if what Becky Holzinger says is true. But if I had to guess, I'd say she is a pathological liar and the man is 100% innocent of any of Becky's wild accusations.

And will Becky Holzinger ever acknowledge that there are people on a blog claiming she should be charged in the death of Tremayne Sherard Jones? Or is she going to keep this "hidden from the public"? Don't they have a right to know? Please check back later today.


Bad Pies and More

I am divulging the name of the Facebook page owner. Maggie Rudisill.


Becky Holzinger: Unfit to be a Human Being

Becky Holzinger is a nutty old hag that lies about Lancaster everyday and if she could, would execute babies every day at breakfast time.


Give Becky Holzinger Two Xanax

What the hell? Becky Holzinger is posting pictures about Home Depot selling snow blowers and linking to stories about snow - when she lives in Philadelphia? And - pictures of "alleged bike thieves"? Really? I really think Becky Holzinger needs to get a hobby. These pictures are posted in the police log, there is no reason to repost these images on your fake news blog and pretend like you are relevant to Lancaster, Becky Holzinger. Does Becky Trolzinger know that no one from Lancaster takes her blog seriously? Does she know?

And does she know that her irresponsible journalism may have gotten a man killed? Does she know that Tremayne Jones' death was not "faked"? On July 17th - only 16 days after Jones was killed - she posted a distasteful articles asking "Is Jones Dead?". And followed with this line: "I am trying to verify his death or find out if Jones might be faking his own death. You read that correctly. More details to follow as they become available." No word yet on what those details were exactly... Unbelievable! Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger Says David Cedeno is a Killer

Yep, it's no secret and it is posted all over blog. Will Becky Holzinger get another person killed with her irresponsible journalism? Becky Holzinger posted several notes that apparently show that Cedeno asked Becky Holzinger to stop mentioning him by name and to remove her articles, but she has not done so. Also, Mrs. Jones, the mother of Tremayne Jones, who was killed just last July 1st, apparently asked Becky Holzinger to remove some articles about her son and she has not removed those either. You would think that Becky Holzinger would take the hint, but no. She continues her dangerous, irresponsible journalism.

I am not saying that David Cedeno is a killer. And I have no reason to believe that he is. Apparently, neither do the police. There is this pesky thing called evidence and/or proof. Maybe if Becky Holzinger knew the first thing about police work, she would know that. But she is not a police officer. Nor is she a reporter. So if Becky Holzinger sends in a tip to the police, I have no doubt that they would question the authenticity of that tip, especially given Becky Holzinger's history of pathological lying.

And what if the next time she accuses someone of a crime, they are guilty? Is she botching active police investigations by sticking her nose where it does not belong? How much potential damage is Becky Holzinger causing with her irresponsible journalism? This is outrageous and something should be done. What steps will police be taking to protect the public from Becky Holzinger?


Becky Holzinger Knew the Truth and Lied Anyway!

How are those "obstruction of justice" charges coming for DA Craig Stedman, Becky Holzinger? She insisted for months that DA Stedman was obstructing justice in the G Scott Davis case. Where are the charges? Where are they, Becky Holzinger? Becky's unnamed "friend" said so? Please, don't make me laugh so hard! The fact is that there is NO blood relation between G Scott Davis and Bryan Cutler and there is no relation to DA Stedman AT ALL! Where is the evidence that DA Stedman gave G Scott Davis "preferential treatment"? There is literally NOTHING!

What you gonna do when this goes public, Becky? What you gonna do? Stedman is running to be a Superior Court Judge. Oh, it will come out! How are you going to explain this, Holzinger? You are an absolute disgrace to journalism and humanity.

Click here for Becky Holzinger: Full of Impropriety. Yes, you read that right. This was almost three years ago!

Becky Holzinger is the same loon that reported the windows at a Lancaster McDonalds were shot out because she saw reflections of police beacon lights in the window. LOL!

No, Becky Holzinger, there were not windows shot out at that McDonalds!


Why Won't She Answer?

Did Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism get Tremayne Sherard Jones killed? Comments into this site suggest that it did! Yes, several very real comments came into this site and it is beyond disturbing and bizarre. Please see the stories immediately below.

And why is she obsessed with cameras and always trying to potentially spoil active police investigations? And then turn around and make "news reports" about the "failures" of Lancaster police. Or the Lancaster DA. Or the Lancaster Mayor? Or whatever official it is this week! I think Becky Holzinger is one sick ticket. And I have little doubt that she is involved in some very serious criminal behavior. I hope DA Craig Stedman will take a very close look at the insane behavior of Becky Holzinger and take action to protect the public. They have a right to know!


Corruption Everywhere! In Philadelphia

I have been in communication with DA Stedman's office regarding the allegations made in comments to this blog that Becky Holzinger should be charged in the murder of Tremayne Sherard Jones. His mother has apparently made comments into this site requesting Becky Holzinger to remove her bizarre and disturbing posts that may have contributed to his murder. Unbelievably, Becky Holzinger has not acknowledged any of these comments and it appears that she has not removed any of the offending content from her blog. This is simply unbelievable and disturbing.

Becky Holzinger is a total hypocrite and blatant liar. She falsely accused Mrs. Jones of faking her own sons death! Yes, she actually did this!

She is willing to apologize for falsely accusing someone of "hacking" her website, when it turns out - heh - that someone was just trying to make a comment on her website. She says that you "don't need to login" to her website. Well, duh. This is the kind of stupidity Becky Holzinger's blog attracts, I suppose. Yes, she is tripping over herself to apologize for whatever mean, nasty vitriol she spewed to this person that tried to make a comment. Yet she seems unwilling to apologize for apparently putting Tremayne Sherard Jones into an early grave in July of 2016. Unbelievable. Becky Holzinger will not get away with this nonsense any longer and I will be posting more about that at a later date. Please check back later.


Becky Holzinger: Astonishing Corruption

There have been some unbelievable comments into this site regarding the homicide of Tremayne Sherard Jones. Please see the stories below or search this site for details.

Is Becky Holzinger's "irresponsible journalism" responsible for the murder of Jones? Several comments have come into this site confirming that they believe Becky Holzinger should be charged. And Jones' own mother has requested that Becky Holzinger remove her distasteful articles on Tremayne, one of them referring to him as "scum". Of course, she will not do so. Tremayne Jones was killed in July of 2016 in San Diego. However, many of the comments suggested that it was Becky Holzinger's blog articles that led to his murder.

I found this appalling and shocking. Becky Holzinger should be ashamed of herself. And to top it all off, Becky Holzinger accused Tremayne Jones' family of faking his death! This is absolutely bizarre and disturbing behavior! And of course, there is barely any mention of what is going on from Becky Holzinger other than to cover it up and hope it blows over. But this time, it will not.

I have been in contact with the District Attorney's office regarding this matter. They have been sent the links that accuse Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism of causing the homicide of Tremayne Jones in 2016. District Attorney Craig Stedman or his office should carefully consider whether any of this warrants further investigation or deserves to be forwarded to law enforcement in San Diego in charge of the homicide investigation.

This is absolutely unbelievable. And don't forget Becky Holzinger's shocking support of convicted felon Jerry Puryear, her "photographer" for years! Yes, the man on Megan's law list for taking inappropriate photos of young girls was working with Becky Holzinger and she stood up and defended him despite these reprehensible acts! Becky Holzinger puts on a fascade of championing civil rights for blacks, yet she potentially got this poor individual murdered in San Diego! My investigation into this matter will continue and I will be reporting on my findings here in the future. Please check back later.


Another Horrific Tale: Did Becky Holzinger get Tremayne Sherard Jones Killed - 2?

Link to CBS 8 story

Original blog post

I have reposted some of the comments on the original blog post linked above:

Syre GFriday, July 29, 2016 at 10:21:00 AM EDT
I would say she responsible considering her blog is the talk of the town here in san diego.

onlyrightFriday, July 29, 2016 at 7:57:00 PM EDT

Mrs.JonesWednesday, September 7, 2016 at 3:14:00 AM EDT
I think you need to get a life and not run your mouth about situations that you don't know the half of. Not only are you being completely disrespectful to his family and the people who loved him, but you seem to really have no remorse for all the filthy lies you post. You are a despicable human being Becky Holzinger. The world would be a better place if you didn't exist. If you had any shred of decency, you would take down the stories about him out of respect for his family and his memory.

Show Becky the Money - 2

Becky Holzinger has to keep her 25 year old Chevy Caprice in its parking place by placing bricks under the tires. I shit you not.

Remember when Becky Holzinger ran the incorrect photo of "an armed bank robber"? That was messed up. Someone could have been seriously injured or harmed because of Becky Holzinger's irresponsible journalism, as the chief of police refers to Becky Holzinger's Wordpress blog.

100% of Becky Holzinger's "articles" are pathological lies about Lancaster and she spews them daily. What a bizarre, strange and sad situation and hopefully there will be a happy outcome.


Distinct & Separate - No!

There are two excellent posts below regarding Becky's failure to post an interview about Lisa Brown "tomorrow". Becky Holzinger wouldn't know how to investigate her own socks! She hasn’t done it in forty years which is why she has one of the most corrupt and racist blogs in the state of Pennsylvania.

I will be contacting all the members of the PA News Media Association and as many of the PA legislators and true media outlets as I can to tell them what a greedy, racist, and unethical twat Becky Holzinger is! And that’s all she is. She is not the press – she is nothing more than a totally corrupt fake reporter and has been for years.

And Ralph Martin, LNP's new Executive Vice President, has not sent me LNP’s Journalism Code of Ethics, nor should he. So I will contact him too and tell him what a loony piece of subhuman filth Becky Holzinger is!


Becky Trolzinger: Not a Word

Wow, Becky Holzinger always projects her own faults onto LNP. It's pretty sad, really, the level of mental illness this woman routinely displays.

Not a word from Becky Holzinger on her felon photographer. She routinely lies on her blog and for her to demand ethics from LNP is just laughable. Becky Trolzinger has no ethics whatsoever! Why don't you tell us why you really hate DA Stedman, Becky Trolzinger? Is it because you demanded access to an autopsy, fought DA Stedman on it, and lost miserably? Is that the real reason, Becky Holzinger? Is that why you are obsessed with him? Is that why you are obsessed with Lancaster?

Why don't you tell us how your name is not anywhere on the WorldCat archives of the old Lancaster Independent Press? Why don't you tell us how the old LIP news was full of poetry and literature, not tabloid trash. Your blog does a tremendous disservice to the actual Lancaster Independent Press and I highly doubt that you were involved with it in any capacity at all. Your name is simply not on it! Anyone can research this for themselves and see that your name is not there! Are you really this stupid? NOT A WORD!

Tell us about Rosaura Torres and her Facebook threats to run over her ex with a car. Or the picture of the decapitated man by a "woman spirit". Or Hiram Calderon's Facebook photos of the "Death Note" and waving around a two-handed sword. No, Becky Holzinger - NOT A WORD!

Please check back later today.


Where are Becky Holzinger's Ethics?

Is this not the person that had a Megan's Law Sex Offender taking photographs for her blog for years? Even well after it was a well-established fact that "Jerry Wright" was, in fact, Jerry Puryear? And what did she have to say about his attempt to rob a Lancaster store?

Has she not been attacking DA Stedman relentlessly ever since she lost her demand for access to an autopsy report that she had no right to access? Becky Holzinger is not a reporter and not a police officer. She has no right to access people's autopsy reports just because she feels like she has "a right to know". No, Becky. You do NOT have the right to know everything. Where are YOUR ethics, Becky Holzinger? You lie constantly and have the gall to demand ethics from someone else? You are an idiot and a complete joke!


Take the Money Back

Why would people be investing in multimillion dollar companies? Gee, I don't know, Becky Holzinger! Maybe to make some money? Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger is a Delusional Nutcase

No, G Scott Davis did not shoot his infant daughter to death. Yes, Katie West was charged and convicted. No, you did not receive the required 500 signatures on your petition for Ibrahm Hanna. It is a failed petition, Becky Holzinger. You falsely claimed George Rosado was not arrested and lied about the case in numerous different ways. You are deluded and a mental patient from Evergreen. Seek mental help now!


Breaking News. Why Not Answer? This is What Becky Holzinger is Spending Her Money On

Becky Holzinger was denied George Rosado's mugshot. Good. She got a letter explaining why it was denied. Good. Becky Holzinger is an insane person obsessed with Lancaster county and particularly DA Stedman because she lost her case against DA Stedman. DA Stedman handed Becky Holzinger her ass on a silver platter. It was hilarious.

Becky Holzinger should answer as to why she needs the mugshot for George Rosado. She lied numerous times about this case and has attempted to deceive the public about it. She is still over 200 signatures short on her petition on change.org. It was never forwarded to the DOJ and is still just irrelevant today as it was several months ago.

Becky Holzinger hates DA Stedman because DA Stedman has Becky Holzinger's number and sent this nutty hag packing back to Philadelphia where she lives in her dirty apartment and drives a car from almost three decades ago. This is where Becky Holzinger is spending her money. Please check back later today.


Personal and Confidential

Hey, everybody! I'm Becky Trolzinger! I stamped a letter "personal and confidential" and then proceeded to post it online! Am I a total fucking idiot or what? I have way too much free time on my hands. Please check back later today.


Moving Forward in 2017?

That is a really good question for Becky Holzinger since she drives a car that is over a quarter of a century old. And then she wonders why it always needs to be in the garage and why there are no mechanics than can work on a car made over 25 years ago.

Will Becky Holzinger be able to buy a new car? Maybe she could start a Gofundme account! She could call it "Buy a Car for A Lazy Bitch That Writes All Day Online About a Town She Doesn't Live In". I'm sure the money will be rolling in. All this talk about reporters fired by LNP, yet Becky Holzinger doesn't earn one red cent for her ridiculous daily rants about LNP.

Becky Holzinger is a hypocrite and a pathological liar.


Becky Holzinger Was Unaware!

Yes, Becky Holzinger is unaware that opinion pieces are published online that far ahead of being in print! That's not the only thing she is unaware of! Maybe that is because Becky Holzinger "reports" for a town she lives hours away from! And she hasn't lived there in decades!

Wow, she was also unaware that her photographer was on Megan's Law list and tried to rob a store! She was also unaware that Rosaura Torres threatened to run over her ex with her car! And she was unaware that Hiram Calderon posted a "death note" on Facebook! Wow, you really are quite unaware, Becky Holzinger. You got one right this time!


Becky Holzinger Lies and Lies Some More!

Becky Holzinger finally has George Rosado's mugshot. She has been lying and lying some more about this case. For one thing, her petition never received enough support to be sent to the DOJ. She needed 500 signatures and only received slightly over 250. This had no impact whatsoever on the case and her petition was never forwarded to the DOJ. The only reason the mugshot was recently was released was because Judge Workman ruled on Thursday that Rosado should be tried as an adult rather than a juvenile. Becky Holzinger and her desperate huffing and puffing on her Philly blog had zero impact on this case and the release of the mugshot.

In fact, she has only lied and lied some more. She claimed that the shooter was never even arrested, as I recall. In fact, the shooter was in fact in custody. Becky Holzinger is a mentally disturbed person and needs to be removed from the internet. Her postings are deluded and try to make it appear that she is impacting cases that she actually has nothing to do with. Diane Enck Gamber posted under the Lancaster Online story that she is being "attacked by a crazed unfortunate individual". That person is Becky Holzinger.

Be advised that she is not a news website and that anything she posts is most likely a pathological lie. There is overwhelming evidence of this documented on this blog.