Becky Holzinger is a Sad Joke

Sometimes I wonder if any of the people posting on Becky's blog are really from Lancaster or if they are just a bunch of like-minded lunatics - maybe even multiple personalities of Becky Holzinger?

Becky has fabricated so much "news" on her "press" blog that it can be difficult to tell the difference. Becky Holzinger now has such a poor reputation it is almost impossible to fathom! How can this woman continue to keep posting this garbage and still have supporters? It is getting really deep, Becky Holzinger! Should I put on some wading boots?

Becky Holzinger knows nothing about guns. That much is obvious. She claimed a "Bushman" was the gun Adam Lanza used. In fact, it wasn't! She also erroneously claimed Charlie Smithgall was selling illegal firearms from his pharmacy. That was another made up story. In fact, most of what Becky Holzinger prints are the delusions in her insane mind!


A Hot Spot For Whom?

Becky, this is your son, Chris. The one that goes around assaulting people.

Chris who?

Christopher Ryan Kingsboro, your son that dumped your last name.

Chris who?

Becky, I am your son. And I heard you are having imaginary conversations in your head - again. And then posting them online!

Oh, you are that thing that popped out of me nine months after screwing that large black fellow. Now I remember!

Yeah, and he regrets it everyday.


Er, ah look. Just stop posting the crazy babbling, OK? Or else we will have to put you back in Evergreen.

To be continued...


Updated - What is Going on at LIP?

Not a whole hell of a lot! Click here for "Becky's Resume is Very Unimpressive". Was Becky Holzinger ever really involved with LIP or is it just another one of Becky Holzinger's huge lies? How can you be the editor of it and not know how to properly spell "Chuck Leayman"? Check back later today. Actually, don't bother. Becky Holzinger is full of shit.


Social Media Bullying

Oh, like when Becky Holzinger takes photos of kids with pellet guns and misrepresents them as real guns in a sick attempt to railroad the son of a police officer? That type of social media bullying, Becky Holzinger? Becky Holzinger wrote the book on social media bullying! Like when she put up the wrong photo of "child molestor" Donald Reinmiller!


Breaking News! Facebook Cruelty

Breaking News! Stuff already in the police log is not "breaking news"! It's plagiarism! If someone called you and said they did not do something in the police log, then that is not breaking news, either!

If someone kicks Becky Holzinger's stupid ass, is that considered animal cruelty? Check back later.


Neoprimitivism? March on!

Update on the frozen bitch found in Philly - still frozen! And, boy, it sure is getting frigid! Please check back later.


Who is David Brinton?

And who really cares? Not me. What does this have to do with Lancaster, Becky Holzinger? Not one damn thing.

Becky Holzinger could post photos all day long. And it would still have absolutely nothing to do with Lancaster! Plus, they would still be publicly accessible on that guy's Facebook page, so...what is the point, really?

Becky usually only gets her photo taken with known felons like Jerry Puryear and Quiana Dixon! Who is Becky Holzinger? You don't want to know!


Conflict of "Interst"

What in the hell is "interst", Beck Holzinger? What is conflicting? What is unethical? They are going to expand the hotel Marriott and it is succeeding! You, on the other hand, failed to stop it from being built and continue to fail!

Scroll a few posts down, and you can read all about how LIP failed years ago and is a defunct newspaper. I can't even believe Becky Holzinger's name does not come up in a search of the LIP newsletter! She didn't know how to spell Chuck Leayman's name when she was supposedly the editor of that paper? Come on! Becky Holzinger was caught in a full blown lie - AGAIN! It is just lie after lie!

Here is what Becky posted in a bit more context. I will now humor liar Becky Holzinger and ask her specifically what part of the code of ethics or ethics act was violated? Specifically, provide an instance.

After Becky hems and haws all weekend, this is my response. There is no conflict of " interst" and there is nothing unethical. Get lost!

This is What a Coward Looks Like

No, this is what a coward looks like. As abhorrent and disgusting as what Randall did is, it still took a ton more cajones than posting bullshit from a rathole in Philly about a town that is hours away from you.

At least this guy had the balls to turn himself over to police and face the consequences of his actions. Most people would have probably fled or killed themselves. So yeah, the guy made some terrible decisions, but he is still a lot more courageous than Becky Holzinger.


*** Afternoon Update - Updated -A Man of God

A man of God, that was admittedly kicked out of his church? Oops!

How about a woman from LIP that had nothing to do with it? Will Becky Holzinger provide evidence that she ever really knew Chuck Leayman or that she was really an editor for them? Of course not, the entire thing is made up. Just look at how LIP started as poetry and abstracts and ended up in a Philly gutter run by a lunatic.


CRIZ Money is None of Becky Holzinger's Business

Becky. It is not your money and you do NOT even live in Lancaster. Why in the fuck are you calling Randy Patterson? If you scroll a few posts down you will see that Becky Holzinger's connection to "LIP" is a front for this crazy woman. I don't believe she was connected to it in any capacity. I also can't believe her incesttragedy.com website because she was willing to give a convicted child sex offender, Jerry Puryear, a free pass! Just because he snapped some photos for her and dished her some rumors via Facebook!

Becky Holzinger is nothing more than a crazy woman from Philly on the internet trolling people full time!

Becky Holzinger: A Disgrace to All Women

How many times will Becky Holzinger bring up Rosaura Torres and her work of fiction? And also neglect to inform her readers of Rosa's outright threats against men and her ex? Get a life, Becky Holzinger. Anyone with half a brain can tell Rosaura Torres's story doesn't add up. That leaves Becky Holzinger out. There will be more on the frozen bitch found in Philly later today!


Becky Holzinger's Resume is Very Unimpressive

Becky Holzinger's claim to relevance is that she was an editor at Lancaster Independent Press, which was a weekly publication from 1969-1979 according to Worldcat. Source

You can search Lipnews here and you get zero results for Becky Holzinger.

This is a preview of the Lipnews front page. Is this a "newspaper" or was this a weekly pamphlet? This is terrible! Do you even call this a newspaper? Why isn't Becky's name found in it if she was the editor? I will be investigating the microfilm and post my findings.

I think she might be a total fraud that had nothing to do with this weekly newsletter from forty+ years ago! The blog is not only a fake website, but Becky Holzinger is potentially a complete fraud! She didn't even know the proper spelling of Chuck Leayman! Busted!


Someone is Lying! It's Becky Holzinger!

Every single day! Becky Holzinger is a proven pathological liar and does not operate an official press website.

There is not one lie in Dan Nephin's entire article! Not one!

Why does Becky Holzinger need to know how much money was raised in the Commonsense Legal Defense Fund? Apparently, she doesn't have any common sense! They have routinely been printing the amount raised in the newspaper.

A woman living in Philly twenty years writing about Lancaster makes as about as much sense as Mikhail Gorbachev writing about what it's like to live in America! He doesn't live there and could not accurately report it!

Becky Holzinger got denied by the right to know office TWICE? She is intentionally asking for the wrong information and then wants us to think there is a coverup! She is an absolute idiot! Please check back later.

Update on the Frozen Bitch Found in Philly

Still frozen and about to get some serious wind chill.


They Make a Pill for That

And Becky Holzinger really needs to get some pills to help with her paranoid delusions. All she does is make up ridiculous, absurd, and unsubstantiated claims all day. Becky Holzinger claims she said she sent in four right to know requests and got answers. But she, herself, said that the response was "we don't have to respond to this request by law!"

So you didn't really get an answer and got called out! I can't wait to hear what her other right to know requests are. Because I can guarantee she has NO BUSINESS with anything she is asking about.

How much are these ridiculous requests costing the taxpayers of Lancaster? How many man hours is this taking? I will be putting in a right to know request with the city of Lancaster.

Old Bitch Found Frozen in Philly

Archeologists believe she froze looking for the CRIZ people.


Games, Games, Games?

A simple, basic request...that is none of Becky Holzinger's business! None! She has NO business in Lancaster! Get lost!

You didn't ask for the proper documents and got called out, Becky Holzinger! Also, do we need to be telling the public what others get paid? Do you even know the exact dollar amount your fellow employees have been paid where you work? Why is Becky Holzinger wasting other people's tax dollars for the time and effort to collect this nonsense data? This is ridiculous and absurd!


Breaking News - Becky Holzinger was Dropped

On her head as a child. It explains a lot. Now she is "breaking news" based on what people post on social media? Guess what? Anyone can access Facebook! A-duh! Now here comes another wacky conspiracy not based in reality! Shocker!

Police Shoot Kenneth White in his Car

So? He is charged with some serious crimes, Becky Holzinger! Three charges of assault, reckless endangerment and fleeing police! Is she once again defending criminal acts while attacking police work? It looks that way!

And what was Kenneth White's injury? His thigh was grazed by a bullet! That's it? This is Becky's big story? I still haven't seen a single article about Karli Hall, the MU student allegedly strangled by her boyfriend!

What is mentally wrong with this lady? Someone please get her off the blog and into a mental hospital! She has dropped many of the stories that got her put on notice to the FBI. And more complaints will be filed if necessary. Please report any and all incidents you have with Becky Holzinger to the Philadelphia police so that we can get her the appropriate mental care!


A Whole Lot to Cover Up

Have you noticed something about Becky Holzinger's posts? Almost every single one involves a "cover up" or conspiracy! And we are never really told what or why things are covered up, they apparently just are. Do you know why? It's because Becky Holzinger is a paranoid kook!

She knows literally nothing firsthand about Lancaster because she does not live here yet will "report" on Lancaster? She is an absolute embarrassment and total hot mess!

My friend told me "Becky is a paranoid delusional fruitcake.". I believe them! Check back later today.


We Know Knowing Again

Now Becky is obsessed with some bull crap on South Ann St. This gets more and more bizarre. Seriously, the lady has lived in Philly for two decades. She never lived in the city that I am aware of. Why in the hell would she even write about this? Why is she even following Ryan Mellon on Twitter? This is all just so strange!

Why would people have to recuse themselves from a CRIZ board because they know someone from LNP? This makes no sense! Will Becky Holzinger please take her meds and get a grip on reality? She has turned into a full-blown paranoid conspiracy kook! Becky has nothing to do with Lancaster or the Marriott or CRIZ...why is she even writing about this at all? Bizarre!

***Breaking News*** Becky Holzinger has an "Oops!"

Well it looks like the city of Lancaster is completely covered and has collected $14,000 in a legal defense fund. Looks like this nonstory is going nowhere quick, huh Becky Holzinger? Looks like you were completely full of shit AGAIN!

How many times just in the past five years have I caught Becky Holzinger telling a half truth, misdirection or full blown lie? I have lost count! If Mayor Gray is the Lying King (what a hilarious pun from twenty years ago), what does that make Becky? Lying Supreme Master of the Universe?

It is all she does non-stop about Lancaster every day!


Becky Holzinger Needs A Mental Evaluation

She just keeps hooting and hollering about corruption in Lancaster! What is corrupt, Becky Holzinger? Make your case already! I have seen nothing to date that shows corruption! Becky Holzinger speculating about corruption is much different than actually producing evidence. Where is the evidence? Where are the phone numbers or emails? Where are the sample letters? This is all indicative of a major mental episode full of delusions and conspiracy! Get Becky Holzinger the mental help she needs NOW!


Breaking News! Holzinger is a Fraud!

Someone did not return crazy Becky's calls? I am shocked! Becky Holzinger has been claiming for years that she runs a "press" website. She is a fraud. I have seriously considered checking the microfilms of the Lancaster Independent Press to see what connection she actually had, if any. This is a defunct newspaper printed 40 years ago.

Becky has claimed that she was an editor for the paper while she lived in Philadelphia, according to some comments she made online. I am seriously starting to doubt that. She has lied about most everything else!

I have to ask myself what she has to gain in blocking the hotel expansion, and all I can think of is that the hotel's success is reflecting badly on her past "journalism" about it. It seems like she is having some very serious mental episodes and it is very concerning.

Mark Tuesday, February 24, on Your Calendar!

There will be a meeting that has absolutely no impact whatsoever on Becky Holzinger's life.

She has it in her head she will stop the Hotel Marriott expansion. Really, Becky Holzinger? How much money did Becky Holzinger spend on Teleosoft County suite software? Did she receive an inheritance from her dad whom she falsely accused of molestation?

I know her claims are false because not only did she lose her case in court, but she also stuck up for her photographer, a convicted child sex abuser! If Becky was really the victim of child sex abuse, there is no way in hell she would defend a convicted abuser! The whole incesttragedy.com website is total BS!

Disgusting lies and coverups, Becky Holzinger? What about Rosaura Torres's Facebook posts that appear to be threatening the chief of police with bodily harm? Just search her name on my blog for all the details! Torres story has quite a few holes in it and maybe these two compulsive liars from Philly have found soulmates with one another?

Speaking of speculation, it is all Becky Holzinger ever does! Now she speculates that Horst is getting a free ad in the paper. And where is the proof? Becky Holzinger doesn't need any! She is a "reporter", don't you know?

Please check back later to continue enjoying Becky Holzinger's complete and total mental meltdown!


Updated: Stop This Now! Conflict of Interest

Can you match up these two pics?

What do they have in common? Please check back later. Updated: Wow, people know each other in Lancaster! Amazing! Still no word on what the conflict of interest is. The already existing hotel is expanding! So what??? Any word on those obstruction of justice charges for DA Stedman? What a fucking idiot!!!


High-priced Real Estate?

Yes, something really sneaky is going on. Becky Holzinger has created a fake press website and talks smack about a city she has never lived in in a county she hasn't lived in for decades!

Yep, something sneaky could be going on, but Becky Holzinger's pics are too pixelated for me to see these all important numbers that Becky's own readers are telling her are easily explained. Becky Holzinger, please get out of Lancaster and stay out. You are a kook and you are not welcome here.

Please contact the Philly police or Lancaster police as appropriate, Becky Holzinger contributed to a child killer!


Updated - Heavy Lifting?

You faxed a right-to-know request? A fax? Really? It's2015, Becky Holzinger! Why don't you get a life, Becky Holzinger? You are going to stop the expansion of the hotel Marriott, Becky Holzinger? Just like you stopped it from being built in the first place? You, Becky Holzinger, are dumber than I thought!

Are you telling people what to say to Mayor Gray Becky Holzinger? Don't you know that people can think for themselves and are not drinking your Kool-aid? Reality sucks, huh, Becky Holzinger. Get lost!


Updated - Tards Abound!

Becky Holzinger, you are a paranoid kook! There is nothing being covered up! If anything at all is being covered up, it is your explanation of this supposed corruption. And all the numerous times you have made serious allegations without backing anything up with facts.

Sorry, Becky Holzinger! Lancaster is not drinking your Kool-aid! You are a pathetic tard and total loser wasting your life on a blog that certainly did not prevent the Marriott Hotel from being built in the first place. It's expansion is none of your damn business and it doesn't involve a single penny of yours!

Let me remind you again. You do not live in Lancaster. Now GET LOST!!!!