Stop Becky Holzinger!

LIPNews did not publish a video of a shooting. Becky Holzinger lied again. It was the aftermath of a shooting. It might have been someone leaving in an ambulance. But there is literally no footage at all of "a shooting". None!

And then Becky Holzinger wants us to listen 50 seconds into the video. Apparently the police were trading fire with police officers - and imagine that - they got away! Would you like to get shot, Becky Holzinger? I highly doubt it. Of course they got away. This is ridiculous and absurd. Does Becky Holzinger expect that police are just going to run in there and grab the guy and magically take away his gun? This is unbelievable!

Update: Video debunked! The police did NOT "return fire". They never fired a shot. Where is the "reporting"? Where are the accounts of other people? Why is just one person's account posted with no follow-up to correct the misinformation? What is Becky Holzinger's intent in misleading and deceiving people with a fake "news" blog?

And I would love to see Becky Holzinger's "complaint" to the State Attorney General's office. I cannot wait to see it. What standing does Becky Holzinger have? What stake does Becky Holzinger have in Lancaster or PSP or any of these businesses? Absolutely nothing! She has NO business contacting the State Attorney General's office and she has no legitimate purpose in these communications! When will the authorities take the appropriate action against Becky Holzinger? When? This is simply unbelievable. I am putting in a right-to-know request. Please check back later today.


Officer Toilet Bowl Makes a Comeback!

Well, what do you know? It wasn't Officer Sterling Stanton, as Becky Holzinger erroneously reported, it was Officer Sterling STATON. This is unbelievable!

OMG, Becky Holzinger referred to a police officer as the name of a toilet bowl! How completely utterly ridiculous and embarassing. LNP has bad reporting? At least they aren't referring to police officers as the models of a toilet bowl, Becky Holzinger!

Also, Becky Holzinger's story said LCP was being accused of racism, but it looks like the guilty party was found to be Officer Sterling Staton! Imagine that! LCP was not being accused of criminal activity, Staton was! The bias on Becky Holzinger's website is so absolutely transparent and absolutely disgusting. She is standing by yet another convicted person guilty of a crime. And this time, it's a crooked cop! And it's all because of the color of his skin!

Becky Holzinger is a disgusting racist that defends criminal behavior. She should be investigated by the Attorney General. Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Raping the Public

Any word on what happened to Tremayne Jones on July 1st? He was shot and killed and Becky Holzinger refuses to report it. In fact, she said that Tremayne Jones and his family "made up" his obituary - yes, she actually accused the guy who was shot dead of "faking it!" And guess who ran numerous "hit" pieces on Tremayne Jones and ran with a headline calling him "scum"? Oh, that's right! It was Becky "I-got-Tremayne-Jones-killed" Holzinger! Wow! Journalism ethics, Becky Holzinger? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Becky Holzinger is raping the public! Who is she protecting? Her irresponsible journalism may have gotten someone killed and very well could have gotten the J&K Supermart repeatedly robbed! This is unbelievable! . She is truly a horrendous liar who doesn’t give a damn about the public. And some of what she does may well cross criminal lines and the State Attorney General needs to investigate.

Instead of informing and protecting the public she is raping the public. Please check back later today.



Becky Holzinger wants LNP to protect the public, but what has she done to protect the public? Did she get Tremayne Sherard Jones killed by running "headlines" like this on her blog the police chief refers to as "irresponsible journalism"?


Does Becky Holzinger care about what she is posting? Does she care about Lancaster? What reason would she have to care? She is always belittling the entire town, the mayor, the police chief, the DA... the list goes on and on! When she posted pictures of the interior security system of the J&K Supermart, did she jeopardize that business in order to run "headlines" that the police don't solve crimes? And when they did catch Jason Jarvis, did she ever print his name even one time? No, she hid that name because she made a huge error in her reporting! She refused to acknowledge it! It takes some chutzpah to demand public safety from a newspaper you live hours away from while you're getting places robbed and people killed!

And she will not report that Tremayne Sherard Jones was shot and killed on July 1st of this year! She says his obituary was "made up"! She has not reported one time that he was shot and killed by an unknown street shooter! Boy, someone sure is in denial and in total conflict of interest. If Becky Holzinger wants to protect the public, shut down the irresponsible blog...NOW!


Becky Holzinger is a disgusting, hypocritical liar

Update: Now Becky Holzinger wants to talk about how hot it is? I bet it's getting REAL hot there, isn't it? All anyone has to do it open the door and you can tell it's hot outside. So what if this is an Insider story? Also, LancasterOnline has the temperature right at the top of the page. Kinda hard to miss! You can also get details without being in the Insider portion of the website by clicking: News > Weather. Real tough, right? So, what's the problem? Holzinger just wants to complain and gripe about any little thing!

It is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Talk about endangering health and safety, a man Becky Holzinger referred to as "scum" and repeatedly wrote "articles" about was shot and killed on the first of this month. And not only won't she tell you that, she will outright lie and accuse the dead guy and his family of making it up! I'm not even kidding! This is keeping people SAFE, Becky Holzinger? LNP is endangering people? Really? This is just outright insanity! Don't worry, the Philadelphia police and the owner of the GoFundMe page, Kimberla Weaver, have been notified all about it. Hopefully they will investigate and be in touch soon!

Becky Holzinger was not at the Ashley Rose Curry trial. That makes her a disgusting, hypocritical liar! Becky Holzinger is a crazy woman that needs to log off of the internet in order to maintain public safety. The investigation into whether or not Becky Holzinger got Tremayne Jones killed July 1st continues. She had posted several "articles" about him and one referred to him being "scum". She also tried to claim that Tremayne Jones was "faking his death". Becky Holzinger refuses to post the confirmation that he was shot and killed by an unknown street shooter. How is Becky Holzinger keeping people safe?

The Philly police have been notified and Becky Holzinger continues to drop the story like a hot potato. Please check back later today.



HAHAHA, where is Becky Holzinger with her partner in crime Mildred "Quiana" Dixon? Remember when Becky Trolzinger did her one person protest in front of the police station, mayor's office and LNP? That was absolutely hilarious!

And who could forget this three person protest? LOL! A fake story about a finch!



What do these things have in common? The Central Market roof. Ten stolen bicycles. The Curry Trial. The Safety Coalition. An imaginary conversation between Mayor Gray and Dan Nephin? They ALL have NOTHING to do whatsoever with the life of Becky Holzinger. She CONSTANTLY sticks her nose where it DOES NOT belong! None of these things have one single thing to do with Becky Holzinger! What kind of mental illness does it take for her to sit there and type this stuff into an obsolete Wordpress blog everyday? That is beyond mentally disturbed, Becky Holzinger is a kook that is way off the deep end! She is simply insane!

Why is she writing to the Safety Coalition and demanding that "the public" needs answers? No, Becky Holzinger. YOU want answers. Not "the public". Let's just set that straight. And why? Do you live in Lancaster? No. Does your son live in Lancaster? No. Does your baby daddy live in Lancaster? No, no, and no! Huh! It's almost like Becky Holzinger's email serves no legitimate purpose. And her knowledge about cameras is just laughable! "The Public" does not have concerns. Just crazy Becky Holzinger and her kooky brain!

Why hasn't she been prosecuted for these emails that serve no legitimate purpose? Probably because everyone realizes the severeness of Becky Holzinger's mental illness. But I think that letting Becky Holzinger off the hook for being a nutcase is a big mistake. She needs to serve time for harassing Lancaster and the people that live there. I will be doing some research this afternoon with the Philadelphia police to see what case we can bring against Becky Trolzinger.

Please check back later today.


Where's the Mugshot, Becky Holzinger?

Still waiting for the mugshot of that Jonathan Joseph Cameron guy...where is it, Becky Holzinger? And she dropped that story about Tremayne Jones faking his own death like a hot potato after this site revealed the GoFundMe post that confirms he was shot by an unknown street shooter on July 1, 2016. Did Becky Holzinger's posting about him last year get him killed? Please see the story below along with the very disturbing post made by Becky Holzinger calling Tremayne Jones "scum"! This is unbelievable! And she will act like NOTHING happened! It's 110% INSANE! Please check back later today.


Breaking News: Did Becky Holzinger Get Tremayne Sherard Jones Killed?

Becky Holzinger has linked to an obituary for Tremayne Sherard Jones and then accused the family of faking his death. Becky Holzinger wrote a number of "articles" ie. (posts on an internet blog) about Tremayne Jones. One of them looked like this in late 2015.

Did those posts contribute to the death of Tremayne Sherard Jones? I will be investigating. Tremayne Jones was shot by an unknown street shooter and his funeral arrangements were made in or near La Mesa, CA. See the comments for a link to the GoFundMe Page. Also, Becky Holzinger continues to defend a known terrorist organization, Black Lives Matter, which seems to be tied to a series of police killings across the country. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. Please check back later today.


Breaking News! The World Has Changed

No kidding. Do you think Lancaster might have changed since you haven't been here in years and haven't lived here in decades, Becky Holzinger? Do you think so?

Becky Holzinger wouldn't know an indisputable fact if it punched her in the face! She is absolutely 110% clueless on facts and is constantly spouting off lies about Lancaster. It is obviously a very deep seated mental issue and Becky Holzinger needs to get to a psychiatrist...NOW!!

And this excellent comment in yesterday: "She rants and raves every day that the police don't solve any crimes, yet one of the stabbings she is currently ranting and raving about was solved, the suspect was arrested within three days, and not ONE WORD from the ranting and raving one. Not one positive word for the outstanding police work. Wanna bet that even if she does acknowledge this arrest, she will somehow claim it was racist and still demand to see non-existent camera footage? And when this guy is convicted and sent to jail for a long time, she will whine that his sentence is too long because his skin is a different color than some other guy's. She sickens me. So much so, I am deliberately refusing to use her name."

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger Should Start Solving Crimes!

If it is so easy to solve crimes, why doesn't Becky Holzinger solve one? She has NEVER solved a crime in her entire life. She is not a police officer, detective, or even a real reporter! She just pretends to be one on the internet for a town she doesn't even live in! Everyone knows she is a pathological liar! How is that Erma Kaylor petition on change.org going? Any word on Markeem Lamar Zink, the person you repeatedly defamed and accused of being Erma's killer?

And Scott Martin went threw a separation 10 years ago? Who cares! That isn't news, that is people's personal lives, Becky Holzinger! Butt out, nosy loser!


Becky Holzinger Lies. There Are Not 20 Unsolved Murders

No, there are not 20 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray. Becky Holzinger is a terrible liar and a pathological one. She constantly lies about Lancaster nonstop. She needs psychological help. She was a mental patient at Evergreen and her doctor's name was Dr. Vogelson. She should immediately return there and log off of the internet. She is a danger to herself and others. It would be terrible if someone were hurt or injured due to the irresponsible journalism of Becky Holzinger. She should be held accountable for actions on the internet. Will the authorities please step in and get Becky Holzinger the mental help she obvious needs? Let's hope so! Her internet is slow? What a ridiculous and absurd claim. Something is slow, alright, and it isn't Becky Holzinger's internet. It's her brain.

Please check back later today.


Another Ridiculous Post About Cameras- 2!

This is getting beyond ridiculous. The "policy" log (as Becky Holzinger called it) states "At 1:30 a.m., 10 July, officers were dispatched to LGH for three stabbing victims. These injuries were a result of a fight that was to have occurred in the area of King and Duke Sts."

Let me repeat that. "THE AREA OF King and Duke Sts." If you want to be more specific, the last line of the same report says "Witnesses who were in the area confirmed there was an earlier fight involving a group of 15-20 people in the vicinity of King St. and Lenox Lane."

The camera is located across from the courthouse on the Santander building. That is the corner of E. King St. and S. Duke St. Not North Duke. Here is an image where you can see Lenox Lane and the camera circled.

Click image to enlarge

This is absolutely ridiculous, because cameras do not see around corners. Also, they do not see in the dark. Can't you see that it says 1:30am? And if it was earlier than 1:30 am, what time would that be? Midnight? If this happened in the Lenox Lane alley near E. King St., there is literally nothing that the camera could have seen between it being dark and also around a corner. Not one thing, Becky Holzinger. Knowing that a camera is there, don't you think it would have been avoided if you were just in a huge fight?

This post is ridiculous and it is painfully obvious that Becky Holzinger has little understanding about how cameras operate. Why does she think she is an expert? Will Becky Holzinger please stop making these ridiculous posts?

Please check back later today.


Another Ridiculous Post About Cameras

I don't even have to look and can tell you that there is no camera within 250 feet of where Becky Holzinger is claiming that a camera is at both corners of the street. I don't even have to look to tell you that the camera is probably blocked by trees or traffic. It is quite obvious that Becky Holzinger doesn't know one damn thing about cameras. Not ONE DAMN THING. She is dumber than a box of hair. She is as stupid as a rock. But just to humor her, I'll look at this 442 E King St. address on Google Street View.

And as I suspected, there is not one camera within 250 feet of this location. Her assertions are absolutely ridiculous. There is NO WAY any of these cameras could have observed anything happening in front of the address on those steps. It's unlikely there is anything discernable at these distances and there is little information that would give police a good reason to pick one person passing by vs. another. It's absurd!

(this second image is a reverse angle of the first)

Becky Holzinger is a deranged lunatic that needs to log off of the internet NOW! Please check back later today.


Does Becky's Life Matter?

Becky Trolzinger is back to a case from over TWO YEARS ago! She tried to say this couple - Darryl Morton and Judy Cora - were murdered. It was a lie she repeated over and over for weeks if not months. She insinuated for months that they were murdered while we knew it would take at least 12 weeks if not more for a toxicology report to come back. Everyone knew it was carbon monoxide poisoning and that is what was suspected, it just took time to do the toxicology report to make it official. She knew that and Becky flat out lied. And now she is lying and saying that it took 6 months for a toxicology report because they are black. It is simply another disgusting lie told by a deranged nutcase named Becky Holzinger who lives in Philadelphia.

Screenshot of Becky Holzinger telling an absolute LIE!

Click here for "Finally, some answers but still many questions in unusual deaths of Lancaster Twp. couple".

Police now know that carbon monoxide killed Darryl Morton and his girlfriend, Aida "Judy" Cora, a few days before Thanksgiving....
Click here for Carbon monoxide poisoning killed couple found dead last Thanksgiving in Lancaster County: report.

Nearly six months of testing on the bodies of Morton and Cora was necessary to determine the cause of their deaths after their bodies were found decomposed.
What kind of mental problem does it take to have read sentences like these and still come to the conclusion that it took 6 months for toxicology reports "because they were black"? How mentally sick is Becky Holzinger?

Let's talk a little about this "Black Lives Matter" movement, that Becky Holzinger refers to.

Alton Sterling was a felon pedophile. He had a gun in violation of his felony conviction. He did not cooperate with police and was rightfully shot and killed.

The other one people are supposedly upset about is Philandro Castile. I've now seen the photo of what is allegedly Philando Castile robbing a store at gun point. It looks exactly like him. He was an armed robbery suspect and the gun in the video posted looks just like the gun being held to rob the store. By the way, Philando was shot by a person who they claimed was "Asian", but he was actually hispanic. So why would someone go and assassinate white police officers in response? It's idiotic! Just like Becky Holzinger and all of her cockamamie, ridiculous horseshit that she posts about Lancaster every day of her life for the last decade or more!

It's idiots like Becky Holzinger that are getting people killed. It's time they be held accountable for their misbehaviors!


What are the Odds?

Liar and hypocrite Becky Trolzinger has a half-black son named Christopher Ryan Holzinger-Kingsboro. However, he has dropped the "Holzinger" part of the name altogether although sometimes he uses simply the letter "H". She is constantly race baiting. What are the odds?

Please check back late today.


Where is the Arrest? Of Becky Holzinger.

Why is Becky Holzinger calling "Alice Simpson"? I love how she got the cold shoulder. Can't Becky Holzinger take a hint? People know who you are, Becky Holzinger. They don't want to talk to you. They don't need to talk to you. And you were interrupting an emergency situation. Why? What is your mental problem? You are NOT a reporter for Lancaster and you do not live in Lancaster. What is your sick obsession that you have to snoop into every minor shooting, stabbing, or other crime that occurs in Lancaster. You are NOT the police. You are NOT a detective.

You are a pathetic asshat that lives in Philadelphia that seriously needs to find something better to do with their free time. Get a hobby. Stop interfering with and potentially contaminating active police investigations, Becky Holzinger. It is so transparent what you are doing, and you are obviously one sick ticket! Get mental help, NOW!

And no, there are NOT 20 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray. Why even bring that up, the guy that was shot is expected to survive! You admitted that one of these alleged 20 "unsolved murders"... was solved! And the person was actually captured. Did you ever report that? Also, an infant found dead in a King of Prussia bag in a dumpster in Lancaster is really stretching it as an "unsolved murder" in Lancaster. Although the body may have been found here, it may very well not be FROM here. And the remaining 18 unsolved homicides stretch over a decade or more! Considering Philly had 150 unsolved murders in 2012 alone, I'd say that is a darn good record to have.

So pack up your bags, log off of the internet, and find yourself a therapist and a real hobby! You're a nutty hag, Becky Holzinger!


Demand Answers!

I could sit here and type the same thing over and over again that I have been typing for years. But instead, why does Becky Holzinger keep asking for video from a crime that occurred at night? Both cameras are over 200 feet away from the crime scene and one is one the wrong side of a telephone pole. Cameras do NOT work at night! Why is Becky Holzinger "demanding answers" when I have repeatedly given them to her? I know that she reads this blog for a fact. I also know that she knows that I used to work with Julio Garcia-Camacho. So I know that she knows the answer! Get out of Lancaster and don't come back you worthless old hag! There will be more tomorrow.


Breaking News! A Tax Return From Two Years Ago!?

What an absolute liar Becky Holzinger is. She just stated that daily publishing would resume Tuesday July 5! Negative $133,997? Well imagine that! You have to SPEND MONEY to enhance people's safety! Who could have guessed? Did she forget that the net fund balance is only negative by about $7,000? Does Becky Trolzinger enjoy embarassing herself and making herself look like a liar? I'm starting to think so! The cameras aren't there to make money, they are there to provide a resource to protect people!

This is why Becky Trolzinger is not a reporter. Unbelievable. Check back later today.



Ah, there it is, Brenda Hollinger! The infamous "daily publishing will resume July 5th"! What about cameras, Becky Holzinger? That you don't understand them? What about LNP and police hiring? That they hire the people who try the hardest and get the job? What about CRIZ, the Poverty Commission, and all of that shit in Lancaster that is absolutely NONE of Becky Holzinger's business? What is with the bizarre obsession with Lancaster, Becky Holzinger? What exactly is your mental issue? Please check yourself back into Evergreen stat!

Who wants to bet something is published before Tuesday? Please check back later.

Criminal Collusion?

Becky Holzinger's support for several convicted felons needs to be investigated. Why is she always defending criminals while criticizing officers? Did Becky Holzinger's photos she published from Jerry Puryear of the internal security system contribute to the additional robberies at the J&K Supermart? Was she aiding and abetting criminal activity in Lancaster? This is NOT the only instance of Becky Holzinger supporting convicted felons. She routinely does so.

Please check back later today.


Becky Trolzinger = Obsessed With Skin Color!

Remember Officer Toilet Bowl? Yes, the Philly police officer who is supposedly a 30 year veteran on the police force and no one seems to be able to find a single reference to "Sterling Stanton"? Where is the follow-up? Where is the alleged racism? What happened to that story, Becky Trolzinger?

I swear this woman has some sick obsession with the color of people's skin and she wants racial quotas to "properly reflect" the population of Lancaster. This is beyond disturbing and must immediately stop or there will be fireworks on this Fourth of July!

Oh, and I see that Becky Trolzinger is back to making up imaginary conversations in her head and then publishing them to her blog. Gee, I wonder why no one else is putting this kind of bizarre crap on the internet? Probably because they don't want to look insane, Becky Trolzinger. (Hint: You do!)

Please check back later today.


Becky Holzinger: Horribly Racist

Whenever there is a black person charged with a crime, Becky Holzinger hopes they are innocent. "Oh, I hope that Temar Boggs isn't guilty!" or "Akeem Washington didn't really make a plot to kill officers"! But if it's two white teens and one is the son of a police officer, Becky Holzinger will do her best to railroad these poor children who just took a childish game too far! Unbelievable!

She is horribly racist! She defended a convicted child sex abuser who was her photographer for years (obviously because he is black)! She posted a picture of Akeem Washington that said "charged" after he was convicted! But if the accused are white and associated with anyone of any public importance, she will trumpet their alleged crimes as loudly as she pleases! Even if the trial didn't happen yet!

Becky Holzinger seems to be the only one obsessed with race and she even wants a quota at LNP to "properly reflect" the population of Lancaster. Obviously, Becky Holzinger wants people to be put into positions of authority and power simply because of the color of their skin! This is simply unacceptable and racist Becky Holzinger will not be tolerated.


Becky Holzinger: Crooked Reporter

Becky Holzinger is not a reporter. There is absolutely nothing that qualifies Becky Holzinger to be a Lancaster reporter and, in fact, she doesn't even live in Lancaster! It is impossible to provide a first-hand "report" on anything in Lancaster. Therefore, Becky Holzinger will be referred to as "Second-hand Becky". She has openly lied for over ten years about being a reporter. She lied about being a part of the original LIP News. She lied about being molested by her father. And yes, she defended a convicted child sex predator who was her photographer for years named Jerry Puryear who used the pseudonym "Jerri Wright".

How is this person still allowed to be on the internet? How is she not locked up in a mental hospital? More on this later today. Please check back.


Becky Holzinger: Greed & Corruption

Becky Holzinger = stupid!

None of this has anything to do with Becky Holzinger. She doesn't have a right to know - anything! This is Lancaster. It's none of your damn business, Becky Holzinger! Really, it's not! This is the scariest, most outrageous thing I have even seen. Becky Holzinger put in a right-to-know request almost 2 1/2 years ago and is just publishing the response now? There is literally nothing at all criminal here and Becky Holzinger is talking out of her ass! She lives in Philadelphia! Don't go away mad, Becky Holzinger. Just go away!



Whoa! is a word that basically does not describe this post by Becky Trolzinger. I almost fell asleep after the first few lines. Becky Trolzinger's "reporting" is embarassingly horrible! Who in Lancaster really thinks that Becky Holzinger is a reporter? Can you name even one person other than Becky Trolzinger? You would have to be pretty stupid!

Please check back later.


Medium-Well Filet?

Now Becky Trolzinger has taken it upon herself to be the food critic critic! This is unbelievable! Let people read what they want to read and decide for themselves! If it is that terrible, stop wasting your time a) reading it in the first place and then b) commenting on your blog about it! Is this difficult to figure out?


Update: Becky Trolzinger Gets Corny

Why hasn't Becky Holzinger updated us on Officer Toilet Bowl?

Philadelphia police officer "Sterling Stanton", 30 years on the force! LMFAO!

Which Facebook page did Becky Trolzinger swipe that photo of Mayor Gray from? Or did she send her felon child sex abuse photographer downtown to harass the Mayor and his wife? Say cheese!

Please check back later today.


Lancaster Deserves Better!

...than this wrinkly, ancient trash monitoring Lancaster Facebook pages. Absolutely none of this is any of Becky Holzinger's business. Why in the hell would she spend her LIFE going through Lancaster Facebook pages and writing "articles" about what is already on the internet that anyone can see for themselves? Doesn't she have anything better to do with her time? I guess not since her quarter of a century old car is probably still stuck in the garage.

And did you see the ridiculous comment about how she was able to create a hyperlink in the comment section? It took her five years to figure out how to put a hyperlink? This is ridiculous and absurd!

What an awful "reporter" and "writer"! Is this a joke? Would someone “tweak” Becky? Please! Lancaster deserves better than this!


Afternoon Update - COMBAT, PIZZA & CELEBRATE!

I think Becky Trolzinger knows more about Lancaster than 99% of people in Lancaster! And not firsthand knowledge, it's just because she's trolling the internet the entire day. This person's obsession with Lancaster is beyond bizarre! Tell me, is Becky Holzinger planning on attending a single one of these meetings? Is she going to be driving multiple hours on the road with that stone age hunk of metal Chevy Caprice from the early 90's? I hope not, for the safety of everyone involved! What is with the brick behind the back tire?

Please check back later.